Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 218

Zhou Wen couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief, cupping his fists a smiling, “Thank you Brother Ling.”

“Brother Zhou is too polite.” Ling Tai Xu smiled, “In fact, it is I who should the Brother Zhou for solving our troubles!”

In fact, having these three from the Reflecting Moon Sect join them provided only benefits without any harm to Ling Tai Xu and Yang Kai; after all, it had been just the two of them occupying a place, and with more and more groups arriving, they would likely draw the attention of someone they could not provoke and wind up losing their spot.

However, the situation was very different now that Zhou Wen’s group joined them, two instantly became five, and that included two masters standing guard, even if someone wanted their spot, they would have to carefully consider the consequences of attacking them.

Hearing him say these words, Zhou Wen also felt much more at ease, letting out a relaxed laughter while instructing his two disciples to take a seat.

Although this was their first time meeting, Ling Tai Xu and Zhou Wen were both old veterans; after speaking for just a few moments they had already started acting quite familiar with each other.

Thanks to Ling Tai Xu accepting his request, Zhou Wen tried his best to return the favor, revealing a lot of information about this site’s recent past.

Ling Tai Xu happened to be missing these things, after all the last time he was here was fifty years ago. Fifty years was a long time, many things could have changed here so naturally he was eager to inquire about it.

Zhou Wen patiently explained everything he knew without exception.

Yang Kai also paid carefully attention to their discussion.

Through this conversation, Yang Kai learned that this experience site was originally inadvertently discovered by several cultivators who came to Nether Mountain, and as time went by, more and more people learned of its existence.

But in general, the people who knew of this place kept it a secret, not publicly sharing information about it. So after several thousand years, even if more people knew about this place, it was not as if the entire world had become aware.

This was still the case now.

Just how many Sects were there in the Great Han Dynasty? Though this lake was surrounded by so many powers, it had not even reached one-tenth of the total. It would be much more troublesome if the entire world knew, every decade would wind up being a bloody battle.

“Since this place was discovered, until recently, we did not have to compete for spots, but since the opening thirty years ago, more and more powers started to hear about its existence.” Zhou Wen sighed.

“What changed?” Ling Tai Xu asked thoughtfully.

“Because thirty years ago one of the disciples that entered here for life experience brought back something extremely valuable.” Zhou Wen lowered his voice low, and looked around as he paused dramatically, building up suspense before finally explaining, “Someone from the inside received a few drops of Brilliant Flame Liquid.”

A flash of shock appeared on Ling Tai Xu’s face, “There is a supreme treasure which can help purify one’s True Qi?”

Zhou Wen nodded, “Yes!”

When the three words “Brilliant Flame Liquid” were spoken, Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu could not stop their breath from becoming slightly rapid; obviously they understood how precious this treasure was. Rather it was just Yang Kai whose expression remained indifferent, without the slightest waves.

When Zhou Wen observed Yang Kai’s reaction, he could not help thinking that this kid was simply too ignorant, or else how would his response be so dull?

Little did he know that although Yang Kai had never heard of this Brilliant Flame Liquid, he could still fully understand its value from Ling Tai Xu’s words.

However, Yang Kai already had the Nine Yin Yuan Condensing Dew, sealed away within his Unyielding Golden Skeleton. He only needed to reach the point where he could break through to the True Element Boundary so he could refine it, greatly aiding his Yuan Qi’s transformation into True Qi, so the appeal of this Brilliant Flame Liquid was simply too small for him.

Good things would generally draw in countless people looking to for a chance to snatch them up, but since he had the Nine Yin Yuan Condensing Dew, he did not need to pay attention to this Brilliant Flame Liquid.

Zhou Wen lightly coughed before he continued, “If it was only the Brilliant Flame Liquid, it would not be enough to attract so many people, but during that same experience, not only did someone obtain some Brilliant Flame Liquid, another person managed to find a few drops of Soul Cleansing Dew!”

This news once again shocked Ling Tai Xu.

Yang Kai’s curiosity was also finally piqued, “What kind of treasure is that?”

Zhou Wen smiled, carefully explaining, “Brilliant Flame Liquid can help cultivators refine their True Qi, so their True Qi becomes more pure, while the Soul Cleansing Dew can assist them with opening their Knowledge Sea, allowing one to cultivate their Soul and Divine Sense. When one attempts to break through the True Element Boundary and reach the Immortal Ascension Boundary, if they have a drop of Soul Cleansing Dew to aid them, their Knowledge Sea will easily be opened without any obstructions. If a cultivator who has already opened their Knowledge Sea takes a drop of Soul Cleansing Dew, their Knowledge Sea will widen, allowing it to become more robust. Such growth is worth years of penance.

Yang Kai nodded slightly.

Ling Tai Xu commented, “I see, no wonder so many people have come! Even juniors at the Separation and Reunion Boundary would be willing to take brave the risks for such a treasure.”

Fifty years ago, there were no Separation and Reunion Boundary disciples here, so when Ling Tai Xu arrived here he began to think the world had changed, and that this new younger generation was filled with daring risk takers, but now he knew there was no such thing.

Cultivators at the Separation and Reunion Boundary only had two tasks, one was to enhance their cultivation realm, and the second was to transform their Yuan Qi into True Qi. Brilliant Flame Liquid for any Separation and Reunion cultivator would naturally have a great attraction.

Likewise, True Element Boundary cultivators also had two tasks, once again to enhance their cultivation realm, while the second was to open their Knowledge Sea, in preparation to cultivate their Soul, whether it was the Brilliant Flame Liquid or the Soul Cleansing Dew, they would greatly desire both.

The existence of such treasures had lead to a massive increase in people coming here.

Even Yang Kai’s eyes now flashed with desire.

He did not care in the slightest about the Brilliant Flame Liquid, but the Soul Cleansing Dew for him was extremely attractive. Old Demon had once said that his Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus needed to absorb a lot of soul nourishing Precious Treasures to evolve into its seven coloured form, and this Soul Cleansing Dew was obviously such a treasure, not to mention its own effects were certainly wondrous.

If he could get his hands on some, whether it was the Soul Warming Lotus or his own self it would be a great help.

Finished with this explanation, the two old began chatting amongst themselves, while the three young disciples were left to their own devices. Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu were better of than Yang Kai, after all, they were both from the same Sect, and it was fairly obvious they were also a couple, one could tell from the thick affection which flowed from their eyes when they looked at each other.

As if he was aware of Yang Kai’s embarrassment, Chen Xue Shu smiled at him, cupping his fists, “How should I address this Junior Brother?”

Yang Kai returned his smile and replied, “My surname is Yang!”

“Yang…” Chen Xue Shu’s eyebrows jumped, apparently considering if he was from the Yang Family, but soon felt it was unlikely, and even if it were true he did not particularly care.

“Junior Brother Yang does not seem to know too much about this place.” Chen Xue Shu intended to build a relationship with him, so he initiated a line of conversation.

“Yes, I was brought here somewhat abruptly without much explanation.” Yang Kai nodded.

Su Xiao Yu couldn’t help giggling, “Your master is still close by, be careful he doesn’t punish you.”

Chen Xue Shu also laughed, “If Junior Brother Yang does not mind, whatever questions you might have, this Senior Brother can help answer them for you.”

Listening to him say this, Yang Kai really did have something he was curious about.

“Then, why are these forces separated from each other? Is there some special reason they have chosen these positions?”

Chen Xue Shu smiled, “About this, Senior Brother knows a little bit.”

He then stood up and went to the lake, motioning Yang Kai over before pointing to down, “Can Junior Brother Yang see what’s there?”

Along the direction he pointed, Yang Kai was surprised to see that within the lake there was a green duckweed, but this piece of duckweed and an ordinary duckweed were not the same, it was around the size of a palm and covered in emerald green spots, and a clear meridian pattern could be observed.

“It is because there is a duckweed here that they picked this location.”

Yang Kai looked around and discovered that it was just as he had said, in front of all these forces there really was a duckweed.

“Junior Brother Yang must not underestimate this duckweed, it is actually the ship that will ferry us into the experience area,” said Chen Xue Shu. “Anyone who wants to go in must do so by riding this duckweed. Without this piece of duckweed, no matter how strong one is they will be unable to enter, and this lake also emits a strange force, making it impossible for anyone to fly over it. This duckweed also will not carry anyone at or above the Immortal Ascension Boundary, so the highest one’s cultivation can be if they wish to enter is the True Element Boundary.”

Yang Kai looked relieved as he nodded earnestly, gradually relaxing as he asked more and more questions, learning much about this place from Chen Xue Shu, Su Xiao Yu would also insert a few words from time to time, leading the atmosphere around them to become harmonious.

This continued on until night fell, when suddenly Zhou Wen’s face became serious, calling out, “It’s beginning.”

Just as his voice faded, all cultivators present began to stir as millions of lights blossomed from within the lake, suddenly pouring out, the entire scene illuminated in a brilliant splendor; it was truly a magnificent sight.

Immediately, a strange and heavy atmosphere descended, the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who felt this breath all cringed, as if they were bearing some massive weight, all of them struggling and in pain, running their Secret Arts to resist the pressure.

The duckweeds by the lake side began to rotate, instantly growing in size until they reached about three meters in length before they began to stabilize.

Once the duckweed in front of them had finished expanding, Ling Tai Xu and Zhou Wen both shouted, “Go!”

Yang Kai and the two disciples from Reflecting Moon Sect acted without the slightest hesitation, jumping up onto the duckweed.

It was clear why Zhou Wen had said that only four people could cross the lake on a single duckweed now that the three of them were standing on top of it, there was only enough room for one more person or else they would not be able to stand.

Zhou Wen solemnly warned Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu that they must be careful inside and not to easily argue with people while the two nodded again and again.

Ling Tai Xu also spoke to Yang Kai, “Whoever provokes you inside you should kill, do not be merciful, but also do not take the initiative to provoke those around you.”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded.

“Ah yes, do not worry about those things inside your secluded cave, this old master will keep them safe for you, as for that little girl Su Yan, old master will help you look after her as well.”

Yang Kai’s face instantly went bright red; he had not thought that the matters between him and Su Yan had already been completely exposed to Ling Tai Xu.

(Silavin: I wonder how much he knows XD! Did he use his powers to peek?)

Standing on the duckweed, Su Xiao Yu looked at Yang Kai with great meaning, unable to hold back her laughter.

After about the time it takes to brew a pot of tea, the duckweed suddenly began to move, like a ship sailing across the waves, it smoothly carried the three juniors towards the center of the lake, accelerating faster and faster.

Looking around, in every direction there were duckweeds full of people, many of these cultivators looked malicious and violent, ill-intentioned gazes could be felt from all around.

Yang Kai soon spotted the four from the Tian Lang Dynasty; whether it was the young men or women, they all wore fierce expressions, like at any moment they would strike out like savage beasts. Yang Kai also met eyes with the Ghost King Valley trio as Jin Hao once again made a neck swiping gesture towards Yang Kai.

As the duckweeds were traveling forward, a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared at the centre of the lake, catching everyone here by surprise and pulling them in without the slightest chance to resist.

Cries of shock rang out but quickly disappeared as the scenery around them began to warp. Once Yang Kai recovered from this, he found himself transported to a strange new environment.

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