Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 226

Now, a thick Spirit Qi quickly surrounded the pit, but if one were to observe carefully , they could vaguely see that the Spirit Qi divided into two halves, with phantom images engaged in a ferocious and bloody battle.

(Silavin: So, the spirits came out of his body just to do battle :/)

The two Spirit Qi phantoms’ battle seemed to go on without end, as neither side triumphed over the other.

One day, the two Spirit Qi phantoms suddenly rushed towards the center of the pit, fell silent, and vanished from the world. The thick grey atmosphere gradually cleared, and the space between the Heavens and the Earth slowly returned to its natural state.

After a long time, a loud bang occurred, and a silhouette suddenly flew up from the pit, like an eagle soaring into the sky, before gently landing on the ground.

Shaking off a thick layer of dust before taking a deep breath, this man quietly stood in place, his brow thoroughly wrinkled, as if in deep contemplation.

Yang Kai had finally emerged!

The two Monster Beasts’ resentment had persisted even after death, and it had essentially been mandatory for him to observe their epic struggle from beginning to end. One could only describe this battle as Earth-Shattering, something from an ancient legend that no one could witness today. Yang Kai was transfixed as he watched the two Monster Beasts viciously clash, bleed profusely, but continue to persevere, never showing the slightest fear; again and again charging towards one another, again and again ripping into their opponent for the sake of ultimately destroying one another.

Both of them seemed to understand that their own death was inevitable even before the fight began, so knowing that survival was impossible, they instead fought only for their own majesty and honor!

Prior to now, Yang Kai had never thought that Monster Beasts could exude such boldness, which paralleled any supreme human cultivator. This white-hot melee made the only audience member’s, Yang Kai’s, blood boil, and granted him a bountiful harvest.

In addition, after the disappearance of the two Monstrous Beasts, Yang Kai faintly felt something more, added to his body.

When the two Monster Beasts fought, while still alive, they had failed to decide a victor, but after death, with Yang Kai’s help, they managed to confront one another once again and fulfilled their long-cherished wish. Perhaps, these two Monster Beasts had left something to him as a gift, or perhaps it was something he had achieved through his own sentiment. He might never solve the mystery.

Stretching out his hands, Yang Kai looked down and put away all distracting thoughts, while pushing the Yuan Qi in his body to run in a particular pattern.

A moment later, the loud roar of a beast resounded from his body, and as he pushed his palm forward, a fiery red figure suddenly flew out together with the wind.

A tiger roar shook the Heavens as a fierce and lifelike Tiger, purely composed of Yuan Qi, appeared. This Tiger phantom was supremely majestic and swiftly jumped forward, its jaw snapping savagely, full of proud and noble bearing, while the fangs adorning the sides of its mouth radiated a demonic chill.

Pushing his other palm forward, a mighty and magnificent Ox burst forth, roaring as it trampled the ground beneath its hoofs. The pressure it exuded was like a thousand galloping war horses, suppressing everything in its surroundings, grinding any that stood in its way to dust. Nothing, nor no one, could block its path!

The Heaven Shaking White Tiger and Earth Splitting Divine Ox! However, at the moment, this White Tiger and Divine Ox had been composed from Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi, so their entire bodies were a fiery crimson red color, which gave them an even more ferocious and murderous appearance.

The two illusory phantoms rushed out several thousand meters and gradually dissipated into glowing particles scattering in the wind.

Yang Kai started for moment before bursting into a hearty laugh, very satisfied with his gains.

This could classify as a type of Martial Skill. The only difference was that its origin was from a pair of Monster Beasts.

It should probably end up considered as a type of Beast Soul Skill.

There are many Martial Skills in this world, and those that imitated the shape of the Monster Beasts were not few. Back when he had traveled to the Nine Yin Valley, Yang Kai had witnessed Wen Fei Chen of the Blood Battle Gang cast a similar Martial Skill, but the tiger he created was only a vague image, somewhat ethereal and incomplete.

It was simply incomparable to the Beast Soul Skill Yang Kai had just cast.

Whether it was the Heaven Shaking White Tiger or Earth Splitting Divine Ox’s Beast Soul Skill, what Yang Kai condensed appeared no different from the original Monster Beast’s true body, and included their vividly realistic demeanor. The two phantoms were basically no different from real Monster Beasts, and as such, the lethality they could show was naturally much greater.

With these two similar Beast Soul Skills, Yang Kai’s combat strength had once again risen to new heights.

Yang Kai gave these two skills, in accordance with their form, the names ‘White Tiger Seal’ and ‘Divine Ox Seal’.

Turning around and checking his surroundings, Yang Kai could not help but wrinkle his brow. Considering that he had to dig himself out of a once empty pit now filled with sand, he knew the time he had spent in retreat was not short.

“Old Demon, how long has it been?” Yang Kai asked in a nervous voice.

“Half a year, Young Master!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai could not help but inhale a sharp breath. No wonder his stomach was craving sustenance, if it had not been such a long time, at his current cultivation realm, it would be impossible to experience such a feeling.

However, now was not the time for foraging. Yang Kai quickly shook off the rest of the sand on his body and sat down to organize and reflect upon all the insights and gains he had obtained from the two Blood Beads over the past six months.

After a long time, a slight smile emerged on his face, “Old Demon, let me show you a little trick!”

“A little trick?” Old Demon repeated, slightly puzzled.

Yang Kai laughed and did not answer. Instead, he immediately focused his mind and burst the Yang Liquid drops in his dantian one by one.

Half a day later, the air surrounding him suddenly began to stir as Yang Kai’s body slightly trembled and the momentum he radiated suddenly climbed.

Old Demon was extremely stunned. Somehow, completely bypassing the normal process, Yang Kai had broken through to the Separation and Reunion Sixth Stage.

[How did he do it?] Half a year ago, this Young Master of his had indeed absorbed a massive amount of energy, but until now he showed no signs of a breakthrough, instead firmly remaining at the Separation and Reunion Boundary Fifth Stage. However, now, after only meditating for half a day, he somehow managed to increase his cultivation by an entire Minor Realm! Moreover, he did not run his Secret Art, nor did he absorb any Yuan Energy. In other words, his body’s energy had not increased at all!

[How did he manage to break through?] Old Demon was truly confused.

Although his heart itched with curiosity, Yang Kai’s eyes were still closed in meditation, so for now he could only hold down his suspicions.

After another half a day, Yang Kai’s momentum rose once again.

Separation and Reunion Boundary Seventh Stage!

Old Demon’s thoughts completely stopped. Yang Kai’s breakthroughs were just too strange, and they were completely beyond Old Demon’s own understanding. It was not until after performing a thorough examination that he finally found some clues.

What Old Demon found was that the Yuan Qi inside Yang Kai’s body had undergone a big change from before. Although the total quantity he possessed had not changed, its purity and density had increased several times!

This change must have led to Yang Kai’s unusual promotion.

[Was this even possible?] Old Demon was again thoroughly shocked.

After his breakthrough to Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes. The amount of Yang Liquid in his dantian had reduced by a third, and though the number of drops was less, the total amount of energy contained within them had not changed.

This meant that the energy in every drop of Yang Liquid was significantly more pure and vigorous, so any skill that used his Yang Liquid would display greater power and higher lethality.

It was like he had refined and recast all the Yang Liquid in his dantian.

Separation and Reunion Boundary Seventh Stage was Yang Kai’s current limit. As of right now, he was unable to purify and compress his True Yang Yuan Qi any further.

“Young Master’s trick is truly enlightening, even Old Servant has benefited greatly.” When Old Demon saw Yang Kai open his eyes, he hurriedly heaped praise upon him, and although there was some excess flattery thrown in, Old Demon’s admiration was indeed sincere.

Yang Kai simply grinned.

Now that he had received a new Martial Skill, naturally he wanted to try it out.

Searching around for a long time in the valley, he finally found a Fifth-Order Monster Beast.

(Silavin: This goes against what the author initially concluded but oh well… let’s just assume that the soil piled on top of their blood bead such that the others did not have time to find it.)

Casting his Beast Soul Skill, an Ox and Tiger Monstrous Beast phantom appeared and rushed out to attack the Fifth-Order Monster Beast, very quickly suppressing it to the point where it was unable to fight back. After observing for a while, Yang Kai also came forward, and after a few moments, the beast lay dead and soon condensed into a new Blood Bead.

The whole process was quick and easy, which gave Yang Kai an incredible feeling. Half a year ago, if he met a Fifth-Order Monster Beast, he would have to consider his options carefully before quietly trying to sneak around it. However, now, he could kill them as easy as cutting down grass, and even though this Fifth-Order Monstrous Beast was not very strong, Yang Kai was still convinced about his own estimations.

The Blood Bead he retrieved was neither big nor small, but compared to one condensed from a slain True Element Boundary expert, it was somewhat shabby.

Storing the Blood Bead away, Yang Kai quickly checked to make sure no one was observing him before he activated his Flaming Yang Wings and flew up.

To ascend such lofty cliffs, even a True Element Boundary expert would have to expend a lot of effort, but with his Flaming Yang Wings, it was not the same.

After only half an hour, Yang Kai succeeded in leaving the valley.

Half a day later, the now quite famished Yang Kai succeeded in finding a fruit tree and harvesting a great deal of them before casually sitting in the tree’s shade.

As he happily ate the fruit, Yang Kai began to think about his next course of action. Not long after he entered this isolated world, he had entered a half-year long retreat, so right now he had no idea of current situation inside this place. All he knew from his previous experiences was that there did not seem to be any spirit grasses here, only an endless stream of Monster Beasts.

There was also that Soul Cleansing Dew and Brilliant Flame Liquid. It would be good if he had the opportunity to collect some. The Soul Cleansing Dew was extremely useful for him, and as for the Brilliant Flame Liquid, if he could not acquire any, it did not matter too much.

Unfortunately, Yang Kai had no idea where to look for these two Precious Treasures.

While he was meditating, Yang Kai suddenly jumped up and carefully listened to his surroundings.

From the distance he faintly heard the sounds of howling, and there seemed to be a battle taking place.

Raising his brow, Yang Kai quickly packed the remaining fruit into his Universe Bag and then activated his Movement Skill, dashing toward the direction of the disturbance, as he had to find someone to inquire about what had happened while he was in closed retreat.

After the time it would take to drink a cup of tea, Yang Kai arrived in the vicinity of the fight.

Stealthily hiding himself in a large tree, he planned to observe the situation secretly before acting, but his expression changed greatly once he looked.

He found two people, a man and a woman, engaged in a desperate fight, but what surprised him was that he was familiar with this young man and woman.

Reflecting Moon Sect’s Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu!

The two of them were under siege from more than a dozen Monster Beasts, but not all of them were of the same species. Instead, there was a wide variety gathered together, with most of them Fourth-Order.

If that were all, Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu would still be able to cope with the situation, but there were also three Fifth-Order Monster Beasts.

With these Fifth-Order Monster Beasts mixed in, even if Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu coordinated well with each other, they still could not break through and instead winded up surrounded by this group of beasts, looking exhausted and embarrassed.

Chen Xue Shu’s body had many scars. Blood dyed his left leg red, while Su Xiao Yu was also panting, her breathing ragged as she sweated profusely.

The strength of this Senior-Brother-Junior-Sister couple was not weak. Both of them were True Element Boundary experts with an array of extraordinarily powerful Martial Skills at their disposal, and although they were trapped, they would not fall into a dangerous situation within a short period. However, it looked like they had been fighting this group of Monster Beasts for quite a while now, and their physical strength had nearly been drained.

In the end, Su Xiao Yu was still a young woman, and her physical strength was unable to keep up with the current excessive demand. If it were not for Chen Xue Shu often covering for her, then she would probably have long been seriously injured.

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