Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 227

However, since the two in danger were the couple from the Reflecting Moon Sect, Yang Kai was not too worried about such things.

Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu both gave him a good impression; from his interactions with them, he knew they were not scheming or malicious. In fact, Yang Kai believed them to be rather upright people.

Since he wanted to inquire about this isolated world’s current situation, asking them was undoubtedly his best option.

Considering all this, Yang Kai no longer hesitated, quietly dropping down from the trees and then swiftly moving towards the battlefield.

Both Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu’s expressions were grim, their True Qi swirling about wantonly and lashing out in ferocious bursts. Although they had managed to kill a few Fourth-Order Monster Beasts, their situation had not improved. The number of Monster Beasts was simply too great, enough to completely encircle and trap them here. The three Fifth-Order Monster Beasts were especially troublesome, with their keen senses and higher intelligence they would constantly take advantage of openings created by the Fourth-Order Monster Beasts to attack the couple, causing Chen Xue Shu’s wounds to increase steadily .

If it were not for the two of them having superb teamwork and a tacit understanding of one another, it is likely they would have already fallen.

In the midst of the battle, Chen Xue Shu’s eyes suddenly flashed a determined light, solemnly saying, “Junior Sister, I will use my full strength to open up a gap, so use your fastest speed to escape while I hold back the rest of these Monster Beasts.”

Hearing his desperate words, Su Xiao Yu immediately understood what he was planning to do and shook her head, “No! If we go, we go together; if we are to die… then we’ll also do that together!”

“Do as I say!” Chen Xue Shu roared, “We’re both running out of True Qi and there are still too many of them left! We’ll never be able to kill them all! Only if one of us stays behind will the other have a slim chance to escape! Once you have made it out, never look back, find a safe place to hide and don’t come out again! If you wait until this damned place closes you’ll be able to return to the Sect!”

“No! I don’t want to hear it!” Su Xiao Yu cried out miserably as she frantically shook her head.

Chen Xue Shu was about to try persuading her again but Su Xiao Yu suddenly said in a firm tone, “If you dare say one more word about this I’ll immediately rush into these Monster Beasts and let them tear me apart!”

“You!” Chen Xue Shu’s voice filled with anger and distress.

“Do you think I won’t?” Su Xiao Yu glared at him with her big round eyes.

“Good! Senior Brother won’t say another word! If we are both to fall here then we’ll take these beasts with us! Let’s let them taste our Reflecting Moon Sect’s Supreme Martial Skill!” Chen Xue Shu fighting spirit suddenly soared; his original despair and depression instantly blown away.

Su Xiao Yu also smiled, quietly standing side by side with Chen Xue Shu, their bodies True Qi surging rapidly as they slowly raised their joined hands.

A half-moon suddenly filled the sky as beams of silvery light radiated forth. These seemingly gentle moonbeams hid an unparalleled destructive force, scorching holes through the surrounding dozen or so Monster Beasts. Many Fourth-Order Monster Beasts died on the spot, and even one of the Fifth-Order Monster Beasts received a lethal wound, its blood splashing out onto the ground.

Reflecting Moon Sect’s Supreme Martial Skill, Soaring Full Moon!

If they could fully activate this Martial Skill, the surrounding dozen or so Monster Beasts would have no hope of survival. Unfortunately, Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu were now both arrows at the end of their flight, even with both of them joining mustering all their remaining strength, they could only summon a half moon image, so the skill’s power was severely limited.

However, the surrounding Monster Beasts which had been hit by this attack all quickly retreated, granting Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu a short reprieve, allowing the two of them to gaze into each other’s eyes, neither of them holding any regrets.

They had done their best, consumed over ninety percent of their True Qi, and no longer had any power to resist. The next time the Monster Beasts rushed them would certainly kill them.

The Monster Beasts that survived seemed to understand this, and after a brief hesitation, they once again bared their fangs, a thick murderous intent filling their eyes as they stared at their prey. Suddenly, they charged!

The pair however did not sit still; Chen Xue Shu put himself between Su Xiao Yu and the oncoming beasts, using his own body to shield her, his expression extremely solemn.

*Shua Shua Shua…* As the remaining Monster Beasts rushed over, Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu struck at the same time, pushing the last remnants of their True Qi in a final show of defiance.

A Fourth-Order Monster Beast that was leading the charge had its head smashed open and died on the spot.

They sent another Fourth-Order Monster Beast flying as well, crashing to the ground, clearly not far from death.

However, the number of Monster Beasts attacking was still overwhelming. Two fists could not block four strikes; on top of that, the two uninjured Fifth-Order Monster Beasts had circled around to their sides and were pouncing towards the battered Chen Xue Shu.

A bloody smell and an air of death surrounded the couple as the cold sharp fangs closed in.

Fortunately, in their final moment, a silhouette suddenly fell from the sky, planting itself firmly in front of Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu like a tranquil mountain.

The Senior Brother and Junior Sister pair’s eyes flashed with astonishment.

The next moment, they saw this man’s palms land on the backs of the two Fifth-Order Monster Beasts.

Two cries rang out at the same time, and the two Fifth-Order Monster Beasts that had nearly sunk their teeth into Chen Xue Su simply fell to the ground.

A series of muffled thuds reverberated from the two Monster Beast’s bodies as a fiery heat spread out from them.

After this, the man shot forward and delivered four lightning fast punches the oncoming beasts!

*Peng peng peng peng…*

The man had sent the four remaining Fourth-Order Monster Beasts flying simultaneously, struggling a bit after landing but eventually failing to stand up, their mouths leaking a conspicuous amount of blood.

“It’s you!” Su Xiao Yu cried out in shock, her mouth hanging slightly open as she immediately directed a delighted look towards Yang Kai.

“Junior Brother Yang!” Chen Xue Shu also could not help but breathe a sigh of relief, filled with the wondrous feeling of narrowly escaping death.

“En. Please wait a moment!” Yang Kai nodded before swiftly dashing forward.

Although his palm strike had knocked them to the ground, the two Fifth-Order Monster Beasts were still alive; sensing that the situation was becoming dangerous, these two Monster Beasts growled loudly, trying to intimidate this newcomer as they slowly to back away, attempting to escape.

Nevertheless, Yang Kai remained indifferent to their obviously empty threat, charging straight towards them without the slightest fear, raising his hand above one of their heads and viciously chopping down.

The Monster Beast’s reaction was also quite quick, managing to avoid this blow narrowly, but before it had time to steady itself, this downward chop turned into a sweeping palm strike.

*PA!*… Yang Kai’s palm landed right on the Fifth-Order Monster Beast’s cheek.

The huge Monster Beast’s body crashed into a tree and fell to the ground after having awkwardly spun tens of meters through the air.

Not pausing at all, Yang Kai quickly targeted the other Fifth-Order Monster Beast, delivering a Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast squarely to its forehead.

After three muffled thuds, the Monster Beast began staggering about, as if it was drunk and dazed, while on its thick forehead, a blood red crack appeared.

Yang Kai delivered a vicious kick, sending the unsteady beast flying towards the first Monster Beast.

Swiftly chasing after it, he followed up with several heavy palm strikes and fists.

The two Monster Beasts constantly let out tragic howls, gradually becoming weak until eventually falling silent.

The Reflecting Moon pair could only stand there stunned; Su Xiao Yu’s mouth was agape, while Chen Xue Shu could not hide his surprise either.

A few moments later, Yang Kai, now stained with blood, let out a long breath and casually walked back, only to find the couple he had just rescued suspiciously looking at him, “What’s wrong?”

Hearing his question, Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu finally recovered, an awkward smile blooming on their faces as they cautiously asked, “Junior Brother Yang, what realm is your cultivation now?”

“Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage!” Yang Kai smiled and then stretched out his hand, flicking a Blood Bead condensed from one of the Fifth-Order Monster Beasts into Su Xiao Yu’s mouth.

“Ah! …” Su Xiao Yu yelped before hurriedly closing her mouth, waiting for the refinement reaction to come, her brow showing a mix of surprise and gratitude.

“Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage?” Chen Xue Shu’s face clearly showed his disbelief.

“That’s impossible!” Although Su Xiao Yu was grateful to Yang Kai for giving her the Blood Bead, she was also a little annoyed that he had tossed it into her mouth without saying a word. If it had been covered in dirt and grime, what would she have done? He had not even given her a chance to refuse.

(Silavin Seriously, if it just has dirt, would you pass this chance to cultivate?)

“Why would I lie to you?” Yang Kai smiled and handed another Blood Bead to Chen Xue Shu.

Chen Xue Shu frowned slightly but still immediately reached out and accepted it, “Thank you, I will remember this favor!”

“No need to be polite, I know your True Qi is nearly depleted; we should collect these Blood Beads and then restore ourselves as quickly as possible.” Yang Kai casually pointed towards the battlefield.

The pair silently nodded and walked over to recover the recently condensed Blood Beads.

“We should leave here first.” Chen Xue Shu cautiously glanced around before leading Yang Kai and Su Xiao Yu away.

Both of them seemed to be in a hurry, not even stopping to carefully refine and absorb the energy from the Blood Beads they had just swallowed.

With Blood Beads’ help, the pair quickly restored their True Qi as they continued forward, and after less than half a stick of incense, Yang Kai suddenly heard the sounds of combat in the distance.

“Over there!” Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu both broke into a sprint, rapidly moving towards the battle.

Given the circumstances, Yang Kai temporarily set aside his curiosity and quickly followed behind them.

A short while later, the trio arrived at the source of the noise, but the scene which greeted them only made Yang Kai’s brow wrinkle even more.

In front of him were several Monstrous Beasts attacking a group of cultivators, quite similar to the situation he had found Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu in before.

“Junior Brother Yang, if you don’t want to intervene then please wait here, after we finish up here we’ll bring you over and explain!” Chen Xue Shu solemnly told him and then together with Su Xiao Yu joined the fight.

“Brother Chen came back!” As soon as they discovered Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu’s figures, someone in the group could not help cheering.

“Brother Chen’s strength is really amazing! He managed to escape all those Monster Beasts and return!” Someone else shouted.

Chen Xue Shu simply smiled back wryly. Only he and Su Xiao Yu knew that those Monster Beasts had nearly torn them apart. If it were not for Yang Kai showing up at the crucial moment, how would they have been able to return alive?

The praise he was receiving right now felt rather grating.

Without explaining anything, the Reflecting Moon Sect pair quickly came to the aid of the group of cultivators, pushing back against the Monster Beast Horde.

Because of Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu safe return, the group’s spirits lifted, perhaps sensing this, the group of Monster Beasts determined that the fight was unfavorable and after a moment, a loud roar rang out.

Hearing this roar, the several tens of Monster Beasts began falling back, quickly disappearing into the jungle.

In the aftermath, a dozen Monster Beast bodies, along with a single cultivator.

Yang Kai could only stand there in a daze, unable to hide his surprise and confusion.

From what he could tell, the people gathered here were actually all from various different Sects but had somehow banded together to fight these Monster Beasts.

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