Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 230

“Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage!”

As he answered, Yang Kai clearly saw the disdain and annoyance in Wu Cheng Yi’s eyes, but that was to be expected. Of those who were still alive, who had not at least reached the True Element Boundary? Yang Kai, with his Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage cultivation, could definitely be considered weak.

Asura Sect’s Ye Qing Si’s face also showed a look of surprise. Apparently, she had not thought Yang Kai’s strength would be so low.

Originally, she had believed that since he had survived alone in this dangerous place for more than half a year, Yang Kai would at least be a True Element cultivator. But Yang Kai himself had declared that he was a Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage, shocking almost everyone around him.

“Little Brother, are you really only at the Separation and Reunion Seventh Stage?” Ye Qing Si could not help but ask.

Yang Kai simply nodded and circulated the Yuan Qi in his body, emitting a Yuan Qi wave to clearly display his current strength.

Many of the surrounding cultivators were stunned, while a burst of chuckles also emerged from somewhere.

“What are you laughing about?” Su Xiao Yu immediately stuck up for Yang Kai and fiercely scolded the group of blind fools. Although Junior Brother Yang’s cultivation had only reached Separation and Reunion Boundary Seventh Stage, his combat strength was many times greater than an ordinary True Element cultivator.

When Yang Kai had saved the two of them just now, he had killed two Fifth-Order Monster Beasts and four Fourth-Order Monster Beasts. Against those foes, she and Chen Xue Shu could only desperately struggle for their lives, so killing them off so effortlessly was a testament to his strength.

Although there were a variety of reasons for him to be able to accomplish such a feat, his strength was definitely beyond doubt.

No one here was more aware of just how strong Yang Kai was than Su Xiao Yu and Chen Xue Shu. To have such a master join them was a great blessing for this group! However, some people, in their ignorance, actually dared to ridicule him.

Su Xiao Yu felt indignant, but in the end did not press the issue. She was not some silly naive girl who would go around exposing Yang Kai’s true abilities.

“You’re only a Separation and Reunion Boundary Seventh Stage, how have you survived until now?” Ye Qing Si asked with a puzzled expression, clearly quite confused.

“I accidentally fell into a deep valley and spent the last half a year trying to find a way to climb back up…” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders.

When he spoke these words, the many in the group around him laughed even harder. Su Xiao Yu’s breathing became rough as she held down her anger, but she could not say anything because what he said was true.

Wu Cheng Yi remained indifferent, unceremoniously declaring, “Your cultivation is too low, so you’re nothing but another body bag. However, Brother Chen brought you here so just stick with him and Sister Su. If you can at least contain one or two Fourth- Order Monstrous Beasts, then I suppose you’ll have some use!”

Finished speaking, Wu Cheng Yi hurriedly turned away, not wanting to waste any more time talking with Yang Kai.

“I’m not staying.” Yang Kai said with a frown.

After leaving the valley, all he wanted to do was find someone to inquire about the current situation, but he had somehow ended up following Chen Xue Shu here. Now that he had obtained the information he wanted, naturally he planned to leave.

Acting together with so many people simply made them an easier target. If everyone was from the same Sect, having a mutual trust and understanding of one another, then things might be different. However, in this mixed bag of goods, who could know when their neighbor might betray them? If he joined them, with his realm being amongst the lowest, then in the event when they encountered any critical danger, he would likely be the first to be sacrificed.

Knowing this, how could Yang Kai deliver his life into someone else’s hands?

If so, he might as well act alone. Although there were many dangers and uncertainties, Yang Kai was confident in his current strength, so as long as he was careful he shouldn’t encounter any real problems.

Even if he became surrounded by the Tian Lang Dynasty group, with his Flaming Yang Wings, he could still easily escape. Why would he bother joining together with these people?

In addition to all this, Yang Kai also had another major concern.

If Ye Qing Si or Zhou Ba managed to sense the presence of the Asura Sword, it would certainly create trouble for him. Therefore, although the possibility was very low, he still needed to take precautions.

Neither Yang Kai nor this group of people wanted to travel together, so why should he insist on sticking around?

“What did you say?” Wu Cheng Yi turned around and stared at Yang Kai, squinting his eyes before confirming, “You want to act alone?”

“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.

“Brother Yang…” Chen Xue Shu’s expression changed, as he quickly came forward and whispered, “Acting on your own is too dangerous, if you stay here with Senior Brother and Senior Sister, at least we can watch out for each other. It’s definitely safer than you trying to move alone.”

Chen Xue Shu had no doubt what he said was true and did not have the slightest ulterior intent.

Ye Qing Si also tried to persuade him, “Junior Brother Yang, there’s no need for you to try to be brave, just stay here with us. Although we’ve only just met, Elder Sister really feels cordial with you; it has been many years since our Senior Sister and Junior Brother have had such a strong feeling, so we don’t want you to encounter any unnecessary misfortune. Zhou Ba, you agree, right?”

The giant tower of a man with a cold gaze simply nodded slightly.

“Thank you for your kind words,” Yang Kai chuckled, “but I’m quite lazy and don’t like to be ordered around like someone’s henchman.”

“Everyone is free to choose if they want to stay or go, there’s no need to try retaining him!” Wu Cheng Yi quipped disdainfully but then reached out his hand, “However, before you leave, leave all the pills you have on you.”

Yang Kai, Chen Xue Shu, and Su Xiao Yu’s faces all went cold.

Just now, others had apparently noticed the scene where Yang Kai had taken out those few healing pill.

Chen Xue Shu frowned, “Brother Wu, how can you do this?”

Wu Cheng Yi snorted lightly, “What’s wrong with my decision? He is just a Separation and Reunion Boundary Seventh Stage. Those Tian Lang bastards will kill him soon enough, and when they do, the healing pills he has will fall into their hands. It’s better if he just leaves them for us instead!”

Su Xiao Yu ground her teeth and yelled, “Wu Cheng Yi, you just want to rob him!”

Ye Qing Si and Zhou Ba also frowned. The two of them were obviously unhappy about Wu Cheng Yi’s behaviour, but both of them held their tongues.

However, Wu Cheng Yi just sneered, “Take a look around you! How many of us have been injured? Without any healing pills, how much of their strength will they be able to use? Only by quickly healing everyone can we hope to resist those Tian Lang cultivator’s attacks and protect ourselves! Taking his pills is not for me but for everyone in this group!”

Chen Xue Shu angrily shot back, “Wu Cheng Yi, don’t pretend to be so righteous! If you insist on forcing Brother Yang, then we Brother and Sister will not agree.”

Wu Cheng Yi shifted his sight towards Chen Xue Shu and arrogantly said, “So what if you don’t agree with me? What do you intend to do about it?”

The atmosphere around them instantly became tense.

“I also think it’s a bad idea.” Ye Qing Si smiled sweetly,and her seductive eyes stared at Wu Cheng Yi, “This just looks like the act of a robber. Wu Cheng Yi, whatever your motives are, you’re still an elite disciple of a great Sect. Don’t you think being so domineering is bad for your face?”

The latter’s face twitched. It seems he was somewhat suppressed by Ye Qing Si, but after hesitating for a long while he chuckled, “If that’s the case, then we should let everyone decide! Should he be forced to leave his pills behind, or allowed to take them away?”

“He should leave them with us!” Someone immediately said, “Brother Wu is right, with his weak cultivation he won’t last more than a few days out there alone. Why should we allow those Tian Lang animals to snatch his pills for free.”

To this statement, many people nodded in agreement.

The youth quickly followed up, “Brother Chen please calm your anger, I’m just saying what I believe is right! This High Heaven Pavilion brother’s strength is really too low. If he was going to stay with us and help support the group with his healing pills, then if someone was seriously injured, presumably he would not be stingy, but since he is determined to leave and wants to act alone, I think he should contribute his pills to us!”

Most of the people here seemed to agree with Wu Cheng Yi’s practice, which made Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu’s faces very ugly.

Arguing back, Chen Xue Shu sneered, “You really believe your actions are correct? If someone wanted to rob you of your life-saving pills, what would you do?”

Hearing his words, many of these people couldn’t help but frown or turn away. Although they knew what they were doing was immoral, right now, everyone’s healing pills had nearly been spent. Even if they could only obtain just one more bottle, perhaps at a critical time it would allow them to save a few people’s lives.

“Do unto others as you’d have them do to you!” A cold voice echoed.

Yang Kai looked up and saw a girl wearing a Ten Thousand Flower Palace robe and nodded slightly.

Wu Cheng Yi had not expected that there would be so many people speaking up for Yang Kai, so having been forced into a corner, he said, “Fine then, I will give him a choice, so no one can say I’m just using strength to bully the weak.”

Glaring at Yang Kai he declared, “Stay with us, or leave your pills, it’s your decision!”

“Ho…” Yang Kai chuckled, staring back at Wu Cheng Yi he slowly said, “I choose the latter!”

He had never wanted to work together with these people, and seeing Wu Cheng Yi act so arrogantly only further reinforced this thought. How could he possibly choose to stay now?

But now with so many people eyeing him, if he really did not leave some pills, those who had just pressured him would definitely not just let him go.

“This is your own choice!” Wu Cheng Yi stretched out a hand to Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai shook his head and grinned deviously.

Seeing this, Wu Cheng Yi wrinkled his brow, “What do you mean?”

“I only said I’d leave the pills, I didn’t say I’d leave them to you. Don’t be so presumptuous.” Yang Kai sneered, and ignoring the extended hand before him, he took out a bottle of healing pill and threw it to Chen Xue Shu while staring coldly at Wu Cheng Yi, “Senior Brother Chen, I’ll leave those pills to you.”

As Chen Xue Shu caught the pill bottle, his brow furrowed angrily.

He had brought Yang Kai over, but now his own group of people were strong-arming him. How could he remain indifferent?

Taking a deep breath, Chen Xue Shu loudly said, “Brother Yang rest assured, Senior Brother will distribute these pills well!”

His meaning was clear. Those who had just stood on Wu Cheng Yi’s side knew they should never expected to see the healing pills inside this bottle.

Yang Kai nodded and hurriedly cupped his fists, “Then I bid you farewell, I hope we shall meet again!”

Finished speaking, Yang Kai instantly disappeared into the jungle.

“I doubt we’ll see each other again!” Wu Cheng Yi coldly snorted and awkwardly retracted his outstretched hand. His face was clearly still angry as he loudly barked towards the group, “We’ve rested here long enough, it’s time we get moving! Those Tian Lang dogs will certainly launch another attack soon. If we don’t leave now it will be too late.”

The more than thirty people quickly organized themselves according to Wu Cheng Yi’s instructions and began to carefully walk into the jungle.

No one noticed when the last person in their ranks quietly hid his presence. After the group had moved away, this youth looked in a certain direction and hurriedly dashed out.

The direction he went was clearly the same as the path Yang Kai had taken.

Yang Kai had left a single bottle of pill before leaving, but which disciple who came to this place for life experience would only bring a single bottle of healing pills? Moreover, Yang Kai said before that he had accidentally fell into a valley and spent half a year looking for way to climb out. Since that was the case, for this past half a year he certainly did not encounter much fighting, and if he had not been fighting, then he would not have been hurt, nor would he have used any healing pills.

Therefore, he must have more pills!

So Wu Cheng Yi had secretly ordered this person to go cut down Yang Kai and bring back any pills he may have on him.

A meticulous plan set up by Wu Cheng Yi; to only send a single person to complete this task so as to not arouse suspicions.

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