Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 238

Each Soul Controlling Insect the Tian Lang Dynasty cultivators had was extremely precious, not because the insect itself was valuable, but because each one had a thread of Divine Sense attached to it.

This was a serious matter. Once any of the insects fell into the hands of an enemy who destroyed them, it was bound to damage the Soul connected to the Divine Sense. If that happened in the middle of a fierce battle, it would no doubt lead to a crushing defeat, and even keeping their life was questionable.

So whenever one of her controlled Monster Beasts died, Zi Mo would rush to the position it had fallen and recover her Soul Controlling Insect.

But this time, she couldn’t find it.

Aware of the changes in Zi Mo’s expression, Leng Shan behind her couldn’t help sneering again and again, a look of happiness spreading across her face.

Zi Mo pouted a moment before closing her eyes and carefully scanning the surroundings.

Although she had not cultivated her Soul yet, and could not search a large area, the thread of Divine Sense was, after all, her own, so within a certain range she could still perceive it.

After a little exploration, a surprised look surfaced on Zi Mo’s glamorous face. Quickly turning and staring at a specific spot in the jungle, her beautiful, clear eyes radiated a mocking light.

Several tens of Monster Beasts quickly spread out and began encircling the location Zi Mo was gazing towards.

Leng Shan became stunned, instantly understanding from Zi Mo’s actions and demeanour that the situation she was hoping for was not going to pass.

She hated Zi Mo, hated that she had promised her purity to Jin Hao, and even more so that she had wantonly defiled her body before. So, now that Leng Shan thought that Zi Mo was doomed to suffer a big loss this time, she couldn’t help feeling some joy, secretly waiting to watch this good show, but she had not expected the situation to develop in its current direction.

Had the master who killed Jin Hao stuck around? Wasn’t that like throwing himself into a trap?

*Rustle* A burst of noise came from the jungle as the leaves shook, and then Leng Shan’s eyes caught sight of a figure dashing out.

Zi Mo lightly gestured with her hand and several Monster Beasts instantly raced towards the escaping figure.

Giggling as she smiled viciously, she shouted, “Don’t try to run, you can’t escape. With my Soul Controlling Insect inside your body, even if you fled to the ends of the Earth, you would still have to come back to me and become my slave unless you want to learn the meaning of suffering!”

“Shit! I knew that insect was strange!” From the jungle, a furious bout of cursing rang out. The more the cursing sounded, the prouder the look on Zi Mo’s face became, almost collapsing to the ground in laughter.

Behind her, Leng Shan secretly sighed as the small hope she held in her heart instantly burst.

In the end, the man who killed Jin Hao was now also under the control of the Soul Controlling Insect! Was he some kind of moron or idiot?

The person hiding in the jungle really stopped trying to escape, and was swiftly surrounded by the pack of Monstrous Beasts, quickly becoming a prisoner. Only a moment later, they forced him to walk out and present himself to Zi Mo.

When she saw the face of this person, Leng Shan couldn’t help herself from trembling as her eyes flashed a look of shock.

Jin Hao had recognized Yang Kai, so how could Leng Shan not? But it was because she recognized him that Leng Shan was so shocked. As she stared at Yang Kai, her thoughts quickly swirled, weighing her options.

Yang Kai’s face showed a look of reluctance and helplessness as he walked over.

Eventually standing about one hundred meters from Zi Mo and Leng Shan, he cracked a wry grin and asked, “Girl, what is this damned insect?”

“It is my Tian Lang Dynasty’s uniquely bred Soul Controlling Insect. As long as it remains inside of you, you are my slave.” Zi Mo explained patiently as she looked over Yang Kai, her pretty face filling with surprise when she discovered that he was just a teenager, and wondered how the person who had so easily killed Jin Hao could be so young.

“*Haa* Damn it, I should never have bothered searching Jin Hao’s remains!” Yang Kai sighed deeply as a look of pain and grief filled his face, immediately grinning, “Girl, now that I am your servant, how do you want me to serve you, should I help you warm your bed at night?”

Zi Mo smiled seductively, he face filled with infinite charm, “You can try, but I doubt you’ll be able to satisfy me.”

The other side being so unrestrained caused Yang Kai to roll his eyes. As she watched this, Zi Mo obviously took some pleasure in his distress, her smile suddenly becoming even brighter.

“If I tell you some useful information, can you let me go?” Leng Shan suddenly interjected, her pair of dazzling eyes staring at Yang Kai as she spoke.

(Silavin: why in the world would Zi Mo even bother releasing you? =.=)

“Useful information?” Zi Mo’s interest was piqued.

“It’s about him.” Leng Shan’s face remained expressionless as she pointed to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai, who had seemed relaxed up till now, suddenly became stiff, secretly pushing his Yuan Qi. Although he did not know what this Ghost King Valley female disciple would say, he was certain it would not be something beneficial to him.

Surrounded by Monstrous Beasts, if it became necessary for him to escape, he could only rely on his Flaming Yang Wings.

“Promise me, first.” Leng Shan continued to bargain.

“I cannot free you.” Zi Mo slowly shook her head while Leng Shan’s expression remained unchanged, quietly waiting for her to continue. After all, she did not really expect to gain her freedom here.

“However, I can treat you better, at least no longer taking advantage of you.”

“Remember what you just promised, or even if I have to die with you, I won’t suffer such humiliation again!” Having achieved her purpose, Leng Shan pointed again at Yang Kai, “This person’s secret art, is a Pure Yang technique!”

Leng Shan had once fought with Yang Kai before, so naturally she knew his Yuan Qi’s property, and this property was precisely those Soul Controlling Insects’ nemesis! So when Leng Shan first recognized Yang Kai, she was certain that he was not under the influence of those insects, instead he was pretending he was in order to achieve some kind of scheme.

Leng Shan felt that with his current strength, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to kill Zi Mo, especially considering he was surrounded by dozens of Monstrous Beast; the instant he decided to attack, he would die. If he died, then nothing would change, but if she revealed this plot before then, she would have an opportunity to gain some benefits for herself, so after a moment of hesitation, Leng Shan decided to tell Zi Mo about it.

What happened next was not her concern, she only cared about improving her own situation.

Zi Mo’s smile instantly went stiff, quickly turning around and coldly staring at Yang Kai, her eyes filling with murderous intent.

The instant she turned her head, Yang Kai decisively forced the Soul Controlling Insect out of his body, pinching it in his hands as he grinned, “I know this insect has a thread of your Divine Sense attached to it, so if you don’t want to suffer, you better be obedient! Otherwise, I’ll immediately reduce it to ash!”

Zi Mo expression sank, her beautiful face becoming pale.

Yang Kai sneered repeatedly, his demeanour now unbelievably calm.

Leng Shan remained expressionless, indifferent to the whole situation.

After a moment, Zi Mo suddenly grinned, “You should have burned it while I was still unprepared so you could deal the most damage possible, maybe if you had you could have escaped, but instead you made a big mistake and tried to blackmail me.”

“Oh? Please do explain.” Yang Kai raised his brow before resuming his calm expression.

Zi Mo replied coldly, “You seem to know a thread of my Divine Sense is attached to those insects, but did you know that I can take that thread back?”

As she spoke, Zi Mo’s thoughts flashed, instantly retrieving that thread of Divine Sense attached to the Soul Controlling Insect back to herself.

However, Yang Kai not only did not appear scared, and instead began laughing, his voice getting bigger and bigger, eventually roaring out like thunder.

Listening to his rampant and unscrupulous laughter, Zi Mo felt something was very wrong. This little brat was too calm, or maybe he had already gone crazy, but given his arrogant and disdainful expression, he clearly showed no signs of madness.

If it were someone else, Zi Mo would still be interested in forcing them to serve her. Unfortunately, since this kid’s secret art cultivated Yang Yuan Qi, there was not even a one in ten thousand chance for her to control him, so Zi Mo’s face filled with murderous intent as she raised her hand, intending to order her Monstrous Beasts to slaughter him. At that moment Yang Kai stopped laughing, coldly staring at Zi Mo, he sneered, “You want to kill me?”

“Aah!” Zi Mo suddenly screamed and grabbed her head while her lithe body violently trembled.

This sudden change startled Leng Shan as she completely froze, a look of shock spreading across her face as she watched Zi Mo writhe in agony, eventually turning her attention to Yang Kai only to see him still as calm and indifferent as before; the entire scene gave her a feeling like she was dreaming.

[What happened? Between the two of them, just now, what the hell happened!?]

Leng Shan did not see the two of them fight in any way. Instead, he just laughed and Zi Mo suddenly collapsed in pain.

*AHHHHH!* Zi Mo’s dramatic change caused a response among her Monstrous Beasts, some of them even baring their fangs as they growled towards Yang Kai, approaching him step by step.

“Order your Monster Beasts to fall back, or I’ll crush your Soul and turn you into an idiot!” Yang Kai threatened.

Under a pain which felt like her Soul was being ripped apart, Zi Mo did not hesitate to order her beasts to retreat.

All of her Monstrous Beasts glanced at Zi Mo and retracted their hostility before they scattered, spreading out a thousand meters before creating a perimeter.

“Wise choice!” Yang Kai sneered as he stepped forward, grabbing Zi Mo’s hair and lifting her up.

Such a violent cruel attitude sent a chill down Leng Shan back as she involuntarily took a few steps back.

“Stay right there, I’ll deal with you once I’m done with her!” Yang Kai glared coldly at her, causing Leng Shan to immediately stop moving, petrified in fear of him.

A little more than half a year ago, when she and her Senior Brothers had surrounded this High Heaven Pavilion disciple, he was only a weakling at the Separation and Reunion Boundary Third Stage. At the time, he could only panic and flee like a beaten dog.

But now that they had met again, after such a short time, he could effortlessly beat and capture this snake woman Zi Mo from the Tian Lang Dynasty!

Leng Shan knew full well how arrogant and prideful Zi Mo was. With her Soul Controlling Insects, she could enslave numerous Monster Beasts and cultivators. Inside this isolated world, her combat strength was beyond extreme, so how could such a person, within less than half a cup of tea’s time, now be at the completely mercy of this little brat Yang Kai?

Thinking about how she had just tried to sell out this monster in exchange for some minor benefits, Leng Shan almost collapsed in terror.

The situation had changed far too quickly.

Zi Mo’s screams gradually came to a stop; covered in fragrant sweat, her completely soaked clothes clung to her body, fully exposing her exquisite figure in front of Yang Kai.

Slowly turning her head towards Yang Kai, a stubbornness and displeasure filled her face as she glared at him, an undisguised hatred and killing intent radiating from her eyes.

“It looks like… you still don’t understand who your master is now!” Yang Kai slapped her across the face and threw her back onto the ground.

The sound of Zi Mo’s screams burst out again, and this time, it was even more miserable. Wailing in pain, Zi Mo kept rolling on the ground, as if she was experiencing the world’s most unbearable torture, the sound of her cries filling Leng Shan ears caused her to shiver unconsciously.

“No… No more… please… I beg you… stop…” Zi Mo somehow struggled to drag herself in front of Yang Kai, reaching out and grabbing hold of his ankle, gripping so tight her hand went white. Her hair disheveled and her face covered in sweat, she looked up at him while desperately trying to put on a submissive expression, trembling as she pleaded, “I’ll obey you… I’ll do anything you want… just please… make it stop…”

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