Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 241

However, the two of them were still considered elites in their respective Sects, so from their experiences, they naturally understood that Yang Kai was practicing some aspect of this mysterious martial skill.

The only thing was, with such indiscriminate practice, just how much Yuan Qi was he consuming?

“How many times do you think he can display that martial skill with his current amount of Yuan Qi?” Zi Mo could not help but ask Leng Shan softly.

“After the fifth time, his Yuan Qi will be exhausted!” Leng Shan exclaimed.

Zi Mo did not refute her and nodded slightly, apparently agreeing with Leng Shan’s estimate.

Judging the Yuan Qi fluctuations, the two could estimate how great the consumption was to Yang Kai, so they were certain that this martial skill’s rank was not low. Although the power it could display was great, activating such a high grade martial skill would consume a massive amount of Yuan Qi. Even if it were one of them using it, they could at most use it ten times.

Yang Kai’s realm was not high, so naturally he could not support such consumption for very long.

“Why do you ask? What are you scheming?” Leng Shan turned and looked at Zi Mo meaningfully.

Zi Mo jumped in fright and quickly patted her chest before saying, “You better watch what you say. Even if he really runs out of Yuan Qi, he would still only need a single thought to send us to our deaths. We’d better be honest for now. The brands on our Souls are no joking matter. Look, it’s his fifth time.”

During their conversation, Yang Kai again activated his Beast Soul Skill, but this time he did not fuse them, and instead the White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal appeared with a roar.

Yang Kai was not anxious and quickly dismissing them before carefully contemplating the various profundities of this martial skill, going over the memories and insights he gained from his successful integrations.

Zi Mo smile lightly and quickly took out a bottle.

“What are you doing?” Leng Shan looked at her curiously.

“Pleasing him.” Zi Mo shook the bottle, “This is one of my Tian Lang Dynasty’s Yuan Qi restoring pills. You should also have something similar on you, right? Right now he needs to replenish himself so, it’s a perfect opportunity to gain some favor.”

“You shameless slut! You really must be desperate to win him over!” Leng Shan cursed.

“Hehe, don’t say that.” Zi Mo winked at her with a big grin on her face, “This is just a small gesture. The next time he needs to restore himself, I’ll let you give him something. That way, we each can take a turn.”

*Hmmph!* Leng Shan snorted and calmed her hostility a lot. Letting her go seduce Yang Kai was impossible, but giving him some pills when he needed them to improve his impression of her was relatively simple.

Now that he was in control of her life, naturally she had to humble herself somewhat in order to protect her life, or if this cheap whore Zi Mo managed to take the initiative, her future would only become bleaker.

“Well… I’m off…” Zi Mo said as she stood up, but before she could take her first step, she suddenly heard the roars of two beasts.

[He managed to activate it again?] Zi Mo and Leng Shan both looked over in shock.

[He should be exhausted now, right?] Zi Mo thought to herself, a charming smile soon surfacing on her face as she took a step forward.

However, in that moment, Yang Kai dismissed the two beast phantoms and once again activated his Beast Soul Skill.


The White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal perfectly fused, transforming into a softly glowing light that shot out in front of him. If there was a Monster Beast in front of him, it would definitely be hit by the Beast Slave Seal and subsequently become enslaved.

Striking while the iron was hot, Yang Kai kept waving his hands to display his Beast Soul Skill.

After a few breaths of time he had activated his skill four times, failing twice. From his two successes, Yang Kai vaguely began to understand the method to activate the Beast Slave Seal. Unfortunately, he was still not very proficient.

Watching this scene, Zi Mo quietly walked back and sat down together with Leng Shan. The two of them were slightly slack jawed as they continued to watch Yang Kai practice.

His perseverance was completely beyond their expectations and imagination.

After a full day had passed, Yang Kai was still practicing his Beast Soul Skill.

At this point, Zi Mo and Leng Shan had become numb to the situation and complained to themselves internally.

[How much Yuan Qi does he have stored inside him? How can he support such ridiculous consumption?]

[Could it be that this martial skill uses very little Yuan Qi?]

While these two were busy being stunned and confused, Yang Kai had also managed to shock himself.

The Yang Liquid stored in his dantian had actually been reduced by more than twenty drops! Since he didn’t have any more Yang attribute pills, he couldn’t replenish his supply of Yang Liquid, so he had to preserve what he had left in his dantian! Else, he would have no way to restrain the evil energy in the Golden Skeleton.

But in order to activate his Beast Soul Skill, he needed to consume a lot of Yuan Qi.

Not only the Beast Soul Skill, his Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast, Flaming Yang Wings, Star Mark, and all his other means required a large amount of Yuan Qi to activate. It was basically impossible for any other Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage cultivator to use these high rank martial skills as freely as he could.

However, now, he was unable to use his Yang Liquid to practice the Beast Soul Skill.

Frowning for a long time, Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Inside his body there were three energy stores. His Star Chart Space was dedicated to his Star Mark martial skill, and his dantian’s Yang Liquid could no longer be squandered, but the energy stored in his Golden Skeleton could be used.

The vast amount of Yuan Qi stored in his Golden Skeleton was almost immeasurable, and usually he could only use it when he activated Unyielding Will, but shouldn’t it be possible use that stored Yuan Qi to display a martial skill?

If so, his combat capabilities would definitely increase at least a grade because he wouldn’t need to worry about how much Yang Liquid he had stored.

Yang Kai suddenly became excited. Once he successfully accomplished this, he wouldn’t be restricted to using only Yang Yuan Qi, and instead he would be able to use any kind of Yuan Qi.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai quickly withdrew the remaining True Yang Yuan Qi in his meridians into his dantian, completely emptying them.

Next he sunk his consciousness into the Golden Skeleton and tried to communicate with it in order to extract the Yuan Qi stored within.

Gradually, the Golden Skeleton began to respond as some of the stored Yuan Qi began to pour into his meridians.

As this happened, a faint violent and bloodthirsty feeling began to well up in his heart.

This was a characteristic of the Yuan Qi stored inside the Proud Golden Skeleton. It was a kind of potent evil energy! It was literally the exact opposite of his True Yang Yuan Qi which he normally used.

With the Yuan Qi from the Golden Skeleton flooding his meridians, Yang Kai was gradually wrapped in a black gas as a malevolent, cruel, and violent aura began to emerge.

In the distance, when Zi Mo and Leng Shan saw this scene, they couldn’t help jumping to their feet.

“Demonic Path!” Zi Mo shouted under her breath.

“It really is a Demonic Path!” Leng Shan also started towards Yang Kai in shock.

The two women suddenly glanced at each other, and each one saw the obvious joy and excitement in the other’s eyes.

Both of them thought that because Yang Kai had practiced this strange and wondrous martial skill too much, the Yuan Qi in his body had began to riot and became disordered, leading to a situation where he could no longer control it.

Whether Yang Kai lived or died was irrelevant to them, but now that he was in this predicament, it gave them hope for a way out.

Once one entered Demonic Path, their cultivation would be destroyed, reducing them to a waste. If it was very serious they could be killed on the spot while their Soul withered.

No matter what result Yang Kai ended up with, Zi Mo and Leng Shan would both be extremely pleased.

[Hopefully he dies!] The two women secretly prayed with a joyous expression plastered on their faces.

If Yang Kai really died because of this Demonic Path, then the brands on their Souls would instantly break, and they would regain their freedom.

The two women stared at Yang Kai nervously, and their breaths gradually quickening. As the black gas surrounding him gradually became richer, the violent and bloodthirsty aura also became more and more obvious.

“Once one enters a Demonic Path state, they become crazed and deranged as their consciousness fades right? If he accidentally detonates them in our Souls what would happen?” Leng Shan suddenly brought up a serious problem.

By now Yang Kai was certainly delirious and incapable of coherent actions, so she felt the possibility was very low, but it was still a scenario they had to be wary of.

On the remote chance he did so, they would both die too.

Hearing this, Zi Mo’s expression went stiff as the blood drained from her face. She licked her parched lips and looked at Leng Shan seriously, “What do you suggest we do?”

“Fan the flames!” Leng Shan bit her lips as she trembled lightly.

Zi Mo wrinkled her brow and quickly considered the risks and rewards as well as their chances for success. It was only a long time later that she finally nodded, “Good, but let’s wait for a while longer, we don’t know if he’s still sane, if the situation becomes more serious… we’ll act.”

Her final words were resolute and carried her full will and conviction.

Leng Shan nodded slightly and grit her teeth as she stared in Yang Kai’s direction.

She had more things to consider than Zi Mo. After all, even if Yang Kai died and lifted the mark on her Soul, she still had to worry about Zi Mo using her Monster Beasts to enslave her again. She was all alone out here, and naturally she had to consider how to preserve her own life.

As the two of them watched, Yang Kai’s “Demonic Path” signs grew more and more serious. He was now completely engulfed in black gas, almost to the point where they couldn’t see his shadow, with only able his rough outline visible, and even across several tens of meters away, the two women could still clearly feel the evil aura brushing past them.

After waiting for a whole stick of incense worth of time, Zi Mo finally said, “It seems that he has been completely fallen to the Devil’s path, completely unable to extract himself.”

“Do we go now?” Leng Shan glanced towards Zi Mo.

Zi Mo bit her lip and nodded slightly.

The two of them each took a deep breath and slowly made their way towards Yang Kai. They secretly gathering their True Qi and constantly watched for any sudden changes in his behaviour.

Five hundred meters, four hundred, three hundred…

As they moved closer, both of their hearts started beating violently. This matter concerned their life, death and freedom, so how could they remain indifferent?

Two hundred, one hundred…

As long as they approached to within fifteen meters, the two women were certain that if they both attacked, they could instantly take Yang Kai’s life, and once he died, the brands on their Souls would break.

As if they could see their freedom beckoning them closer, whether it was Zi Mo or Leng Shan, a look of nervousness and expectation blossomed on their flushed faces.

Fifteen meters…

Just as the two women prepared to unleash a desperate and ruthless attack, a pair of scarlet eyes suddenly opened from within the fog.

These eyes felt like they were filled with a mysterious power, able to see through the hearts of Zi Mo and Leng Shan in a glance.

Both of them involuntarily stepped back, and their bodies trembled in fear.

They could see all kinds of malice and blood lust within them, but even so this pair of eyes still retained a deathly calm and seemed to ridicule their naivety.

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