Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 244

Nodding once, Leng Shan continued. “Of the thirty of us, nearly ten were killed, and with the exception one particularly strong cultivator who escaped, the rest of us were all implanted with a Soul Controlling Insect, turning us all into their servants.”

[So he got away,] Yang Kai didn’t even need to ask, in addition to Wu Cheng Yi, no one else could have pulled that off.

“But then, why didn’t they just kill you all?” Yang Kai curiously asked, the Blood Bead condensed from killing a cultivator was much higher in quality than one from a Monster Beast; especially one from a True Element Boundary cultivator.

“They want to extract our Sects’ secrets, so they haven’t been ruthless with us yet!” Leng Shan smiled wryly, “All of us were elite disciples from our respective Sects, so the Martial Skills and Secret Arts we practice are naturally our forces core heritage, so the Tian Lang Dynasty group were anxious to acquire them.”

Yang Kai turned and glared at Zi Mo, but she simply shrugged, “Don’t look at me that way; I have no way of releasing those people. Furthermore, the only ones I received control of were Leng Shan and Jin Hao; I haven’t even had to ask them about their Martial Skills or Secret Arts so in the end I really haven’t gained anything.”

Leng Shan nodded, “After their victory, Zi Mo’s Senior Brother Chi Xue left with his Sixth-Order Monster Beast to pursue Wu Cheng Yi, then for some unknown reason the three Tian Lang cultivators that remained got into a quarrel and Jin Hao and I were assigned to Zi Mo, shortly after which we left the group with her.”

When Leng Shan spoke about these things, Zi Mo, who was sitting to the side, fiercely grit her teeth as her expression turned bitter.

Yang Kai turned towards her and sneered, “It looks like you and your fellow disciples don’t get along all that well.”

“Then, are there no conflicts within your own Sect?” Zi Mo retorted back at Yang Kai, “We came to this life experience zone with a total of three objectives in mind. The first was to get Blood Beads in order to enhance our own strength, the second was to extract the cultivation methods of your Great Han Dynasty’s Martial Skills and Secret Arts while the third was to look for the legendary Brilliant Flame Liquid and Soul Cleansing Dew. Each of these tasks is related to our own futures and completing any one of them will strengthen our Sect. In doing so, it will naturally bring us greater benefits.”

“In other words, your two fellow disciples tried to exclude you on purpose so you don’t receive any benefit, right?” Yang Kai instantly understood.

Capturing so many people but only giving Zi Mo control of two, even if Zi Mo managed to extract every last bit of heritage from Leng Shan and Jin Hao, it was still only the Martial Skills and Secret Arts of Ghost King Valley. Compared with the other two, the amount of information Zi Mo could obtain, and thus how much reward she could ultimately receive, was obviously less.

This was a competition that happened between fellow disciples, something that always existed in any Sect.

“The two of them come from the same family so naturally they want to exclude me!” Zi Mo bit her lip, an expression of hatred emerging on her face.

Yang Kai stared into her eyes, slowly asking, “Do you want me to help you get justice?”

He felt that he could use the enmity between the three Tian Lang Dynasty Sen Luo Temple disciples as a bargaining chip.

Everyone was currently stuck in this isolate world, so sooner or later they would encounter each other. Yang Kai knew that if he wanted to reap the most benefits, his only option was to be ruthless and kill those two Sen Luo Temple cultivators. Of course, he would also need to deal with Chi Xue, who controlled a Sixth-Order Monstrous Beast, and Wu Cheng Yi; both of whom were very strong enemies, so his best option was to cut down any unstable elements before confronting them.

A light flashed through Zi Mo’s eyes as she looked towards Yang Kai, frowning, “Although you may be in control of my life, I am still a Tian Lang Dynasty Sen Luo Temple cultivator! I refuse to do anything that would bring harm to my Sect, so even if you kill me, you should never expect me to help you against them!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help but look at her with some surprise. He had never thought that this woman held such strong convictions.

Not wanting to force her, Yang Kai simply smiled, “I was just asking, if you don’t want to then that’s fine too.”

Zi Mo was stunned. By her own experience, she had expected that once she refused Yang Kai’s offer, he would naturally punish her for disobedience. However, he seemed perfectly fine with whatever she decided.

“Are you really such a forgiving man?” Zi Mo didn’t know what Yang Kai was up to, so naturally she was somewhat suspicious.

“What do you think?” Yang Kai chuckled.

Zi Mo batted her eyes a few times before she laughed and said, “If you really are a good man then you should undo the ban on my Soul.”

“In your dreams!”

For the next few days, Yang Kai, Leng Shan and Zi Mo traveled together inside this isolated world.

However, there was basically no chance of running into enemies anymore, with the exception of a few Monster Beast encounters every now and then.

If it was a Fourth-Order beast, it was swiftly killed and converted into a Blood Bead. If it was a Fifth-Order beast, Zi Mo would enslave it by implanting one of her Soul Controlling Insects, the only problem was that over the past few days they had only met a single Fifth-Order Monster Beast.

Yang Kai no longer cared about collecting Blood Beads, so all of them went to Zi Mo and Leng Shan. What he wanted now was not the energy contained within these Blood Beads, but instead things which could quench the Yuan Qi in his meridians and dantian so he could prepare himself to break through to the True Element Boundary.

Therefore, his primary objective inside this experience field was to find some of the legendary Soul Cleansing Dew, the same objective Zi Mo’s Senior Brother Chi Xue currently had.

Neither Zi Mo nor Leng Shan knew much about the Soul Cleansing Dew, so naturally they didn’t know where to start looking for it.

However, there was one thing which Yang Kai felt confused about. Zi Mo, whether through her actions or her words was constantly teasing him and stimulating his desires, much more seriously than when they had first encountered each other, even Leng Shan, this cold and aloof woman, would also “unintentionally” show off her beauty and try to arose amorous feelings within him.

Occasionally, Yang Kai would also find them watching him with a somewhat mocking and pitying gaze.

[What the hell?] Yang Kai was truly lost.

One day, after walking for many hours, the trio found a spot to sit down and rest. While half of the dozens of Monster Beasts stood watch, the remaining half had been sent scout out the local area.

Yang Kai had only just sat down and closed his eyes, preparing to restore his strength, when he was suddenly hit by two burst of fragrant wind, immediately feeling Zi Mo and Leng Shan sit down beside him.

Both of them snuggling up close, as if they were trying to warm themselves from the cold.

Yang Kai opened his eyes and frowned at them.

Suddenly being stared at, Leng Shan hid her face in embarrassment as her cheeks flushed, while Zi Mo laughed flirtatiously, “Is something wrong?”

“These days, you two have been acting strange. Are you plotting something?” Yang Kai bluntly asked.

Zi Mo quickly put on a wronged expression, “How could we, the two of us have always been by your side, even if we wanted to come up with some kind of plot, we wouldn’t have had a chance to discuss it.”

Thinking about it, the two of them really didn’t have any occasion to plot against him, but Yang Kai still felt that they were up to something.

“Why do you think we are acting strangely?” Zi Mo flashed an innocent smile, leaning herself onto Yang Kai, pressing more than half her exquisite soft body onto him and tightly wrapping his arm in her bountiful chest, which completely changed their shape.

Feeling their amazing elasticity, Yang Kai looked down only to be greeted by Zi Mo deep white valley.

Zi Mo giggled to herself while keeping her expression calm, leaning her body forward slightly, slowly increasing her exposure.

“Just a feeling…” Yang Kai stared at her, licking his lips, a lecherous expression spreading across his face.

“Hehe… your gut feelings aren’t accurate.” Zi Mo smiled seductively, gently squeezing her arms again, causing her chest to roll back and forth lightly.

With his throat dried of words, Leng Shan actually chose this time to push herself onto him as well. In an instant, Yang Kai felt a burning flame erupt in his loins.

The two wondrous sensations which came from his left and right caused his soul to flutter.

No longer enduring, Yang Kai suddenly pressed Zi Mo to the ground as he quickly mounted himself on her.

“Ah…” Zi Mo cried out, but she still didn’t show the slightest fear, her beautiful eyes as calm as a spring lake, a light smile adoring her face, gazing up at Yang Kai.

[Smelly brat, you’re only half a man, but now you want to scare me? Humph!]

On the other hand, Leng Shan, who was beside them, was stunned stiff.

“You asked for this, I’ve seen it these past few days, you’ve carried some kind of malicious intent towards me, right?” Yang Kai said ferociously, reaching out both his hands and squeezing Zi Mo full chest, vigorously kneading it.

“No… I… enn… when did I have ahh… any bad intentions towards you?” Zi Mo bit her lips, her brow wrinkling as she felt a slight pain, but the heart couldn’t help giving birth a strange pleasure as she was ravaged, unexpectedly hoping that Yang Kai’s big hands would grope her even harder.

This desire surfacing in her thoughts suddenly made her face blush bright red.

“Do you really think I’m blind?” Yang Kai sneered, brutally tearing apart her clothes, completely exposing her enchanting upper body before grabbing hold of her and tightly squeezing without the slightest tenderness or pity.

Zi Mo’s mind went blank for a moment and she was unable to stop herself from letting out a sensual and arousing moan, while close by, Leng Shan’s ears filled with her enchanting voice as she watched this erotic scene play out before her, an unknown sensation spreading throughout her body.

With the constant stimulation, Zi Mo actually began moving her body in cooperation, her voice leaking out even more now, causing Leng Shan to go limp on the ground with her legs involuntarily clamping up.

Although she was unexpectedly aroused, Zi Mo had by no means lost her wits, she and Leng Shan been constantly teasing Yang Kai these past few days as they were simply treating him as a joke.

But now that this big wolf had gotten excited, the situation was really starting to exceed Zi Mo’s tolerance.

[He couldn’t be… but then why does he seem so interested?] Zi Mo gasped, quietly lifting her knee towards Yang Kai’s nether region.

It was at that moment that Zi Mo felt a stiff iron rod, scorching hot like it was on fire.

Shocked, Zi Mo shrieked out loudly, her whole body going stiff, her nonchalant face immediately changing colour.

“Heh heh!” Yang Kai looked at Zi Mo and grinned wickedly, reaching down with his hand and slipping it under her skirt.

“No… don’t!” Zi Mo panicked, quickly grabbing Yang Kai’s arm.

“Why are you saying no now?” Yang Kai sneered, not slowing down at all.

Pushing his hand into her secret garden, he was greeted by a soft, moist sensation, warm and fascinating to the touch.

(PewPewLaserGun: *cough*… you know… her underwear of course…)

Suddenly, Zi Mo’s struggling stopped, like she had instantly lost any strength to resist, just softly lying there.

Leng Shan also lost her ability to think, not knowing why Zi Mo was putting on such a realistic act, even if she wanted to see him suffer, there was no reason for her to make such a big sacrifice. It… it was… it was simply beyond what a normal person could accept!

Leng Shan’s skin went red as her heartbeat raced and her blood boiled up, it felt like someone had lit a fire in her belly and the heat was flowing to every corner of her body, shame, embarrassment, excitement, all kinds of emotions swirled and crashed into one another inside her, like waves on a rough stormy sea.

Just when Zi Mo felt her plan to steal a chicken ended up with her losing her rice, her eyes burst open as she somehow summoned some unknown strength, shoving Yang Kai off of her, her complexion violently changing, “Wait! Some of my Monster Beasts just died, there may be enemies nearby!”

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