Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 248

Yang Kai nodded, “I know, I have to accept your insect, right?”

Yao He smiled, “Yes, although your performance so far is quite good, in the end, we don’t know anything about you, so planting our Soul Controlling Insect in you is just a precaution. In the future, if you perform well, you will ultimately benefit from your decision today.”

“Many thanks, elder brother.” Yang Kai flattered shamelessly.

“Good, then stretch out your hand.” Yao He glanced victoriously towards Zi Mo before quickly ordering Yang Kai.

Yang Kai complied obediently, sticking out one of his hands.

Seeing this, Yao He took out one of his Soul Controlling Insects and was about to place it into Yang Kai’s hand, when suddenly Yao Xi shouted, “Wait!”

“What’s wrong?” Yao He looked towards her curiously.

Yao Xi stared vigilantly at Yang Kai, then at Zi Mo, suddenly sneering.

Yao He’s complexion changed slightly, quickly understanding the hidden meaning in his cousin’s eyes, a light sweat instantly appearing on his brow. He had only been thinking of how best to humiliate Zi Mo, using this little brat’s betrayal to the fullest to publicly shame her, but he never stopped to consider this all might be some kind of elaborate trap!

If all of this was really just an act, and he had implanted his insect into this kid, then…

Fortunately, his cousin was quite cautious. Thinking till here, Yao He hurriedly took back his Soul Controlling Insect and glared at Yang Kai, slowly ordering him, “Circulate your cultivation technique, let me see what property your Yuan Qi is!”

The Soul Controlling Insect’s nemesis was heat, anyone who cultivated Yang or Flame attribute Secret Arts could not be controlled, because once the insect was burned, his Soul would also take damage!

Because of this, when they captured these Great Han cultivators, the disciples from the Raging Fire Temple were all sentenced to death, no one was spared.

As soon as Yao He’s voice faded, Zi Mo suddenly laughed dismissively.

The cultivators from the Great Han Dynasty also involuntarily tensed up, especially Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu, the two of them had witnessed Yang Kai fighting before, so they naturally knew what Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi attribute was. When this whole fiasco had started, they had not thought about this point, but when Leng Shan had quietly reminded them, the couple suddenly realized what was happening. Unfortunately, their enemy was now going to check Yang Kai Yuan Qi attribute, so they couldn’t help being anxious, afraid that all of Yang Kai’s carefully laid out scheme would be exposed.

Han Xiao Qi and Ye Han glanced at one another, quietly winking towards Hua Ruo Yin and Liu Qing Ru, the four girls of them silently circulating their True Qi, ready to act at a moment’s notice.

Ye Qing Si and Zhou Ba also did the same.

Yao Xi stared straight at Yang Kai, impatiently saying, “I just ordered you to activate your Secret Art, did you not hear me?”

The hundreds of surrounding Monster Beasts also let out a low growl.

Seeing this, Yang Kai nodded his head furiously, silently extracting some Yuan Qi from inside his Unyielding Golden Body.

Very quickly a black gas appeared and wrapped up Yang Kai’s body. This black gas was mixed with a violent and bloodthirsty aura, causing him to suddenly look a bit evil.

Feeling this Yuan Qi’s nature, Yao He and Yao Xi gradually relaxed their vigilance.

As long as it was not a heat attribute Yuan Qi, their Soul Controlling Insects were invincible!

“You practice a Demonic Cultivation Technique?” Yao He looked curiously at Yang Kai.


“You’re cultivation is quite low, not even reaching the True Element Boundary, so how did you survive until now?” Yao He asked, truly unable to understand.

Yang Kai suddenly showed an embarrassed expression, “Half a year ago I accidentally fell into a deep gorge and it took a great deal of strength to climb my way out. Unfortunately, when I finally escaped, that slut surnamed Zi captured me.”

Yao He laughed mockingly, “Seems like you have seriously bad luck.”

But if this was true, it certainly would explain why he was still alive now. If a Separation and Reunion Boundary fell into a deep gorge, he really would have no other choice but to slowly climb back up.

“Stretch out your hand.” Yao He was now much more relaxed and Yao Xi seemed to also no longer care about Yang Kai.

A weak little brat who cultivated a Demonic Secret Art; what kind of trouble could he hope to cause?

Yao He threw a Soul Controlling Insect directly into Yang Kai’s hands and watched as it burrowed into his body, traveling along the meridians as it moved towards his dantian.

“Good, now get the hell away from me! If I need you, I’ll summon you. Now, I need to discuss something with my dear Senior Sister.” Yao He signaled Yang Kai to scram, dismissing him offhandedly.

However, Yang Kai just stood there grinning at him.

Seeing his expression suddenly set off a warning in Yao He’s heart, but before he could react, Zi Mo had swiftly activated her movement skill and charged towards him.

“Cheap slu…AHH!” Just as Yao He was about to spit a few curses, he suddenly issued a tragic howl, his legs instantly buckling as he collapsed to the ground, clutching his head as his face twisted in agony, like he was experiencing most vicious torture under the Heavens.

His Soul was being burned; it was a pain no one could afford to bear!

Zi Mo rapidly rushed past Yao He, completely ignoring what was happening to him, and instead shot towards Yao Xi.

Everything had happened too fast, so before Yao Xi could even react, Zi Mo had already scored a direct hit on her chest, crushing several of her ribs and sending her flying, vomiting a big mouthful of blood mid-air.

At the same moment, Yao Xi saw that arrogant sniveling waste from the Great Han Dynasty that had repeatedly been kowtowing to them a moment ago suddenly launch a knife hand towards Yao He’s neck.

Accompanied by crisp cracking sound, Yao He screams came to an end, as his head separated from his body.

“NO!” Yao Xi cried out in despair, instantly issuing a mental order to the numerous Monster Beasts she controlled to come to her aid as quickly as possible.

Seeing this, Yang Kai put on a serious face, activating his movement skill immediately after he delivered the coup-de-grace to Yao He, he dashed behind Yao Xi, clenched his fist and punched forward.

Yao Xi, who had yet to regain her footing, was suddenly struck by Yang Kai’s Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast!

*Thunk* The True Yang Yuan Qi poured into her body, greatly aggravating her already heavy injuries and sending her reeling back towards Zi Mo.

Not giving her any chance to recover, Zi Mo launched a palm strike, pushing her True Qi to its limit, ruthlessly striking Yao Xi three more times, the ice cold expression on her face not showing the slightest pity or remorse.

It wasn’t until now that Yao Xi had an opportunity to counterattack, desperately blocking Zi Mo’s fatal attack she staggered back several steps, gasping for breath through the blood clogging her throat, screaming out, “Quickly kill them!”

Who she was calling were obviously the Great Han Dynasty cultivators who were implanted with her Soul Controlling Insects.

Of these seventeen or eighteen people, she and Yao He each controlled half, which meant she was still held nine cultivator’s lives in her hand.

But of the Great Han Dynasty cultivators she enslaved, no one stepped forward to obey her!

“What the hell are you just standing around for!?” Yao Xi’s complexion paled as she glared towards Yang Kai and Zi Mo, glancing to the side as she screamed viciously.

The instant she spoke, amongst the Great Han Dynasty disciples, two suddenly fell to the ground, clutching their abdomens, writhing in pain!

Exchanging a quick glance, Yang Kai and Zi Mo hastened the pace of their assault.

Yao Xi was a True Element Boundary Fourth Stage cultivator; with this level of strength, even if he was alone, Yang Kai could easily kill her, not to mention she was now seriously injured and also needed to fight with Zi Mo, a True Element Sixth Stage opponent.

After exchanging only a few more blows, Zi Mo crushed one of Yao Xi’s arms, allowing Yang Kai to transform a drop of Yang Liquid into a sword slice through her neck.

When she died, Yao Xi’s eyes continued to stare blankly, unwilling to accept her fate!

From the moment Yang Kai had launched his attack on Yao He till the moment he cut off Yao Xi’s head, only seven or eight breathes of time had passed; saying this battle was over in the blink of an eye was not an exaggeration.

Seeing two disciples from her Sect lying dead at her feet, Zi Mo still remained expressionless.

The next moment, Yang Kai roared loudly, “The Monster Beasts are going to riot. Everyone prepare your defences, don’t try to kill them, just protect your lives!”

More than a hundred Monster Beasts were being controlled by Yao He and Yao Xi, but now that both of them had died, these beasts suddenly regained their freedom. According to what Zi Mo had told Yang Kai before, once these Monster Beasts got free, the first thing they’d do would be to lash out violently, their pent up primal instincts unleashed all at once, but as long as they felt seriously threatened, they would still choose to retreat!

Facing so many Monster Beasts, the Great Han Dynasty cultivators simply wouldn’t be able to cope if they recklessly fought to kill, even if the two who had fallen to the ground didn’t need to be guarded and instead could fight alongside them, they would still not stand a chance.

As soon Yang Kai’s voice faded, the more than fifty Monster Beasts who were enslaved by Yao He rushed towards the Great Han Dynasty group.

In the end though, this group of cultivators were their respective Sects’ elite disciples, and with the forewarning from Leng Shan, their response was extremely swift; quickly forming a defensive circle around the two who had been disabled by the Soul Controlling Insect’s torture, they coordinated with one another and fought to repulse the horde of Monster Beasts.

The four girls from the Ten Thousand Flower Palace rapidly arranged a small spirit formation, each one pushing their True Qi to the point it became visible before weaving them together mid-air.

Han Xiao Qi lightly shouted, “Four Crest, Binding Seal!”

Their fused True Qi instantly transformed into a cage, falling from the sky, it trapped three or four Monster Beasts within it. Next, the four female disciples changed their hand gestures, causing numerous flower petals to appear inside the cage. Each one acted like a sharp sword, fluttering lightly in the wind but concealing a fierce lethality. The trapped Monster Beasts desperately tried to escape, but were unable to break the cage, and after a few breaths of effort, they had been sliced to pieces by the countless floating petals, falling dead on the ground.

Asura Sect’s Ye Qing Si and Zhou Ba were both covered with a crimson aura filled with murderous intent. Ye Qing Si softly threw about a variety of blood-like martial skills, as if she were performing an exotic dance, giving off a strange, enrapturing feeling.

On the other hand, Zhou Ba gave off the feeling of an imposing tower, directly grabbing a Fourth-Order Monster Beast and letting out a brutal roar as he tore it in half with his bare hands, blood spraying out like a fountain, organs splattering everywhere, drenching him like he was some kind of God of death, grim and ferocious.

Zhou Ba grinned, revealing a mouthful of fangs, brining the Monster Beast’s corpse to his mouth, tearing off a piece with his teeth and chewing it like a ravenous demon, a bloody and terrifying image.

Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu fought side by side against the tide, once again displaying their Reflecting Moon Sect’s Supreme Martial Skill, Soaring Full Moon, causing moonlight to burst forth, penetrating numerous Monstrous Beasts’ bodies. This technique was a wide range attack so once it was cast it greatly reduced the pressure the group was facing.

Gemini Island, Soaring Feather Pavilion, Pure Heart Palace, all of these great Sect’s disciples were desperately pushing their True Qi, activating their most potent martial skills as the roar of beast constantly erupted around them. Amid the thunderous explosions and colourful flashes of light, the situation actually formed a delicate stalemate. Although they weren’t able to resolve their crisis entirely, within a short period time it was also impossible for the Monster Beasts to break through their defence.

“The two of us are in serious danger here!” Yang Kai and Zi Mo stood back to back, their expressions both grim.

Earlier, Yao Xi had issued an order to her fifty Monster Beasts to kill the two of them, but even though they had swiftly dispatched her, the pair had already been surrounded and so their situation was growing more and more desperate.

“We have to converge with them!” Zi Mo shouted, turned around and hugged Yang Kai’s waist, kicking off the ground and flying up.

“What are you…” Yang Kai sucked in a deep breath, feeling extremely embarrassed.

“I’m saving your life!” Zi Mo grunted.

“Then, we’ll call it even!” Yang Kai laughed slyly, then shouted towards the Great Han cultivators, “Open up some space!”

Looking up and seeing the pair flying over, Leng Shan quickly flashed to the side.

Zi Mo and Yang Kai quickly inserted themselves into this vacant position, joining together with the rest of the group.

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