Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 250

“What the hell are you trying to say!?” Su Xiao Yu angrily shouted as she stepped forward. Originally she had also been quite sympathetic to this youth’s situation, but seeing him lash out so indiscriminately and even cursing her own Senior Brother made any trace of sympathy she had felt instantly vanish.

Chen Xue Shu quickly reached out, held her arm, and slowly shook his head.

Chen Xue Shu’s temperament was quite steady. He understood that this person had simply suffered too great a blow, so he did not take anything he said to heart.

Completely oblivious to the not so subtle changes in the group’s attitude towards him, he only continued to glare and curse at Zi Mo, “Damn slut, if you can’t come up with a way to repair my dantian, then you should just die instead!”

Zi Mo had never been a forgiving woman. Not to mention that these past days she had been deprived of her freedom, and whether she lived or died was no longer her decision to make, so with Yang Kai she had to act subservient even if her heart remained unwilling. In addition, her own comrades had plotted against and wanted to kill her, which further added to her pent up anger and rage, and now listening to this waste of a man curse and threaten her, she finally could no longer hold back, so sneering as she shot back, “A little shit like you wants me to die? I already said I don’t have a way to save you, but even if I could, I would never help you!”

However, after spitting out these hate filled words instead of becoming further enraged the youth suddenly looked ecstatic and grabbed hold of Bi Xiu Ming’s arm, “Senior Brother, you heard her, right? She really does have a way! Quickly make her save me! I can’t remain a waste!”

Bi Xiu Ming’s face cramped up for a moment before he slowly nodded to appease his Junior Brother, “Good, if she refuses to save you, I will waste her cultivation and let her be your maidservant, serving you for the rest of her life!”

Finished speaking, he slowly got up and turned and stared gloomily at Zi Mo.

A ruthless look also flashed across Zi Mo’s pretty face as she looked back at him indifferently.

“Wait a moment!” Chen Xue Shu jumped out between them and shouted, “Bi Xiu Ming, you know that what she just said was only out of anger, and on top of that, it could be said that all of us owe her our lives. If she and Brother Yang hadn’t put on that act and attacked those two, all of us would still be under Yao He and Yao Xi’s control. Even if you don’t want to show her any gratitude, isn’t it too much for you to deliberately move against her?”

“Owe her our lives?” Bi Xiu Ming sneered, “If before all of this, she and her damn Tian Lang bastards hadn’t attacked us, how could we have been reduced to someone else’s slaves? She saved us? No! Everything she did was only to protect her own interests! The only one she wanted to save was herself! Chen Xue Shu, I know your temperament, but I suggest you not interfere in this matter!”

Chen Xue Shu frowned. Although he didn’t like Bi Xiu Ming, he still had to admit what he had just said was undeniably true!

Zi Mo had previously led her Monster Beasts to attack all of them, so even though Yao He and Yao Xi were the ones controlling them, Zi Mo was also greatly responsible. Just now when she and Yang Kai had beheaded Yao He and Yao Xi, Zi Mo really was only acting in her own self interest, and saving them had merely been a side effect.

It was because he knew Bi Xiu Ming was telling the truth that Chen Xue Shu felt it difficult to act any further. On the one hand, he hated Zi Mo, but on the other he knew that Zi Mo and Yang Kai were together, and the relationship between the two was certainly not so simple.

After Chen Xue Shu’s objections were shot down, no one else stepped forward. Whether it was the Ten Thousand Flower Palace’s four girls or the Ye Qing Si Zhou Ba Senior Sister Junior brother pair, all of them remained silent and chose to remain neutral while they waited to see how the situation would develop.

The main reason they were hesitating was because they weren’t clear on the relationship between Yang Kai and Zi Mo.

Seeing the countless pairs of eyes looking towards him, Yang Kai sneered before turning his gaze towards Bi Xiu Ming, “You want to waste her cultivation and give her as a maidservant to your Junior Brother?”

If someone here wanted to act against Zi Mo, then he naturally couldn’t just stand by and watch. Regardless of how it came to pass, Zi Mo was now one of his men.

“If she can’t help restore my Junior Brother, then that will be her fate!” Bi Xiu Ming’s expression darkened.

“I’m afraid your Junior Brother will never have that privilege!” Yang Kai laughed heartily, “After all, she’s already my maidservant!”

Zi Mo’s breath suddenly became ragged as she glared at him, but in the end she couldn’t really retort. Yang Kai calling her his maidservant was already elevating her position. In reality, she had been reduced to his slave, so what objection could she make?

As she gnashed her teeth in rage, Zi Mo felt that this brat was the most hateful person she had ever met, but with her fate in his hands she had no choice but to remain silent.

While Zi Mo was struggling with herself, everyone else who heard Yang Kai speak was stunned, because they could all see that Zi Mo couldn’t refute him. One by one all looked back and forth between the pair, as their eyes held clear disbelief and amazement.

All of them had been reduced to servants by Yao He and Yao Xi, which caused them endless humiliation and anguish, but the relationship between Yang Kai and Zi Mo had been reversed. [What the hell happened? How did he do it!?]

Unnoticed by the others, Leng Shan’s face also flashed an awkward expression. Strictly speaking, her and Zi Mo’s status was the same.

“For my maidservant, only I get to decide whether she lives and who she serves. You’re not qualified.” Yang Kai had long been unhappy with Bi Xiu Ming’s attitude towards him, so at this moment he no longer remained polite.

“Heh heh…” Bi Xiu Ming laughed as she stared dismissively at Yang Kai, “It looks like you’ve been completely tamed by this Tian Lang Dynasty woman, and I don’t know if I should laugh or spit. You speaking up for her like that, makes it seem as though you had already become a servant for her skirt? Although this woman certainly does give off the aura of a slut, letting a man become her plaything after servicing him a bit shouldn’t have been too difficult for her.”

Listening to him speak, all the women in their group couldn’t help but wrinkle their brows. Bi Xiu Ming’s words were far too obscene and ugly, and all of them had a hard time holding down their anger.

Zi Mo’s beautiful face also twisted in rage, and her tender body trembled. Although she looked and acted like an experienced and worldly woman, but only she and those close to her knew that in the end it was all just a facade.

“Don’t try to stop me. I want to kill him!” Zi Mo clenched her teeth and glared at Bi Xiu Ming in hatred. Her expression was ice cold.

Being humiliated to this point meant there was no longer room for compromise.

“You can’t fight him!” Yang Kai stared at her coldly. She was, after all, a Tian Lang Dynasty person. Even though she was stronger than Bi Xiu Ming and could easily beat him, once she had killed him, the rest of the Great Han Dynasty people wouldn’t remain idle, and things would only become more difficult.

“I don’t care! I want him to die!” Zi Mo couldn’t control herself anymore, and her True Qi violently erupting from her body.

“Roll back!” Yang Kai thundered.

Zi Mo stared at him for a moment before she managed to force down her anger. She was quite clever and naturally understood what Yang Kai was saying. Leng Shan also quickly ran up and pulled Zi Mo away. Both of them had experienced his Soul torture before and were clear about Yang Kai’s temper. If she kept pushing her luck and truly enraged him, all she would get for her trouble would be another round of that nightmarish torment.

Bi Xiu Ming stared calmly at Zi Mo with an arrogant look of victory plastered on his face.

“Senior Brother, you can’t let her off!” Bi Xiu Ming’s Junior Brother also began clamoring again.

A ruthless light flashed across Bi Xiu Ming’s eyes, and he nodded slightly as he prepared to rush towards Zi Mo, but suddenly Yang Kai stood in front of him.

“I’ll accompany you instead!” Yang Kai looked at him indifferently.

Bi Xiu Ming frowned, and his look quickly became ugly, “For this Tian Lang Dynasty slut, you really want to get in my way?”

“I already said that she is my maidservant, and only I get to decide her fate.”

“You’re not my opponent, so get out of my way. I don’t want to kill you.” Bi Xiu Ming said impatiently.

“If we don’t fight, how would you know?” Yang Kai remained motionless like a rock.

Bi Xiu Ming stared deeply into Yang Kai’s eyes before nodding seriously. “Good, since you court death, don’t blame me for being ruthless. I’ll kill you first and then waste that Tian Lang bitch!”

Done talking, Bi Xiu Ming ferociously struck towards Yang Kai, while pushing his True Qi to the max. his palm strike whistled through the air.

Screams suddenly sounded. No one thought that Bi Xiu Ming would actually attack so savagely! He was a cultivator at the True Element Boundary Fourth Stage while Yang Kai was only Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage. With such a massive gap in cultivation how could Yang Kai hope to survive?

Didn’t he have any hesitation given that Yang Kai just saved his life? This man seemed to act only as he pleased without the slightest morality whatsoever.

“Wait!” Han Xiao Qi screamed.

Ye Qing Si also began emitting a crimson aura as she dashed over.

Zi Mo and Leng Shan both couldn’t hide their shock, and their mouths both opened in surprise.

In that instant, Yang Kai fixed his gaze upon Bi Xiu Ming and punched out.

True Qi and Yuan Qi collided, and flashes of energy spread out wantonly.

*Deng deng deng deng…* Bi Xiu Ming staggered backwards more than a dozen steps before he managed to regain his footing, while Yang Kai stood still like a mountain. The eight winds were unable to sway him in the slightest.

Ye Qing Si stumbled as she came to a halt. The bloody aura surrounding her body slowly dissipated as she stood there stunned.

Zi Mo and Leng Shan’s eyes also flashed a trace of surprise. The look on their faces were now extremely complex.

The towering Zhou Ba’s eyes also squinted as his face twitched a few times.

Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu’s jaws had slacked so much an egg could easily fit into their mouths. The Senior Brother and Junior Sister couple both felt like they were caught in some fantastical dream.


Everyone present had a different reaction, but all of them were equally shocked that Yang Kai was able to effortlessly beat back Bi Xiu Ming.

Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage, True Element Boundary Fourth Stage …

Not to mention the difference of five Minor Realms, one had to remember there was a huge watershed like gap which divided these two Great Realms!

Before a cultivator reached the True Element Boundary, their body would utilise Yuan Qi, while after reaching True Element Boundary, their Yuan Qi would be refined into True Qi!

The difference between the two was not just a single grade. It was common sense that a Separation and Reunion cultivator could not repel a True Element Boundary master with the possible exception of those world famous super geniuses.

But now, this unbelievable scene had actually happened right before their very eyes.

Bi Xiu Ming also stared towards Yang Kai in shock. His left hand clutched his right, and he desperately circulated his True Qi to resolve the True Yang Yuan Qi which had invaded his body. His right hand glowed red, like it was on fire, but despite his best efforts this red glow was spreading up his arm at a speed the naked eye could see.

“Your Yuan Qi …” Bi Xiu Ming grimaced, “Why is it so pure?”

Yang Kai only sneered while activating his movement skill. He disappeared in a blur and instantly reappeared in front of Bi Xiu Ming and launched a vicious palm strike towards him.

Bi Xiu Ming roared and hurriedly raised his own palm to counter.

Shaking Cloud Palm! A single strike which could shake the clouds. A low Earth Grade Low Martial Skill with extraordinary power!

Yang Kai met this attack head on. A loud *bang* erupted between them as Bi Xiu Ming’s posture collapsed. Yang Kai was also forced back this time, but he quickly stabilized himself and punched out again.

Bi Xiu Ming was now overwhelmed and unable to defend himself from these ferocious attacks, so this punch landed directly on his chest.

Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast!

More than a month ago, when Yang Kai and Qi Jian Xing fought, the Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast had been easily resolved by Qi Jian Xing’s True Element Boundary Third Stage strength and was unable to inflict a trace of damage, but now, Bi Xiu Ming at the True Element Boundary Fourth Stage could not repeat this performance.

First, Yang Kai’s Yuan Qi was much purer now thanks to his refinement of a drop of the Brilliant Flame Liquid.

Second, Qi Jian Xing was a disciple of the Nine Star Sword School, a first-class Sect, while Bi Xiu Ming only came from a second-class Sect. Their heritage and foundation couldn’t be compared.

Suffering a direct hit, the Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast surged into Bi Xiu Ming body and burst open. Bi Xiu Ming cried out in pain as his face went white, and he involuntarily coughed out a mouthful of blood.

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