Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 251

He had just saved this man’s life, but instead of showing gratitude, he had decided, for his own selfish reasons, to act against him. Keeping such a treacherous person around was only courting disaster.

On top of that, he had thoroughly ridiculed him before, which caused Yang Kai to want to kill him even more!

Yang Kai was not someone who let past grievances go. If someone tried to bully him, he would definitely return the favour!

Suddenly suffering such a big loss, Bi Xiu Ming no longer dared to underestimate Yang Kai and glared at him with resentment and fear. He tried to exert his full strength once more, but as he was gathering his strength, he was surprised to see Yang Kai push forward both his palms as ferocious Yuan Qi burst out.

Beast Soul Skill!

With two mighty roars, a crimson flaming White Tiger and Divine Ox appeared, and together with Yang Kai vigorously charged towards Bi Xiu Ming filled with killing intent.

Shocked by this sight, Bi Xiu Ming panicked and desperately tried to defend himself.

The two beast phantoms and Yang Kai ruthlessly attacked, and in less than three breaths of time a new gaping hole appeared in Bi Xiu Ming’s chest.

Blood splashed out as Bi Xiu Ming fell on his back. His eyes stared blankly into the sky with a look of shock and unwillingness adorning his face.

Yang Kai glanced around but could only see disbelief in everyone’s expressions.

The battle was over in the flash, but the end result was something that no one had predicted. A Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage cultivator had actually taken a True Element Boundary Fourth Stage cultivator’s life in an instant. The whole process seemed effortless for him!

Zi Mo and Leng Shan were even more shocked.

The two of them had spent quite some time with Yang Kai, but up till now they had never seen him really fight. Even when they had to deal with Monstrous Beasts, Yang Kai had only displayed combat strength slightly above an average Separation and Reunion Boundary Eight Stage cultivator.

All along the two women only thought that Yang Kai was relying on some special mystical skill which allowed him to gain control of their Souls.

So despite their fear towards his means, in their hearts they both looked down on his actual strength, thinking that he was just some small Separation and Reunion Eighth Stage cultivator, and not someone to really be taken seriously.

Many times, when Zi Mo and Leng Shan talked amongst themselves about this matter, their hearts would fill with bitterness.

While they had reluctantly been obedient to him, the two of them had always acted a little presumptuously with Yang Kai these days because of these very thoughts.

But now, Zi Mo and Leng Shan found that the two of them had severely underestimated this youth. His combat strength was simply amazing. Bi Xiu Ming was a True Element Boundary Fourth stage cultivator, and if Leng Shan really fought with him, whether she could win or not was a complete toss-up. Even for Zi Mo, if she really wanted to kill him, she would need to exert a considerable effort.

Being shown the difference between them, Zi Mo and Leng Shan’s hearts quivered, and for a long time they were unable to utter a sound…

However, in the end, everyone else around them was the same!

After killing Bi Xiu Ming, Yang Kai turned around and looked at his Junior Brother.

This man had been cursing non-stop, clamoring for his Senior Brother to waste Zi Mo, and when Bi Xiu Ming and Yang Kai were fighting, he had continued to spit out insults towards Yang Kai, with foul language constantly spewing from his mouth.

But now his mouth was shut tight, and he was silent as a mute.

Staring at Yang Kai in terror, his face suddenly became extremely pale when he saw Yang Kai turn eyes, filled with murderous intent and disgust, towards him.

Yang Kai dared to kill Bi Xiu Ming in front of everyone present, so clearly he wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter him too.

The two beast phantoms bared their fangs and immediately rushed toward him.

“No… Stop…” Desperately struggling to get up, he tried his best to flee.

However, with his dantian broken and his cultivation wasted, there was no longer a drop of True Qi in his body, so how could he possibly escape?

The White Tiger and Divine Ox instantly caught up and sank their fangs into his body.

Howls of pain and pleas for mercy rang out.

The Great Han Dynasty cultivators all trembled lightly. A few of the soft hearted ones even tried to speak, but in the end no words came out.

After less than a breath of time, the miserable cries fell silent. Bi Xiu Ming’s Junior Brother had been reduced to a bloody mess under the attacks of the two beast phantoms.

Casually sweeping his eyes over the crowd, Yang Kai remained silent and paused only a moment before he indifferently walked over to the side.

Zi Mo and Leng Shan glanced at each other quietly before they turned a complicated look towards Yang Kai. It wasn’t until now that the two women had a real sense of respect for this youth.

Even without mentioning Yang Kai’s strange ability to control their Souls, just that Heaven defying combat strength was enough to let them submit. If they had really engaged in a life or death struggle, Leng Shan was definitely not his opponent. Zi Mo might be able to resist, but even she wasn’t sure whether or not she could triumph in the end.

[I don’t think I could win!] Recalling the sudden burst of strength Yang Kai had just displayed, Zi Mo objectively evaluated her chances.

How does he cultivate? Why can a Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage fight with a cultivator across a Great Realm? Of all those who came here, which one was not an elite in their own Sect. Who didn’t have the ability to fight someone above their own realm? In the end, in front of the ability Yang Kai had shown, none of it was worth mentioning.

He was an elite existence amongst this so called group of elites!

Everyone here had the same thought. If he doesn’t fall before he truly matures, he would certainly stand amongst the top of the Great Han Dynasty!

“Thank you…” After a long silence, Zi Mo only quietly expressed her thanks.

Yang Kai turned his eyes to her and faintly grinned, “Don’t misunderstand. I didn’t fight him for your sake.”

Zi Mo expression suddenly went stiff, “Wha… You don’t mean you only killed him because he mocked you before, right?”

“En!” Yang Kai bluntly nodded.

Zi Mo’s jaw slacked for a moment before she smiled wryly, “A man who must settle his grievances! That certainly sounds like your character! But… you’re strength is really amazing, it looks like I’ve been underestimating you.”

“Oh, have you been charmed by my gallant performance? Would you like to commit yourself to me willingly now?” Yang Kai laughed wantonly.

Hearing him spit out this arrogant drivel, Zi Mo was suddenly reminded of all the unpleasant business the two had shared. Her expression instantly became cold, as she ground her teeth, “Sooner or later, I’ll make you pay!”

“Hahaha, you just said I’m a man who settles his grievances. Are you sure it’s a wise choice for you to curse me now?” Yang Kai teasingly shook his finger at her.

Zi Mo’s face looked like she had just bitten something bitter, but she didn’t dare to retort. If she kept pushing her luck, then who knows what might happen? If this brat got angry and decided to take her life, or if he decided he wanted to press himself onto her and deprive her of her purity, then she would really have no place to cry.

After a while, Yang Kai heard the sound of footsteps, so he looked over and saw the Great Han Dynasty group, led by Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu, slowly approaching them.

Yang Kai simply stood there and watched quietly.

Ye Qing Si smiled brightly, while the others who had some friendship with him didn’t show the slightest aversion. Only a few people who were less familiar had a trace on their faces.

Yang Kai had just killed Bi Xiu Ming and decisively executed Bi Xiu Ming’s Junior Brother. This ruthless cutting of weeds and pulling out roots initially made many of them uncomfortable, but in the end they were all people who were more or less stained in blood, so they all understood Yang Kai’s methods, and at the moment did not show any hostility, apparently having accepted his actions as reasonable.

Bi Xiu Ming and his Junior Brother these past days were constantly whining and dampening morale, so they were already quite unpopular, not to mention they had both acted far too despicably just now. The group could clearly distinguish between right and wrong here and naturally would not blame Bi Xiu Ming and his Junior Brother’s deaths on Yang Kai.

In this place, where one’s own life was constantly at risk, who would concern themselves with the deaths of strangers? For these two reprehensible people, their deaths were clearly in vain!

Chen Xue Shu and Su Xiao Yu both walked up to Yang Kai, and each handed over a big pile of Blood Beads, “These are all the Blood Beads from the previous fight, as well as the ones that Yao He and Yao Xi obtained from killing her Monstrous Beast’s, a total of eighty two, please accept them Brother Yang.”

Zi Mo’s thirty or forty Monster Beasts had been slaughtered without resistance, along with the beasts who were freed from Yao He and Yao Xi’s control which they had just killed. This battle had indeed yielded a huge harvest.

Yang Kai looked at him for a moment but eventually did not decline. He reached out and accepted all of these Blood Beads.

Although the Monster Beasts had been killed by everyone, if not for Yang Kai’s efforts in putting on such a good show, how could any of them have regained their freedom? Compared to these Blood Beads, being able to escape Yao He and Yao Xi’s control was a far greater gain. Moreover, after the battle, Yang Kai had also freely distributed healing pills to them, so giving these to him could be considered returning the favour.

“These are the Blood Beads of those four. All of them are condensed from True Element cultivators.” Ye Qing Si also smiled warmly and placed the four much higher quality Blood Beads into Yang Kai’s hands.

Watching Yang Kai harvest so many benefits all at once, many people were quite envious. However, no matter how jealous they were, no one made any effort to snatch them for themselves. None of them wanted to display an ungrateful attitude. Yang Kai glanced around at this scene and secretly nodded to himself and laid down his worries that there might be others like Bi Xiu Ming and his Junior Brother.

Chen Xue Shu nodded strongly before cupping his fists and bowing, “Thank you, Brother Yang for saving my life. This debt of gratitude shall forever be remembered. If there is a chance to repay you in the future, I will definitely not hesitate!”

More than a dozen people quickly followed and also cupped their fists.

Yang Kai also politely responded to the group’s sincerity.

No one mentioned the matter of Bi Xiu Ming’s death. Even if everyone here left here alive, none of them would even bother reporting such a minor incident. In this isolated world, someone dying was all too normal. As long as no one disclosed that it was Yang Kai who killed Bi Xiu Ming, then naturally his Sect wouldn’t come find trouble with him.

This fact was never discussed, but was tacitly understood by everyone here.

The atmosphere gradually became harmonious, and the original existence of some minor barriers and fear between them instantly vanished. The only awkward point was how everyone viewed Zi Mo.

If she were a Great Han Dynasty cultivator, all of them would simply smile and put down their grievances, and that would be the end of it. However, Zi Mo was a Tian Lang Dynasty cultivator, and had previously attack all of them, so the situation was far more complex. Even if some genuinely wanted to reconcile, many would still have some scruples.

It was natural that there would be some rejection towards a foreigner!

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Zi Mo wasn’t stupid, so she understood this point clearly and quietly stood to the side by herself.

After chatting for a while, Yang Kai suddenly looked at Chen Xue Shu, “Brother Chen, is there something else you want to ask?”

Chen Xue Shu actions and appearance had lead him to conclude this.

The instant Chen Xue Shu heard this, he immediately burst into a wry smile, “We really do have another matter we’d like to ask about.”

“Go ahead!”

Chen Xue Shu reached out and covered his own dantian, “The insects inside us… are they still alive?”

Yao He and Yao Xi were dead, but the Soul Controlling Insects they had left behind were a big concern for the Great Han Dynasty cultivators. Li Xin Yuan from the Pure Heart Palace even had the one inside him drill into his dantian, causing it to break, so his Junior Brother Zuo Fang had to constantly assist him. Who knew who might be next?

Yang Kai turned to his eyes towards Zi Mo and silently inquired, but in the end Zi Mo just said indifferently, “Yes, they’re still alive inside your bodies.”

Everyone’s expression suddenly went bitter as they looked towards Zi Mo helplessly.

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