Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 253

Han Xiao Qi’s lashes fluttered as she softly comforted, “Junior Brother Yang is a gentleman, what are you afraid of?”

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Ye Han whimpered, “I’m not afraid of him, it’s just… I… I…”

Unable to finish, she quickly dashed into her Senior Sister Liu Qing Ru’s arms and buried her face.

To the side, Zi Mo was wearing a big devious smile while laughing meaningfully, causing all the women’s expressions to tense up unnaturally.

“You keep silent!” Yang Kai glared at her before stretching out his hand and placing it on Ye Qing Si’s smooth flat belly.

When their skin touched, Ye Qing Si couldn’t stop herself from trembling slightly, gently biting down on her lip, staring with her slightly wet eyes into Yang Kai’s, as if trying to see into the depths of his heart.

If one looked closely, they could see her exposed skin had also become slightly flushed.

Contrary to Han Xiao Qi’s prior words, Yang Kai was unscrupulous and shamelessly brushed his eyes over all of Ye Qing Si’s body like he was trying to burn the beautiful images into his brain all while his hands also never stopped carefully guiding his True Yang Yuan Qi into her abdomen.

“Little bastard!” How could Ye Qing Si miss the change in Yang Kai’s demeanor? His eyes were obviously wandering all over the place like some starving beast so she couldn’t help blushing bright red as she scolded him fiercely.

“I didn’t see anything.” Yang Kai laughed mischievously.

In reality he actually hadn’t seen anything, although her underwear was exposed, Ye Qing Si hadn’t totally removed her clothes, so even if Yang Kai tried his best there was still a layer of cloth separating him from the paradise within.

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“Shameless!” Ye Qing Si ground her teeth so hard they nearly shattered, but although she sounded angry, she still wore a smile on her face as she carefully stared at Yang Kai.

She had never encountered a man who so brazenly took advantage of her before now.

“Pft, truly a gentleman…” Zi Mo spit out some ridicule while glancing towards Han Xiao Qi, the latter’s pretty face now completely dyed crimson.

Just now she had plotted to push the idea of being a gentleman onto Yang Kai to keep him in check, but she hadn’t thought he would simply treat her comments like a passing breeze. In that moment, Han Xiao Qi finally understood what Yang Kai meant when he had previously talked about a “man’s instincts.”

With a beauty before him, which man wouldn’t steal a few glances? If he was really completely indifferent, that would be odd.

Putting up an indifferent front while concealing dirty thoughts within would be even worse.

At the very least, he was being upfront with them without the slightest pretense.

Thinking till here, Han Xiao Qi let out a small sigh, [Haa… let’s just say it’s his reward for helping us!]

After a short while, a small bump emerged on Ye Qing Si’s waist just below her ribs. Just as Yang Kai was about to act, Ye Qing Si suddenly said, “You better be careful, if you leave a scar just wait and see how I’ll fix you up.”

“After everything you’ve been through recently you still care about such things!?” Yang Kai was suddenly struck speechless but still extra carefully made the incision to extract the Soul Controlling Insect, guiding it out and burning it to ash.

“Next!” Yang Kai turned around and stared at the princesses.

The girls all looked around at each other for a long time before Han Xiao Qi finally grit her teeth and walked forward with a beat red face, declaring, “I’ll go!”

As the Senior Sister to the other Ten Thousand Flower Palace girls, she felt like she was taking the lead.

Steeling her determination, she sat squarely in front of Yang Kai and in an orderly manner began to remove her clothes. Finishing in short order she closed her eyes and steadied herself for the battle to come!

See her finish her preparations, Yang Kai was no longer polite.

One by one, he completed his task.

Of the four Ten Thousand Flower Palace girls, Han Xiao Qi was elegant, Ye Han was innocent, Liu Qing Ru was sweet, and Hua Ruo Yin was serene. Each of them had a different temperament.

Coupled with Ye Qing Si being seductive and Feng Qian Hen’s intellect, it was like a parade of different beauties; Yang Kai was truly treated to a feast for his eyes.

Finally, it was Su Xiao Yu’s turn.

After she sat down and prepared to untie her clothes, Yang Kai suddenly reached out and stopped her.

“There’s no need!”

“But didn’t you say it was easier for you to control your Yuan Qi if I did this?” Su Xiao Yu asked softly.

“After gaining so much experience, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.” Yang Kai explained.

Hearing this, Su Xiao Yu couldn’t help letting out a sigh of relief.

However, Yang Kai didn’t stop there; quickly tearing off a piece of cloth from his clothes and then blindfolding himself.

Seeing this scene, Ye Han suddenly cried out, “How come for Su Xiao Yu you’re covering your eyes?”

Yang Kai heard her voice and calmly replied, “She already has a man, if I don’t blindfold myself I’m afraid Brother Chen will try to challenge me to a death match.”

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“Oh…” Ye Han thought deeply and nodded, “That’s certainly thoughtful of you.”

“What… did you think I’m some kind of pervert or something?”

The group of women all looked a little apologetic, each of them feeling like they had misunderstood Yang Kai just now.

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But while feeling this pang of guilt, Han Xiao Qi face suddenly went ice cold, asking in a menacing tone, “Doesn’t that mean… you could have always been wearing a blindfold?”

In order to force out the Soul Controlling Insect it only needed him to place his hand on their dantian and push his True Yang Yuan Qi. Being able to see for a process that happened completely inside their bodies was completely unnecessary. Previously, she had not thought of this, but now, seeing Yang Kai do so, Han Xiao Qi was suddenly enlightened.

Not daring to answer, Yang Kai just sat there with a big awkward grin on his face.

Han Xiao Qi’s tender body began trembling uncontrollably.

The girls all looked at each other, immediately putting on “friendly” smiles before rushing forward and raining down divine punishment on this shameless pervert.

Half an hour later, the charming group of women walked over while talking and laughing amongst themselves. Chen Xue Shu was the first from the male group to dash over and quickly seized his Junior Sister’s hand, anxiously asking, “How was it, did anything happen?”

Su Xiao Yu calmed him down before carefully explaining what had transpired.

Listening to her explanation, Chen Xue Shu suddenly felt even more grateful to Yang Kai. Hearing how Yang Kai he had paid special attention to his dignity and face no doubt touched Chen Xue Shu deeply.

However, when he looked around to find him, he was suddenly stunned stiff, “Brother Yang, what…”

Yang Kai just smiled wryly and waved his hand, “Just a small injury, small injury…”

“Serves you right!” Zi Mo snorted as she enjoyed a moment of schadenfreude.

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Yang Kai didn’t pay her any mind, instead sending a thread of consciousness into his Universe Bag and quickly summoning two bottles of healing pills, handing them over to Chen Xue Shu.

“Brother Yang, what is this?” Chen Xue Shu asked in confusion as he reflexively received him.

“Something for you to keep in case of emergencies. In addition, if you encounter Wu Cheng Yi, don’t accept him back.” Yang Kai said solemnly.

“Why? What happened?” Hearing him mention Wu Cheng Yi, everyone quietly gathered around.

Having nothing to hide, Yang Kai simply explained what had transpired after the first time he had met them all.

Listening to his story, everyone’s expressions became quite ugly.

Zuo Fang cursed, “Damn it, I always wondered why Qi Jian Xing suddenly disappeared, but it turns out he was sent by Wu Cheng Yi to kill Brother Yang. When I asked him back then, all Wu Cheng Yi told me was that he had sent him to explore our surroundings and would return after a few days.”

Chen Xue Shu also shouted out in anger, “That scheming bastard, how could he be so vicious? For just a bottle of healing pills he actually acted so ruthlessly!”

Han Xiao Qi frowned, “Seems we were all wrong about him. If we had continued to follow him, maybe all of us would have become sacrifices already.”

For a bottle of healing pills, Wu Cheng Yi easily sentenced Yang Kai to death. It was obvious that he saw the group of Great Han Dynasty cultivator’s around him as nothing but pawns which could eventually be turned into Blood Beads; with so many people around him, all of them elites at the True Element Boundary, it would be more than enough for him to break through a few Minor Realms.

“The next time we meet him, Elder Sister will help you teach him a lesson!” Ye Qing Si, who came from the Endless Sea Islands, had no scruples about fighting a disciple from the Nine Star Sword School.

The cultivators from the Tian Lang Dynasty and their horde of Monster Beasts no longer in existed; only Wu Cheng Yi and Chi Xue with his Sixth-Order Monster Beast remained, but even with a Sixth-Order Monster Beast, Chi Xue wanting to deal with such a large group of elites on his own would be next to impossible.

In other words, the disciples assembled here, as long as they didn’t act separately, were an invincible presence in this isolated world.

However, Chen Xue Shu had gleaned some clues from Yang Kai’s speech, “Brother Yang, don’t tell me …”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded, “That’s right, I’m leaving.”

Everyone’s expression suddenly changed and Ye Han quickly asked, “You’re leaving? Why do you want to leave?”

Yang Kai only shook his head slowly.

Ye Qing Si stepped forward and asked seriously, “This isn’t about us beating you earlier, making you feel uncomfortable, right? If that’s the case then Elder Sister will let you hit her back in order to even the score.”

“Nonsense, I just have my own circumstances.” Yang Kai did not explain further.

Hearing him say this, a look of astonishment flashed across Zi Mo’s face while the others also guessed something, glancing back and forth between Zi Mo and Yang Kai hesitantly.

“Well that’s the case.” Yang Kai smiled and turned to Leng Shan, “You stay here with them.”

As he spoke he silently called out to Old Demon.

But receiving no response, Yang Kai knew that he must have placed a seal on himself in order to block communications with himself, so instead he continued speaking with Leng Shan, “Your Ghost King Valley and I have grievances, after all, I was the one who killed Jin Hao and Yu Cheng Kun, if you want to seek revenge for them, just come find me at High Heaven Pavilion.”

If it were ten days ago, Yang Kai would not have let Leng Shan live, but after going through so many ups and downs together killing her seemed a bit unreasonable.

On her side, Leng Shan’s eyes flashed briefly before she shook her head, “I won’t.”

Yang Kai smiled, “That’s good.”

Finished with the pleasantries, Yang Kai directed his attention to her forehead and pondered for a moment, “I’m afraid I can’t recover the gift I sent you right now, but once I reach the Immortal Ascension Boundary I’ll definitely be able to.”

Leng Shan nodded slightly, managing to squeeze out a smile, “I believe it won’t take you long!”

Naturally she knew that Yang Kai was talking about the seal he had placed in her Soul. While it remained, she would forever be his servant, her own life and death controlled by him.

In this regard, Yang Kai was not lying to her. It was only with Old Demon’s help that he was able to plant the seal in her Soul, and whether it was Zi Mo or Leng Shan, they had both sent a thread of their own Divine Sense to him, without which, Yang Kai as he currently was would never have been able to complete this process.

However, wanting to remove the seal now was no simple task; the two of them would have to rely on Yang Kai to willingly release them once he could cultivate his own Divine Sense.

“Ladies and gentlemen, one day we shall meet again, until then, I bid you farewell.” Yang Kai smiled and cupped his fists.

“Take care!”

Yang Kai turned around and disappeared like a falling star, Zi Mo silently keeping up.

After a long silence, Chen Xue Shu finally spoke up, “Haa… having that Tian Lang woman come with us wasn’t really a problem, Brother Yang is just worrying too much.”

But Ye Qing Si just wore a pleasant smile, “Can you guarantee that you can treat that Tian Lang woman like an ordinary comrade?”

Chen Xue Shu looked surprised for a moment before wryly smiling and shaking his head.

Up until a little while ago, Zi Mo had been mortal enemies with them; one of the Tian Lang cultivators who had planted Soul Controlling Insects in their bodies to enslave them, none of them would easily open their hearts to her.

If they had stayed, everyone would no doubt give Yang Kai some face and not make things difficult for her, but they would never drop their guard against her either. In the end, she was an outsider, so having her around would naturally be uncomfortable.

Yang Kai had certainly considered all of this and thus decided to leave with her.

“Leng Shan, is that woman really Brother Yang’s maidservant?” Chen Xue Shu curiously asked.

However, to his surprise, Leng Shan suddenly glared at him, grunted angrily and walked away, ignoring him completely.

“Did I say something wrong?” Chen Xue Shu was speechless, unable to understand why Leng Shan’s attitude towards him just now became so cold. Little did he know that his question was actually poking at her most humiliating trauma.

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