Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 255

Zi Mo felt a chill run down her back but still strongly declared, “I killed them!”

Chi Xue’s narrowed eyes suddenly shot open, angrily shouting, “You killed them?”

“Yes!” Zi Mo replied while secretly frightened.

“Tell my why!” Chi Xue demanded coldly.

“They killed my Monster Beasts, took my Soul Controlling Insects, and destroyed my threads of Divine Sense!”

Chi Xue frowned and gazed suspiciously at Zi Mo, “Why would they do that?”

Zi Mo just sneered, “Senior Brother already knows the answer to that question, why are you bothering to ask me?”

Chi Xue closed his eyes for a moment and nodded slightly, “Fine, they dared to move against you, so they must accept such a fate!”

Hearing this sentence, Zi Mo couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief; things would have become perilous if Chi Xue had taken Yao He and Yao Xi’s side. Fortunately, Chi Xue still wanted to maintain his Senior Brother’s appearance and didn’t indiscriminately punis Zi Mo.

“However, you alone couldn’t have killed them.” Chi Xue said with absolute certainty, “Who helped you?”

Zi Mo lightly bit her lip and remained silent.

Seeing her act this way, Chi Xue finally glanced towards Yang Kai, his face still filled with indifference, “You fighting with Yao He and Yao Xi, I do not care about. After we return I will inform Master impartially, but… if an outsider also intervened, you should know how to deal with things!”

“I know.” Zi Mo whispered.

“Good, kill him!” Chi Xue stretched out a finger and pointed at Yang Kai, coldly declaring in a tone that allowed no dissent.

Yang Kai’s heart jumped, secretly increasing his vigilance. He hadn’t thought Zi Mo’s Senior Brother would act so decisively.

Zi Mo raised her head, her eyes flashing a difficult light.

There was no way she could attack Yang Kai. If he wished it, as soon as she moved against him, he could sentence her to death. Unfortunately, Chi Xue’s attitude was extremely firm, and no matter how clever Zi Mo was,she could not think of a way to solve her immediate problems at this moment .

No matter which path she chose, one of these two monsters would be unsatisfied.

“I’m here now, there’s no need to keep him around. Why do you hesitate?” Chi Xue’s cold voice questioned.

Zi Mo’s pulse raced as her thoughts rapidly spun, knowing any further delay would not be possible.

After a brief silence, Zi Mo shook her head and smiled wryly, “I cannot kill him!”

Chi Xue’s eyes narrowed; his voice even colder than before, “Why?”

Yang Kai secretly sneered, waiting for Zi Mo to reply. Once she exposed their secret relationship, he’d give her an appropriate punishment!

“Because… because I’m in love with him!” Zi Mo eyes became firm, her cheeks slightly reddening, before adding, “I’m already his woman, so I won’t fight against him!”

Yang Kai was stunned as he stared at Zi Mo, he never expected that this woman would spout such an outrageous excuse.

Chi Xue’s face also cramped up as he gazed at Zi Mo sadly, gritting his teeth before asking again, “What did you just say?”

“I said I love him, I’m his woman!” Having already broken the jar, Zi Mo simply didn’t care about what was spilt, so her second time delivering these lines was a lot smoother.

Chi Xue showed a smile which was in no way smiling, “You’re saying you like a cultivator for the Great Han Dynasty?”

“Yes!” Zi Mo sneaked a peak at Yang Kai. Seeing his face look completely natural, like everything was as it should be, her heart couldn’t help feeling bitter, anxious to go up and slap his face a few times to vent her anger.

Although she knew that her excuse was ridiculous, she really couldn’t think of a better one right now, but did this damn man have to stand there looking so triumphant? Completely ignoring the pain in her heart.

Chi Xue expression sank as he turned his eyes towards Yang Kai. Taking a deep breath, “Sure enough, there’s no Soul Controlling Insect inside him! It looks like you’re not lying!”

Yang Kai face went cold, this casual comment from Chi Xue inadvertently revealed an important message, he seemed to be able to detect the existence of other people’s Soul Controlling Insects.

“Of course I didn’t lie to you!” Zi Mo painfully squeezed out a big smile.

“Good, good!” Chi Xue’s True Qi surged up along with his murderous aura, “Since you’ve discarded any shred of dignity you have, even allowing this Great Han Dynasty trash to defile your body, Senior Brother has no need to favor you anymore. When we go back, I will be report everything to Master. You should prepare yourself for the consequences!”

Zi Mo’s tender body trembled lightly, but she remained silent.

“As for him …” Chi Xue glared at Yang Kai fiercely, “Since you refuse to kill him, Senior Brother will do it for you!”

Finished speaking, the dozen or so Monstrous Beasts around Zi Mo suddenly stood up and bared their fangs towards Yang Kai, filled with vicious intent.

Yang Kai’s expression sank as he glared coldly at Zi Mo.

Zi Mo hurriedly explained, “Quickly run! Senior Brother’s Soul Controlling Insect is a higher order than my own, so he can affect my Soul Controlling Insects!”

[So it’s like that!] Listening to Zi Mo’s explanation, the anger in Yang Kai’s heart settled down, originally he had suspected that Zi Mo was secretly trying to move against him, but it seems that he was mistaken about her.

“Run away?” Chi Xue coldly snorted as the dozen or so ferocious Monster Beasts quickly surrounded Yang Kai.

Zi Mo’s face was pale and her brow dripped with sweat as she desperately tried to control her Soul Controlling Insects while anxious shouting at Yang Kai again, “What are you doing, why haven’t you left yet?”

However, Yang Kai remained fixed in place, gazing at the Sixth-Order Monster Beast that Chi Xue was riding.

Chi Xue sneered, silently issuing an order causing the dozen or so Monstrous Beasts to pounce towards Yang Kai. Zi Mo tried her best to control them but it was ultimately to no avail.

Yang Kai’s face became serious, his body flickering, has vanished from inside the Monster Beast’s encirclement as his Yuan Qi surged, in his left hand the White Tiger Seal, in his right the Divine Ox Seal, quickly fusing the two together.

A soft glowing light burst from his palm and flew straight to the Sixth-Order Monster Beast.

*Roar…* With a heaven-rending bellow, the Sixth-Order Monster Beast beneath Chi Xue roared while a huge wind, visible to the naked eye, burst forth from its mouth. Intercepting Yang Kai’s Beast Slave Seal, the violent energies clashing mid air before directly crushing the soft glowing light.

“Don’t be so presumptuous!” Chi Xue sneered dismissively, he didn’t know what the Beast Slave Seal was, only thinking it was some means of attack Yang Kai had cast, but when Yang Kai had struck just now, he had exposed his real strength.

Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage! Aware of this, Chi Xue only became more enraged.

If this person was really some Heaven defying genius from the Great Han Dynasty, Zi Mo liking him would at least be reasonable, but he had clearly not even reached the True Element Boundary, what qualifications did he have to let Zi Mo fall for him?

As her First Senior Brother, Chi Xue naturally felt ashamed, further fueling his determined to destroy Yang Kai.

“Kill!” Chi Xue disdained to personally intervene, waving his hand as he ordered Zi Mo’s Monster Beasts to rush Yang Kai again.

Yang Kai’s body flashed again, dodging the Monster Beasts’ onslaught while turning a deaf ear to Zi Mo’s cries, dashing forward as he flew straight towards the Sixth-Order Monster Beast.

Sitting on the back of his Monster Beast, Chi Xue sneered again and again as he watched, looking down on Yang Kai like he was some mere mortal, disdaining his futile struggle and resistance.

“Your Movement Skill is good, but you’re simply too weak!” Chi Xue offhandedly commented.

The Sixth-Order Monster Beast under him seemed to sense its master’s thoughts, opening its mouth again but this time continuously roaring. Accompanying each roar was a half-meter-long wind blade which rapidly flew towards Yang Kai.

However, Yang Kai still kept dodging, concentrating on moving towards the Sixth-Order Monster Beast, seemingly desperate to get closer.

As the distance between them continued to shrink, Chi Xue finally showed some interest. He found that he had still underestimated the speed of this Great Han Dynasty cultivator’s Movement Skill; Zi Mo’s Monster Beasts had no way of touching him, and even though his Sixth-Order Monster Beast was also attacking, in only a few short breaths he had managed to close to within twenty meters.

*Hmph!* Chi Xue snorted in annoyance, his eyes glaring angrily at Yang Kai.

At fifteen meters, the speed of this Great Han Dynasty cultivator once again shot up, leaving behind only an afterimage.

Chi Xue eye’s scanned his whole surroundings as his ears carefully perked up. Suddenly sneering, he struck towards his side with a vicious palm.

A violent True Qi burst forth as the palm strike whistled through the air towards the reappeared Yang Kai who seemed like he would take a direct hit from Chi Xue’s attack.

At the same time, a faint glowing light shot out again from Yang Kai’s palms and this time managed to sink into the Sixth-Order Monster Beast’s body.

Successful, Yang Kai hurriedly tried to intercept Chi Xue’s strike. Accompanied by a loud bang, Yang Kai’s body flew out like a paper kite, landing several dozen meters away.

“Hmph, waste!” Chi Xue spat, he now understood that this Great Han Dynasty cultivator’s desperate struggle to close the distance between them was all for the purpose of launching that strange glowing light towards his Sixth-Order Monster Beast, but although he had managed to hit it, his Monster Beast hadn’t shown any reaction, but rather this kid had taken one of his strikes and was now certainly seriously injured.

Hitting the ground, Yang Kai barely managed to land on his feet, staggering back several steps to stabilize his stance, taking a deep breaths to suppress his rioting blood, his eyes flashing a trace of amazement.

“Strong!” Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to praise.

This Chi Xue was worthy of an elite super-force’s disciple, even if he only hailed from a small side branch, his strength was not something an ordinary cultivator could match.

“Junior Sister, Senior Brother will give you a chance. As long as you kill him, I will say a few words to Master in your defence; I will even can help you conceal the fact that your innocence has been tainted so your position in the Sect will not suffer, or else, if such things spread out, it will become very difficult for you.”

Zi Mo shook her head without hesitation, “It’s impossible for me to act against him!”

Attacking Yang Kai was tantamount to digging her own grave, on this point Zi Mo was very clear.

“Good, since this is the path you have chosen, in the future, do not regret it!” Chi Xue’s patience had finally run out, slapping his Monstrous Beast mount, coldly staring at Yang Kai, “I do not know what underhanded means you used conquer my Junior Sister, but no Tian Lang Dynasty woman shall ever submit themselves to a Great Han Dynasty scum, so you must die!”

Done talking, Chi Xue simply waited for Yang Kai’s death, but after a moment, his expression suddenly changed, looking down in surprise towards the Sixth-Order Monster Beast he was riding.

Just now, he issued an order to this Monster Beast to launch a full offensive, but it had actually failed to respond.

[My Soul Controlling Insect is still there, how could this be?]

Suspicious of this situation, Chi Xue again issued his command, and indeed this time the Monster Beast responded, but instead of attacking Yang Kai, it bucked wildly and directly tossed Chi Xue off its back!

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