Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 256

Chi Xue’s face went pale.

This Monster Beast which had been implanted with his own Soul Controlling Insect had somehow escaped his control, and worse off was now hostile to him!

“Ha ha ha!” Yang Kai let out a burst of rampant laughter.

Shifting his attention to him, Chi Xue recalled the most recent sequence of events and roared loudly towards him, “What did you do!?”

Thinking back to that odd light, Chi Xue had mostly guessed what had happened; this kid just now had desperately rushed him only to plant that glowing orb into his Monster Beast. It must have been some strange technique which somehow disrupted his control.

Otherwise, how could his own enslaved Monster Beast possibly turn against him?

Yang Kai’s wanton laughter continued as he swept away all his caution, spiritedly strolled forward and came up to the Sixth-Order Monster Beast’s side, reaching out and patting it as he looked back at Chi Xue, “What did I do, isn’t it obvious?”

Zi Mo jaw sank to the floor as she stared at Yang Kai in shock.

The more time she spent around him, the more mysterious Zi Mo found him. This strange youth seemed to possess strength and techniques far beyond her wildest imagination.

It wasn’t until now that Zi Mo understood how a few days before in their battle against the rampaging Monster Beast horde he had resolved her and Leng Shan’s crisis. At that time, although she knew that he had somehow been manipulating the situation, she was unsure of exactly how he had done so.

But now, Zi Mo finally understood. This youth… he had some skill which allowed him to control Monster Beasts!

Easily being able to control a Sixth-Order Monster Beast, with such a heaven defying skill, who was worthy in this isolated space of being his enemy? Even her Senior Brother Chi Xue had to take the great risk of sacrificing hundreds of Soul Controlling Insects, letting them consume one another in order for one of them to become a higher order Soul Controlling Insect, giving up control of several tens of powerful Monster Beasts in the process to finally be able to subdue this Sixth-Order Monster Beast in front of them.

Comparing the two, Yang Kai’s abilities were simply beyond unfathomable!

“How did you do this? My Soul Controlling Insect is still inside its body. This is impossible!” Chi Xue had completely lost his previous calm demeanor as he desperately tried to communicate with his own Soul Controlling Insect, but in the end the Sixth-Order Monster Beast simply refused to obey his orders.

“Nothing is impossible; I can only say that your insects are just too worthless!” Yang Kai contemptuously grinned as he stared at him coldly.

“Interesting!” Chi Xue’s expression suddenly lit up, like he had just encountered some new fun toy, staring towards Yang Kai with rage filled eyes.

“Kill!” Yang Kai only spat out a single word.

The Sixth-Order Monster Beast instantly dashed forward, sending out a flurry of sharp wind blades, forcing Chi Xue to activate his own Movement Skill in order to hastily dodge. Instead of clashing with the Monster Beast, Chi Xue shot up into the air, then, like an eagle striking from the sky, dove towards Yang Kai.

Although Chi Xue’s strength was impressive, he was still no match for the Sixth-Order Monster Beast, so his goal was only Yang Kai, as long he killed this little bastard, he would be able to regain control of the Sixth-Order Monster Beast.

So from the very beginning, Chi Xue struck to kill, his True Element Boundary Seventh Stage strength completely bursting out, producing an amazing destructive power.

Yang Kai’s face also became dignified; pushing the Yuan Qi in his body to the limit, not only not dodging the blow, but instead kicking off the ground and flying toward Chi Xue head on.

“You really are interesting!” Chi Xue grinned with delight.

“So are you!” Yang Kai roared out just as loudly.

While sparring verbally, the two struck out without any superfluous movements or fancy skill; this confrontation was a pure contest of power, both of them going all out.

Chi Xue used a certain kill strike again Yang Kai; determined to instantly win back control of the Sixth-Order Monster Beast.

In the face of such an assault, Yang Kai naturally did not hold anything back.

Their fists collided as a massive explosion rang out between them, a blinding flash of light blinding everyone present, the World Energy distorting around them, quickly followed by two muffled cries as the two separated.

Chi Xue flew back while Yang Kai fell like a meteorite.

Crashing into the ground, Yang Kai smashed open a small pit, quickly climbing up before spitting out a mouthful or blood whereas Chi Xue, after landing softly, had a slight tinge of red on his face but was otherwise unharmed.

In this round, Chi Xue had prevailed.

Even so, Chi Xue’s face flashed a look of utter disbelief as he stared at Yang Kai, but before he could fully assess how much damage he had done, a series of wind blades attacked him from behind.

Cursing endlessly, Chi Xue hastily dodged.

These were attacks from a Sixth-Order Monster Beast; he wouldn’t be able to take more than a few of them.

“You… I…” Zi Mo cried out as she fumbled for the right words.

“Just stand back!” Yang Kai shouted. He knew that right now she was very conflicted so he did not force her to help him, instead quickly activating his Movement Skill and dashing towards Chi Xue again.

Chi Xue expression sank. Not daring to stick around, he decisively turned and fled.

He had thought that Yang Kai was weak, so once he had taken his life he would be able to salvage the situation, but he had never expected his full powered strike to only cause some minor injuries to this little Separation and Reunion Eighth Stage kid.

With no way to quickly take Yang Kai’s life, his Sixth-Order Monster Beast falling into enemy hands, and his Junior Sister not able to help, why would Chi Xue stick around just to die?

Seeing Chi Xue flash a thousand meters away, Yang Kai naturally refused to give up, jumping on the back of the Sixth-Order Monster Beast and quickly chasing after him.

Her heart filled with hesitation, Zi Mo stood stunned for a long time before gritting her teeth and following behind.

Her life was still held in Yang Kai’s hands, how could she not care?

Through the jungle, three figures raced forward one after another.

Chi Xue was in the lead, moving with all the speed he could muster. Yang Kai followed closely behind along with the Sixth-Order Monster Beast, and a few kilometers back, Zi Mo, leading her Monstrous Beasts, struggled between wanting to keep up and wanting to escape, causing her pace to be neither fast nor slow.

While pursuing Chi Xue, the Sixth-Order Monster Beast would occasionally launch wind blades, mowing down trees hundreds of meters away like reaping wheat from the field, fully displaying its overwhelming strength.

After all, this Monster Beast was no weaker than an Immortal Ascension Boundary master!

Although Chi Xue was fleeing, his face showed no signs of panic; only a touch of anxiety occupied his brow, concerned that if this pursuit continued, eventually his True Qi would be consumed clean while the Great Han Dynasty cultivator didn’t have to worry about such issues. Once he became cornered, keeping his life would truly be difficult.

Little did he know, Yang Kai was also feeling anxious.

His Beast Slave Seal was incredibly powerful, but he had only ever used it on Fourth-Order and Fifth-Order Monster Beasts, never on a Sixth-Order Monster Beast.

Before this battle, Yang Kai had a rough idea of the Beast Slave Seal’s limitations and suspected it would be related to his cultivation level, but there was never an opportunity to verify this until just now.

Yang Kai was now a Separation and Reunion Eighth Stage cultivator, which was roughly equivalent to a peak Fourth-Order Monster Beast.

At his level, the Beast Slave Seal could easily control a Fourth-Order Monster Beast, and even a general Fifth-Order Monster Beast would be forced to submit, but in front of a Sixth-Order Monster Beast things were not so simple.

This Monster Beast was subconsciously fighting back against the implanted Beast Slave Seal!

For the moment it was still obeying his commands, but Yang Kai estimated that after an hour at most, the Beast Slave Seal would be crushed, and at that time the Sixth-Order Monster Beast would once again fall under Chi Xue’s control.

The situation was not good, the fight had to be resolved before this hour was up, or else the entire situation would return to square one!

Yang Kai was also uncertain if the Sixth-Order Monster Beast could be implanted with the Beast Slave Seal a second time, if doing so no longer had an effect…

Thinking till here, Yang Kai hurriedly issued orders to the Monster Beast.

Thankfully the Monster Beast was still well-behaved, and after receiving Yang Kai’s instructions its speed rose significantly as it gradually closed the distance between them and Chi Xue.

After a stick of incense, Chi Xue glanced back over his shoulder and immediately couldn’t help but curse!

His original thousand meters lead had actually has been cut in half; after another a stick of incense his pursuers would definitely catch up.

“What if I went there?” An idea suddenly flashed across Chi Xue’s thoughts, hesitating somewhat, unable to decide.

It was a mysterious region, a portion of the jungle completely wrapped in a strange white mist, thick enough to obscure one’s vision completely. Chi Xue had inadvertently found it several days ago.

At the time, Chi Xue had wanted to go in and explore, but the Sixth-Order Monster Beast seemed extremely frightened by that place, which in turn made Chi Xue faintly uneasy, causing him to give up those plans.

But now, with the enemy pursuit drawing ever closer and no chance to shake them off, Chi Xue decided it was worth a try even if there were unknown risks.

Against the Sixth-Order Monster Beast and that strange Great Han Dynasty cultivator whose combat strength far exceeded his cultivation level, Chi Xue was unable to compete, but that place was somewhere the Monster Beast feared so it certainly would not enter; if he could separate the two of them, Chi Xue felt he would have an opportunity to win.

Weighing his options, Chi Xue’s eyes flashed a cold light, then steeling his will.

Glancing about the surrounding terrain to find his bearings, Chi Xue suddenly turned toward the strange mist-shrouded region.

Nearly another stick of incense later, the distance between Yang Kai and Chi Xue had shrunk to just a few tens of meters.

They were now so close that not only could the Sixth-Order Monster Beast launch wind blades, even Yang Kai could make deadly strikes, both of them ferociously attacking towards Chi Xue.

If this continued much longer, Chi Xue would be overwhelmed, his clothes already cut up by their combined assault; it was only thanks to his bodies True Qi which had blocked most of the wind blade’s force that none of his bones had been broken and was instead just dripping a little blood.

Staring back at Yang Kai with utter hatred, a cold and provocative smile slowly emerged on Chi Xue’s face, suddenly changing direction again, dashing into a mist covered area of the jungle.

Naturally, Yang Kai pursued him.

But unexpectedly, when the Sixth-Order Monster Beast noticed the strange white mist ahead, it frantically stopped, causing Yang Kai who was completely focused on Chi Xue to fly off from the inertia.

Tumbling through the air several times, Yang Kai awkwardly fell to the ground, but before he had time to observe his surroundings a mournful wailing reached his ears.

It was Chi Xue!

He seemed to be suffering some kind of unbearable pain, causing him to let out those blood curdling screams.

Yang Kai’s expression also rapidly changed and in the next moment, a sharp pain suddenly burst forth in his mind. However, this pain was familiar; it was the same kind of pain he had experienced when Old Demon had tried to seize his body by destroying his consciousness.

Involuntarily, Yang Kai roared as he gripped his head, the veins on his forehead throbbing, a cold sweat dripping down his face while his entire body trembled.

“AHH!” Suddenly, an even more mournful and tragic howl than Chi Xue’s rang out.

It was Old Demon’s cries!

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