Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 257

“Old Demon!” Yang Kai yelled as he gripped his head in pain, “What happened?”

“Young Master …” Old Demon’s voice trembled, “What is this damned place? Why is it attacking my Soul?”

Listening to his words, Yang Kai suddenly understood! No wonder the pain in his head felt so familiar, it was the feeling of his Soul being damaged.

Since a while ago, Yang Kai had been using a similar type of torture to deter Zi Mo and Leng Shan from acting against him, but now he himself was suffering the same kind of torment.

It was karma, good was rewarded with good while evil begets evil, all things would someday reach a balance.

Chi Xue leading him into this white mist wrapped patch of jungle was clearly a plot, but now he too was howling in pain only a few tens of meters away, evidently he did not know just how terrible this place was only to rush inside and find he could not bear it.

Now, with the two of them suffering continuous damage to their Souls, they simply didn’t have any spare capacity to fight.

“Young Master, you must quickly leave here! This white mist is too strange… it causes no harm to one’s body but it severely damages one’s Soul. Old Servant cannot stand it!” Old Demon strongly urged him.

Once he was a powerful old devil, but now he had been reduced to only a residual Soul without a flesh and blood body, usually he could leisurely reside within his Soul Breaker Awl, but falling into this strange mist shrouded place was like falling into hell, causing him unimaginable torment and pain, much greater than either Yang Kai and Chi Xue.

In this short period of time, Old Demon clearly felt the strength of his Soul weakening which cause him great panic, it was like feeling his existence being slowly shredded into nothingness.

“I know, hang on!” Yang Kai glanced around, catching a glimpse of Chi Xue also stumbling around inside the mist, trying to find out the way, but it was to no avail.

Gritting his teeth as he desperately endured the pain in his head, Yang Kai dashed back the way he had come, attempting to withdraw from here.

But after traveling a thousand meters, he found he was still surrounded by white mist.

Yang Kai’s blood went cold; immediately realizing how bad the situation had become.

When he had broken into this mist shrouded place, he had gone at most several tens of meters before the pain had begun, but now he was unable to find the way out! He couldn’t give up though, giving up would be the same as committing suicide!

“Old Demon … something’s wrong, I can’t find the way out!” Yang Kai expression became panicked as well.

Hearing Yang Kai’s words, the howling Old Demon began to feel despair, “Is this going to be Old Servant’s… final resting place? Old Servant is not willing…”

He had been sealed inside the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave for countless years until the barrier concealing it was cracked, giving him an opportunity to free himself. Although he later surrendered himself to Yang Kai, whatever the outcome he had at least managed to escape that place, but now being forced into this life and death crisis, Old Demon naturally aggrieved.

Yang Kai frowned, struggling to resist the pain in his head while scanning the terrain, frantically trying to find a way out.

There must be some kind of barrier around this place, otherwise he shouldn’t have had any problem leaving, but with Old Demon now incapacitated, and with Yang Kai himself simply unable find the source of the barrier, how could he hope to escape?

“I’m also starting to feel sleepy…” Yang Kai’s eyes drooped slightly as he began to stagger a bit.

“Bad, this is very bad, it’s a sign your Soul is being damaged, if this keeps up, Young Master’s Soul will likely be destroyed!”

Yang Kai face was gloomy. Pushing himself to endure all sorts of discomfort as his thoughts swirled.

Suddenly, a certain idea came to him, quickly shouting, “Old Demon, hide inside my Golden Skeleton!”

“Your Golden Skeleton? Oh…” Old Demon quickly understood and immediately moved his Soul into Yang Kai’s Unyielding Golden Skeleton.

After a brief moment, Old Demon’s laughter rang out, “Ha ha ha… Young Master, you Golden Skeleton is truly impressive, it can withstand the effects of this strange white fog, Old Servant is saved!”

Yang Kai smiled wryly, “You may be safe, but I’m still in danger!”

The Unyielding Golden Skeleton was like a vast bottomless pit, it could absorb any kind of energy he had come across so far. Yang Kai did not know what this white mist was, but since it was able to damage one’s Soul, it was certainly the manifestation of some kind of energy, so he had let Old Demon test whether the Golden Skeleton could block its effects, and sure enough it proved effective.

“Young Master, you must endure!” Old Demon cheered Yang Kai on. He now did not have to worry about being immediately erased, but if Yang Kai died here, he would also not be able to escape unscathed.

“Is there any way for me to place my Soul into the Golden Skeleton as well?” Yang Kai said as sweat dripped down his forehead, his fists tightly clenched as he trembled in pain.

“Young Master has not reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary …” Old Demon sighed and did not continue to speak, without reaching the Immortal Ascension Boundary, and without cultivating one’s Divine Sense, how could one transfer their Soul to a different location?

Yang Kai ground his teeth, making every effort to resist the pain from in his head as his Yuan Qi fluctuated chaotically.

The pain continued to build, causing him to feel a kind of vertigo hit him, eventually leading Yang Kai to stagger and fall to the ground, his Soul clearly suffering more damage!

If this pace kept up, it would not be long before his Soul really was destroyed and he would essentially cease to exist; therefore, he had to find a way to escape this calamity quickly.

Although the situation was grim, in this moment of great adversity, Yang Kai became increasingly calm. Taking advantage of this wave of dizziness abating slightly, he gathered all his willpower and spirit as he wracked his brain to find a way out of this crisis.

While Yang Kai was concentrating, he suddenly felt a cool sensation wash over his mind; this unexpected sensation was not an illusion but something which really happened.

Accompanying this cooling wave, Yang Kai’s consciousness also became clearer and clearer, his whole being feeling somewhat comforted, the pain in his head also quickly vanishing, like he was waking from a groggy stupor, feeling refreshed and even somewhat invigorated.

“Huh?” Yang Kai’s face filled with doubt, slowly standing up, carefully feeling the incredible changes he had just undergone, wrinkling his brow in confusion.

“Young Master?” Old Demon hesitantly called out.

Yang Kai did not respond, still immersed in the strange feeling he had just experienced, until a moment later, accompanied by a throbbing sensation, the same severe pain he had just endured returned once again to torment him.

This pain lasted for some time, until it had reached a certain level of intensity. At that point, the feeling of vertigo overwhelmed him again.

At the same time, a burst of cool spread throughout his mind, not only relieving him of his vertigo but also quickly alleviating the pain he was enduring

The situation was exactly the same as the one he had just experienced.

This time however, Yang Kai carefully felt the entire process, finally allowing him to gain some insight into what was happening.

The pain he felt was from the white mist attacking his Soul, the dizziness and vertigo a result of his Soul acquiring a certain amount of damage, but now, Yang Kai did not feel that his Soul had suffered any damage, instead he felt its strength had slightly increased because his perception seemed to have expanded a little bit, which was the simplest test of the strength of one’s Soul.

Although this increase was small, it was no doubt growth.

Yang Kai was suddenly overjoyed.

“Old Demon, this time your Young Master has encountered a great opportunity!” Yang Kai suddenly laughed heartily, but no sooner had he started laughing did he choke up, his hands clutching his head as his entire body began to spasm.

Yang Kai remained in such a condition for a long time before all of a sudden returning to a perfectly normal state, causing Old Demon to inquire curiously, “Young Master, what exactly is happening?”

“The Soul Warming Lotus is what’s happening!” Yang Kai replied mischievously. “It’s repairing the damage done to my Soul!”

Old Demon was stunned, suddenly realizing what was happening.

This old devil had been panic-stricken, unable to focus on anything else but survival, so he had not remembered about this until Yang Kai had just reminded him, finally come understanding what was happening.

When they had visited Hidden Island, Yang Kai had received a Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus; this thing was simply a godly treasure for cultivating one’s Soul. But since Yang Kai had not yet reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, although he had indeed accepted the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus into his Soul, to this day he still could not find a trace of it.

However, now that Yang Kai was trapped in this strange place and his Soul had been damaged, the Soul Warming Lotus had naturally taken action.

While he possessed this supreme treasure, how could Yang Kai be frightened of this white mist?

The combination of the white mist and the Five Coloured Soul Warming Lotus created a cycle of destruction and repair, while in the process allowing Yang Kai’s Soul to slowly strengthen.

The only downside was this process was excruciatingly painful, not something just anyone could endure.

“Young Master is truly blessed by the Heavens; Old Servant knew all along that you would be fine.” Old Demon quickly spewed nonsense.

Yang Kai simply grinned; no longer worried about keeping his life, he sat down cross-legged and allowed himself to be enveloped by the white mist, entering a state of meditation.

Although this place was quite dangerous, it was also a good place to quench his Soul. If Yang Kai missed this chance, only the Heavens would know when he would again find such a rare opportunity.

So Yang Kai quickly made up his mind to stay here for some time. Although every time the Soul Warming Lotus repaired his Soul the enhancement he experienced was quite small, many grains of sand would eventually build a tower. As long as he persisted long enough, maybe there was even a chance he could cultivate out his Knowledge Sea.

Again and again experiencing this mind wrenching pain, it was only thanks to his unyielding willpower that Yang Kai managed to endure. After the pain came dizziness, and once the dizziness reached a certain level the Soul Warming Lotus would repair his Soul, the process was very slow, but Yang Kai was also contented.

This was a very time consuming process.

Half a day later, Yang Kai suddenly heard a round of mournful screams coming from nearby. Opening his eyes and glancing towards the direction the screams came from, Yang Kai once again saw Zi Mo’s Senior Brother, Chi Xue, rampaging about like a headless fly within the white mist. His appearance was a mess and his face was distorted in pain, randomly colliding with things while wantonly throwing his True Qi around, randomly unleashing all kinds of ferocious Martial Skills into his surroundings.

(Silavin: a headless fly should be dead… oh shit…)

This man was clearly not as lucky as Yang Kai, who had the Soul Warming Lotus on him and did not have to worry about his Soul being damaged.

At the moment, Chi Xue’s mind had basically been destroyed. Even if he somehow managed to leave this white mist, he would still be nothing more than a mindless beast.

Yang Kai slowly got up and looked coldly towards Chi Xue, pondering for a moment, but eventually deciding to confront him.

Although there was no doubt in Yang Kai’s mind that Chi Xue would die eventually, he was still a True Element Boundary Seventh Stage elite, so the Blood Bead condensed after his death would naturally be extraordinary, not something to be missed.

Chi Xue had led Yang Kai into this white mist, intending to even the playing field against him, but the Heavens were cruel and all he ended up doing was digging his own grave. If he had known just how dangerous this white mist region was, he certainly would not have foolishly rushed in.

Slowing walking towards him, Yang Kai came before Chi Xue and punched out. Whether it was consciously or simply on instinct, Chi Xue responded with his own palm strike.

Yang Kai dodged sideways to avoid him while unleashing a Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast into Chi Xue’s body. Soon after a few muffled thuds could be heard as Chi Xue’s body flew out.

There was no doubt about this battle’s outcome; Chi Xue had already lost his mind, and was only left with his True Element Seventh Stage cultivation. Even with such might, he was unable to utilise even a fraction of his true strength, in less than thirty breaths of time Yang Kai ended his life with a heavy palm strike.

(Silavin: It was a pretty fast end if you think about it. Around 3 chapters? True Martial World had a battle spanning for around 20 chapters!!!)

Collecting the newly condensed Blood Bead, Yang Kai once again sat down and continued the painful process of enhancing his Soul.

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