Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 261

Trembling as she tightly gripped her fists, Zi Mo whispered, “If I give you the beast slave technique, will you let me leave?”

“I only promise you’ll die without pain!” Wu Cheng Yi’s face remained cold.

Hearing this, Zi Mo’s face paled, as she desperately tried to hold back her anger and fear, “I give you what you want yet you still insist on acting so ruthless? Do you not even have a shred of humanity?”

Wu Cheng Yi only showed a gloating smile, “It is human nature to only respect the strong, why do I need to discuss what is humane with you?”

In the middle of his speech, Wu Cheng Yi’s expression suddenly became cold, and a glint flashed across his eyes as he released a few Sword Qi waves from his fingertips to attack the ground a few steps in front of his feat.

As soon as the Sword Qi waves had struck, a few bloody spurts of liquid flew up from the ground. They were the Soul Controlling Insects which Zi Mo had secretly released towards Wu Cheng Yi.

“Little bitch!” Wu Cheng Yi cursed, though he had been wary of this Tian Lang Dynasty slut up until now, he had not thought that she would have this kind of hidden hand. If he had not been wary enough and one of the those strange insects had made it into his body, he would definitely have suffered.

“You’ve brought this fate onto yourself, when I catch you I’ll start by slicing off your hands and feet, while keeping your alive so you I can listen to you scream and beg for death!” Wu Cheng Yi’s face filled with murderous intent, and he swung the sword in his hand as it released a glowing Sword Qi, which flew out like lightning towards Zi Mo.


Zi Mo cursed under her breath. Encountering this cold blooded Wu Cheng Yi had made her became quite helpless.

Making every attempt to dodge the incoming Sword Qi, Zi Mo flicked her hand in Wu Cheng Yi’s direction and sent a few strangely shaped flying blades towards him.

Wu Cheng Yi’s sword flickered, which caused small sparks to appear all around him as he accurately deflected all of her flying blades.

Zi Mo’s expression was bitter as she bit her lip. Though she managed to avoid having her vitals hit, she could not completely dodge the Sword Qi and wound up having her shoulder pierced.

Letting out a cry of pain, her shoulder soon spurt a touch of red.

Even though she had fallen into an absolute disadvantage, Zi Mo did not just sit back and wait to die. While she made efforts to distract Wu Cheng Yi, she quickly released all her remaining Soul Controlling Insects into the ground, with the hope that she would get lucky enough to have one of them make it into Wu Cheng Yi’s body, after which she could teach him an unforgettable lesson.

But after nearly suffering such a huge loss, how could Wu Cheng Yi possibly let his guard down?

Sending out waves of Sword Qi all around himself, he instantly crushed everything within a radius of a few tens of meters and killed all of Zi Mo’s Soul Controlling Insect in the process.

If one of these Soul Controlling Insects managed to make it into a human’s body, it was really powerful, and in the absence of heat it was completely fearless, but outside of a host, they were just simple insects. The Sword Qi Wu Cheng Yi had casually released was more than enough to destroy them.

Zi Mo was at her wits end. After her plot to use her Soul Controlling Insects had failed, she really had no other way to deal with Wu Cheng Yi. Just as she was about to despair, her eyes suddenly flashed a trace of surprise as she quickly looked behind Wu Cheng Yi. Her tired yet beautiful face instantly filled with a touch of joy and excitement.

This not so subtle change did not go unnoticed by Wu Cheng Yi.

With a faint unease welling up inside him, Wu Cheng Yi’s face suddenly became ruthless, so not ready to waste any more time, he swung his sword decisively to end things once and for all.

However, before his sword could fall, an ominous wind rapidly approached him from behind, which caused Wu Cheng Yi to deftly pivot and unleash a wide range slash to intercept the oncoming attack.

Sword Qi flashed, a fiery fist appeared, and the attacks from both sides collided and repelled one another with a loud explosion.

The new silhouette fell to the ground.

Wu Cheng Yi was also knocked back a dozen meters, but no trace of panic appeared on his face as he leisurely turned to look towards this newcomer, and upon seeing the other side’s face, he could not help sneering arrogantly, “So it’s you!”

“Hey hey, surprised to see me?” Yang Kai said sarcastically as he stared towards Wu Cheng Yi with great interest.

Earlier, when they were still inside the isolate world, Yang Kai had been trying to find Wu Cheng Yi in order to settle their grudge, but had instead ran into Chi Xue and ended up chasing him into the white mist and accidentally lost his opportunity.

But by some twist of fate he had managed to encounter him here. This was really a case of wearing out iron shoes to while searching only to find it inside ones house!

(Silavin: He did not need to bother his goddam time to search for Yang Kai. Why a metaphor here MoMo? Why?)

Calming the surprise in his heart, Yang Kai glanced over towards Zi Mo and showed a frivolous smile before teasing, “My Fair Beauty, you seem to be in a bad situation here!”

To which Zi Mo glared back at him and angrily replied “Hmph, if you had come just a bit later you’d have never seen me again!”

Meeting Yang Kai again after a few months, Zi Mo also didn’t quite know what to think. She had thought that in this life she would never face him again, and that she no longer had to worry about some other person torturing her Soul.

But now, it seems the Heavens had other plans and caused them to once again reunite. However, at this moment, Zi Mo was not concerned over her Soul being tormented, but was instead somewhat happy because, in any case, her life was now safe, andas for other things, they could be dealt with later.

Yang Kai tilted his head slightly as he examined her up and down and curiously inquired, “Aren’t you an elite disciples from the Sen Luo Temple, how did you end up so embarrassed like this?”

“You know shit!” Zi Mo viciously cursed, “Be careful of this guy, he is very strong, his True Qi is also much more potent and pure than my own.”

“He wouldn’t be Wu Cheng Yi if he wasn’t strong!” Yang Kai sneered.

As for how his True Qi was more rich and pure than Zi Mo’s, it was fairly easy to explain. Wu Cheng Yi had obtained a few drops of Brilliant Flame Liquid, a Yuan Qi quenching Precious Treasure. If his True Qi was not pure, it would be strange.

“I really did not expect you to be able to survive; your luck something to sneer at!” Wu Cheng Yi looked contemptuously at Yang Kai, the same way he had when they first met, his gaze was filled with cold disdain.

“Indeed, at least I am luckier than your Junior Brother who died so long ago.” Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly became cold as he stared daggers at Wu Cheng Yi.

“Hmph, since you know that I want your life, you should not have taken to initiative to appear in front of me! A person can’t always rely on luck to survive.” Wu Cheng Yi’s expression remained indifferent. The talk of Qi Jian Xing’s death did not bother him in the slightest.

“If you two boys are going to fight then why bother with all this nonsense!” Having just suffered so much at Wu Cheng Yi’s hands, Zi Mo hated him greatly, and now that Yang Kai had appeared, she suddenly became emboldened and was anxious for two of them to start battling to the death.

She was well aware of just how strong Yang Kai was. If they fought together, the two of them would definitely be able to suppress Wu Cheng Yi.

“She has a point!” Yang Kai nodded.

“I agree!” Wu Cheng Yi coldly snorted as he slowly raised his sword.

“I’ll attack from the front, Yang Kai you support me!” Zi Mo cried out.

“No, you support me!” Yang Kai said decisively. Done talking, he immediately rushed towards Wu Cheng Yi and launched a flurry of strikes. His originally calm aura suddenly radiated violent fluctuations.

“You …” Zi Mo’s eyes went wide with surprise, stunned by the overbearing oppression she felt coming from Yang Kai.

[He’s already broken through the True Element Boundary? Four months ago he was only a Separation and Reunion Eighth Stage, and even that realm was something he had recently promoted to. After only four months he actually managed to cultivate to the True Element Boundary? This kind of cultivation speed… isn’t it more than a little unreasonable?”]

But then thinking back, Zi Mo suddenly relaxed. She knew that this young man was nothing short of a monster. Him being able to break through this watershed shouldn’t be that surprising to her.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai and Wu Cheng Yi clashed countless times. Wu Cheng Yi’s sword images raged about while Yang Kai fists flew like lightning strikes. Their images flickered back and forth as one body covered in Sword Qi and one exuding Yang Qi fought to destroy one another.

As the World Energy swirled about, Zi Mo couldn’t help but squint. She was determined to help, but there was simply no way for her to intervene!

The two people before her were going all out without holding anything back. Their raging murderous auras clashed and blended together. Even if Zi Mo could find an opening to exploit, any aggressive action she took was bound to cause these two to instinctually launch simultaneous counterattacks.

How could she even think of interfering?

Yang Kai asking her to assist him was probably just him giving her some superficial face. Zi Mo’s only real option was to sit on the sidelines and watch as she didn’t even have the qualifications to intervene.

“Smelly man!” Zi Mo smiled wryly and then decisively floated away, deliberately opening up a thousand meter distance between her and the fight so as not get caught up in it.

Over the course of their exchange, Wu Cheng Yi’s expression underwent a dramatic change. His face showed shock and alarm. He had never dreamed that this little brat he had considered a total waste would have enough strength to fight on even terms with him. Flashing sword images struck violent fist pressures and blew each other apart. One side used ethereal sword technique, while the other exuded domineering might, and each one showed their own unique style. Yet, after many clashes neither could come out on top!

In less time than it takes to drink half a cup of tea, the two sides had already exchanged hundreds of blows, and their True Qi burst out in all directions. As the fight went on, Wu Cheng Yi’s mood became more and more solemn while Yang Kai’s grew increasingly violent, and his face filled with extreme excitement, like some kind of demon that had encountered a stripped naked stunning beauty.

*Peng…* With a loud bang, the two flew apart.

Wu Cheng Yi grunted as he flew back, and his mouth leaked a trace of blood.

Yang Kai had also been hit and suffered a bloody gash on his chest from Wu Cheng Yi’s sword.

Separating more than three hundred meters, the two stood steadily.

“Hahaha! Wonderful!” Although he had been injured and was bleeding, Yang Kai still let out a hearty laugh.

This was a real battle, a fight which made his blood boil, an epic struggle between two men trying to destroy one another. Although he hated Wu Cheng Yi and held a deep resentment towards him, Yang Kai was forced to admit that this young man was truly strong.

After all, this True Element Boundary Eighth Stage cultivator before him even had True Qi as pure and rich as his own!

“You are indeed strong!” Wu Cheng Yi stared deeply at Yang Kai, a touch of dismay in his eyes, seemingly reluctant to believe that this shitty little brat from a second-class Sect was able to compete with himself.

“Thank you!” Yang Kai grinned maliciously.

“I admit, before I had greatly underestimated you! It seems that my Junior Brother did not die because of some accident but instead died by your hand.” Wu Cheng Yi slowly spun his sword, and raise it once again.

“You sent him to kill me in secret; you should have considered that possibility.”

“So you admit it!” Wu Cheng Yi continued to spin his sword.

“Want to avenge him?” Yang Kai sneered.

“His death was his own fault, it means nothing to me! But since today you dare to fight with me, you will not leave here alive!” Wu Cheng Yi’s aura suddenly became violent as he coldly shouted, “The dignity of my Nine Star Sword Sect cannot be stained, the dignity of I, Wu Cheng Yi, cannot be trampled upon! Even the sons of the Eight Great Families are only allowed to look up at me, much less a no-name waste like you!”

“Sword Body!” Roaring, Wu Cheng Yi’s Sword Qi suddenly burst out and formed into thousands of tiny sword blades, which endlessly circled around him.

This Martial Skill was exceptional at both offence and defence. Yang Kai had previously seen it when he had fought Qi Jian Xing, but when Wu Cheng Yi cast it, the aura it gave off was far stronger.

This dazzling Sword Body skill was an extremely lethal technique.

“Come accept your death, I’ll make sure it’s as painful as possible!” Wu Cheng Yi, like he had just taken some strange medicine, shouted excitedly. His sword was pointing straight at Yang Kai, and it emitted a cold domineering glow.

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