Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 264

Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes, staring in the direction she disappeared as a light smile surfaced on his face.

“Young Master, just now that little girl directed some killing intent towards you, but for some reason she hesitated and finally gave up!” Old Demon took the initiative to remind him as he had constantly been vigilant of Zi Mo’s movements and had clearly been aware of her hidden thoughts.

“I know. She has made a wise choice.” Yang Kai nodded slightly and then re-closed his eyes.

Half a day later, Zi Mo returned with a lot of dry wood as well as some freshly hunted game.

Lighting a fire and roasting her catch, Zi Mo sat quietly next to the bonfire and warmed herself while she waited for Yang Kai to wake up.

Three days later.

Just as Zi Mo was cursing Yang Kai under her breath, a faint Sword Dao suddenly began floating around him, causing Zi Mo’s pretty face to instantly pale; jumping to her feet as she raised her vigilance, she quickly looked in the direction the Sword Dao was originating from.

In the next instant, her face showed an expression of shock.

The Sword Dao she had felt was actually coming from the place where Yang Kai was healing himself.

This Sword Dao was very familiar to Zi Mo, it gave off exactly the same impression as the one Wu Cheng Yi emitted when he had activated his ultimate sword skill, but now it was actually being reproduced from Yang Kai’s body.

Zi Mo gazed towards Yang Kai’s direction suspiciously, her brow thoroughly creased.

Gradually, the Sword Dao became stronger and stronger, the speed at which it was growing fast enough to be clearly felt, and after just a cup of tea worth of time, it was already powerful enough to make Zi Mo’s beautiful face pale slightly.

It was like the dead Wu Cheng Yi had suddenly resurrected and once again cast his earth-shattering sword skill!

*Boom …*

The cave in which Yang Kai had been meditating suddenly burst open; dust flew about as a silhouette emitting a tinge of red light leapt out from inside the explosion.

Zi Mo cried out in shock as she hurriedly retreated, landing a short distance away, she looked over and saw Yang Kai standing there motionless, his eyes still closed while in his hands was a blood-red sword type artifact.

His True Qi fluctuated rapidly as he radiated an aura of invincibility. The sword in his hands seemingly like an extension of his body.


The crimson sword suddenly gave off a piercing cry, and as the sound rang out, Yang Kai’s True Qi aura seemed to further intensify as a hundred Sword Qi blades began appearing around him.

Then another hundred blades appeared…

A moment later, Yang Kai’s surroundings had become a world of swords.

It was exactly the same scene as a few days ago, one that shocked anyone who saw it to their core.

Zi Mo gasped as she covered her mouth involuntarily, astonished beyond belief.

[On that day, Wu Cheng Yi had said that this Sword Skill was the Nine Star Sword Sect’s ultimate martial skill. How is he suddenly able to cast it?]

On top of that, the number of Sword Qi blades he was able to condense was significantly more compared to when Wu Cheng Yi had cast this sword skill. Even though that day Wu Cheng Yi had used every last drop of True Qi he had, he was still only able to condense slightly more than two thousand Sword Qi blades, but right now, Yang Kai had summoned around three thousand blades.

These three thousand or so blades were Yang Kai’s current limit, and doing so had already caused him great pressure.

With a wave of his hand, these three thousand Sword Qi blades instantly gathered together and merged, leaving behind only a hundred blades.

These hundred sword blades, each containing a huge amount of devastating Sword Qi, suddenly flew forward.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

The region in front of Yang Kai was instantly riddled with explosions, causing the Heavens and Earth to shatter!

His eyes still closed, Yang Kai carefully sensed all of this, his expression incomparably serious.

Nine Star Sword Sect’s ultimate martial skill, a Mysterious Grade sword skill, was truly powerful!

This attack’s instantaneous burst of power was no weaker than Yang Kai’s Star Mark, but at the same time, the amount of True Qi required to display it was also extraordinary. It was no wonder Wu Cheng Yi looked completely exhausted after only casting it once.

However, this Ten Thousand Swords Piercing One had many advantages over Star Mark.

This Martial Skill was composed of two parts, the first part being the use of True Qi to create Sword Qi blades, which themselves could be used as a powerful attack, but then a second step was taken to merge and condense these Sword Qi blades into a more potent destructive force. If one cultivated this Martial Skill to the grand accomplishment stage, they would be able to form a single world destroying blade!

Wu Cheng Yi had obviously not reached this step, while Yang Kai was also quite far off from it.

However, being able to learn this profound sword skill, Yang Kai was also very satisfied. At least, when he later used the Asura Sword, he would no longer have to be resigned to blindly hacking away at his enemies. Instead, he could also bring out this powerful sword skill.

Throughout this process, the True Qi within his body had also undergone some kind of change, giving Yang Kai some kind of new sentiment. Rapidly flowing within his meridians, Yang Kai’s True Qi felt like it had become as sharp as a sword, emitting a faint whining sound. Immersing himself in this feeling, Yang Kai’s face became solemn as he stood motionless.

Half an hour later, an invisible bubble suddenly burst out around him, causing Yang Kai to shiver, his eyes instantly shooting open.

True Element Boundary Second Stage!

With the benefits he gained from comprehending this Mysterious Grade martial skill, Yang Kai had managed to further increase his cultivation by a minor realm.

Smiling brightly, Yang Kai quickly put away the Asura Sword.

Hearing footsteps behind him, Yang Kai turned around to find Zi Mo staring at him, her gaze filled with confusion and curiosity.

Stopping a few tens of meters away, although her pretty face still flashed a calm, seductive smile, in the depths of her eyes there was also an unmistakable trace of vigilance and dread; just now, right in front of her, Yang Kai had achieved a miraculous breakthrough.

But this breakthrough was too strange; up until it happened, he had not shown any of the usual signs. Regardless, witnessing the blistering pace he cultivated at once again filled Zi Mo with admiration and envy.

After a long silence, Zi Mo only said, “Since you’ve woken up, I’ll take my leave.”

She did not ask Yang Kai why he had suddenly comprehended Wu Cheng Yi’s Sword Skill, as doing so would only bring her more harm than good. Zi Mo was a smart woman, naturally she understood how to open one eye and close the other.

“Where will you go?” Yang Kai tilted his head and asked with a smile.

Surprised for a moment, Zi Mo paused, smiled gently, and then said in a soft charming voice, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m going to return to the Tian Lang Dynasty.”

After speaking these words, she covered her mouth and spoke flirtatiously, “Why? Can’t I go home?”

“Of course you can’t leave.” Yang Kai grinned, saying in a manner that allowed no refusal, “After this you will follow me.”

Zi Mo was stunned, but somehow managed to keep up her smile, “How can I follow you? Don’t you know that I’m a Tian Lang Dynasty person; if I return with you to your Sect, everywhere I go, people will stare at me with unfriendly eyes. I’d rather not have to deal with that.”

“As long as you wear more conservative clothes you’ll look no different from an ordinary Great Han Dynasty woman. I insist. I could use a little maid to wait on me, things like pouring my tea and warming my bed.” Yang Kai said with a completely serious face.

The colour slightly draining from her face, Zi Mo forced herself to keep smiling, “Do you really mean that?”

“What do you think?”

Hearing something inside her snap, Zi Mo finally could not take it anymore, her smile gradually fading from her face as her eyes went cold and filled with endless hatred, grimacing as she cursed, “Are you also going to be so unreasonable? I kindly waited here for three days, took care of you in every way, but now that you’ve woken up, you still want to force me to be your maid? If I had known things would turn out like this I should have killed you while you were still recovering…”

Suddenly realizing that her real thoughts had leaked from her lips, Zi Mo quickly covered her mouth as she timidly observed Yang Kai reaction, letting out an awkward laugh, “I… I was just thinking about it, I wouldn’t really have tried to attack you… please don’t be upset…”

“Hahaha!” Yang Kai burst into laughter.

Hearing his wanton laughter, Zi Mo face became more and more dignified, biting her red lips as her eyebrows knit, she simply could not see through what was in Yang Kai’s heart.

“Well, I was just joking with you,” Yang Kai grinned mischievously. “Why are you taking things so seriously?”

“Joking with me?” Zi Mo’s pretty face became increasingly cold, grinding her teeth as she asked bitterly.

“En,” he replied, “I won’t take you back.”

“Do you have a woman waiting for you?” Zi Mo’s eyes suddenly flashed.

To her pointed question, Yang Kai only let out a silly laugh.

Seeing this, Zi Mo couldn’t help coldly snorting. Thinking back to when Yang Kai had acted so presumptuously towards her back inside the isolated world, a sudden bitterness rose up in her heart. Her courage suddenly being stimulated by these unpleasant memories, she gracefully stepped forward, tilted her head to the side slightly, walked up to Yang Kai and tightly pressed herself onto him, grabbing his arm and squeezing it between her proud peaks.

“I’ve changed my mind; I want to go back with you.” Zi Mo turned her eyes up and glared at Yang Kai defiantly. “I’d like to see what kind of woman can make you, this shameless man, so obedient.”

Looking down towards her, Yang Kai grinned with interest.

“You don’t dare?” Zi Mo smiled disdainfully.

“Girl, you should be careful when playing with fire!” Yang Kai said as an evil smile appeared on his face.

(Silavin: Ohhhhh! Damn!)

Zi Mo’s beautiful face twitched. Suddenly remembering everything she had experienced in that isolated world, she hurriedly separated herself from Yang Kai, like she was trying to avoid a poisonous snake or scorpion, grinding her teeth as her breathing became slightly ragged.

[I really don’t have the ability to compete with him. With this damn brand on my Soul, if I really provoke this big shameless wolf, then right here in this wilderness…]

“Hmph, I’m leaving. I pray that in this life I will never see you again. I pray that your woman dumps you so that you’ll be lonely for the rest of your life!” Zi Mo viciously spat.

“Wait!” Yang Kai said with a frown.

“You still want something?” Zi Mo’s heart jumped, she was extremely unwilling to stay with Yang Kai a moment longer.

But as she was watching him warily, Zi Mo saw Yang Kai take out a few bottles from his pants pocket, then from two of the bottles pour a drop from each into two new bottles before throwing them to her.

Catching these bottles, Zi Mo suspiciously asked, “What are these?”

“A drop of Brilliant Flame Liquid and a drop of Soul Cleansing Dew!”

Zi Mo was startled, glancing towards Yang Kai as a look of shock spread across her face.

Somewhat unable to believe the words he had just said, she quickly opened up the bottles and took a sniff.

“You’re giving these to me?” Determining that these two bottles really did contain drops of Brilliant Flame Liquid and Soul Cleansing Dew, Zi Mo held these Precious Treasures close to her chest, her hands grasping them very tightly.

Yang Kai simply nodded, “Compensation for all the times I bullied you.”

Zi Mo’s pretty face suddenly blushed slightly as she stared at Yang Kai, after a long time only managing to softly say, “You… it seems that I was mistaken… You’re not such a bad man after all…”

“What? Have you been charmed by me? It’s not too late to change your mind you know.” Yang Kai grinned.

“No!” Zi Mo shouted, her face suddenly becoming very serious, “Rest assured, I will only use these in secret and will not expose you. In the future, if you ever visit the Tian Lang Dynasty, make sure to come to the Sen Luo Temple to find me, I will be sure to entertain you well… heh heh heh…”

As she spoke this last sentence, Zi Mo gnashed her teeth in anger.

“Well then, you useless playboy, take care!” Zi Mo giggled, lightly turned her back to Yang Kai, activated her movement skill, and soon disappeared.

At last, she could finally escape Yang Kai’s control! Thinking so, Zi Mo felt like she had shed a great weight from her heart.

Although her Soul still bore his brand, with Yang Kai in the Great Han Dynasty, and her in Tian Lang Dynasty, what was there to fear? On top of that, once she returned to her Sect, she could simply ask her master to see if there was any way to lift this mark from her.

Staring towards the direction Zi Mo had disappeared, Yang Kai smiled for a while before he turned around and shot out like a meteor.

Quickly traveling to the place he had battled Wu Cheng Yi a few days prior, Yang Kai discovered that Wu Cheng Yi’s body had disappeared while nearby a newly excavated mound had appeared, it should be the results of Zi Mo dealing with things.

[This woman, she’s quite meticulous.]

A day later, Yang Kai arrived at a nearby town, spent some money to hire a carriage and informed the driver of his destination before entering a state of retreat inside the cabin in order to consolidate his new True Element Boundary Second Stage cultivation.

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