Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 266

When the group of people chasing behind her saw this scene, all of them became excited and rushed up to where their prey had fallen, instantly surrounding her.

“Little slut! Let’s see where you run now!” The group’s leader shouted in anger. His body exuded an Evil Qi.

The rest of his men were also smiling deviously, and several of them looked up and down the girl’s plump, feminine body. Their eyes flashed an unhidden obscene light.

Yang Kai saw everything, and upon seeing the look in these men’s eyes, his expression suddenly became cold.

[These guys… they’re definitely not a good bunch!]

The girl looked around resentfully as she bit her lip and shivered in fear while observing the burly men, desperately looking for a way to escape. Her strength wasn’t great, only Peak Separation and Reunion Boundary, and now that she was surrounded by these people, there was nowhere she could run.

With her big teary eyes she glared over towards Yang Kai and screamed, “You shameless bastard, I hope you die a horrible death, your soul destroyed, and suffer Heaven’s wrath…”

If it had not been for Yang Kai’s actions, she would have already escaped into Medicine King’s Valley and been safe. Thinking about this, the girl naturally felt wronged and angry.

Hearing this, Yang Kai lightly snorted then turned away!

Although he knew that this group of thugs were not a good sort, the girl’s actions had also made him furious, so he decided to give her a good scare.

Seeing him act so ruthlessly, the girl’s blood went cold.

A few of the thugs surrounding the girl also saw Yang Kai attempting to leave and signaled to each other with their eyes. Two of them quietly leapt out while thrusting their drawn swords towards Yang Kai’s backs.

These people felt that, regardless of whether the two kids were cousins or not, since he had already seen them here, there was no reason to let him live.

When the girl tried to call out to warn Yang Kai, a sword blade tip was pressed against her neck, which sent a shiver down her back and caused her to immediately swallow her words.

Both of the pouncing thugs were Peak Separation and Reunion Boundary cultivators, almost the same state as the girl herself. Moving as fast as the wind, they soon came right up behind Yang Kai, and a cold light flashed as their swords slashed towards Yang Kai.

The girl couldn’t help but shriek as her pair of big round eyes squinted up causing her long eyelashes to tremble. At this moment she couldn’t help feeling regret.

She felt she really shouldn’t have dragged this unknown young man into her troubles. Just now, she had simply been too anxious about being chased. The thought had flashed across her mind and she had cried out, but she was only looking to ease the pressure she felt, not sentence him to death.

But as Yang Kai was walking forward, when the swords approached his back, his body suddenly drifted forward and magically avoided the two attacks, like he had eyes in the back of his head.

Turning around, Yang Kai lightly glanced at his two assailants as an evil grin slowly spread across his face, and an eerie laugh soon escaped from his lips.

This sudden change startled the two thugs, and a cold sweat emerged on their necks as they realized that the youth in front of them definitely was not weak. Roaring, they pushed their Yuan Qi and launched another attack towards Yang Kai.

Two fist shadows flew through the air, and before the two big thugs had time to react, they felt a strong force smash into their bodies and send them flying back.

As they flew, the pair coughed up blood before falling to the ground and died on impact.

“Jie Jie Jie Jie…” Old Demon cackled as he attacked, in that isolate world he could not play much of a role, so now that they had finally come out, naturally he wanted to show off his skills.

A black gas dashed out into the air and made its way into the two dead men before once more emerging.

When the group of thugs’ leader saw his two henchmen instantly killed, his expression also changed greatly. He tightly gripped the long sword he held against the girl’s neck and coldly shouted, “Kill him!”

The rest of the thugs couldn’t help gulping, but they still let out a vicious roar and ferociously charged towards Yang Kai.

“Jie Jie…” Old Demon struck again, which caused the group of thugs to cry out in surprise as this strange artifact darted to and fro. One of them engaged Old Demon’s Soul Breaker Awl, attempting to knock him down, while the rest of the group flew towards Yang Kai.

*Peng Peng Peng…*

Three muffled thuds rang out as the thugs who had just rushed Yang Kai involuntarily flew out, each of their chests were crushed and caved in.

Since the beginning of this year, Yang Kai had been fighting against numerous Elite Disciples from various Great Forces. These Elite Disciples each had the ability to fight and even kill ordinary cultivators who were two or three more Minor Realms above themselves.

However, these so called elites had all been thoroughly thrashed by Yang. Even the strongest of them all, Wu Cheng Yi, could not escape death at his hands.

After all that, how could these pieces of trash be Yang Kai’s opponents?

One person, one strike, none of them even had the opportunity to resist. Those who were weaker died instantly, while a few stronger ones simply collapsed on the ground after completely losing the ability to fight.

As the three bodies fell to the ground, Old Demon did not bother restraining himself, and immediately dashed over and consumed their Souls.

Old Demon’s previous opponent had not even had time to flee before he was caught by Yang Kai, a hand gripping his head before he felt a violent twist.

With a crisp cracking sound, the man’s neck was snapped and his body limply fell down.

Ignoring the body of this dead man, Yang Kai glared coldly at the burly man holding his sword against the girl’s neck and slowly stepped towards him. His True Qi rampaged outside his body, his clothes billowed even without any wind, and he looked just like a majestic Slaughtering God.

The girl’s mouth was now as round as a circle, utterly shocked as she gazed towards Yang Kai. She had never thought that this young man she had tried to drag into the muddy water with her would be so tyrannical!

He didn’t look much older than her, so how could he be so powerful?

As she watched, a deep sense of terror flickered across her big round eyes. Compared to this group of thugs who had been chasing her for these past few days, Yang Kai was far more frightening, like a blood-stained executioner.

He killed people as simply and easily as killing ants, and even his casual expression, from beginning to end, never changed in the slightest. His eyes didn’t even blink once.

Human lives were like dust to him, something he could casually brush aside.

With the girl being so frightened, how could the burly man restraining her not be?

Although he was a True Element Boundary Fourth Stage cultivator, at the moment his blood ran cold and his Soul had been petrified. He was very clear on his own henchmen’s strength. He could easily deal with any of them one on one, but it would be impossible for him to casually slaughter them all like this youth had just done.

“This friend, everything that happened here was just a misunderstanding!” This burly thug leader’s forehead dripped with cold sweat as he fearfully watched Yang Kai approach, letting out a stiff laugh, “There’s no previous grudges between us, so how about we end things here?”

Yang Kai simply remained indifferent, not saying a word.

“It’s true that I had eyes but did not see and was the first to wrong you, but you’ve already killed so many of us, is there really a need to be so ruthless?” The burly man pleaded again and again, never once moving his sword from the girl’s neck.

Seeing Yang Kai still unmoved, the burly leader knew that that negotiation was impossible so instead he resolved to be ruthless. His expression turned grim as he grit his teeth, “If you come any closer, I’ll run my sword through her neck!”

“Go ahead and kill her! You’ll follow right after!” Yang Kai’s pace didn’t slow in the slightest.

The burly leader was soaked in sweat. As the young man stepped closer, he felt like a giant mountain was slowly pressing down on him, stifling his breath. Pushing his True Qi nervously, the hand gripping his sword trembled slightly, which caused the girl to cry out involuntarily as she felt the cold blade slightly pierce into her neck and a warm wisp of liquid slowly drip from the wound.

“You think I won’t kill her?” The burly leader tried to threaten.

However, before he had finished speaking, Yang Kai eyes squinted and an invisible force burst forth from his mind straight into the burly leader’s Soul.

This was the power of his Divine Sense!

One’s Divine Sense was not only used to perceive the surrounding situation, but could also be used as a means of attack. Yang Kai had never attempted this before, but he took this slightly risky opportunity to give it a try.

As Yang Kai’s Divine Sense lashed out, the burly leader was momentarily stunned, and by the time he recovered all he could see was the youth opposite him rapidly approaching him and stretching out a big hand to seize his sword.

The burly leader let out a roar and rapidly pushed his True Qi, and ruthlessly tried to cut through the girl’s neck, determined to drag her down with him.

Yang Kai eyes flashed quickly as he launched a palm strike towards the burly man’s face while sweeping his foot towards the young girl, forcing her away from the path of the blade.

As the blade light flashed, the girl fell to the side with a few less strands of hair while the burly leader hurriedly dodged backwards, avoided Yang Kai’s palm and simultaneously dragged his sword out of his grip, leaving behind a long sound on Yang Kai’s other palm.

Yang Kai face remained serious and calm. Taking advantage of this opening, he clenched his bloody fist and sent a punch into the burly man’s chest.

[Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast!]

The thug leader was still a True Element Fourth Stage cultivator, so even though he had taken Yang Kai hit unprepared, he didn’t instantly lose all ability to resist. His sword slashed out, as he desperately tried to kill the enemy before him.

As the two fought, the Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast’s True Qi exploded inside his body with three loud thuds, which caused the burly leader’s face to suddenly become pale.

Old Demon did not miss this opportunity and immediately rushed in to assist Yang Kai.

After a dozen or so exchanges, the burly leader’s chest was smashed in by Yang Kai.

The light gradually faded from his eyes, and the burly leader’s face filled with bitterness as he muttered, “Monster…”

Old Demon laughed and sunk his Soul Breaker Awl into the man’s body, and then devoured his Soul. Then he immediately turned into black gas after and darted into Yang Kai’s body.

“Young Master, did you feel that?” Old Demon whispered.

“Yeah…” Yang Kai nodded as he used his True Qi to clean the blood from himself, “The Yuan Qi of these guys was very violent, like it was cultivated by some kind of evil Secret Art, or they had fallen onto the Devil’s Path.”

Cultivators at the Separation and Reunion Boundary would have two paths appear before them in their minds, so this state was named Separation and Reunion.

If they drowned themselves in the thrill seeking power, unable to suppress their raging emotions and desires, this was the so-called Devil’s Path! These people were generally more brutal, bloodthirsty, and violent.

There are many cultivators like this. The higher their strength, the more prominent their performance, and ultimately these people would step onto a different cultivation path than others. The people Yang Kai had just killed were an example of this case.

Compared with the orthodox cultivation path, no one could really make clear which method was better, but overall, the Devil’s Path was still normally frowned upon.

In this world, the largest gathering place for these Devil Path practitioners was the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land!

Within its range of thousands of kilometers, several Devil Lords gathered and everywhere you went there were Devil Path cultivators.

Originally, the High Heaven Pavilion Great Elder had given a promotion order to Yang Kai, which instructed him to go to the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land and behead a Devil Path cultivator whose cultivation realm was no lower than his own, but that was ultimately rejected by Yang Kai.

However, the question was… how did this young girl wind up provoking these people?

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