Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 269

“Really?” Yang Kai grinned strangely.

“Do you think I’d lie to you?” Dong Qing Yan straightened herself up and patted her chest, “Rest assured, I promise you that I can get you where you want to go!”

“Heh heh…” Yang Kai smile only became grimmer, his eyes staring at Dong Qing Yan.

Seeing this smile filled with evil and obscenity, Dong Qing Yan couldn’t help but feel a chill run up her back, quietly swallowed her breath before timidly saying, “Your laughter is scaring me.”

Yang Kai finally straightened up his face and no longer danced around the issue with her, “Tell me, how do you know about this?”

“What?” Dong Qing Yan stuttered, her expression looking quite unnatural.

“Know where I want to go.” Yang Kai squinted at her and shook her finger, “Don’t tell me that your brother told you, Dong Qing Han, would ever be so careless!”

In the Dong Family Medicine Shop, Dong Qing Han had told Dong Qing Yan to leave the room before he spoke with Yang Kai, clearly not wanting her to know Yang Kai’s true identity, so how could he decide to involve her all of a sudden?

On top of that, the two of them had spoken less than an hour ago; one hour earlier Dong Qing Han had been helpless to assist him, but now after such a short time he had suddenly come up with a way?

Then there was his little female cousin’s rapidly shifting eyes; what would be strange is if Yang Kai couldn’t see that something else going on here.

“My brother really did tell me.” Dong Qing Yan continued to insist.

Yang Kai simply laughed, reached out, grabbed Dong Qing Yan by the arm, and dragged her out.

“Wait… what are you trying to do!?” Dong Qing Yan stubbornly tried to resist, crying out in fright.

Yang Kai frowned, “You keep shouting and I’ll knock you out first!”

Dong Qing Yan quickly shut her mouth but her desperate resistance did not stop; however, with her strength being so much lower than Yang Kai’s, how could she hope to escape? In the blink of an eye she had already been dragged to the door.

“What are you going to do with me?” Dong Qing Yan whimpered towards Yang Kai.

“Take you back to Dong Qing Han, I’m certain he’s still around!”

“Don’t! I finally managed to sneak out; if you send me back I’ll be finished for sure!” Dong Qing Yan frantically begged.

Yang Kai grinned, “Then tell me, how do you know about my plans?”

“Okay, okay, okay! I’ll tell you!”

Hearing this, Yang Kai finally released her.

Dong Qing Yan glared angrily at Yang Kai as she rubbed her sore wrist and slowly fixed her disordered clothes before sitting herself back down on the bed.

“Remember, if you dare lie to me, I’ll immediately send you back to your brother.” Yang Kai declared.

“I eavesdropped on your conversation.” Dong Qing Yan admitted as she shyly glanced at Yang Kai, but upon seeing his expression darken, she quickly added, “I’m not lying to you, I really did overhear you while I was eavesdropping.”

Yang Kai smirked, “How did you manage that? You’re only a Peak Separation and Reunion cultivator, how could you avoid the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards’ Divine Senses?”

When he was talking to Dong Qing Han, the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards had constantly been monitoring the nearby surroundings, so if Dong Qing Yan was really eavesdropping, she would certainly have been caught by those two old men.

“Naturally I have my ways.” Dong Qing Yan said with a triumphant look on her face as she sat on the edge of the bed, her two legs dangling back and forth.

Seeing the look of distrust on Yang Kai’s face, Dong Qing Yan was quite unhappy, “I am the Dong Family’s Young Lady; how could I not have one or two self-defense artifacts … ugh…”

“Artifact?” Yang Kai’s brow slightly lifted, his face showing a look of surprise, what kind of artifact could allow someone to hide from and Immortal Ascension master’s Divine Sense? Not to mention the cultivation of the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards was no doubt around the top of the Immortal Ascension Boundary, probably around the seventh or eighth stage; being able to deceive them, the power of this artifact was really not small.

Noticing that she had leaked something she shouldn’t, Dong Qing Yan looked cautiously towards Yang Kai and whispered, “I’ll show it to you if you promise not to take it from me.”

Hearing this, Yang Kai was suddenly dumbstruck, but still silently nodded; after all, he was indeed quite curious about this so-called artifact.

Seeing him promise, Dong Qing Yan carefully removed the piece of ancient jade from her sleeve.

Yang Kai carefully examined this dark yellow piece of ancient jade color. At first it seemed to be a natural piece of jade, but there were some jagged lines on its surface which had clearly been engraved by someone.

When Dong Qi Yan channeled her Yuan Qi into it, Yang Kai was stunned to discover that all traces of her aura had instantly disappeared.

Dong Qing Yan quickly said, “Since you haven’t yet reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary and gained the use of your Divine Sense, you wouldn’t understand just how amazing this artifact is, but I really did not lie to you. I used this to hide myself from those two old men.”

As she was speaking, Yang Kai had used his Divine Sense to examine the area where she was sitting and found that, just as she had said, his Divine Sense passed right through her, finding nothing unusual, if had closed his eyes, it wouldn’t been like no one was ever there.

This artifact was definitely not ordinary!

“Put it away, and don’t ever expose it to strangers,” Yang Kai said seriously.

Dong Qing Yan giggled happily, “Of course I won’t do that, I’m not a fool!”

As she spoke she carefully stored the ancient jade.

“So, how much did you hear?” Yang Kai asked with a grin.

“Probably… almost all of it.” Dong Qing Yan stuck out her tongue.

“How much did you understand?”

“I know you want to go to the Pill Saint’s Peak; I also know… you really are my cousin…” Dong Qing Yan was also shocked; something she had shouted out randomly had turned out to be true.

“Earlier you said there was a way for me to get close to my goal, was that true?”

“Of course it’s true.” Dong Qing Yan nodded, her eyes suddenly flashing a mischievous light, “But now I don’t feel like telling you.”

Yang Kai suddenly understood, “You have conditions? Fine, name it!”

“Don’t let my brother catch me!” Dong Qing Yan quickly said.

Yang Kai frowned, he had long ago seen that this girl had snuck out of her home; Dong Qing Han appearing in Medicine King’s Valley was also probably because he had been chasing after her. Although he was technically related to her, in the end, this was a Dong Family internal matter, was it really a good idea for him to make a decision on his own?

A few days ago she was being chased by a group of evil thugs, if anything were to actually happen to her, would the Dong Family simply let it go?

“Cousin…” Seeing him pondering over things, Dong Qing Yan quickly put on a pitiful expression, lightly gripping Yang Kai’s arm as she pleaded, “It’s so suffocating and boring at home, I just wanted to go out for a walk. After a few days of playing outside I’ll go back, so don’t tell them, please?”

(Silavin: *Rolls eyes*)

Yang Kai remained silent.

Seeing that pleading alone wasn’t enough, Dong Qing Yan decided to use her last straw, “If you don’t help me, I… I’ll tell everyone that you’re a son of Yang Family, and then we’ll see what happens to you!”

Yang Kai couldn’t help rubbing his forehead as he felt a headache coming on.

If someone else had threatened him like this, he would have immediately killed them, but obviously he couldn’t do that to his little cousin in front of him.

After thinking for a while, Yang Kai finally said, “I’m going to tell Dong Qing Han that you’re here.”

The Dong Family’s Young Lady immediately jumped up and started cursing, “You heartless meanie! Smelly cousin, I hate you!”

“Let me finish!” Yang Kai stared at her, “Even though I’m going to tell your brother, I’ll also let you stay here if you don’t make trouble for me.”

“Deal!” Dong Qing Yan head bobbed up and down like a chick pecking rice. “I promise you I’ll be good!”

Shaking his head helplessly, Yang Kai began preparing a letter.

Meanwhile, at the Dong Family Medicine Shop, Dong Qing Han was furious, “She escaped? How could that be? Did all of you grow up eating nothing but shit!? Even with so many 0f you on guard, in the blink of an eye she just vanished?”

In front of him were several Dong Family disciples with their heads bowed down like whipped dogs; all of them silent, wanting to cry but unable to shed tears.

[There’s no helping it, with only our strength, in the ultra crowded Medicine King’s Valley town, and with the Young Lady’s mysterious methods, as soon as she slips into the crowd she can basically disappear. What else could we do?]

Although all of them were thinking so, none of them dared to say anything.

“What are you all still standing around stunned for, each and every one of you is worthless, get out there quickly and start looking, if you can’t find the Young Lady then don’t come back, just find some back alley and chop yourselves up to feed the dogs, useless idiots!” Dong Qing Han roared angrily.

The group of disciples, having suddenly been granted amnesty, hurriedly scattered like frightened birds and animals, silently muttering in their hearts, [You damn little girl, come back quickly or we’ll all end up dead].

“Young Master, inside the Medicine King’s Valley, fighting is strictly prohibited. The Young Lady won’t be in any danger so you shouldn’t worry too much. Maybe after a little while she’ll come back on her own.” One of the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards said.

“I’m afraid she might leave the valley.” Dong Qing Han said helplessly, “That little girl is simply too ignorant of the ways of the world, she just experienced a major crisis but she’s already forgotten about it and run off again!”

A look of anguish and regret filled his face.

The two old men glanced at each other, but in the end said nothing more.

As he was stewing in annoyance, a servant arrived at the doors, bowed, and asked, “Who is the Dong Family’s son?”

Dong Qing Han quickly replied, “I am!”

“Greetings Young Master Dong,” the servant said in a flattering tone, “A young gentleman instructed me to deliver a letter to you.”

Dong Qing Han’s face filled with surprise, “Where is it?”

The servant swiftly handed over a letter.

Quickly opening and reading through it, Dong Qing Han finally put down the boulder weighing on his heart.

Signaling towards the Wind and Cloud Dual Guards, one of them came up and gave the servant a few silvers before sending him on his way. Looking back and seeing his Young Master’s brow unwrinkled, he couldn’t help but ask, “Have we found the Young Lady’s whereabouts?”

Rubbing his sore forehead, Dong Qing Han let out a deep sigh and whispered, “Indeed, she went to Yang Kai’s place.”

“He just wrote me to say there’s no need to worry.”

Back at the inn, Yang Kai opened up a room for Dong Qing Yan next door to him. This thoughtful arrangement greatly increased the Dong Family Young Lady’s impression of him, “Cousin is the best!”

On the second day, when Dong Qing Han came over to visit, Yang Kai briefly explained his situation again as she smiled back at him impishly; with Dong Qing Yan threatening him so, he didn’t dare try to force things, if his identity as a direct descendant of the Yang Family was exposed it would be no joke.

Stuck in this situation he could only go along with his little cousin’s whims.

Time flew by, and soon seven or eight days had passed.

During these days, Yang Kai spent most of his time cultivating. Although Medicine King’s Valley town had many cultivators, the Heaven and Earth aura was quite abundant, so it was still considered a good place to cultivate.

From time to time, Dong Qing Yan would drag him out play, and after a few days Yang Kai surprisingly found that this little cousin of his was actually an Alchemist, even if her grade was not high, just a novice Common Grade Mid-Rank Alchemist.

She was the Dong Family’s first Young Lady, from small to large the family had spent a huge amount of effort and resources to cultivate her, whatever pill she wanted she could directly acquire it, so why would she need to learn Alchemy? Therefore, even if she showed a strong interest in Alchemy, she still had very little practical experience.

Now that she had come to Medicine King’s Valley, it was like directly ascending to Heaven, where everything around fascinated and amazed her.

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