Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 279

Xiao Fu Sheng also wore a quirky expression, quickly glancing back and forth between Xia Ning Chang and Yang Kai. Aunt Xiang and Aunt Lan by his side now completely confused.

After a moment, Dong Qing Yan quietly came up next to Yang Kai and poked him, “Hey… stop staring so much at each other. You are embarrassing everyone else.”

“Do you know each other?” Xiao Fu Sheng looked around and smiled.

Yang Kai nodded slightly, smiling as he performed a disciple’s greeting, “Treasurer Meng …”

Then turned around and gentle called, “Little Senior Sister!”

Xia Ning Chang exquisite ears completely flushed; slightly lowered her head and softly whispered, “Junior Brother…”

Her voice trembled, obviously disturbed.

“Keke…” Meng Wu Ya quickly coughed twice, forcefully interrupting this ambiguous atmosphere; then, not even bothering to return Yang Kai’s greeting, he shifted his eyes, “Old Man Xiao, a guest has come to visit you from far away, do you plan to have this old man stand around outside all day?”

Laughing, Xiao Fu Sheng quickly waved, “Brother Meng jests, please come inside to speak!”

Although he had a belly full of questions, Xiao Fu Sheng was still an experienced man, how could he not see that Meng Wu Ya’s apprentice and Yang Kai had some kind of subtle relationship? When they had first met, this little girl was only about twelve years old; at the time, Meng Wu Ya treated her as if she was his own daughter, and now this little girl was experiencing her first love. Obviously Meng Wu Ya would be concerned about this matter.

[It’s understandable! Such a pure and innocent girl, if she had worshipped him as her master, he would certainly be worried about her suffering any wrong.]

Meng Wu Ya and Xiao Fu Sheng slowly walked to his house, Xia Ning Chang nodding softly towards Yang Kai before keeping up with them.

Gently, Meng Wu Ya’s pointed voice drifted over, “My dear disciple, just look at this little bastard, he’s really too romantically unrestrained, everywhere he goes he had beauties accompany him, you have to carefully see his true nature.”

Xia Ning Chang simply nodded warmly.

“This old man…” Dong Qing Yan pursed her lips, a look of discontent appearing on her face.

Aunt Xiang and Aunt Lan couldn’t help chuckling, glancing teasingly towards Yang Kai for a while before also walking towards the house to pour tea for their guests.

“Cousin! Who is she!?” Waiting until they were the only ones left outside, Dong Qing Yan asked curiously.

“She’s a Senior Sister from High Heaven Pavilion.” Yang Kai replied lightly.

“Is she really just your Senior Sister?” Dong Qing Yan grinned meaningfully.

However, Yang Kai only glanced at her before walking back to his room.

Soon Dong Qing Yan was the only one standing there, pursing her lips as she pouted slightly. Her eyes glancing back and forth between the two houses for a moment before snorting, “Hmph, you think I can’t see what’s going on? I’m not just a child anymore!”

Thinking to herself for a little while, she suddenly began laughing mischievously.

Meng Wu Ya and Xia Ning Chang coming to Medicine King’s Valley was something completely unexpected for Yang Kai.

Although the Alchemist Summit would be held soon, and Yang Kai had thought that High Heaven Pavilion would also participate, but his Little Senior Sister possessed a special constitution, the Alchemist of the younger generation were simply unworthy of competing with her, if she were to participate, there would be no need to hold this Alchemist Summit, first place could be none other than her.

After a moment, his door was softly knocked upon. Yang Kai smiled, stood up, and opened the door, and sure enough, Xia Ning Chang waiting there.

“Junior Brother!” Xia Ning Chang’s star-like eyes flashed with joy as they reunited, gently calling out to him.

“Come inside first.” Yang Kai said as he opened the way.

Xia Ning Chang nodded and, like a fragrant wind, lightly stepped inside.

Yang Kai gently closed the door behind her.

“How come you’re here?” Yang Kai asked as he poured her a glass of water.

“Master said that the best Alchemist in this world lives here, so he brought me here so I could ask him for some guidance!” Xia Ning Chang responded as she quietly sat there; having gone more than a year without seeing him, obviously she felt a little nervous, but more than anything else she felt happy.

“En, Old Xiao certainly is the best Alchemist in this world.” Yang Kai nodded in agreement.

“How is it that Junior Brother is here?” Xia Ning Chang asked, “Didn’t you go to Nether Mountain?”

“It’s a long story,” Yang Kai smiled wryly, not elaborating, instead just saying, “There’s just one thing I want to do here.”

“Something you want to do? Can I help you?”

Yang Kai didn’t want to hide his plans from her, but around his house he could faintly feel a misty Divine Sense floating about; how could he not know it was Meng Wu Ya’s surveillance.

Grinning meaningfully, Yang Kai beckoned to Xia Ning Chang, leaning in towards her, bringing his mouth right up next to her ear.

Xia Ning Chang’s heart raced, her body suddenly stiffening up, blushing a bright shade of crimson, wanting to pull back but not daring to move, even subconsciously holding her breath.

Not seeming to care about her embarrassment, Yang Kai continued bringing his lips closer to her glowing red ear and softly whispered, “I want to go to Pill Saint’s Peak and see the Myriad Drug Pond.

“Uh…en…” Xia Ning Chang stuttered, her voice as quiet as a mosquito, replying unconsciously, her delicate fingers tightly gripped her cup, likely not having heard a word Yang Kai had said.

“Keke… kekeke…” In another house not far away, Meng Wu Ya began coughing violently again.

“Brother Meng!” Opposite of Meng Wu Ya, Xiao Fu Sheng watched dumbfounded, helplessly trying to comfort him, “Some things must be left to take their course, even if you want to prevent it there is nothing you can do.”

“I know…” Meng Wu Ya said wearily, nodding again and again, quietly retrieving his Divine Sense.

Although he was concerned about his apprentice’s wellbeing, he understood that he could not always spy upon her private life. But just thinking about how tens of meters away, his precious daughter and that damn little bastard boy were together, alone, in a room, getting closer to one another, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help feeling unwilling.

[Haa… what the eyes do not see, the heart does not grieve!]

In the other house, Xia Ning Chang’s body remained stone stiff, still feeling the hot breath that had brushed past her ear, her heart beating fiercely, unable to react until quite a long time has passed, “Ah… Junior Brother you want to go…”


Xia Ning Chang suddenly went silent, a moment later saying, “I have to go there too.”

“You’re going to visit there?” Yang Kai looked at her with surprise.

Xia Ning Chang nodded softly, “Master said that a profound truth is hidden there, possibly the essence of an Alchemy Grandmaster’s lifetime of experience, so he wanted to let me study it, I just don’t know if the elders here will be willing to accommodate such a request.

“If it is Little Senior Sister, Old Xiao might agree!” Yang Kai frowned and thought about it, a smile slowly appearing on his face.

He did not know what mysteries were hidden within the Myriad Drug Pond, but if Xia Ning Chang was able to carefully explore it first, it would be easier for him to act later.

Nothing would be better than him being able to go there himself, but even if Old Xiao had been very good to him, it was impossible to expect him to open the Myriad Drug Pond to him. On the other hand, Meng Wu Ya had once saved his life, and Xia Ning Chang possessed the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body. Making an exception so that she may visit the Myriad Drug Pond was not unreasonable.

[Little Senior Sister is always saving me, this time too.] Yang Kai thought to himself.

Just as he was feeling happy, Yang Kai suddenly looked towards the door, grinning deviously as he sent out a True Qi wave.

As soon as this wave hit the door, it suddenly burst open.

“Ah!” Dong Qing Yan who had eavesdropping outside by been pressing her ear against the door suddenly yelped as she lost her support and fell face first into the house.

“What are you sneaking around for?” Yang Kai said as he stared at her.

Dong Qing Yan quickly picked herself up, patted down the dust on her clothes, and giggled impishly, staring towards Xia Ning Chang with great interest.

“This is…” Xia Ning Chang curiously asked as she quietly got up.

“My cousin … the Dong Family’s precious Young Lady.” Yang Kai replied.

“Dong Family? Last time there was a member of the Dong Family who came to High Heaven Pavilion …”

“The very same Dong Family; the one who visited High Heaven Pavilion last time was her older brother.”

“So you are Young Lady Dong.”

“No need to be so polite, there are no outsiders here…” Dong Qing Yan didn’t think of herself as an outsider. Carefully examining the beautiful woman in front of her, staring at Xia Ning Chang’s slightly blushing face and smiling, “Are you… my sister-in-law?”

Xia Ning Chang nearly fell over, her heart suddenly thrown into chaos. Glancing back towards Yang Kai before frantically waving her hands, “N-n… no, yo… your sister-in-law is… is someone else…”

“Hmm… it seems like you will be sooner or later though.” Dong Qing Yan nodded her head slightly, her voice filled with confidence.

Straightening her back and pretending to lightly cough, Dong Qing Yan shuffled her way over to a nearby chair, sitting herself down in front of Xia Ning Chang and Yang Kai, staring at them with a pair of sparkling eyes, laughingly saying, “Well, pay no attention to me, carry on carry on!”

This little girl was also at the age where she was beginning to think about love, so naturally she was quite curious; now, finally having found a perfect example to learn from, her desire to study their interactions ran rampant.

Xia Ning Chang glanced around helplessly, panicking as she whispered, “Master seems to be calling me; I’ll leave first.”

Finished speaking, she hurriedly left.

Dong Qing Yan was stunned, her expression filling with disappointment and chagrin, frowning as she murmured, “Wrong… It should not be like this!”

“What are you thinking about now?” Yang Kai looked at her strangely.

“It’s your long awaited reunion, you… you should be more affectionate, whispering sweet words of love to each other, building up a passionate atmosphere and then… then…”

Arriving at this point, Dong Qing Yan also found herself becoming embarrassed, blushing involuntarily, trying to hide her face by bowing her head.

Yang Kai faintly sighed, “This really should be the case, but since you interrupted, such things were no longer possible, understand?”

Dong Qing Yan’s tender body trembled, suddenly feeling deeply guilty and regretful, “Oh cousin, I was wrong, and the next time you two are together I won’t bother you.”

“Hmph, well at least you know, now go on!” Yang Kai nodded seriously.


In the other room, Meng Wu Ya and Xiao Fu Sheng were chatting as they shared some tea.

After drinking a few cups, Meng Wu Ya grinned meaningfully and said, “Old Man Xiao, this old master’s purpose in coming this time, you should already know, correct?”

Xiao Fu Sheng chuckled lightly, put down his cup and nodded, “Of course I know, with regards to giving guidance about Alchemy, this old man has no objections, but your other request…”

“Hmm, is it inconvenient?”

“It is not inconvenient; however, it will depend on if she has the qualifications! If she is not qualified, then even if I allow her to visit the Myriad Drug Pond, it will simply be a waste; it costs quite a bit to open it after all.”

Hearing these words, Meng Wu Ya laughed heartily, “How can my apprentice not be qualified? If she cannot qualify, then no one under the Heavens can.”

“You are that confident?” Xiao Fu Sheng wrinkled his brow.

Meng Wu Ya smiled and nodded, “It is not my self-confidence, it is simply my confidence in her; if you don’t believe me, you can test her yourself!”

Xiao Fu Sheng was slightly startled, but more so intrigued, “Good! This old master is also interested now.”

“Chang’er!” Meng Wu Ya called out.

“Here!” Xia Ning Chang quickly responded.

“Old Man Xiao here wants to test your Alchemy skills, give him a demonstration; make sure not to disappoint him.” Meng Wu Ya laughed slyly.


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