Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 285

But just before reaching Hidden Cloud Peak’s summit, Meng Wu Ya had suddenly appeared and mercilessly slaughtered them.

With two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters suddenly dying, six nearby devil’s path masters learned that a strong master was guarding Hidden Cloud Peak, and all of them rushed over to attack. However, even with all of them attacking together, they couldn’t gain an upper hand. Although Meng Wu Ya only had a cultivation of peak Immortal Ascension, he still managed to single handedly hold all of them back.

All of Treasurer Meng’s Martial Skills contained huge lethality, and many of them were completely unfamiliar. Seeing these moves, the six attackers slowly became more and more frightened, after realizing they had kicked an iron plate.

What corner did this old guy suddenly jump out from? The six people were thoroughly confused. Wasn’t the only Immortal Ascension master on Hidden Cloud Peak, Xiao Fu Sheng?

Meanwhile, on the top of the peak, Xiao Fu Sheng calmly stood as he leisurely observed this battle.

Although he was also an Immortal Ascension master, his life had been dedicated to Alchem, so he was not proficient in fighting. Even if he utilized the Martial Skills he had cultivated, they wouldn’t be of any help.

The two dignified beauties stood behind him, and behind them were Dong Qing Yan and Xia Ning Chang. The four women each held some faint tension unlike Old Xiao’s indifferent calm.

“Young Master is back!” Old Demon suddenly called out, pleasantly surprised, and sure enough, the next moment, Yang Kai appeared on top of Hidden Cloud Peak.

Immediately after, the Soul Breaker Awl flew out towards Yang Kai ,who naturally reached out and grabbed it. The black gas quickly disappeared back into his body.

Xiao Fu Sheng only spared this whole process a glance, not even bothering to comment while Dong Qing Yan waved to Yang Kai, motioning him over.

“What happened here?” Yang Kai swiftly joined the crowd and inquisitively whispered.

“A day ago, the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land suddenly attacked Medicine King’s Valley. From how swiftly and menacingly they acted, they had clearly been plotting this for quite some time. After injuring or killing the masters from the various great forces standing guard in the Valley Town, they proceeded straight towards Medicine King’s Valley’s twelve peaks, capturing numerous disciples and various Alchemists who had come here to participate in the Alchemist Summit…”

Xia Ning Chang softly spoke about the current situation and all the relevant information she could remember.

Given this information, Yang Kai was also able to figure out a lot of things.

Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land, it was this world’s largest devil’s path practitioner gathering place, a haven for all those who cultivated demonic arts. It was located in the southwest corner of the Great Han Dynasty.

In fact, the entire southwest region could be considered part of the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land.

Within the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land were many masters and various forces. A number of which were not weaker than the Eight Great Families and could be considered transcendental great forces.

As early as a few months ago, the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land had been planning this action and had gone around capturing the descendants of various great forces. Even the men who had been attacking Dong Qing Yan outside Medicine King’s Valley were agents of the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land.

During their assault, which they had timed to coincide with the Alchemist Summit, they had used these kidnapped descendents as human shields in order to force the various masters sent to Medicine King’s Valley to stand aside and not act rashly.

This of course led to Medicine King’s Valley’s side being quickly overwhelmed.

Also, the purpose of this attack was not to destroy Medicine King’s Valley, but to capture Alchemists. Whether they were Medicine King’s Valley disciples or foreign Alchemist who had come to attend the Summit, the number they could grasp was the number they would take.

They had even had designs on the Pill Saint’s Statue, but the Statue itself was too large, and on top of that the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters of Medicine King’s Valley had desperately fought to defend it. Unfortunately, while the two sides were locked in combat the Pill Saint’s Statue was accidentally broken.

The entire time, the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land used all kinds of despicable methods to further suppress the Medicine King’s Valley’s side.

As for Hidden Cloud Peak, if it weren’t for Meng Wu Ya happening to be here right now, Xiao Fu Sheng would probably have long been captured.

Sifting through this information, Yang Kai soon grasped the immediate situation.

However, although the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land was known to be reckless and belligerent, it was still a mystery why they wanted to capture so many Alchemists.

The battle in the skies above was incredibly fierce, and although it was Meng Wu Ya versus six devil cultivators, he was still holding his own.

“Battle Array!” An old black haired man suddenly shouted.

Hearing this order, the six devil path cultivators suddenly scattered, arranged themselves into a mysterious Spirit Array formation, and unleashed a single coordinated strike, which caused Meng Wu Ya’s composed expression to suddenly become slightly grim.

Just as he was attempting to stabilize himself, the six enemies all exchanged a glance and one of the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage masters suddenly broke formation and flew back down towards Hidden Cloud Peak.

Meanwhile, the remaining five masters ferociously attempted to impede Meng Wu Ya.

“You dare!” Meng Wu Ya roared while releasing a devastating strike, knocking his five opponents off balance, and then he took advantage of this momentary opening to launch a palm at the man flying towards Hidden Cloud Peak.

[Decaying Wood Divine Strike!] A Mysterious Grade Top-Rank Martial Skill!

A swift and invisible palm wind burst forth, immediately causing the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land Immortal Ascension Boundary master to sense danger and hastily dodge.

The Palm strike narrowly missed his body but brushed past his arm, instantly paralysing it, and just this brief contact made his whole arm shrivel up like a dead tree, and it quickly began to decay.

With his face stricken with panic, the man immediately began revolving a healing art to resist this encroachment.

Fortunately for him, he was only grazed by the palm wind, so he was still able to resist its effects, and his shriveled up arm slowly started to restore itself to its original appearance, which allowed his nerves to settle once again.

Laughing maniacally, the man once again sped off towards Hidden Cloud Peak, like an eagle swooping down towards his prey.

Yang Kai and the others, seeing this approaching enemy, all began to madly circulate their True Qi to raise their alertness.

On the summit, only Xiao Fu Sheng was an Immortal Ascension cultivator, but he was not one who could fight. Even if this man had only reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage, it was more than enough to kill them all!

As the attacking devil path cultivator approached, a ferocious grin appeared on his face as he yelled, “Xiao Fu Sheng, if you don’t want to die, then don’t resist! This old master just wants to invite you to our sacred land, there’s no need for this to get unpleasant!”

However, Old Xiao’s expression remained indifferent, totally unafraid.

This man then glanced towards Aunty Xiang and Aunty Lan before sweeping his eyes over Dong Qing Yan and Xia Ning Chang. He stretched out his tongue and licked his lips, while grinning wantonly and said, “A gathering of delicious beauties… Unfortunately, today this old master has an important task to complete; we’ll have to enjoy ourselves together next time!”

Done talking, he swiped out his hand with a grabbing motion towards Xiao Fu Sheng.

In response, Old Xiao coldly snorted, raised his hand, and countered with his own punch.

Seeing this, the man sneered disdainfully and used just his fingers to crush the Martial Skill Xiao Fu Sheng had launched before continuing to extend his grip towards Xiao Fu Sheng’s shoulder.

Completing all this within the span of a breath, the man prepared to leave.

At that moment, Yang Kai, Xia Ning Chang, and Dong Qing Yan Qi simultaneously struck!

Although the three were only juniors, when they each released their full strength Martial Skills the devil path master’s expression suddenly changed, especially in the face of Yang Kai’s attack. With such a powerful strike composed of incredibly pure True Qi, taking it undefended would certainly be bad.

Quickly recovering his hand and swiftly resolving these three attacks, he violently snapped back, “Scram! This old master has no time to play with you!”

But before his voice had even faded, two slender palms suddenly struck towards him.

World Energy suddenly stirred, and the surrounding air was suddenly filled with numerous floating petals, as if the sky had opened up and flowers began raining down, a wondrous sight to behold.

Yang Kai was stunned by this unforeseen occurrence as were Xia Ning Chang and Dong Qing Yan.

Within this rain, Aunty Xiang and Aunty Lan’s two images flashed. One by one they arrived beside the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land master. Their moves were swift and illusory, and their graceful bodies seemingly danced within the fluttering petals.

“You…” The Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land’s cultivator was aghast, and he inadvertently inhaled some of the petals. His body immediately weakened a lot as he moaned, “You possess such skills!”

*Hmph!* Xiao Fu Sheng coldly snorted, “Since you’ve already come, don’t expect to ever leave.”

“It’s a trap!” The man howled mournfully. Whether it was Aunty Xiang or Aunty Lan, at the moment they both displayed strength in no way inferior to his own. So with the two of them together, and Xiao Fu Sheng eying him, even if he wanted to escape, he wouldn’t have a chance.

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The two beautiful women remained silent, only gazing coldly at him.

Aunty Xiang soon flourished her hand, gracefully flicked her wrist, and sent one of the gently falling petals between her fingertips shooting forward.

*Puff!*, instantly, the seemingly weightless petal pierced the man’s shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain.

Aunty Lan on his other side also waved her hands. Her lithe body shuttled back and forth endlessly and caused the flower petals to flutter and swirl, enveloping the enemy, cutting off all avenues of escape.

Repeated screams rang out, until finally the whirlwind of flowers dissipated and the man reappeared. His clothes were ripped to shreds, and his body was beaten black and blue and covered all over in fresh blood.

Having just witnessed this scene, the three juniors all had faces filled with shock and awe.

Especially Yang Kai and Dong Qing Yan. Both of them had lived together with Aunty Xiang and Aunty Lan far longer than Xia Ning Chang, but up until now they had never seen the slightest hint that they were cultivators.

In the outside world it was a widespread rumor that on Hidden Cloud Peak, in addition to Xiao Fu Sheng, the only other living people were two unknown ordinary maidservants who had been serving him for the past twenty years. Many people didn’t even know their names.

But just now, these two ordinary maids had revealed themselves to both actually be Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth or Sixth Stage masters.

This change was simply too great. Dong Qing Yan found it difficult to believe that the two beautiful women standing before here were the same delicate, gentle, and kind Aunty Xiang and Aunty Lan she thought she knew so well.

Yang Kai suddenly understood why Old Xiao could act so aloof and leisurely. It turns out that there were two masters standing guard right next to him.

As the battle between Aunty Xiang, Aunty Lan and the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land master continued, it became more and more obvious that he had lost the strength to fight back. Amidst the rain of petals, the two women flashed to and fro, and each hit they landed caused a steady accumulation of damage, as they occupied the absolute advantage.

Soon after, a loud howling voice rang out in the distance.

Hearing this voice, the five masters who were fighting with Meng Wu Ya suddenly glanced at each other, then immediately ceased their attacks and abandoned their Battle Array positions to escape over the horizon.

Meng Wu Ya did not give chase and instead floating mid-air and breathed deeply, in an attempt to calm the raging blood within his chest.

As for the Immortal Ascension Boundary master currently pinned down on top of Hidden Cloud Peak, the moment he saw his companions leave, he understood that he no longer had any hope of escape. Then he actually let out a chuckle, and the next moment his True Qi ferociously surged, which caused the Evil Qi surrounding him to become even denser.

“Stop him!” Xiao Fu Sheng’s indifferent expression suddenly changed as he shoute.

However, it was too late, before Aunty Xiang and Aunty Lan had time to suppress him, his True Qi suddenly invisibly dissipated and his body suddenly appeared sluggish.

He actually destroyed his own meridians!

“Heh heh…” Before dying this man revealed a strange grain while disdainfully gazing towards the crowd, and with a cure he said, “The Demon Lord has returned, you cannot resist, hurry and submit to my Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land and perhaps you can live!”

Finished, he collapsed to the ground.

Xiao Fu Sheng’s face became solemn, involuntarily murmuring under his breath, “Demon Lord…”

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