Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 287

Within the room, Yang Kai walked up to Ling Tai Xu, placed two fingers on his wrist, and closed his eyes to concentrate.

Sweeping him with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai’s heart gradually sank.

Ling Tai Xu’s five viscera and six organs had all been damaged, and an untold number of his bones had been broken. His vitality was fading, and his blood force was all but completely depleted.

The True Qi flow within his body was weak and sporadic, while many of his meridians had ruptured making it impossible to circulate his Secret Art.

Not only that, but throughout his body there was a large amount of Demonic Qi, which was continuing to eat away at his life force and erode his True Qi. If he hadn’t used the last vestiges of his pure True Qi to protect his heart, Ling Tai Xu would likely have died long ago.

The word heavy couldn’t even begin to describe the state of his Grand Master’s injuries, and it was a miracle that he was even still alive at this point and would more than likely pass on any moment now.

Him using his last trace of True Qi like this was probably only in order to preserve his life long enough for Yang Kai to return safely. After all, he had sent Yang Kai into a dangerous isolate world for life experience but had until now not heard any news of him.

“Is there any medicine you can give him?” Yang Kai asked.

However, his Alchemist martial uncle could only grimly shake his head, “With Sect Master condition, what medicine could I offer? Some time ago I gave him some pills, but now there is nothing I dare give him.”

Yang Kai nodded slightly, Grand Master’s body was now too weak. If he was given something that couldn’t immediately bring him back from the gates of death, it would instead only cause him to consume the remainder of his True Qi, which would instantly bring about his death.

Fortunately, he was here now.

Yang Kai frowned for a moment before saying, “Martial Uncle, please leave first, I have something to say to Sect Master.”

The High Heaven Pavilion Alchemist hesitated but eventually got up and left. Although he did not know what it was that Yang Kai and Ling Tai Xu needed to discuss, but he did know that before the Sect Master fell into a coma, he had given instructions for Yang Kai to be brought to him immediately should he return.

Sect Master valued Yang Kai, so the relationship between the two was obviously not normal.

Waiting until his Martial Uncle left, Yang Kai quickly brought out some Myriad Drug Cream from the storage space in his Black Book.

He did not dare to use too much, only a half thumbnail portion.

Yang Kai didn’t know if the Myriad Drug Cream could serve as a life-saving medicine, but now it was his best and only hope. After all, it was the most concentrated medicinal essence from millions of pills condensed over the course of thousands of years.

Fetching a teacup, Yang Kai quickly dissolved this Myriad Drug Cream in some hot water.

Then, ever so gently, he brought this cup to Ling Tai Xu’s mouth and slowly made him drink it.

Although it was just half a tea cup of hot water, it was still quite some time before Ling Tai Xu could drink it down.

After this, Yang Kai carefully stretched out his hands, pressed them onto Ling Tai Xu’s chest, and slowly began pouring in his own True Qi to help him refine the medicinal effects.

At the same time, he fully released his Divine Sense and carefully monitored any changes that went on within his Grand Master.

As soon as he began refining this Myriad Drug Cream, Yang Kai clearly felt that Ling Tai Xu’s originally flickering vitality instantly strengthened and the blood flow within his body gradually intensified. Even his heartbeat became more powerful than before.

[It’s working!]

Yang Kai smiled happily and slightly increased the output of his True Qi.

Yang Kai quickly thanked the Heavens, as his nerves began to calm. Just now, Ling Tai Xu was really too weak, if he could not bear the medicinal effects of the Myriad Drug, and it hadn’t instantly begun to restore him to life, his actions would have been tantamount to ending Ling Tai Xu’s life.

This man was his father’s, Yang Siye’s, master! He was also Yang Kai’s Grand Master, so how could he not have been worried?

Fortunately, the Myriad Drug Cream had not disappointed him.

After a moment, Ling Tai Xu’s dantian slowly began to fill with True Qi, and with Yang Kai assisting in the process this True Qi once more began flowing through his meridians, repairing the damage that had been done to them as it circulated. Using his Divine Sense to monitor this, Yang Kai witnessed the entire process as Ling Tai Xu’s five viscera and six organs quickly began to heal.

As a hint of colour began returning to his deathly pale face, Ling Tai Xu unconsciously let out a sigh of relief as the pain gradually subsided.

Seeing this scene, Yang Kai also felt relieved.

The Myriad Drug Cream really could restore someone from the brink of death.

A stick of incense later, a burst of footsteps came from beyond the door, which caused Yang Kai to wrinkle his brow slightly and perk up his ears to listen.

After a moment, a group of people entered from the front door.

Yang Kai immediately heard the voice of Su Xuan Wu, “I heard that Yang Kai is back?”

Su Yan gently replied, “Well, he’s inside.”

Great Elder Wei Xi Tong’s voice also called out, “How come you’re out here and not by Sect Master’s side?”

Clearly this question was directed at the High Heaven Pavilion Alchemist.

However, this man simply replied, “Martial Nephew Yang said he had something to say to Sect Master in private…”

“Stop screwing around!” Wei Xi Tong screamed, “Sect Master is unconscious, how could they be discussing anything!?”

Great Elder Wei did not understand why the Sect Master valued Yang Kai so much, even taking great pains before he slipped into a coma to issue an order for him to be brought to him the moment he returned.

Although he had indeed triumphed over Bai Yun Feng when he was just a Separation and Reunion Boundary First Stage, but that shouldn’t have caused the Sect Master to admire him so. It couldn’t be that the Sect Master really wanted to make him the next master of High Heaven Pavilion, right?

This idea was quite uncomfortable for Wei Xi Tong. His relationship with Yang Kai was not harmonious, so naturally he didn’t want to see such a situation come to pass.

Speaking till here, Wei Xi Tong led this group of Elders into Ling Tai Xu’s room.

However, upon entering, the four High Heaven Pavilion Elders were shocked by what they saw. Yang Kai had both his hands pressed onto the Sect Master’s chest and was injecting his own True Qi into him.

“Little bastard!” Wei Xi Tong angrily bellowed, because the Sect Master was in an extremely frail state; even touching him would cause severe harm so how could he possibly endure having True Qi forced into him?

Wasn’t this the same as killing him?

Furious, Wei Xi Tong raised his hand and shot a palm strike towards Yang Kai’s back.

Su Yan’s eyes flashed a cold light, but before she could strike Su Xuan Wu had already sent out his own palm to intercept Wei Xi Tong’s.

The two palm strikes collided mid-air and caused an explosive wind before dissipating.

“Second Brother Su, what are you doing?” Wei Xi Tong glared angrily towards Su Xuan Wu.

Su Xuan Wu, holding down his own inner anger, frowned and shot back, “I would also like to ask First Senior Brother what he is trying to do.”

Wei Xi Tong’s voice sank, “What am I doing? Can you not see what this little bastard is doing right now? Do you want to just stand by and watch him kill our Sect Master?”

“Shut your mouth!” Yang Kai glanced backwards and viciously cursed with a cold expression adorning his face.

While it was true that he did not like Great Elder Wei Xi Tong, especially considering all the times he had acted against him, but he understood at this moment that Wei Xi Tong was truly concerned about the Sect Master as well, so Yang Kai was willing to let a certain amount of this go. However, listening to this noisy self-righteous ass say whatever he wanted still irritated him.

Wei Xi Tong was stunned for a moment, never imagining that this little brat would dare use this kind of tone to speak with him.

But just as Great Elder Wei recovered his wits and was about to sternly educate this arrogant junior, he heard a light cough, followed soon after by Ling Tai Xu’s voice, “Do not quarrel.”

The sound was weak, but it was really Ling Tai Xu’s voice.

The four High Heaven Pavilion Elders were all shocked. Their eyes shot open, and each of their faces was plastered with expressions of disbelief. Each of them couldn’t help but think that they were hearing things because just now they had heard the comatose Ling Tai Xu speak.

“Sect Master?” Wei Xi Tong yelped and shifted his astonished gaze towards the bed, only to see Ling Tai Xu slowly open his eyes and glance back at him.

“Sect Master, you’ve awoken?” Su Xuan Wu hesitantly asked as he stepped forward. Third Elder He Bei Shui and Fifth Elder You Zi Zai quickly followed after.

“Sect Master…” Finally certain that the Sect Master had really woken up, these old men all found their voices trembling, and their eyes suddenly wet. Even the normally staunch and rigid Wei Xi Tong was so. The Sect Master waking up, to them, was like the bright moon had finally emerged from behind the dark clouds, like a heavy stone had suddenly been lifted from their hearts.

High Heaven Pavilion could not be without Ling Tai Xu, especially now, at this critical juncture.

“You all go out first.” Sect Master lightly said.

“Yes, Sect Master!” These few didn’t dare have the slightest hesitation, and respectfully bowed before quickly leaving. All of them sent curious looks towards Yang Kai while they did, and each of them wondered just what kind of miraculous means he had used to bring the fatally wounded Sect Master back from death’s door.

As soon as the last person had left and the door was once again closed, Yang Kai smiled towards Ling Tai Xu, “Greetings, Grand Master!”

Ling Tai Xu looked at Yang Kai and murmured gratefully, “Good, it is good you have returned!”

Saying this, his expression gradually relaxed, and he actually fell back asleep.

But unlike before, this was not a final rest but a peaceful one instead, which allowed Yang Kai to let out a sigh of relief.

Outside the house, the four Elders all glanced around at each other thoroughly confused.

The High Heaven Pavilion Alchemist was also the same.

Half an hour before, Ling Tai Xu’s life had all but been extinguished, but now he had somehow woken up, and from the look on his face, he also seemed to have recovered quite a bit. His vitality and blood force seemed to be restored significantly.

“What kind of wondrous pill did you give to Sect Master?” Wei Xi Tong asked the Alchemist.

However, the latter simply shook his head, “Nothing, Sect Master’s body had become so weak that any pill I fed him would have killed him rather than helped.”

These old men were more and more surprised.

“Perhaps it was something that Yang Kai did?” You Zi Zai said hesitantly said. All of them were well aware of just how grave the Sect Master’s injuries were, and they also knew that it was simply beyond their abilities to help in any way, but after this kid had shown up he had somehow woken up.

“How could that be?” He Bei Shui clearly didn’t believe that Yang Kai possessed such Heaven defying abilities, “What could he possibly have done with his level of strength? And even if he had such amazing strength, where would he have gotten such an amazing healing pill, something that could even restore someone to health from the brink of death?”

Wei Xi Tong also frowned and murmured, “This is really strange…”

Su Xuan Wu on the other hand just coldly snorted. “Sect Master waking up is a good thing, why agonize over how it happened so much, we just have to wait unit Sect Master’s injuries stabilize and then ask him, all this guessing right now is pointless.”

“En, what Second Brother Su says is correct.” Great Elder Wei’s expression finally loosened. Sect Master waking up was a joyous event, so why should they work themselves up over how it happened?

“Good, I will also go back and continue healing.” Wei Xi Tong declared, not digging any deeper into this situation.

The other few Elders also hurriedly kept up with Great Elder Wei. Each of them had similarly suffered heavy wounds in the previous battle, and only after a period of recovery had they had finally stabilized themselves, but it was not like they had been completely restored.

For the next several days, Yang Kai constantly tended to Ling Tai Xu and provided him with a steady stream of Myriad Drug Cream so that his Grand Master’s condition could continue to improve day by day until four or five days later when his injuries had finally healed.

The only thing left to deal with now was the Demonic Qi still inside his body, which manifested as a faint dark gas surrounding him.

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