Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 288

Chapter 288, Joyous Unification Art Second Stage

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A few days later, within Ling Tai Xu’s retreat.

Yang Kai noticed a deep, profound light hidden within his Grand Master’s eyes while the old man smiled. Finally, he was able to speak after a prolonged silence, “I will not ask you what medicine you gave me, nor will I ask where you obtained it. From now on, you will say that my returning from death’s door was because of my own willpower, that I could not simply accept dying while I had unfulfilled wishes… It does not have the slightest relationship with you at all!”

Yang Kai nodded solemnly, “This disciple understands!”

At first glance, Ling Tai Xu’s words seemed ungrateful and unreasonable, but Yang Kai clearly understood that they were said specifically to protect him.

A medicine that could heal such fatal injuries and restore one to life, a matter of such importance, others would covet it regardless of whether it true or not. For such an item, how could Ling Tai Xu allow him to shoulder such a burden?

“Grand Master, thank you for loaning this to me.” Yang Kai took the Universe Bag out from his sleeve and said.

However, Ling Tai Xu did not accept it. Instead, he smiled, “This was given to you by Grand Master, how could I take it back?”

Yang Kai laughed, “I no longer require it.”

Now that he had the wordless Black Book’s storage space, this Universe Bag really was nothing to him.

But Ling Tai Xu slowly shook his head, “It is your now, if you really have no further use for it, you may grant it to another. Grand Master gave it to you as a gift.”

Yang Kai could only nod, no longer insisting as he placed the Universe Bag back into his sleeve.

Wrinkling his brows, Yang Kai inquired, “Your injuries…”

Ling Tai Xu grinned, “Nothing serious. My strength has been restored to its peak already. Somewhat… my current state is beyond what I was…”

Hearing this, Yang Kai joyous, but still remained largely curious. “Grand Master, the Demonic Qi within your body has yet to fully disperse…”

Ling Tai Xu became pensive before replying, “I am aware of this, but after refining the miraculous medicine you gave me, I think that so long as I can fully disperse this Demonic Qi, my cultivation will advance another stage!”

Ling Tai Xu was already a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivator, so breaking through another stage would mean rising to the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary!

An Above Immortal Ascension Boundary master was something that even first-class Sects would only have one or two of. Even amongst this world’s superpowers, they were rare.

If Ling Tai Xu could really arrive at the Above Immortal Ascension Boundary, this entire fiasco may become a blessing in disguise.

[Could Myriad Drug Cream help improve a cultivator’s martial prowess?] Yang Kai really didn’t know if it actually had such a wonderful effect; but it was, after all, the most concentrated medicinal essence from within that ancient well. Having such a benefit was not unreasonable.

“Congratulations, Grand Master!” Yang Kai was sincerely happy for Ling Tai Xu, especially knowing that it was issued with his Second Disciple that had caused his ten-year stagnation, otherwise, he would have already had a broken through.

Ling Tai Xu simply smiled, slowly shaking his head.

Letting out a sigh, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly become solemn, “Grand Master, did your Second Disciple really escape from the Coiling Dragon Stream?”

When these words were uttered, Ling Tai Xu’s eyes flashed a trace of hidden grief before he sighed and nodded. “Yes… that year, I was certain that I had crippled his cultivation, and then trapped him inside the Coiling Dragon Stream. I allowed him to fend for himself, but to somehow being able to escape within ten years was completely beyond my expectations. My guess is, he should have encountered some kind of incredible opportunity, and managed to restore his strength, even surpassing his old height and pushing his Demonic Cultivation Technique a step further!”

The Coiling Dragon Stream was created by High Heaven Pavilion’s Ancestral Founder during his battle with a powerful devil, and apparently when this devil died he had left something behind. Ling Tai Xu’s Second Disciple must have inadvertently obtained this inheritance.

This Second Disciple seemed to have great fated luck.

“He not only managed to escape the Coiling Dragon Stream, but has also become the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land’s Demon Lord!”

“What!?” Yang Kai nearly cried out in shock, “He is the new Demon Lord?”

This time it was Ling Tai Xu’s turn to be surprised, “You’ve met him?”

“I haven’t seen him myself, but a few days ago, Medicine King’s Valley suffered a massive attack from the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land. I heard it was at his command!”

“What is the current situation? Quickly! Tell me!” Ling Tai Xu did not seem to know about this recent Medicine King’s Valley incident.

This was not because High Heaven Pavilion had not received information about this event, but Ling Tai Xu had been unconscious after suffering grievous wounds since a month and a half ago, so High Heaven Pavilion’s Elders had not had a chance to inform him.

“On the last day of the Alchemist Summit, the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land launched an assault after kidnapping and holding hostage many core disciple and true descendants of the various Great Forces…” Yang Kai began recanting his experiences.

Ling Tai Xu’s expression became gloomier as he did, until near the end, his expression became quite downtrodden.

“If what you said is true… Then, I’m afraid that as early as six months ago, or perhaps even longer, he had already managed to escape the Coiling Dragon Stream. It was just that he didn’t decide to attack High Heaven Pavilion until now…” His expression becoming serious, “The situation is grave!”

“What do you mean?” Yang Kai asked anxiously.

“If outsiders were to learn that the new Demon Lord had come from High Heaven Pavilion… then…” Ling Tai Xu’s expression became ugly.

High Heaven Pavilion was only a second-class Sect, but if they knew that the Demon Lord had risen from this place, the world’s Great Forces would certainly come here to seek answers!

Regardless of whatever else he had or may do, this Demon Lord’s appearance had led to Medicine King’s Valley being attacked and the Pill Saint’s Statue being destroyed. Just this one even was enough to shake the world’s foundations, but with these two combined?

“You go see that Su Yan girl. A year has passed, and I’m sure you have much to talk about. This old man must to enter retreat for a few days.” Ling Tai Xu quickly said. Obviously, he needed to consider how to handle this catastrophe.

The world’s walls were made of wind, it wouldn’t be long before the Demon Lord’s origins were discovered, and when that happened, High Heaven Pavilion would certainly face dire consequences.

Leaving the Sect Master’s residence, Yang Kai let out a sigh. In the face of the Sect’s crisis, his personal strength was simply too small to make a difference.

Flying over High Heaven Pavilion, as he looked around, Yang Kai could see that the situation was bleak. More and more disciples were leaving, and no one even tried to stop them.

Arriving in front of Su Yan’s small house, Yang Kai quickly set down.

Pushing open the door to her room, he found Su Yan sitting inside on her bed, like a thousand-year ice sculpture, impervious to the outside world’s changes.

Aware of Yang Kai’s arrival, Su Yan slowly opened her eyes, her cold and elegant expression giving way to a slightly flushed smile mixed with a hint of shyness, a truly attractive sight.

Yang Kai stepped forward, trying to hold down the throbbing in his heart as he sat down opposite her upon the bed.

As their four eyes met, Yang Kai’s were filled with endless desire while Su Yan’s were calm, like a windless lake, and filled with bottomless beauty.

In that instant, he wanted nothing more than to cross the distance between them and taste her wondrous lips; feel her skin upon his own, and indulge in each other’s presence. Naturally, Yang Kai believed Su Yan would surely not refuse.

But… within Yang Kai’s heart, a strange feeling irked him to refrain.

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The current relationship between him and Su Yan could be said to be entirely a result of their dual cultivation of the Joyous Unification Art. It was very different from how he and his Little Senior Sister Xia Ning Chang came to know each other.

The two of them, in fact, had very little interaction up to now. Instead, it could be said that conversing together was quite rare.

However, every time Yang Kai had returned to the Sect, he and Su Yan had almost immediately fallen into indiscrete throes of passion; this type of exchange was not like a men and women who were in love, and longed for each other with all their hearts.

It was more like trying to fulfill an unconscious act of cultivation!

Such a feeling made Yang Kai feel a little disgusted with himself.

The Yin Yang Monster Ginseng he had acquired earlier had yet to play a significant role until now; this was precisely because their intimate relations were closer to forced events than blossomed emotions.

If he wanted the Yin Yang Monster Ginseng to really fulfill its purpose, Yang Kai could not allow the current state of things to persist.

Although it was undeniable that the root cause of their relationship was the Joyous Unification Art, Yang Kai did not want the feelings between the two of them to forever remain simply an advantageous cultivation partnership.

A deep mutual affinity… How many couples in this cultivation world could truly achieve such a thing? Even amongst those old married couples who held great respect for one another, it was still a rare occurrence.

“What are you thinking about?” Su Yan asked gently as she looked towards Yang Kai, quickly noticing the aggressive light which filled his eyes fading away as the burning passion he radiated slowly calming.

This was very different from the past. Usually, every time they two of them reunited and found themselves alone, he would decisively strip her of her clothes and immediately disrobing himself… then…

“I want your body!” Yang Kai grinned as he calmly declared as such.

Hearing this, Su Yan’s white neck blushed slightly, whispering, “It is already yours.”

“But I want your heart even more!”

Su Yan suddenly looked up as she gazed suspiciously towards Yang Kai, her eyes slowly revealing a glimmer of happiness.

“You should understand what I mean when I say this.” Yang Kai smiled.

Su Yan only nodded silently.

It wasn’t until today that Yang Kai understood what was missing between him and Su Yan, but Su Yan had long ago already seen through this, it was simply that she had not said anything. A woman in front of a man would always feel reserved, especially in front of a man she liked, even if she understood that some of his behaviour was inappropriate. Even if she had a longing for something more within her heart, before he noticed it himself, a woman would not bring such things to light.

This was how a wise and gracious woman behaved.

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(Silavin: I don’t think so. It’s wiser to help those around you grow as they can support you back in the future. Of course, this involves a relationship where one does not turn on the other. Self realization has a greater impact than words of mention. I’ll write down a story about one of my friends at work.)

(Leo: And besides, this setting is more historical than modern, and that’s how many cultures thought back then, unfortunately.)

(Rosy: From a woman’s perspective it’s also about insecurities women face when it comes to things like that. And I agree with Sil about the self-realization part.)

Only by letting him discover such things on his own would her man really mature.

“Shall we do this together?” Yang Kai tilted his head and smiled.

Su Yan simply nodded, a misty look slowly appearing upon her enchanting eyes.

She had been waiting for this moment for quite some time now.

Men and women were not the same; to a woman, their first man would always leave a special impression. Since the time they had first cultivated together, and through the seemingly endless periods of waiting and longing, Su Yan had long ago decided to dedicate her body and soul completely to the young man before her.

The only thing that she was waiting for was for Yang Kai to become aware of this simple yet profound insight.

And now that Yang Kai finally understood, Su Yan was naturally quite content.

At this moment, the relationship between the two of them became more than simply a result of the Joyous Unification Art, and had evolved into true feelings of love between man and woman.

Now, even if the Joyous Unification Art were to disappear, they would not easily separate from one another.

They had taken one step closer to each other, and although they had not reached a true state of uniting their hearts as one at this time, there was now hope that one day they would.

Sitting together, face to face, Yang Kai mouth show a bright smile as he stretched out his hands and laid them atop Su Yan’s lap.

Su Yan then slowly rested her jade white palms upon Yang Kai’s.

Softer than cotton; tender and fragrant; pure as ice; Su Yan’s delicate hands felt incredibly comfortable.

Gentling holding one another, the two smiled warmly towards each other before closing their eyes and circulating their Secret Art.

In Joyous Unification Art’s first stage they needed to have intimate physical contact so that the Yuan Qi could flow freely between them. While this was the most raw and fundamental stage, it also had a unique charm because each and every time they cultivated it was a warm and passionate experience.

This was what Yang Kai did before.

However, the second stage of this dual cultivation art was about their respective states or mind, synchronizing their thoughts so that even with only the slightest of contact they would be able to run this Secret Art.

Yang Kai’s sudden insight had allowed the two to enter this new stage, causing the Joyous Unification Art to advance a step and allowing the dual cultivation between him and Sun Yan to be more rapid and efficient.

Silavin: My friend used to by a gambling addict. Usually, he would return home at 4 in the morning on the weekdays, spending the nights in the usual den with smoke and alcohol. Even on the weekdays, after work, he would visit such dens. To him, the risk and excitement was something he lived for.

As one expects, gambling is a fool’s game, and he slowly ended up in debt. However, before his wallet became red, his wife pleaded him to stop. Naturally, he promised to do so, a lie. In just a mere three days, he returned to his old habits. This time, however, he did so more discreetly. Wearing a watch to when he went off, though sometimes forgetting to return on time. I mean, gambling is called an addiction for a reason right?

This carried on with the wife not muttering a word. A month, no two. She took it in silence. ‘There is no complaint. So, this matter must no longer be a problem in her eyes.’ he slowly lied to himself as the days passed, to truly believe in it.

Of course, he returned back to his old habits, and the wife continued to endure. It was one strange day, where he returned home earlier than usual due to a cancelled game with his friends that his heart broke.

He opened his metal door as per usual, even stepping close to the door but he heard a faint sob. He slowly turned the knob of his bedroom door to peek inside, finding his wife in a daze; eyes red, as droplets rolled down her cheeks. Her gaze was stuck at none other than a wedding photo placed on their desk.

His heart sank but he kept silent. ‘It’s all my fault’, he knew, yet, what could he do? He looked at the time and slowly closed the door again. He decided to return back home at the usual time, bidding his time at a eatery.

There, he order a simple cup coffee, but could not finish his drink. He too, sat there in a daze, as the scene of his wife replayed in his mind. A middle age woman who he had spent 12 years with, crying alone. Someone, who said nothing and bore with everything, She knew nagging would do nothing to convince him. She knew, that he would not stop regardless of what she did. So, she said nothing.

She was ready to bare everything for her husband and yet what was he doing?

Useless? Trash? all these describers were suited for him. Even he, himself cursed his uselessness. But mostly, he was ashamed of himself.

As time went on, he finally returned home with his eyes downcast. There, his heart sank even further as he saw his wife was snuggly tucked in bed, asleep as though nothing went wrong. There, he felt like crying. ‘She’s someone I don’t deserve.’

There, he shook his head and immediately took the majong case. Ashamed by his own actions, he went downstairs and threw the case into the rubbish compartment. As the case entered the void, so too did his addiction, as he never gambled again.


Not sure what you think about the story but I just want to point out how self-realization has the greatest impact and change on the person. Do I advise the wife to keep silent? I don’t know. I believe there are many different cases, but I do know if I was in his shoes, I would have done the same. Shame is one of a man’s weakness after all, it has been used by the Nazis during the white feather propaganda and many more of such events.

Anyways, hope you like story time. Took me like a 45 minutes to write everything out :X. Editors, please feel free to write your thoughts down on how you feel. I do also wish for tips or feedback on improving expressions and so on. Thanks.

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