Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 296

Wind, Cloud, Thunder, and Lightning gathered around her, forming a terrible energy storm.

Staring deeply at Yang Kai, a deep, unyielding pride flashed across her beautiful eyes.

“I have no time to play with you!” Yang Kai angrily roared and slashed his sword forward, seemingly in an attempt to cleave open a path of escape.

But Qiu Yi Meng had delayed him enough; the closest Immortal Ascension Boundary master managed to close in enough to launch a long distance attack.

Yang Kai cursed silently and dodged the incoming attack while rapidly displaying the first half of his Strike of Ten Thousand Swords.

The sky filled with Sword Qi, as Yang Kai swiftly swung his Asura Sword to guard his body with half of the countless Sword Qi blades while launching the other half forward to open a gap.

“Halt!” A booming voice arrogantly cried from his side, “You dare disrespect Young Lady Qiu, you court death!”

As this man furiously roared, he smashed all the Sword Qi blades Yang Kai had released, which simultaneously forced Yang Kai back.

A silhouette flashed in front of him as an Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage master blocked his way, as he glared coldly towards Yang Kai.

“Let’s see if you can back up your words!” Yang Kai didn’t show any fear and sneered as numerous Sword Qi blades once again gathered around him and shot forward while at the same time a number of blood red petals suddenly emerged from his body. Each one was an extremely sharp killing weapon.

Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia!

After he had refined Falling Blossom Temple’s hallowed artifact, Yang Kai had actually never used it until now.

A full thousand red petals wrapped around his body. All of them responded freely to his will, just like his own arms. With a flash of red light, Yang Kai sent these red petals towards the Immortal Ascension Boundary Sixth Stage master.

“A Heaven Grade artifact!” The man had good vision and immediately saw how extraordinary this Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia was, which set off a burst of storms inside his head. This Immortal Ascension master fully pushed his strength and sent out a rich and pure True Qi burst from his palms. A hazy mountain-like image suddenly appeared in front of him and suppressed the Thousand Blossoming Blood.

As they crashed together, the thousand petals scattered and flew off in all directions. The mountain-like image also flashed and dimmed greatly.

Taking this opportunity, Yang Kai lunged with his sword and stabbed towards the Immortal Ascension master. His opponent, having just unreservedly pushed his True Qi to display such a grand Martial Skill was temporarily stunned and was unable to catch his breath, but, after feeling the Asura Sword’s brutal hostility closing in, he hastily dodged.

However, this was all just Yang Kai’s trick. Not even sparing this master a second glance, he raced forward past him.

“Where are you trying to run!” Qiu Yi Meng’s screamed, her voice was still tinged with the same cold unyielding pride.

A huge force suddenly pulled him back. Yang Kai involuntarily halted and turned around to see Qiu Yi Meng’s four attribute field spread out a devastating energy, which created a kind of muddy swamp like region that dulled his movements and held back his body, not allowing him to break free.

“Damn slut!” Yang Kai’s expression changed, and he waved his sword and sent countless Sword Qi blades towards Qiu Yi Meng.

Qiu Yi Meng remained steadfast as a grin appeared on her face. The small shield artifact once again appeared in front of her and blocked Yang Kai’s attack.

But at that moment the thousand scattered blood red petals silently turned and raced towards Qiu Yi Meng.

“Elder Sister Qiu, watch out!” Luo Xiao Man quickly shouted and sent out a flash of light as she waved her hands. A large variety of weapons shot out from this light and intercepted the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia.

“There’s no way out, obediently let us capture you!” Qiu Yi Meng grinned proudly and laughed as she clashed with Yang Kai.

“Indeed! Demon child, you won’t escape today!” A new voice called out as two more figures appeared; the other two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters had arrived.

Yang Kai’s expression was extremely gloomy as a faint frustration and helplessness appeared in his heart.

Against an Immortal Ascension Boundary master, if he used his full strength and exhausted all his artifacts and hidden means, he could at best create an opportunity to escape, but now that three of them had gathered, how could he resist?

[Too weak, I’m still too weak! A True Element Boundary Third Stage cultivation isn’t nearly enough!]

The two newly arrived Immortal Ascension Boundary masters didn’t waste any time talking with Yang Kai, and they instantly released their Martial Skills.

Yang Kai somehow managed to parry but still couldn’t fully defend himself. His chest and shoulder both received blows that broke bones, sending unbearable pain through his body and caused him to fall from the sky like a broken kite.

Glancing around, he found himself surrounded on all four sides; the three Immortal Ascension master plus Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man were all staring towards him.

While looking at the Asura Sword in his hands, even Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help feeling a hint of greed while the others present all clearly had covetous eyes.

On top of that there were the thousand petals of the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia fluttering about. Both of these artifacts were rare treasures!

“Ready to surrender yet?” Qiu Yi Meng sneered towards Yang Kai, the three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters also glaring at him, coldly snorting as they released a silent pressure.

“Demon child, waste your cultivation or this old master will do it for you!” One of the Immortal Ascension masters coldly shouted.

In the face of this crisis, Yang Kai suddenly grinned deviously, the evil Qi flowing out from his body surging violently.

Although he had been surrounded, it was not like he didn’t have a chance to escape; Yang Kai felt that if he suddenly activated Unyielding Will and then used his Flaming Yang Wings, he could still manage to flee.

His speed while using his Flaming Yang Wings was much faster than an ordinary Immortal Ascension master, so as long as he could cope with their first wave of attacks he would have a chance.

With his supply of Myriad Drug Milk, even if he was gravely injured he could soon heal himself.

The question was, could he cope with their initial attacks? It would be a joint attack from all those present, and this caused Yang Kai no small pressure.

“Still refusing to cooperate!?” That Immortal Ascension Boundary master, seeing Yang Kai take no action, became impatient as he shouted angrily and immediately stepped forward.

Seeing this, Yang Kai made up his mind to take the risk when suddenly the three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all looked up into the sky and frowned.

Yang Kai also wrinkled his brow after feeling an extremely tyrannical pressure approach from far away. This pressure was far greater than even the one these three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters exuded.

“Two Young Ladies, be carefully!” The three old masters completely ignored Yang Kai and instead took up a defensive stance in front of Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man. Their faces were all very grim.

A moment later, from the horizon, a small bright red light suddenly flashed, drawing the crowd’s attention as a figure rapidly flew towards them and came to a halt a few tens of meters away.

It was a young woman. A seductive and flirtatious young woman.

Her flame red clothes tightly hugged her body, emphasizing her graceful and enchanting figure, painting an extremely charming picture; her tender jade lotus-like arms were adorned only with a set of silver bracelets, her skin a pure shade of white, her legs long and slender, her waist thin contrary to her rounded bottom, on her feet were a pair of jade sandals, her ten delicate toes fully displayed.

Her crescent eyebrows highlighted her pair of bright eyes, which exuded a seductive light, seeming to contain an infinite charm; her delicate nose and cherry red lips, along with her creamy white cheeks gave her a glamorous air.

Her figure was slim to the point one would worry a light breeze would blow her away and break her.

At the corner of her eye was a tiny tear shaped mole, adding to her charm.

As she stood mid-air, her cheeks blushed a faint hint of red. She brought a sense of reverie to all who glanced upon her.

If Su Yan’s was the epitome of purity and Xia Ning Chang was the embodiment of innocence, this young woman represented the peak of seduction. Even just standing there, she exuded an aura of attraction and fascination!

The few men here could not remove their eyes from her. Regardless of whether they were young and old, they all involuntarily gulped and their breathing became rough.

Her watery eyes seemed to contain an endless allure, drawing in everyone’s soul.

Even Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man, despite both being beautiful women themselves, couldn’t help feeling a strange kind of attraction. Their cheeks flushed red as their heartbeats sped up.

However, Qiu Yi Meng soon woke up and secretly felt a slight shame in her heart. Glancing around at her surroundings, she gritted her teeth as she cursed, “Men really have no shame!”

The three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all blushed with embarrassment as they wryly grinned, but none of them dared make any sudden moves; with the pressure they felt from this woman, how could her strength be low?

The woman swept her charming eyes over the people gathered here before finally stopping when she saw Yang Kai. Lightly biting her red lips, her brow furrowed, like she was struggling with something as she pondered for a moment before asking, “Which leader do you follow?”

Hearing her sweet sensual voice softly speak, everyone else present felt like something had gently gripped their hearts, invaded their souls, and instinctively drove them to worship the woman before them.

Having just managed to calm her unfamiliar impulses, everyone suddenly felt captivated once more. This time Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man were no exception, both of them blushed intensely and were unable to stop a soft moan from gently escaping their lips.

“Which leader?” Yang Kai on the other hand simply frowned and unconsciously answering her question with one of his own.

He really did not understand what this woman was asking.

“Hmm…” The woman’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise, apparently not expecting Yang Kai to collect himself so quickly. In her current state, if she didn’t say anything things were still manageable, but as soon as she spoke, no matter who it was, they would at least be somewhat affected by her charms. So how did this youth, covered in such thick hostility, manage to rid himself of such impulses?

In truth, Yang Kai who was continuously resisting the impulses brought on by his Joyous Unification Art and was simply more skilled at suppressing his urges than others.

“Forget it, I don’t have time to idly chat with you.” Whatever it was the woman was struggling with seemed to become more difficult to handle, and she whispered softly and threw out a pink ribbon type artifact that instantly wrapped around Yang Kai’s waist.

Yang Kai’s expression cramped, and he Gripped the Asura Sword tightly in his hand, preparing to fight back. However, before he could react, the woman had appeared in front of him, and from her small cherry red lips she spat out a strange fragrant breath.

The instant he smelled this odd scent, Yang Kai’s whole body felt limp, and he completely lost any power to resist.

[So strong! This woman has to have at least be a peak Immortal Ascension Boundary master! But she looks so young, how is that possible?]

“Since you’ve all seen me, I can’t let you leave!” The woman sighed faintly and flicked her wrist. A silver bracelet flew out towards the three half stunned Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

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