Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 305

However, Yang Kai turned a deaf ear to her words as he frowned as if he was deep in thought.

“Hey…” Shan Qing Luo gently nudged Yang Kai who seemed to be in a trace.

Yang Kai suddenly recovered, with a somewhat confused look upon his face as he quietly whispered back to her, “We may still have a chance.”

“Hm?” Shan Qing Luo glanced over in surprise.

“There’s something underneath this place!” Yang Kai tapped the ground softly.

Just now, he had stealthily released his Divine Sense to inspect the surroundings, wanting to see if there was anything nearby he could use to their advantage, but he had not thought he would suddenly discover signs of life beneath their feet.

On top of that… the amount of creatures was quite large, and many of them even possessed extremely potent vitality.

As he glanced around once again, sure enough this place was somewhat different. In this vast jungle, only a radius of about a thousand meters around them was completely devoid of trees, forming almost a perfect circle!

There was definitely something unusual underground, and although he did not know what it might be, he had no other choice but to take a risk on it.

At the very least, he could drag a few of these bastards down with him.

“Attack!” Guo Yuan Ming cried, seeing Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo muttering to one another with their eyes shifting back and forth. He knew that they were certainly plotting something, so he no longer hesitated. Roaring angrily, he ferociously pushed his True Qi and immediately launched a powerful strike.

The others, seeing Guo Yuan Ming decisively act, also began their assault.

“Stall them for ten breaths!” Yang Kai yelled, as he hastily prepared to unleash his long-dormant Star Mark!

“What are you doing!” Exclaimed Shan Qing Luo, also not hesitating, as she hurriedly activated the silver bracelet on her wrist, transforming it into a silver light that darted out.

At the same time, she suddenly summoned a pink cloth fan into her hand. This fan was covered in exquisite images of men and women intertwining with one another, engaging in various indecent acts and assuming all kinds of obscene positions. These patterns were extremely vivid and lifelike.

As Shan Qing Luo poured her True Qi into the fan, she gently waved her hand, which seemingly brought these patterns to life, not only did it give off the appearance of moving men and women, but it even sent out waves of erotic and seductive moans.

A circle of light burst forth and wrapped up everyone in the surroundings with Shan Qing Luo at its center. Upon her enchanting face a charming smile blossomed as she fully displayed her enchanting figure. From her proud chest, her well rounded bottom, her delicate waste and her swaying hips, every part of her body seemed to radiate an irresistible attraction, which blanketed everyone around her.

Everyone present, be they, man or woman, whether it was a member of Qiu Yi Meng’s group or the Ash-Gray Cloud Evil Land cultivators, instantly looked slightly dazed. Those with slightly lower strength were, even more, affected becoming completely immersed in a boundless fantasy. Their eyes completely glossed over as they become unable to extricate themselves.

Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man also began releasing seductive moans. Their legs buckled as they unconsciously sank to their knees, with both of their pretty faces dyed a charming pink…

The men and women on the cloth fan at this moment seemed to have transformed themselves into living creatures and desperately burrowed into everyone’s minds, almost as if they were expressing their joy at being able to meld with all those around them.

Delicate and sheltered girls like Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man, seeing such a vivid scene for the first time, how could they possibly react?

Guo Yuan Ming was instantly frightened, desperately pushing his True Qi in order to resist the silver bracelet’s attack as she yelled, “Everyone be careful! It’s her Qing Luo Fan!”

The various Immortal Ascension Boundary masters also paled upon hearing this, and all of them fell back in a fluster, doing their best to focus their minds to resist this illusory attack.

They all knew about the power of this artifact. This is was an artifact passed down through Shan Qing Luo’s family, and even her own name had been derived from it.

With this Qing Luo Fan in hand, the power of her beguiling technique would be greatly enhanced!

Seeing everyone retreat, Shan Qing Luo smiled even more charmingly as she laughed sweetly, her voice like an enchanting music that swayed a person’s mind.

“Damn slut!” Guo Yuan Ming cursed loudly. His face blushed a bright shade of red, and he ground his teeth as he bitterly resisted this assault, “Let’s see how long you can keep this up! Once you’re True Qi runs out, I’ll strip you naked and ravage you here while everyone watches!”

Shan Qing Luo’s expression suddenly became cold as she waved her hand gently, increasing the speed and ferocity of her silver bracelet’s attack.

All of a sudden, a starry sky emerged, as if day had given way to night, streams of starlight burst out from the back of Yang Kai’s hand!

Violent True Qi fluctuations burst forth, the intensity of each subsequent wave more powerful than the last, even the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters present did not dare underestimate this attack.

Guo Yuan Ming and his compatriots all stared towards Yang Kai in astonishment as they saw him raise his glowing hand, seemingly lifting the starry sky with it.

Light also flashed across Shan Qing Luo’s eyes as she looked at Yang Kai in surprise, she had never imagined he was still hiding such a devastating technique.

If this attack struck any of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters present, they would definitely die.

As the crowd watched on in horror, Yang Kai unexpectedly smashed his right hand onto the ground.


Although the earth violently shook, Guo Yuan Ming and the others were all subconsciously relieved, they were all truly worried Yang Kai would choose them as his technique’s target.

*Kacha… ca…*

A distinct cracking sound soon spread out, which caused everyone to look down towards where Yang Kai had struck. From this epicenter, countless fissures began radiating outwards in all directions, spreading at an increasingly fast pace.

Guo Yuan Ming frowned, faintly feeling that something was wrong.

Even if that technique was incredibly powerful, it shouldn’t have produced such an effect.

Hurriedly releasing his Divine Sense to investigate, his expression instantly went stiff as he cried out, “Bad! The ground beneath us is hollow, and…”

Before he could finish, a loud crashing sound rang out, and the ground within a radius of a thousand meters suddenly collapsed and sent everyone tumbling down.

Yang Kai laughed happily, “Go!”

Probing the surroundings with his Divine Sense, he felt that the strong creatures beneath them had been alarmed by this collapse. If they didn’t leave now, it would definitely be too late.

Wrapping his arm around Shan Qing Luo’s waist, the latter simply glancing at him, offering no resistance, Yan Kai quickly shot up into the air.

Of course, Guo Yuan Ming and his companions would not just idly watch them escape. They also took to the air to pursue them, but before they could launch any kind of attack, they heard a series of puffing sounds from below them.

It was almost like someone or something was spitting at them.

“Ah ……” Yuan Shi screamed out. Hearing this, Guo Yuan Ming was thoroughly frightened and hurriedly looked down only to see a massive group of giant spiders. These spiders came in all sizes and colours but more importantly, one of them, about the size of an ox, had captured Yuan Shi in its web, wrapped him up, and was now hauling him away.

It was obvious at first glance just how tough this spider’s silk was, after all, Yuan Shi was an Immortal Ascension Boundary Second Stage master yet he was unable to free himself from his cocoon.

*Pu pu pu…*

More and more silk threads were constantly being spat from these spider’s mouths, quickly forming an inescapable net around all the cultivators present.

After only two breaths worth of time, most of these cultivators had been caught, dragged down to the ground, and wrapped up. Only the most agile amongst them, and those who had reacted the quickest by flying up were still free.

But… it was still too late.

Even Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo had been hit by several of these silk thread projectiles and were slowly being pulled down.

“Damn it!” Yang Kai’s expression changed dramatically, and he pushed his True Qi to its limit, as he madly hacked away at these threads with his Asura Sword.

The Asura Sword was a Heaven Grade artifact. It’s sharpness was extremely high, so even though the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters here couldn’t break free from these threads, Yang Kai could still easily cut through them.

“This is it!” Shan Qing Luo let out an involuntarily shout as she stared towards the ground, “Turns out it was here!”

“Huh?” Yang Kai asked curiously.

“The thing I came out to find, it was right below us!” Shan Qing Luo’s eyes flashed a joyous light.

“You’ve been looking for a spider den?” Yang Kai was momentarily stunned but quickly remembered Shan Qing Luo saying that her special constitution was called the Poison Widow Body.

[Is her Poison Widow Body somehow related to these spiders?]

“Oh no, these silk threads contain poison.” Shan Qing Luo suddenly remembered, her face instantly becoming pale.

If she had arrived here when she was at her peak, she would not be afraid of the toxins hidden in these threads, but now that her strength had dropped so much she was unable to stop this poison from affecting her.

“Why didn’t you say so sooner!?” Yang Kai cried out in frustration as he too began to feel the effects of the poison, his strength draining as his consciousness started to blur.

This must be one big joke! Not only did he not manage to escape, he had instead trapped himself in an even worse situation.

Although Yang Kai knew beforehand that it would be dangerous to provoke whatever creatures were beneath them, he had not thought he would completely provoke so many powerful spiders.

The biggest spider, the one the size of an ox, was clearly a Sixth-Order Monster Beast! And surrounding it were at least twenty or thirty other Monster Beasts.

However, if he hadn’t acted, he and Shan Qing Luo would not have been able to escape Guo Yuan Ming’s clutches. So instead of being captured or killed by them, dragging them down with them could be considered an improvement.

Thinking so, Yang Kai’s consciousness gradually faded.

But before he fell completely unconscious, Yang Kai pushed both his palms forward and shot out a weakly glowing orb of light which quickly made its way into the body of one of the poisonous spiders.

Seeing this gambit succeed, the corners of his mouth slightly curved, tightly embracing Shan Qing Luo as the two of them fell to the ground.

That poisonous spider was stunned for a moment before continuing on as if nothing had happened, spitting more threads from its mouth, wrapping Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo up before dragging them off.

After an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai slowly regained consciousness, his whole body still quite limp, unable to move, completely encased within a thick layer of spider silk.

From the vague shadows and images he could make out of the outside world, Yang Kai saw many silk cocoon-like objects huddled together.

At first glance, these things seemed somewhat familiar, and as he thought carefully, he realized that they looked nearly identical to the white silk chrysalis that Shan Qing Luo had been encased in when she was attempting her breakthrough one month ago.

Many of these cocoons showed traces of movement. Yang Kai slightly released his Divine Sense and immediately found that many of the stronger cultivators had woken up and were clearly trying to find a way to escape.

But with their bodies still poisoned, how could they hope to break free?

Upon his chest he suddenly noticed a warm breath and a faint fragrance wafting across his nose. When Yang Kai looked down, the first thing he saw was a head of soft supple black hair.

Shan Qing Luo, still in a deep sleep, was snuggly nestled in his arms. Their two bodies were pressed tightly together, and his arms were wrapped around her delicate waist. Feeling her supple body in his arms, and two amazingly elastic mounds pressed against his chest, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit stimulated.

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