Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 31

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This time, out of the goodness in his heart, Treasurer Meng gave Kai Yang a few extra clippings of the herbs, but he still refused to let go of the matters pertaining to his cultivation. He constantly asked how Kai Yang manage to improve his strength so quickly.

It looked like the news of Kai Yang beating Su Mu’s underlings had even reached Treasurer Meng’s ears.

Towards Treasurer Meng, Kai Yang still had a reasonably good impression. Although the old man was a bit crazy and thick skinned, he was very likable when measured by Kai Yang’s standards.

This situation wasn’t easily explained, so Kai Yang could only say that when he was in Black Wind Mountains, he ate a special fruit which allowed him to gain enlightenment on how to cultivate.

After contemplating for a while, Treasurer Meng thought back to the time period when Kai Yang entered the mountains and his current behaviour. This explanation was the most reasonable and believable explanation, so Treasurer had no choice but to accept it.

Exiting the Contribution Hall, Kai Yang was deeply worried.

All of his contribution points had been used to purchase these herbs and by his estimation, they would only last him three to four days. Afterwards, what would he use to get these herbs?

Even though he was able to earn two contribution points from his daily challenges, these points could only be accessed on the eighth day of every month. With his calculations, he would need to wait twenty days. How could he possibly wait until then?

Without being able to think of a solutions, Kai Yang became depressed and could only continue training.

A few days passed by in a blur, and Kai Yang’s tempered body sixth stage cultivation began to stabilize and he marched towards the seventh stage.

In comparison to Kai Yang’s good mood, Su Mu’s followers felt like they were thrown into a flaming abyss. These past few days, Kai Yang would come to find them and cause trouble, causing them to feel vexed beyond compare. They couldn’t contend against him in strength and couldn’t hide from him, it was stifling beyond compare.

While Su Mu personally held some confidence at his chance of victory should he fight Kai Yang, unfortunately for the others the gap between them and Kai Yang was too large. They couldn’t challenge him — Su Mu still thought that Kai Yang was at the tempered body fourth or fifth stage.

Su Mu knew that this could continue no longer, if it continued any longer, then all his underlings would leave.

Thinking for awhile, Su Mu prepared to do something heartless and called all the Sky Tower disciples who had been beaten by Kai Yang, frowning he said: “Tonight, raid Kai Yang’s hut during the night, wipe away all shame you have suffered!”

Since they couldn’t win by following the rules, they won’t follow them at all!

Everyone jumped up, startled: “A raid?”

“En.” Su Mu nodded his head.

“This isn’t good.” Li Yun Tian was hesitant: “Although that guy Kai Yang is a bit dishonest, he at least openly challenged and defeated us all. If the news of us mounting a sneak attack got out, we would be unable to escape punishment.”

Li Yun Tian’s statements got the agreement of all the people present.

Su Mu indignantly replied: “But he is too much! He has completely disregarded us fellow disciples and comes everyday. If we don’t give him a proper lesson, who knows how long this ferocious act will continue. Regardless, tonight I will definitely go cause some trouble for him. All those willing to do so, follow me, as for those who are unwilling I won’t force you. If anything were to happen, I swear that I, Su Mu will bear all consequences and won’t involve you.”

Su Mu’s words were sincere, and even if they still felt that it wasn’t honorable, they couldn’t refute his position. After all, Su Mu had promised to carry all the consequences on his shoulders, showing the utmost benevolence.

Thinking for a bit, Li Yun Tian spoke: “This is also good. If this succeeds, then we will be able to teach that bastard that we aren’t so easily provoked. Young master Su, this time, this disciple will put his life on the line and play with you!”

“We will also come.” The remaining people chorused.

Nodding and smiling, Su Mu cried: “That’s right!”

That night, with everybody’s spirit trembling in excitement they gathered in Su Mu’s room waiting until sunset.

“Is everybody ready?” Su Mu inquired.

They nodded their heads.

“Good. This time we must make this moment unforgettable for that bastard!” Su Mu shouted, while putting a black cloth over his face, leaving only a slim gap from which his evil gaze leaked out. Their emotions roused, the others followed suite.

“Set off!” Calling for action, Su Mu issued the move out order.

Ten or so shadows flashed out of his room, quickly merging into the night’s darkness.

During the night, Sky Tower had disciples posted about patrolling the premises. Unfortunately, Su Mu and his group were Sky Tower disciples too and were all too familiar with the patrol routes, allowing them to easily avoid these patrols.

Otherwise, why would a family thief be hard to ward against. Su Mu’s current actions were a model example of this saying.

Shortly, Su Mu’s group gathered in front of Kai Yang’s small wooden hut. Standing about ten to twenty feet away, they suppressed the sounds of their breathing, their indignation flared at the memory of the injustice they had suffered.

“There are no lights inside the hut, Kai Yang must be asleep already.” Calming his heart, Su Mu turned his head to face Li Yun Tian at his side: “Kai Yang’s strength isn’t weak. So later you and I will hold him down, while everyone else beats him, remember to use all your strength.”

“Okay.” Li Yun Tian nodded his head.

“As long as it’s not life threatening, you can hit however you want.” Su Mu reminded, and they all promised.

“Go!” Waving his hand, Su Mu shot towards the wooden hut. Ten shadows flickered against the night, rushing onwards. Those who cultivated, could run without making the slightest noise, they just needed to suppress the noise of their breathing to hide their presence. Their imaginations running wild, all their spirits rose as they thought about how Kai Yang would look injured and bloody.

This past few days, they were tormented miserably by Kai Yang.

Even though they were still around ten feet away, the cold gleam in Su Mu’s eyes became more intense and his lips couldn’t help but curve upwards.

As the distance shrunk, the wooden hut’s wooden door could be seen, in the blink of an eye Su Mu had already started to reach out to push open the door.

Suddenly, a sweet fragrance entered his nose. Smelling this fragrance, Su Mu felt that this fragrance was very strange. It didn’t smell very nice, nor did it smell very bad, it truly was a fragrance that he had never smelt before.

Although he was a bit suspicious, Su Mu didn’t give it any more thought and continued to charge forwards.

Stepping forward, Su Mu’s body became soft, he narrowly avoided falling. Breaking out in cold sweat, Su Mu recalled just moments ago it felt like all his strength had been sucked out from him. His brain buzzing he became mind became muddled, tiredly he steadied himself.

Taking another step caused Su Mu to directly fall to the ground, nose first. Then two warm streams flowed down from his nose filling his mouth with the metallic taste of blood.

“Pa, pa, pa……..” A series of sounds sounded out and converged towards the wooden hut originating from the Sky Tower disciples that had followed Su Mu. One by one, each of them, like Su Mu, fell to the ground. Each of them felt weak and powerless, all had bloody noses and battered looks. Their anguished wailing resounded out in the quiet night, making it all the more livelier.

“What’s the matter?” Struggling greatly, Su Mu turned his head towards Li Yun Tian and asked.

Li Yun Tian struggled to drag himself back upright, but he was powerless and could only lay on the ground gasping for breath. This expression was horrendously ugly, hesitatingly he said: “Young master Su, I’m afraid that we have been poisoned.”

“Poisoned?” Su Mu turned pale in fright.

“In addition, it’s a very powerful poison…..” Trembling, Li Yun Tian reached out with his hand: “Young……master Su, I’m afraid that I can’t hold on any longer. You… must get revenge for me!”

After he finished passing on his last will and testament, Li Yun Tian’s head fell and he ceased all movement.

Overwhelmed by shock, Su Mu desperately and repeatedly called out his name. But no matter how many times he called out, he couldn’t wake him. When he turned his head around again, he saw that of the brother disciples that he had brought with him, none had escaped. All without exception were laying still, making no sound.

(TL: You would think that Kai Young would have sensed or at least heard all this noise by now. Wot?ლ(ಠ_ಠლ) ED: Honey badger don’t give a f***.)

An indescribable sense of panic and mourning filled his heart, unexpectedly, Su Mu’s was able to calm his mind in this situation.

This was the territory of Sky Tower, how could they be poisoned? And this poison’s effect was this potent, not even three breaths had passed before their lives were taken, one by one.

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