Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 313

The second floor of the Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion was completely a sleeping chamber, while the entire fire floor consisted of a large bath, carved from exquisite white jade, and it was obviously very expensive. As for the third floor, there was almost nothing there. It was probably just a place meant for enjoying the scenery.

At the behest of Yun Li, Rui Yu and Ruo Qing, respectively on his left and right, accompanied Yang Kai down to the first floor’s bathing pool.

Inside the bathing room a thin watery mist lingered, carrying the scent of blossoming flowers, and unbeknownst to Yang Kai, the entire bath had been filled with hot water along with various scented flower petals.

Yang Kai couldn’t help but stare blankly.

A nearly vagabond man like him indulging in a petal bath here, obviously he felt somewhat awkward.

“Young Lord, please enjoy the bath.” The mature beauty Yun Li continued smiling from start to finish. Her pleasant expression never once diminished.

Yang Kai unconsciously nodded.

However, after waiting for a while, he found that whether it was Yun Li, Ruo Yu, or Ruo Qing, none of them seemed to have any intention of leaving. Turning an astonished gazed towards them, he hesitantly asked, “It can’t be that… your mistress also ordered you to help me bathe, right?”

To his question, Yun Li simply smiled and gracefully replied, “If Young Lord wishes so… we servants will naturally obey… Mistress has ordered, any requirements or request you make we are to meet…”

Even for someone as composed as she, by the time Yun Li reached the end of this sentence she couldn’t help her voice from becoming smaller and her face from becoming redder from apparent shame.

The nearby Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing also appeared quite tense.

“There’s no need for that, all of you may leave.” Yang Kai waved his hand casually.

The mature beauty’s peach blossom eyes couldn’t help but reveal a touch of surprise, and she quickly glanced once more towards Yang Kai to seemingly re-evaluate him. Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing on the other hand, hearing Yang Kai’s words, wore expressions like they had just been granted amnesty and involuntarily breathed a sigh of relief.

After the three beauties left, Yang Kai quickly undressed and jumped into the bath. Even he was somewhat eager to wash himself after such a long time.

The temperature of the water was not too hot nor too cold; just perfect for relieving one’s fatigue.

Finally relaxing somewhat, his thoughts wandered, and he worried about what had happened to Su Yan after they had been separated at the Void Corridor. After traveling ten thousand kilometers in an instant, where was she now? What had happened to the other members of High Heaven Pavilion? What was the outcome of Grand Master and the four Elders’ battle?

Recalling all of this, Yang Kai suddenly felt restless again.

Outside the pavilion, Bi Luo paced back and forth. She really didn’t understand why her mistress was so good to this little brat, not only providing him with the palace’s finest accommodations, but also assigning the best maidservants to him.

Those three, whether it was their beauty or temperament, were ranked at the very top of the palace’s staff. Such meticulous care, it was something not even shown towards the other Demon Kings.

Her first opinion was that this little brat was definitely not a good thing. He couldn’t be devouring Yun Li, Ruo Yu, and Ruo Qing right now, right?

As such a thought crossed her mind, Bi Luo suddenly felt even more indignant and secretly thought that these three girls had suffered a terrible injustice. Yun Li had been widowed for several years now and had not indulged in any moisturizing since then. Her accompanying that little brat to experience such things would not be too devastating, but Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing had grown up together with Bi Luo like little sisters. Both of them were rather simple little girls, pure and innocent, and allowing that bastard to taint them…

[I’ll castrate that little bastard!] Bi Luo eyes flashed a murderous light, and she secretly made a solemn vow in her heart.

However, just as her anger was rising to its peak, she suddenly saw Yun Li, Ruo Yu, and Ruo Qing all walk out together from inside.

“Tss…” Bi Luo was startled, but she immediately rejoiced, quickly rushed over, and held onto Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing’s hands and hurriedly asked, “Are you alright? He didn’t try to molest you, did he?”

Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing both blushed bright red and quickly shook their heads.

The mature Yun Li nearby smiled warmly, “Bi Luo’er, you’re over thinking things, the young lord doesn’t look like a shameless womanizer, he is actually very calm and respectful.”

“He’s, not?” Bi Luo was taken aback. “Did you not tell him about Mistress’s command?”

“I did, but he didn’t have much reaction.” Yun Li nodded slightly.

“He didn’t take advantage of you in any way?” Bi Luo asked again, tilting her head to the side in confusion.

“No,” Yun Li couldn’t help laughing, “If you don’t believe me, you can just ask Yu’er or Qing’er.”

Bi Luo quickly glanced suspiciously towards these two.

Ruo Qing lightly shook her head and blushed as she said, “Sister Bi Luo, you seriously frightened me, after what you said, I really thought that he would lay his hands on me.”

“Strange… how could this be? I’ve always had a sharp intuition about this, that little brat is definitely a sinister and untrustworthy type, there’s no reason for him not to have at least harassed you…” Bi Luo frowned before suddenly thinking of something, “Yes, of course, it must just be that he’s somewhat disconcerted right now! All men are simply vultures, you’ve greeted those Young Lords who came here representing the other five Demon Kings haven’t you? Which one of them hadn’t drooled upon laying eyes on you, like they couldn’t wait to strip off all your clothes and ravish you upon their beds?”

Listening to her, Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing suddenly became nervous again.

“He must be the insidious type, first acting gently towards you to reduce your vigilance before taking advantage of your naivety, conquering not just your body but your heart as well! He’s the most underhanded and malicious type of beast there is!” Bi Luo declared, completely confident in her speculations.

“Ah…” Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing were shocked.

However, the more mature Yun Li was instead dumbfounded, “Little Bi Luo, don’t scare them so, the Young Lord isn’t such a wicked person… and besides, even if he really was… we’re unable to resist…”

Bi Luo angrily looked at her, then suddenly rushed forward, firmly grasped Yun Li’s rich chest, and wickedly kneaded them while laughing mischievously, “It seems Elder Sister Yun has made plenty of psychological preparation, all these years the palace has refused entry to all men, so you’ve been holding back the whole time, now that there’s a chance you’re actually not that opposed are you?”

Suddenly being attacked and having her sensitive chest being obscenely fondled by Bi Luo, the mature beauty Yun Li almost collapsed into her arms. Her white face suddenly showed an intoxicated tinge, and she struggled to reply, “What are you… nnn… talking about?”

“Hoo… so sensitive already? Seems like its true!” Bi Luo not only didn’t let go, she instead began groping her more intensely, while subtly pushing her True Qi to generate a kind of mild electrical shock, which rhythmically sent tingling pulses from her fingertips to ferociously stimulate the voluptuous peaks.

“Enn…” Suggestive moans began leaking from the mature beauty’s thin red lips, and her pair of peach blossom eyes instantly blurred as her skin began showing a light crimson shade.

As these sounds rang out in their ears, Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing couldn’t help but feel strange.

Bi Luo however simply smiled naughtily and leaned in towards Yun Li, bringing her face up next to Yun Li’s long white neck. She stretched out her delicate pink tongue and licked this mature beauty’s earlobe suggestively.

Yun Li suddenly let out a cry.

Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing were both stunned, and their faces were completely dyed red as they stood there in shock.

Although they all knew that Bi Luo cultivated the same Beguiling Technique as their mistress, and that she was well versed in the ways of men and women. They had never thought she was skilled enough to not allow her prey to resist.

“Damn little girl, stop making trouble!” Yun Li, this mature beautiful woman, finally managed to hold down the heat which was rising within her and struggled free from Bi Luo’s evil grip, but she was barely able to support herself on her softened legs. Unable even to summon even a bit of strength, and her voice still carried an awkward tone.

“Hehe! Sure enough, a mature woman’s reaction is really not the same.” Bi Luo licked her lips seductively, her face filled with an unrestrained expression, and her eyes contained a suggestive light.

“Stop fooling around, if you want to do such things why don’t you go search for Qian Ying and Qian Hen? Mistress has ordered them to cultivate the Beguiling Technique. I, Ruo Yu, and Ruo Qing have to serve the young lord breakfast, and delaying any longer is no good.” Yun Li quickly said, and only glanced at her briefly. She understood Bi Luo’s temperament well, so she swiftly made her escape along with Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing, “You two, let’s go.”

“Oh,” Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing hurried to keep up.

“Elder Sister Yun, I’ll look for you tonight,” Bi Luo called out in a jovial tone from behind her back.

Hearing such a threat, Yun Li turned around and fiercely glared at her, “I, Ruo Yu, and Ruo Qing will be resting here tonight, if you have the courage you’re welcome to come!”

After bathing, Yang Kai donned a set of brand new freshly washed clothes.

These clothes were something Shan Qing Luo had personally ordered her maidservants to go out and buy earlier today. They were light and tasteful, matching Yang Kai’s measurements almost perfectly and gave him the look of a handsome young noble lord with a firm temperament.

Even the mature Yun Li and the innocent Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing couldn’t help but blush lightly.

In the pavilion’s dining hall a sumptuous breakfast had been prepared, filled with all kinds of fine delicacies. Each one was an exquisite work of art.

Yun Li even stood beside Yang Kai and served each dish to him personally and lightly commented, “All of these dishes were prepared by we three, Young Lord should eat while they’re still hot.”

Glancing at Yang Kai once again, Yun Li suddenly couldn’t help but smile warmly, “Young Lord appears to be a bit on the lean side, probably because of constantly rushing around outside, correct? Young Lord should take advantage of this time to eat his fill.”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly before asking, “What about your Mistress?”

“Mistress has some important matters to deal with today,” Yun Li replied with a smile.

“Oh, I thought she would come join me for breakfast.” Yang Kai couldn’t help wrinkling his brow slightly.

Hearing him say this, the mature beauty Yun Li and the two young girls suddenly stared at him in amazement. They were increasingly puzzled about just who Yang Kai was in the end.

Daring to say Shan Qing Luo would sit and dine together with him, this was a blessing that even the other five Demon Kings could not receive, right?

“Then, if I want to see her, where should I go?” Yang Kai asked as he ate.

Yun Li quickly fixed her smile and replied, “Mistress has said that for the next few days she will be a bit busy, so if Young Lord has any requests he should speak directly with Bi Luo. She has been waiting outside since early this morning.”

“Seems like she’s trying to avoid seeing me!” Yang Kai grunted unhappily. Yesterday, Shan Qing Luo had promised to come see him today. He had not expected her to suddenly change her mind. She certainly knew he was going to talk to her about him leaving.

Sweeping away the food on the table, Yang Kai leisurely walked out of the pavilion.

The enchanting young girl Bi Luo really was standing outside waiting for him. Her brow thoroughly furled as she glared towards Yang Kai. Obviously she was not pleased having to be with him, but with Shan Qing Luo personally issuing her these orders, she didn’t dare disobey.

“Ms Bi Luo!” Yang Kai called out.

“Hmph,” Bi Luo snorted lightly. Her arrogant and disdainful expression clearly displayed her dissatisfaction.

Seeing her like this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but laugh dryly and quickly said, “I want to see your Mistress!”

Bi Luo frowned even harder, and a thoroughly displeased look appeared upon her face, “Mistress has many matters to discuss with the various Elders in the city so she has no time to see you.”

“When will these discussions end?”

“Probably not for a few days. This time, Mistress had left Fragrance City for about two months, so numerous issues and disputes have arisen which she must attend to personally.”

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became cold, and his mood quickly became solemn.

Bi Luo hesitated for a moment before she somewhat reluctantly continued, “However, Mistress said last night that to make up for her fault, she will allow you to look at the Palace Treasure House.”

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