Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 317

“It’s none of your concern!” Yang Kai replied lightly.

“Ms. Bi Luo, this…” The Treasurer nervously asked for instructions.

“Didn’t you hear? Since this Young Lord said he wants everything, then quickly bring all of them out! Have all of them packaged up right away and sent to The Palace. Payment will be made in full when we receive them.” Since Bi Luo couldn’t vent her anger on Yang Kai, thus her anger spilled over onto the poor Treasurer.

“Yes yes yes!” The Treasurer no longer hesitated.

Although Bi Luo was famous for her bad temper, she had always conducted business fairly. However much was owed, she would pay, so the Treasurer was not actually worried about money.

His only concern was who this young man was. Bi Luo seemed to be very angry with him yet she still spared no expense to help him.

However, with his heart beating like a drum, the Treasurer dared not delay and quickly packed up all the pills Yang Kai had ordered before having a store boy deliver them to The Palace.

When this shop boy walked in front of Bi Luo, he kept his head lowered, his eyes staring at his toes, and did not dare to even glance at Bi Luo.

After leaving this medicine shop, Yang Kai and Bi Luo’s eyes met coincidentally, “Seems like many men in the city are afraid of you!”

“Hmph!” Bi Luo proudly snorted, and her enchanting face donned an arrogant look, as she proudly puffed up her chest and casually said, “If they dare look at me the wrong way, I’ll claw out their eyes!”

“Isn’t that a bit much?” Yang Kai frowned. “A great beauty always draws the eyes of many others, if no one dares look at you, what is the point of being beautiful in the first place?”

“You know shit!” Bi Luo glared at him menacingly and disdainfully quipped, “All you men ever have in your heads are dirty thoughts. When you see a beautiful woman the first thing you think of is defiling her, I don’t want to be stared at with such filthy gazes!

“Not all men are like that,” Yang Kai said indignantly.

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Bi Luo looked him up and down suddenly before quietly declaring, “Well, not you I guess, at least when you look at me your eyes don’t seem to be filled with obscene intent, I’ll admit that you are at least a bit better than most men on that at least.”

“Young Lady Bi Luo’s vision is quite good!” Yang Kai faintly responded.

“Now… where do you want to go?” With Bi Luo’s hands crossed behind her back, her shoulders drooped slightly as she was obviously feeling a bit impatient. “If you’re done shopping, I’d like to head back and resume my cultivation.”

“Of course there are more places I wish to visit. Fragrance City has more than this one medicine shop, right?”

“There are four or five, do you still plan to visit more pill shops?” Bi Luo looked at him slightly surprised, “You don’t want to buy more Soul nourishing pills do you?”

“Indeed I do.”

“What do you need so many for?” Bi Luo grumbled before suddenly curling her lips, “Fine fine, if you want to buy more then I’ll just bring you there.”

After turning around and walking away, Bi Luo quickly grinned impishly before hurriedly adjusting her face, then she lightly coughed and pretended like nothing had happened.

Although Fragrance City was by no means small, there were only a few pill shops doing business. After all, in order to sell large quantities of pills one needed to have a very strong family background. The sheer amount of financial, material, and human resources wasn’t something a small force could accommodate.

Therefore, in the entire city there were only a total of five pill shops.

Bi Luo worked tirelessly leading the way, and after spending half a day or so she had finally finished escorting Yang Kai to visits four of these shops, sweeping clean all the Soul nourishing pills they had in stock. At last she led Yang Kai toward the fifth and final pill shop, Heavenly Melody Medicine Square.

Inside Heavenly Le Medicine Square, a young man in a shop boy’s uniform flew up to the second floor and gently knocked on a large door at the top of the stairs.

Immediately, a raging voice like thunder resounded, “Fuck! What is it! Didn’t I say no matter what matters come up, no one is to disturb me! Damn brat, I’ll rip off your dog head! Fuck! Fuck your mother!”

“Young Master, it’s about young lady Bi Luo.” The fatigued young man diligently ignored this vicious scolding without a single complaint before respectfully reporting.

All of a sudden a loud thumping sound was heard, like someone had just violently stood up, which was then quickly followed by a series of flustered footfalls.

On the first floor of the shop, the shop assistants all wore bitter expressions, and each of them were frightened that the ceiling above their heads would crack under their young master’s footsteps.

With a loud crash, the large door was opened, and an extremely burly man, with the physique of a wild bear, charged out.

This man was by no means old, only in his early twenties, but his image was quite imposing. His face was covered with a shaggy beard, and he looked extremely rough and unfriendly. Only his eyes were somewhat small and narrow, and coupled with his hulking physique, he gave off a somewhat sinister aura.

He was the Young Master of the family which owned Heavenly Le Medicine Square, Le Yu.

The Le Family was also a big force in Fragrance City. Its patriarch was one of the city’s Elders. They had been serving Shan Qing Luo’s family for more than two hundred years and had rendered many meritorious services.

The Le Family’s main residence was actually not inside Fragrance City, instead located on a nearby mountain range.

Le Yu’s reason for staying in his family’s pill shop in Fragrance City was entirely related to Bi Luo. Since a year ago, when he had first encountered Bi Luo by accident, Le Yu had become completely infatuated and declared that he must by all means make her his woman.

Although Bi Luo did not come from a Great Family, and was neither a pure chaste maiden nor had a noble temperament, she was still Shan Qing Luo’s foremost subordinate. Therefore, the Le Family was quite supportive of Le Yu’s decision, allowing him to stay in the city.

Unfortunately, this past year, Le Yu had barely managed to interact with Bi Luo, and each time he did, Bi Luo would quickly escape.

Even if Le Yu was arrogant, he would not dare recklessly intrude into Shan Qing Luo’s palace, so once Bi Luo escaped into the palace he could only hopelessly give up.

In all of Fragrance city, Le Yu was no doubt the person Bi Luo most did not want to meet.

Even remembering this rough overbearing burly giant at least four times her size would always give Bi Luo tremors.

Outside his room, Le Yu vice gripped the young shop assistant; this youth was not weak, but now facing Le Yu, he was no better than a chicken, his feet dangling in the air as he was held up by his shoulders.

“What about Bi Luo?” Le Yu asked urgently.

With a cold sweat dripping down his forehead, the youth quickly replied, “Young Master had ordered that once Young Lady Bi Luo leaves the palace, we must inform him right away. Today she has come out!”

“She came out?” Le Yu look suddenly looked overjoyed and casually tossed the young shop assistant aside, dashing forward three steps before he halted, turned around, and asked, “Where is she now?”

The youth couldn’t help having an awkward look cross his face as he replied, “Young Lady Bi Luo is on her way here to Heavenly Le Medicine Square!”

“Hm?” Le Yu’s expression suddenly froze before he asked again, “Are you sure your dog eyes didn’t see wrong?”

“It’s true, Young Master. She really has come to Heavenly Le Medicine Square.”

“But… why?” Although Le Yu looked like an uncouth muscle brained savage, but quite inconsistent with his physical appearance he was actually quite shrewd. He was well aware that Bi Luo would do everything in her power to avoid him, and that each time he chased after her she would quickly escape to the Demon Queen’s Palace, so how come she all of a sudden decided to leap into the tiger’s mouth, taking the initiative to come see him on her own?

“Did she come alone?” Suddenly thinking of something, Le Yu’s look became cold, his already small eyes narrowing further, a dark dreadful light flashing across his gaze.

“No…” The young shop assistant shuddered unconsciously, hesitantly replying, “It seems as if… she is accompanying a young man.”

“Hmph!” Le Yu’s True Qi suddenly burst out and nearly crushed the shop’s second floor to pieces, maliciously smiling as he muttered, “A young man huh… I’d like to see which bastard dares have ideas about this Young Master’s woman!”

On the street, Yang Kai looked suspiciously towards Bi Luo. Although Yang Kai knew she was planning something, he was unsure just what it was.

As well, this enchanting girl’s facial expression was quite stiff, like she was suffering some kind of inner conflict and was constantly struggling to make a decision.

Bi Luo was naturally somewhat conflicted. Le Yu was not someone who could be reasoned with. If they really arrived at Heavenly Le Medicine Square, he was sure to raise a fuss.

What if this smelly brat was killed by Le Yu?

However much she disliked him, there was no refuting the fact that he was an honored guest. If he suffered from some kind of accident, how could she possibly explain to her mistress?

However, Bi Luo quickly put down such extreme concerns. If things developed too far, she could simply invoke Shan Qing Luo’s name. Even if Le Yu was domineering, there was no way he wouldn’t give her mistress face.

[Good! This time I’ll give this little brat a little lesson, lest he think this young lady is easily bullied.]

Thinking back on Yang Kai’s attitude towards her, Bi Luo couldn’t help but feel angered.

“Are we there yet?” Yang Kai frowned and asked. Along this particular road, Bi Luo’s pace had been much slower than before, seemingly because she was considering if there was a problem in coming here.

“We’re here!” Bi Luo’s slender fingers pointed towards a large building in front of them, “That’s Fragrance City’s largest pill shop, it’s also the last one in the city.”

“But… maybe we shouldn’t go.” Her haughty attitude suddenly deflated. Bi Luo began to hesitate once more, wondering if she was being too vicious.

“Hmm?” Yang Kai looked at her meaningfully, his curiosity somewhat piqued.

“There’s a man inside there that I hate!”

“Looks like we’re too late,” Yang Kai couldn’t help chuckling. “They’ve already come out to invite us in.”

“Ah?” Bi Luo suddenly looked dismayed as she quickly swept her gaze forward.

From the Heavenly Le Medicine Square in front of her, a few uniformed men quickly appeared, walking straight towards them.

These few people’s cultivation were not weak. Although they were all quite young, each one of them had at least reached the True Element Boundary. Swiftly arriving in front of the pair, all of them smiled as they cupped their fists, “Young Lady Bi Luo, our young master has been looking forward to you paying a visit to our humble shop, and has instructed us to courteously escort you inside.”

“I have nothing to say to your young master!” Bi Luo’s face twisted in disgust, and she turned around and quickly pulled on Yang Kai’s sleeve, “Let’s go!”

However, the few shop assistants quickly blocked her path and grinned helplessly, “Young Lady Bi Luo, if you do not come with us, I’m afraid we brothers will lose a layer of skin today. We hope Young Lady Bi Luo will not refuse this invitation, thus inciting our young master’s anger.”

“What do you want to do here!” Bi Luo coldly asked.

Quite reluctantly, the leader of this group replied, “Young Master has said, if Young Lady Bi Luo refuses to meet him then he will not force the issue, but this Young Lord accompanying you must come with us!”

“He dares!” Bi Luo’s tone became even colder, her enchanting eyes quickly flashed an angry light and regretting she had come here in the first place.

She deeply felt that she shouldn’t have dragged Yang Kai into this muddy water knowing full well that nothing good would come of it, but in the end she had still brought him over, which caused her to feel guilty.

“Haha, this doesn’t seem like a decision Young Lady Bi Luo has the final say in. This Young Lord, please follow us!” These few people turned their eyes towards Yang Kai while maintaining a formal smile.

Yang Kai stared back indifferently and slightly wrinkled his brow, “I’ve only come here to buy some pills, whatever grievances you have between you doesn’t concern me, so don’t get me involved.”

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