Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 318

But now, for some unknown reason, she was regretting her decision.

Thinking so, he couldn’t help glancing back at Bi Luo.

Feeling the deep coldness in his eyes, she unconsciously shivered.

“Since this Young Lord wants to buy pills, then please accompany us inside. Heavenly Le Medicine Square, Fragrance City’s largest pill shop, will definitely not disappoint the Young Lord!” The lead shop assistant smiled as he spoke to Yang Kai.

Having reached this point, if he tried to pull back, it would only bring disdain upon himself; not to mention, the other side had made it quite clear that even if he wanted to walk away he wouldn’t be able to.

“We’ll settle this once we get back!” Yang Kai coldly snorted before calmly walking towards Heavenly Le Medicine Square.

Bi Luo’s expression dimmed slightly at this, and she anxiously kept up. Her enchanting face was filled with a mix of displeasure and grief.

Stepping into Heavenly Le Medicine Square, before Yang Kai had even had a chance to glance around, he felt a sharp and hostile gaze fall upon him.

Staring back at the source of this gaze, Yang Kai’s expression became cold.

He had never before seen such a burly man. He was no different from a tower, at least two heads taller than the average man with an incredibly muscular frame. His physique appeared full of explosive power, every part of his body seemed to ripple with vitality, akin to a great beast standing there before him.

What stood out most though was his pair of narrow squinting eyes, only revealing a small gap, radiating a cold light, and his mouth was similarly curled into a chilly grin.

Although he hadn’t yet exchanged blows with him, Yang Kai still felt slightly pressured by this brawny man’s imposing aura. Le Yu’s combat effectiveness, he estimated, was no worse than Qiu Yi Meng’s, possibly even somewhat higher.

“Le Yu, what do you want to do?” As soon as Bi Luo came in, she immediately frowned and said, “He is an honored guest of my mistress, you should not act too presumptuously.”

“Mistress Demon Queen’s honoured guest?” Le Yu couldn’t help but show a startled expression but soon after revealed a disdainful sneer, and his eyes filled with cold light, “Him? Who the hell is he? What qualifications does he have to be Mistress Demon Queen’s honored guest?”

Apparently, Le Yu thought Bi Luo was simply trying to intimidate him and did not take her seriously.

“I’m serious,” Bi Luo said anxiously. “If anything should happen to him, it will cost you your life. Mistress’s anger isn’t something to take lightly, even your Le Family won’t be able to save you.”

“Enough!” Le Yu roared impatiently. Watching Bi Luo treat Yang Kai so favourable only deepened the resentment in his heart, but eventually he showed a cold grin, “So what if he’s the Mistress Demon Queen’s guest? As long as he doesn’t die then everything is fine, right? Hmph, look at his scrawny arms and legs, this Young Master disdains to even attack him, lest others say I am bully a weakling.”

Hearing this, Bi Luo heaved a sigh of relief, “Good, you still have a little bit of sense!”

As long as Le Yu didn’t personally take action, things wouldn’t escalate too far.

As these two carried on their discussion, Yang Kai simply observed from the side. His brow slightly wrinkled as things developed, and he eventually said, “Whatever grievances you two have you should solve them on your own, I said before I’ve only come here to buy pills.”

“Buy pills?” Le Yu grinned meaningfully, “We indeed have many pills here for sale, if others wish to buy them, we will sell things at fair prices, but you, little brat, if you want to buy something, I’m afraid things won’t be so easy.”

“Le Yu, are you going to insist on being like that?” Bi Luo’s look also became cold, “Is Heavenly Le Medicine Square not an open and fair business? Must you intentionally try to embarrass him?”

“Indeed I must embarrass him, unless of course… hah, if Young Lady Bi Luo were to promise to marry me! As long as you swear an oath to marry me, I will immediately kowtow before this little brat and provide an appropriate compensation for any previous slights.” Le Yu shifted his gaze towards Bi Luo as he revealed an arrogant grin.

“Keep dreaming!” Bi Luo immediately refused, “This Young Lady would rather marry a dog than marry you!”

Le Yu was not phased by her answer, and instead just laughed it off, as if nothing Bi Luo could say to him would arouse his anger.

After an instant, Le Yu shifted his eyes back to Yang Kai, his smile still icy cold and disdainful, “Little brat, seems you have bad luck. Since she refuses to marry me, if seems you’ll have to suffer some inconvenience.”

“What pills do you want to buy?” Le Yu then suddenly asked.

Bi Luo, thinking Le Yu was willing to take a step back, suddenly relaxed slightly and quickly said, “Soul restoring and Soul nourishing pills.”

“Good, we have plenty of those in stock!” Le Yu nodded and waved, “Take out all the pills we have with such effects!”

The shop assistants inside the pharmacy quickly nodded, and a moment later had brought out a dozen or so bottles of pills.

“En, please have all of these sent to the palace, after a few days I will come to deliver payment.” Bi Luo smiled lightly and looked at Le Yu, “Seems like even though you’re just a bear you’re not completely unreasonable.”

“Heh heh!” Le Yu grinned meaningfully before glancing towards Yang Kai, “Of course I’m not unreasonable, I’m simply earning this little friend here some face!”

“Face is earned by myself, not given to me by others.” Yang Kai coldly snorted. Being involved in this troublesome matter for no reason, he was extremely unhappy.

If he was not happy, no one would be.

“Very good!” Le Yu laughed, seemingly now somewhat enjoying this. “Since you’ve said so little friend, I will give you two choices. First, take these pills and then leave Fragrance City, the farther you roll the better, just make sure that in this life you never appear in front of me again.”

“I chose the second option!” Yang Kai looked back at him indifferently and instantly cut him off.

Le Yu was stunned for a moment before he grinned happily, “Good! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a crazy arrogant little bastard.”

Saying so, he signaled towards a few of the young shop assistants who were standing nearby, “You guys, play with him a bit, regardless of the outcome, these pills afterwards will belong to him.”

Bi Luo was startled and immediately objecting, “Hey, Le Yu, don’t go too far! All of them are True Element Boundary masters, if it’s one on one then so be it, but making them all gang up on him, don’t you think your bullying him too much?”

“Bullying him too much?” Le Yu shot back disdainfully, “Here, in this place, this little bastard can’t compare with this Young Master’s financial power, or family power, so the only thing he can compare with this Young Master with is strength! Since he dares act so arrogantly he must show he has the strength to back it up!”

The few young shop assistants who were called up grinned menacingly. All of them cracked their knuckles and shook their heads, as they slowly walked forward and encircled Yang Kai.

These youths were not pushovers either. All of them at least had reached the True Element Boundary Third or Fourth Stage. One of them even had a cultivation at the True Element Boundary Sixth Stage.

Inside the Heavenly Le Medicine Square, a few old men squinted. Their expressions were dull and indifferent. Although they were Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who served the Le Family, they would not lower themselves to intervene in the battle between young people.

Not to mention that given how prideful Le Yu was, he would not allow them to do so. Yang Kai and Bi Luo arriving together proved that their relationship was certainly unordinary, but such experts acting against them would only serve to stir up the other Immortal Ascension Boundaries in the city and possibly even arouse Shan Qing Luo’s ire, making the situation extremely troublesome.

Youth fighting amongst themselves was simply a matter of course. It was not something they would involve themselves in.

Because of this, these old men would simply open one eye and close the other. This was, after all, not the first time they had witnessed their young master bully someone. Even him killing people wasn’t uncommon, either way it wasn’t a big deal.

“Little brat, it’s too late for you to regret it. I, your Uncle, won’t allow you to choose again!” Le Yu laughed wildly.

However, as Le Yu laughed, Yang Kai had already begun to move.

A True Element Boundary Third Stage uniformed youth only saw something in his vision before he felt his whole body suddenly lift up and a sharp pain radiating from his chest before he immediately fell unconscious.

*Peng peng peng…*

A series of muffled bangs rang out as three or four limp figures flew out. Accompanied by the sound of bones cracking, in just a blink of the eye, Le Yu’s henchmen all crashed into the shop walls before falling to the ground. Only the True Element Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator remained.

But before this man could recover from the shock of his companions being blasted out, the vague image of a man flashed in front of him.

In a panic, he instinctively tried to defend himself, but the other party easily broke open his guard, and he found himself immediately suppressed.

A rain of fists flew towards him, each one seemingly ethereal and illusory, superimposing themselves onto one another, and all of them seemingly landed on his body simultaneously.

*Pa pa pa pa…*

His True Qi was unable to block a single one of these strikes, and the sound of all his bones shattering rang out.

Following this explosion of punches, Yang Kai swiftly landed a kick on the man’s shoulder and sent him flying tens of meters like a rag sack before he fell to the ground, motionless.

Le Yu’s pupils suddenly shrank. At the moment Yang Kai took action, he had instantly become aware of his strength; that sudden burst of True Qi, its force and purity, it was so great he almost couldn’t believe his eyes. Before he could collect himself, his few henchmen had all been beaten senseless.


Bi Luo’s charming eyes bulged, and her expression was completely aghast as she gazed in pure shock towards Yang Kai.

Although she had been in contact with Yang Kai several times, she actually didn’t know too much about him. The only thing she knew was that his cultivation realm wasn’t too high.

This was the first time she had seen him fight.

In a flash, four or five True Element Boundary cultivators had all been crushed, just how powerful was he?

Was this really something a True Element Boundary Fifth Stage cultivator could achieve? Bi Luo’s heart couldn’t help but tremble.

All of a sudden, she understood why her mistress valued him so highly.

This little True Element Boundary Fifth Stage brat was definitely unusual!

Inside Heavenly Le Medicine Square, those few old men also narrowed their eyes, and were unable to suppress their surprise.

Yang Kai had struck decisively and extremely ruthlessly. These few True Element Boundary uniformed youths all had at least a dozen broken bones each. The True Element Boundary Sixth Stage man was in even more tragic shape. From what they saw, they estimated that he would be bedridden for at least six months.

Such a powerful and overbearing young man, how come they had never heard of him before?

In the midst of all this chaos, Yang Kai simply stood there indifferently, glancing around once at the youths before him, he soon called out, “Bi Luo!”

“Hm?” Bi Luo, still in shock, quickly responded.

“Take the pills, we’re leaving.”

“En!” Bi Luo hurriedly stepped forward and received the dozen or so bottles of pills that the shop assistant was holding, before somewhat dazedly following behind Yang Kai.

“What to leave!?” Le Yu bellowed, like a thunderbolt on a calm sunny day disturbing the entire street. With a great roar, he leapt out, flew above everyone’s heads and suddenly fell in front of Yang Kai, blocking the way, as he angrily glared at him, “After injuring my people, you want to just walk away? Stop dreaming!”

“What do you want?” Yang Kai stared back coldly at him.

“Play with me for a bit!” Le Yu cracked his neck, and a burst of crackling noise sounded out, “If you can’t beat me, don’t even think about leaving here!”

“Le Yu, don’t go too far!” Bi Luo frowned.

“I’ve already got what I wanted, what capital do you have to get me to act?” Yang Kai looked at him disdainfully.

However, Le Yu just sneered, “A Soul nourishing pill… there’s a Soul nourishing pill inside my Heavenly Le Medicine Square of Mysterious Grade Low-Rank!”

“Not interested!”

A Mysterious Grade Low-Rank pill was indeed very valuable, but if there was only one, it really couldn’t attract Yang Kai’s attention, no matter how good the pill was, it was ultimately only something disposable to be eaten.

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