Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 320

Yang Kai’s thousands of Sword Qi blades encircled his body and didn’t even have time to play a role before they were destroyed.

His expression became stern as Yang Kai swung his Asura Sword again and sent out numerous dark sword waves condensed from his True Qi straight towards Le Yu, seemingly splitting the space between them in half.

Le Yu laughed madly, not even trying to dodge, and instead struck out with his mace once more.

With an earth shaking bang, the dark sword wave shattered, and although Le Yu shook violently, he hadn’t taken any real damage. So, he continued to dash forward while swinging his mace towards Yang Kai, as if consumed by madness.

Engulfed in black Demonic Qi, Yang Kai’s blood-red eyes radiated a cold, sharp light.

The black gas concentrated on his palms before he thrust forward violently.

[White Tiger Seal! Divine Ox Seal!]

With a fierce tiger roar and grand ox bellow, two gigantic demonic beast phantoms appeared and sent out thick murderous auras as they charged forward.


As the ground trembled violently under their charge, a burst of madness spread from Le Yu’s eyes. Not showing the slightest fear, he instead laughed wildly and roared, “Good, good! But it’s still not enough! When you die, I’ll drink your blood dry! You’re worthy of such an honour!”

Swinging his mace twice at his attackers, Le Yu instantly struck flying the two phantoms, causing them to roar miserably as their figures dispersed.

However, in the brief time he was distracted, Yang Kai had managed to form three dense Sword Qi blades before him, and sent them flying towards Le Yu’s chest!

Two months ago, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been capable of such delicate manipulation of his Qi.

But after cultivating Xiao Fu Sheng’s Yuan Qi control techniques while he stayed on Hidden Cloud Peak, his ability to wield this Demonic Qi had been enhanced greatly.

Although he hadn’t mastered this ability, his control was still much better than before.

Seeing the fast approaching Sword Qi blades, cold sweat instinctively appeared on Le Yu’s brow, and his Purple Demonic Qi burst forth in an attempt to block Yang Kai’s attack.

*Bang bang bang*, shockwaves spread as the two Demonic Qi’s clashed and caused the road’s thick stones to crack and nearby debris to fly out.

As the two Demonic Qis burst, Le Yu’s figure disappeared completely in the darkness.

“Ah…” Bi Luo’s mouth hung agape as she stared dumbfounded at the sight before her. Since the beginning of the battle, Yang Kai’s combat strength had continuously defied her expectations and caused her to wonder just how great his strength really was.

The mystery and profoundness of this youth had exceeded Bi Luo’s understanding completely.

“Young Master…” The Le Family’s several Immortal Ascension Boundary masters cried out, but soon steadied themselves. Under the investigation of their Divine Senses, they soon discovered that Le Yu’s vitality hadn’t diminished at all, and instead, his rage was rapidly growing.

“This little brat is too amazing. He can fight evenly with Le Yu head on, ha ha ha, I really want to see what Old Dog Le’s expression will be when he hears about this!” One of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who had been observing laughed loudly, seeming to take great pleasure in seeing Le Yu being bullied.

Le Wu Ji, the Le Family’s previous patriarch, was a Peak Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and an Elder of Fragrance City.

“What a pity that several of the Elders and Mistress Demon Queen have all gone to Beast King’s territory! Seems like they won’t know about this for a while!” Another spectator gloated.

The few Le Family Immortal Ascension Boundary experts all suddenly wore bitter expressions and glared back angrily at these people.

Yang Kai cold expression had also become serious, and his brow wrinkled slightly as he felt the changes in Le Yu’s aura.

Suddenly, a speck of gloomy purple light appeared inside the thick black Qi. At first glance it only appeared like a small flame, but it soon spread outwards becoming an engulfing fire.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

As the purple Demonic Qi burst through the darkness, it struck towards Yang Kai with lightning speed.

This purple Demonic Qi was so dense it had nearly solidified, as if it was a real flame, but strangely not only did it not give off the slightest heat, but instead radiated a bitter cold.

*Pa pa pa pa…*

Yang Kai’s own Demonic Qi moved to counterattack. The black and purple Qi’s clashed violently, and actually formed a delicate balance that neither side was able to overwhelm the other.

After a moment of struggle, the purple Qi drew back, and the previous engulfing darkness seemed to burn away as Le Yu’s burly body once again appeared in everyone’s sight.

“Heh heh heh…” Le Yu grinned menacingly as he rested his giant mace upon his shoulder.

Yang Kai’s expression became somber as he suddenly discovering that he had unknowingly become contaminated by the purple demonic flames!

A bone chilling cold spread from the location of the flame and soon engulfed his entire body.

This demonic fire not only caused him to feel a biting chill, it also impeded the flow of his True Qi within his body.

This wasn’t actually a type of flame, but instead an effect the purple Demonic Qi acquired when it reached a certain degree of intensity.

As his body’s temperature rapidly decreased, and the Evil Qi he was sending out became sluggish, Yang Kai was quickly covered in a layer of frost, and even his his hair and clothes froze, giving them a white sheen.

Le Yu’s mouth twisted into a cold grin.

“You’re dead!”

As he spoke, the purple tattoos on Le Yu’s body seemed to come alive, leaping from his body to transform into a terrifying fiery serpent that lunged towards Yang Kai.

“Looks like this little brat is finished.” One of the nearby Immortal Ascension Boundary masters commented as he watched with great interest. His exclamation echoed the thoughts of those present. With the exception of those from the Le Family, all of these spectators were excited to see such a violent all out fight, but seeing the current situation had basically concluded the outcome.

If his body wasn’t frozen, he may have still been able to fight with Le Yu, but now that he had his movements impeded, how could he avoid Le Yu’s onslaught?

Not holding anything back, Le Yu also rushed towards Yang Kai with his mace as his purple Qi snakes closed in.

“Stop!” Bi Luo cried out sharply, but how could the deranged Le Yu who could only think of slaughtering Yang Kai pay her any mind?

In that instant, around the half frozen Yang Kai suddenly bloomed a blood red storm of petals.

The seemingly intoxicating petals rippled about.

But soon these individual petals assembled together and took the form of a giant begonia flower in full bloom, which wrapped Yang Kai in a protective shield that left not the slightest gap exposed.

“Another Heaven Grade artifact?”

The eyes of all the surrounding Immortal Ascension Boundary masters protruded and almost fell out of their sockets.

How was such a thing possible?!

If Yang Kai taking out a single Heaven Grade artifact had made them realize he had a significant background, then a second appearing made them all realize they had still far underestimated the force supporting him from behind.

At the very least, it was not something the Le Family could even be compared to.

What kind of force could afford to give a single young man two Heaven Grade artifacts? Moreover two extremely powerful slaughtering type artifacts?

The Le Family absolutely couldn’t do such a thing! Even a genius like Le Yu only had a single Heaven Grade artifact on him.

Was this youth a direct relative of one of the other five Great Evil Kings, or perhaps the disciple of some unparalleled hidden master?

The Le Family’s Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all had their jaws hanging loose and were unable to utter a single word.

“What are you fools still standing around stunned for? Quickly stop Le Yu!” One of the other spectating Immortal Ascension masters quickly reminded, not wanting to see the situation develop to an irredeemable height.

“Ah!” The Le Family’s masters were shaken awake from their stupor, and without hesitating they shot towards the battlefield.

Arriving before that budding Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia, Le Yu held up his mace and swung down with all his might.

The petal barrier instantly fragmented and revealed Yang Kai’s figure.

Instantly, Yang Kai shot out, vomiting a mouthful of blood. However, the purple demonic flames originally wrapping his body had also somehow disappeared.

Still shivering slightly from the cold, Yang Kai’s hand waved to summon the thousands of blood red petals.

At the same time, he also thrust the Asura Sword forward ruthlessly.

A huge sword wave quickly shot out towards Le Yu.

Le Yu’s pupils shrank. Letting out a ferocious roar, all of his muscles bulged, as he lifted his mace to block this sword wave while desperately resisting the surrounding petal blades.

“Enough!” The Le Family’s Immortal Ascension masters finally arrived with a shout. One of them stood before Yang Kai, and the rest surrounded Le Yu, simultaneously protecting and suppressing him.

With these several experts all of a sudden gathered together, it only took a small gesture before the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia petals and the Asura Sword Qi were all blocked.

“Young Master, please calm down!”

“Move! I’m going to kill him! I have to kill him!” Le Yu’s True Qi furiously burst forth, as he waved his mace madly towards the Immortal Ascension masters in front of him, “Block me and I’ll kill you too!”

These Immortal Ascension Boundary masters all exchanged a glance, and each of them carried a deep frustration in their eyes before suddenly coming to a consensus to deliver a quick strike.

With a loud bang, these masters had instantly knocked Le Yu unconscious.

None of them had wanted to use such a last resort, stunning Le Yu like this. After all, by doing so he was bound to suffer extreme backlash from his Demonic Purple Qi Body since he still could not completely control this demonic energy.

Because they had been concerned about this, even though they knew Yang Kai had a strong background, they still had not stopped the fight.

But after Yang Kai had come up with a second Heaven Grade artifact, even if they didn’t want to do this they had no choice.

The situation couldn’t be allowed to get further out of control.

Even if Le Yu ended up badly hurt, it wasn’t too important. The key was to not thoroughly offend the force behind Yang Kai.

This force no doubt was extremely powerful; it was not something their Le Family could afford to provoke.

What’s more, he was also Shan Qing Luo guest! As such, they truly couldn’t afford to offend him too greatly.

“What the meaning for this?” Yang Kai looked towards the Le Family Immortal Ascension master in front of him with an indifferent expression, as he slowly recalled his Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia.

“Honoured Young Lord…” The Le Family Immortal Ascension master cringed slightly as he cupped his fists while trying to put on a friendly smile, “Please restrain your anger, I’m sure you can see that our young master’s Demonic Purple Qi Body causes him to lose his rationality. The situation here developing into a life and death struggle is surely not something anyone here wishes to see…”

Yang Kai raised his brow slightly before letting out a sneer, “Your Le Family certainly thinks highly of themselves, if you want someone to fight with you they must fight, but once you want to stop, they have to stop?”

“This…” The Le Family Immortal Ascension Boundary master was suddenly speechless, and his face flushed in embarrassment.

However, he was also unable to say anything. After all, this Young Lord had come here only to buy some pills, yet their young master had insisted on insulting and provoking conflict with him.

While this master was still struggling to find an appropriate answer, Yang Kai lightly said, “Since he’s already been knocked out by you, even if I want to continue I suppose I can’t.”

“Thank you, Young Lord!” The Le Family master happily smiled, relieved that this youth seemed to be more amenable than he had expected.

Yang Kai just coldly snorted in response, but before he could turn away, a cold voice called out, “This isn’t over yet!”

Upon hearing this, all of the Le Family members suddenly wore bitter expressions.

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