Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 321

What she had done today had really caused her to regret.

If not for her specially taking him to Heavenly Le Medicine Square, then none of this would have happened. All she had wanted was to use Le Yu to teach him a lesson, but the result had been far more complex than she had anticipated, causing her to thoroughly offend him. Why did he have to be so powerful, even able to fight on par with Le Yu?

Confused and muddleheaded, Bi Luo didn’t know what she should do next or how she should face him.

The whole way back, Yang Kai’s silent and indifferent treatment towards her made her feel all the more uncomfortable.

Finally, when they arrived back at the palace, Bi Luo couldn’t bear it any longer and swiftly stepped in front of Yang Kai, blocking his path and angrily growling, “Why won’t you say anything?”

However, Yang Kai simply glanced at her slightly, which caused her brow to wrinkle further.

“Hey!” Bi Luo waved her hand in front of his face, “What’s with you, ignoring me like this? I get that you’re some kind of amazing genius, but that shouldn’t be a reason to flat out disregard me. I’ll admit that before, I took you to Heavenly Le Medicine Square intentionally to let Le Yu teach you a lesson, but that’s also your fault! Who told you to be so annoying? I didn’t think things would get so out of hand so… well… sorry, okay? You don’t need to be so angry!”

Although Bi Luo was originally an orphan and did not have the slightest relation to nobility, but now, no matter how you put it, she was Shan Qing Luo’s most trusted confidant, and along with her enchanting beauty, her eyes had long ago found their way to the top of her head, which gave her an arrogant temper.

Coupled with her unique ‘interests’, she had never put any man in the eyes.

Shan Qing Luo bringing back Yang Kai that day and not only letting him live in Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion but also sending three of the most beautiful maids to serve him personally had naturally annoyed Bi Luo a little.

She immediately didn’t have a good impression of Yang Kai and only tolerated his presence because of Shan Qing Luo’s orders, but she never treated him the slightest bit seriously.

It wasn’t until today when Yang Kai showed strength no weaker than Le Yu that Bi Luo realized that he was a bit different from other men, and she also understood why Shan Qing Luo valued him so highly.

With her temper and arrogance, being able to honestly apologize at this time was already the limit of what she could do.

Standing still, Yang Kai simply frowned and continued to stare back at her silently.

Seeing his lack of reaction, Bi Luo became unhappy and indignant, “I’ve already apologized to you so can’t you just forgive me already? As a man aren’t you acting a bit too petty?”

Yang Kai suddenly reached out a hand and grabbed hold of Bi Luo’s shirt, dragging her before him.

Bi Luo’s beautiful face instantly went pale and almost reflexively tried to counterattack, but when she remembered the horrifying combat strength Yang Kai had showed earlier, she could only cry out angrily, “What are you doing?!”

“Plot against me again and I’ll kill you!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

From the firm glare in his eyes and his frigid tone, Bi Luo immediately realized that what he had just said was no joke, and her heart clenched and cold sweat dripped down her back.

Just when she was about to stubbornly try to talk back, Yang Kai suddenly released her, and his face instantly went pale as he spat out of mouthful of blood.

Within this blood was also a trace of purple energy that thrashed about violently, almost like it was alive.

“Ah…” Bi Luo exclaimed.

“Get lost!” Yang Kai suddenly swept a palm wind towards Bi Luo, sending her flying more than a dozen meters away, the next moment a purple fire engulfed his body.

As a chilling cold spread, Yang Kai’s hair and clothes instantaneously became white with frost, an ice-cold aura burst forth.


With Yang Kai as the center, a radius of a dozen or so meters instantly became an ice filled domain.

Bi Luo’s beautiful eyes flashed violently as she stared at Yang Kai.

It turns out that he hadn’t actually been able to completely resolve the power of Le Yu’s attacks, but had instead used some method to temporarily seal this Demonic Qi within his body, and now it had broken free.

This was Purple Demonic Spirit Fire that originated from Evil Spirits that dwelled in the Evil Cavern!

Of course, it wasn’t a true flame, but rather the Purple Demonic Qi condensed into a form of energy. Le Yu had been absorbing and refining this Demonic Qi for some time now and could already somewhat incorporate it into his attacks.

This Demonic Qi was unusually resilient. Once it infected someone, it was like maggots on rotting bones, and in combat, unless one’s strength far exceeded Le Yu’s, it would only be a matter of time before they would be consumed by this evil Qi and freeze to death.

Bi Luo had only heard about it and never had a chance to see it before until today.

“Are you hurt?” Bi Luo asked. Observing Yang Kai’s current condition, her annoyance once more gave way to guilt at the moment.

“Of course I’m hurt! You try taking a hit from that mace!” Yang Kai grit his teeth and took a deep breath as he circulated his True Yang Secret Art in an effort to repress the Purple Demonic Qi raging within his meridians.

Le Yu was indeed a master amongst the younger generation, although they had fought a seemingly even battle with Yang Kai appearing to attain the upper hand before the Le Family’s Immortal Ascension Boundary masters came out to stop them, but only Yang Kai was aware of what the end result truly was.

Yang Kai knew, if they had continued to fight, he didn’t have any grasp of winning! After all, Le Yu was still four minor realms above him, and had exceedingly high combat prowess.

On top of that, the giant mace he used contained a devastating power. Even using the Thousand Blossoming Blood Begonia to fully protect himself, Yang Kai still had his five viscera, six organs shifted under its assault and was unable to relieve himself until now.

“What are you going to do now then?” Bi Luo asked anxiously.

“Heal, obviously, you pig brain!”

“Oh… then we should hurry back!” Bi Luo stepped forward and helped Yang Kai, bringing him quickly to Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion.

Although Yang Kai had scolded her for having a pig brain, Bi Luo wasn’t annoyed at all. At the very least, she didn’t feel the same cold murderous intent Yang Kai had directed towards her earlier in his tone.

In other words, he wasn’t actually that angry with her anymore.

Back at Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion.

Yang Kai arrived swiftly at the first floor bath, stripped off his tattered clothes, and immersed himself in the warm water.

Outside, the three women sent to serve Yang Kai walked up and inquired to Bi Luo.

“What happened to the Young Lord?” The mature beauty Yun Li softly asked, aware that something was wrong.

“He fought with Le Yu and got some injuries,” Bi Luo muttered under her breath.

“Ah…” Yun Li quickly covered her luscious red lips with her delicate hand, and her enchanting eyes flashing a frightened light, “Do you mean Young Lord fought with the Le Family’s Young Master? How did such a thing happen?”

“Don’t ask too much, it was my fault.” Bi Luo said with a loud sigh before handing the bottles of pills she was carrying to Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing absentmindedly.

Yun Li observed thoughtfully for a short moment before understanding what had happened and quickly realized that asking any more wasn’t a wise choice.

“Elder Sister Yun, he seems to still be very upset with me, how should I apologize so he’ll forgive me?” After a brief awkward silence Bi Luo suddenly turned and asked.

“Apologize?” A trace of surprise flashed across Yun Li’s eyes as she looked at Bi Luo in astonishment before laughing lightly, “Little Bi Luo is willing to apologize to him, the sun must really be rising from the west today. Is it possible that towards him, you…”

“No!” Bi Luo glared at her fiercely before suddenly flashing a wicked smile, “What kind of lustful thoughts are you thinking? Do you want me to satisfy those hidden desires of yours?”

“Absolutely not!” Yun Li cried out in fright and quickly put some distance between herself and Bi Luo.

“Good, then tell me what I should do?”

Yun Li swiftly regained her charming smile, as her face blushed slightly, and she whispered, “In these cases a woman’s body is her strongest weapon…”

“You really do have only those kinds of thoughts on your brain! Enough already.” Bi Luo said angrily, somewhat exasperated, “Look after him well, I’ll head back first. If something happens to him, remember to let me know as soon as possible.”

“En.” Yun Li, Ruo Yu, and Ruo Qing nodded.

In the bath, Yang Kai closed his eyes and circulated his True Yang Secret Art.

The Purple Demonic Qi flowing in his meridians was slowly burned through by his pure True Yang Yuan Qi. Part of it was then expelled from his body and some of it smelted into energy for his own use, while everything that remained was absorbed by his Unyielding Golden Skeleton.

Although this Qi was evil in nature, and it was extremely similar to the energies stored within his Unyielding Golden Skeleton, they were still somewhat different.

This was energy that Le Yu had cultivated; it incorporated his understanding of martial arts and contained traces of his aura.

Le Yu’s comprehension of the martial arts was obviously incompatible with Yang Kai so it could only be expelled.

The rest of this energy however was purely consisted of the Purple Spirit Demonic Qi from Evil Spirits within the Evil Cavern that Le Yu had absorbed, which could be absorbed by his Unyielding Golden Skeleton after being refined.

This evil energy was quite difficult to dissolve. Yang Kai spent a full three or four days before he finally managed to completely purge it from his meridians.

A light fluctuation arose from his Unyielding Golden Skeleton when he had finished. It seemed that this so-called Purple Spirit Demonic Qi quite suited its taste. This discovery involuntarily caused Yang Kai’s brow to twitch.

Although his battle with Le Yu did not have a final winner, such a fight had managed to completely stabilize his True Element Boundary Fifth Stage cultivation.

Yang Kai had also been able to compete with one of the top experts in his generation.

So far, the number of such difficult opponents he had faced were actually quite few: Nine Star Sword Sect’s Wu Cheng Yi, Qiu Family’s Qiu Yi Meng, and now Le Yu.

Each of these three were extraordinary talents, and all of them possessed strength that did not allow Yang Kai to underestimate them in the slightest.

The world was truly vast. Who knows how many other geniuses like them were out there?

Slowly opening his eyes, his body and mind were refreshed. His wounded five viscera, six organs had all been completely healed. He noticed that the water throughout the bath had also taken on a purple shade, giving it a faint glow.

Getting up from the bath and drying himself, he leisurely dressed and walked out from the pavilion.

Yun Li, Ruo Yu, and Ruo Qing all wore happy expressions upon seeing him exit.

“Have Young Lord’s injuries been healed?” Yun Li quickly inquired.

“Yeah.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Thank goodness,” Yun Li let out a sigh of relief, quickly turning to Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing, “Quickly inform Bi Luo, when she hears that Young Lord has recovered it will greatly relieve her worries.”

“Yes!” Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing replied crisply before rushing off.

Yun Li turned her gaze towards Yang Kai and said with a smile, “Young Lord should know that for the past few days Bi Luo had come here several times a day to ask about your injuries. She also obviously hasn’t rested well and seems quite worn out.”

“She brought it upon herself.” Yang Kai snorted.

Bi Luo’s concern about his well being had nothing to do with her caring about him but was instead driven by fear of how Shan Qing Luo might punish her later. How could he not understand something so obvious?

Yun Li couldn’t help but giggle lightly, “Since she was young, Bi Luo has never been sensible enough, having spent most of her life growing up sheltered inside the palace, all year round being doted upon by Mistress. Young Lord shouldn’t lower himself to her level.”

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