Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 322

What’s more, he wasn’t particularly concerned about what had happened. He was mainly just upset about Bi Luo scheming against him.

He believed that after this incident, Bi Luo wouldn’t dare try something like that again.

Yun Li quickly followed up, “The pills that Young Lord bought before are in your room, and all of the accounts have been settled.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

Having a strong backer really made a big difference. It allowed him to wantonly purchase so many bottles of Spiritual Energy pills without even having to pay up front. It was no wonder those Young Lords and Young Ladies of those great forces were able to grow so much faster than ordinary people.

Near unlimited access to precious cultivation resources coupled with their already high innate aptitudes made achieving greater heights than their peers the norm.

This world had always been unfair as such.

“Also, a member of the Le Family specifically paid a visit to the palace a couple days ago to deliver something.” The mature beauty smiled meaningfully.

“Oh? The Le Family?” Yang Kai’s brow rose, a tinge of surprise apparent on his face.

“En, they brought a bottle of Mysterious Grade pills that are useful for restoring Spiritual Energy.” Yun Li covered her lips with her hand as she laughed elegantly at Yang Kai, “That member of the Le Family apparently rushed all night from their family home to deliver this bottle of pills and insisted on having this servant deliver it to Young Lord. Seeing how Young Lord was still healing at the time, this servant accepted it temporarily. Would Young Lord like to accept it or… perhaps you wish to reject?”

“Nonsense!” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “They took such pains to deliver this gift, naturally I must accept it.”

Seemingly knowing he would say so, Yun Li simply nodded slightly, “Very well, if you were to reject them outright, I’m afraid the Le Family would suffer quite the loss of face, being able to make big things small and small things disappear is for the best, I knew that Young Lord was such a benevolent man.”

[This little fox…]

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling his face grow somewhat hot.

The Le Family sending him such a precious thing, Yang Kai understood clearly that this was nothing more than their attempt to smooth over relations. But whatever the outcome, the Le Family was still considered a great force, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a bit surprised at how quickly they had compromised.

“Shan Qing Luo holds quite some prestige,” Yang Kai whispered softly, only able to conclude that the Le Family had taken such actions in order to give Shan Qing Luo face.

What he didn’t know was that the Le Family couldn’t figure out his origins, so before they did, they didn’t want to risk offending such a Heaven sent talent.

If they thought they could quietly eliminate Yang Kai, then how could the prestigious Le Family be so generous? But the battle between Yang Kai and Le Yu had taken place inside Fragrance City and was seen by so many people. Since they couldn’t take such actions without drawing suspicions, and they were somewhat afraid of offending the force behind him, their only choice was to temporarily compromise.

A bottle of Mysterious Grade pills was quite expensive, but it wasn’t something the Le Family couldn’t afford.

When Yun Li heard him mutter as such, she simply maintained her charming smile and continued, “There is something else this servant should inform Young Lord about.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Many young masters in the city and even a number of young ladies would like to invite Young Lord to socialize with them…”

Yang Kai’s origins were quite mysterious, so not drawing the attention of these various local forces would be quite unusual. Over the past few days all of these great forces that resided within Fragrance City had spent considerable effort trying to discover what his background was, but much less inquire about where he hailed from, many of them couldn’t even confirm what his name was.

Under such circumstances the best they could do was have some of their younger generation invite Yang Kai out to socialize in the hopes of gaining some useful intelligence.

If he really had a grand force supporting him from behind, making friends with his was naturally to their benefit, but even if he didn’t have such a background, given how promising a talent he was, any of these forces would still be willing to extend an olive branch to him.

“No need,” Yang Kai wrinkled his brow, “I have nothing to discuss with them.”

Seeing him reject so decisively, Yun Li was slightly surprised, but soon let out an elegant laugh, “Very well.”

“I’m going back to cultivate.” As soon as he spoke these words, Yang Kai immediately walked back towards his second floor room.

Looking at his gradually receding back, the mature beauty Yun Li couldn’t help staring at him a bit oddly before slowly shaking her head as she smiled warmly. She had never before seen such a determined young man.

Given his temperament and drive, it seems like his strength was not unwarranted.

Over the next few days Yang Kai had spent almost all of his time spying on the mysteries of the True Alchemic Way, yet his progress was still unbearably slow, not even daring to guess how long it would be before he managed to grasp it completely.

However, Yang Kai didn’t mind. His true purpose was to exhaust his Spiritual Energy by studying the True Alchemic Way. Obtaining the knowledge contained within it was only a secondary concern.

Consuming various bottles of Soul nourishing pills, his Soul continuously grew stronger, not only did it become more formidable, but it also increased in toughness, and now he was able to extend his Divine Sense over a far greater range.

His supply of pills was consumed very fast though. This was mainly due to these pills not being of very high quality, which gave them a less than desirable efficacy. If Yang Kai wanted to quickly restore his Spiritual Energy, his only option was to consume greater numbers of these pills.

Even the bottle of Mysterious Grade pills which had been delivered to him by the Le Family was consumed in less than two days.

No one would ever dare to cultivate Spiritual Energy like Yang Kai, relentlessly exhausting their Spiritual Energy, and then devouring massive amounts of pills to supplement it. If anyone else had tried they would have long ago permanently damaged their Soul, likely degenerating into an idiot, unable to recover for the rest of their life.

The only reason Yang Kai didn’t have such worries was thanks to his Heaven defying Soul Warming Lotus.

Ten days later.

His supply of pills had been depleted, and although Yang Kai could clearly feel that his Soul had grown significantly stronger, when he tried to erase Shan Qing Luo’s Soul Seeking Seal again, he was still incapable of even shaking it, instead each time he tried to eliminate this devilish seductress’s Soul Seeking Seal all he would end up doing was provoking its defensive response, which plunged him in illusions that repeated beguiled and bewitched him.

One day he would string this little temptress up, strip her of her clothes, and spank her! Yang Kai secretly cursed to himself.

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Suddenly, a light knocking sound resounded, someone obviously had shown up at his door.

“Come in!” Yang Kai called out.

When the door was pushed open, Bi Luo, her enchanting figure wrapped in a scarlet red dress, giggled lightly as she walked in.

Seeing her choice in outfit, it was clear to anyone that she had dressed up intentionally so to somewhat imitate Shan Qing Luo’s taste to give her a seductive and enrapturing aura.

Yang Kai was slightly startled, “Why are you here?”

Since they had returned to the palace that day, Bi Luo had not appeared in front of Yang Kai. However, thanks to Yun Li occasionally putting in a good word for her from time to time, Yang Kai had already decided to no longer pursue the previous matters between them.

He had never thought that she would actually come to seek him out like this.

But now, Bi Luo had appeared before him, and she wasn’t exuding her usual proud and domineering attitude, but instead faced Yang Kai somewhat nervously, and some clear traces of confusing and reluctance were still apparent in her eyes.

“I’ve come to check up on you.” Bi Luo spoke softly with a rare hint of gentleness in her tone as she looked somewhat sheepishly at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai just smiled lightly, “If you’re still worried about what happened before, there’s no need, I don’t intend on seeking out trouble with you over it.”

“Are you really not angry?” Bi Luo looked at him in surprise.

“As long as you stop trying to plot against me!”

“En en, I promise I won’t do such things anymore, that day really was only an accident.” Bi Luo smiled before slowly walking over to Yang Kai and softly whispered, “If Mistress asks about what happened that day…”

“I wanted to stretch my limbs a bit. Le Yu happened to be available for me to spar with.” Yang Kai casually replied, naturally knowing what he should say at this moment.

Bi Luo couldn’t help smiling happily. Her slender white palm rested upon her proud chest as she breathed a sigh of relief and completely putt down the stone which had weighed upon her heart before quickly following up, “You really are a good person. I’ve misjudged you!”

Having finished what she wanted to say, she suddenly noticed Yang Kai’s eyes staring towards her round peaks, and she hurriedly wrapped them in her arms before blushing lightly, “Hey, haven’t you seen enough!”

However, just as she said so, she seemed to think of something again and relaxed her arms, deliberately straightened herself up, and put on an indifferent expression, “Well go ahead and look, it can be considered as me paying you back slightly, in any case it’s not like I’ll lose anything by you staring.”

Seeing how careless she was acting, Yang Kai suddenly found himself somewhat dumbfounded.

Seeing his reaction, Bi Luo let out a giggle before gently sitting herself down behind him in a half-kneeling position and lightly rested her delicate hands on his back and gently kneaded.

“What are you…” Yang Kai called out in surprise.

“Every day around this time don’t you have Elder Sister Yun Li do this for you to help relieve your fatigue? Today I had come here in order to apologize to you, but I hadn’t expected that you would so frankly accept, so allow me to perform a rare service for you like this, you should gratefully accept it.”

Yang Kai was once again stunned. He hadn’t thought that Bi Luo would really feel so guilty about that day.

Otherwise, why else would she go to such lengths to please him?

Since Yang Kai had greatly enjoyed Yun Li’s massage that day, Yang Kai had specifically requested that she come by every day to do so.

The strain he placed himself under to cultivate his Soul was quite intense and fatiguing, so having her gentle slender fingers disperse his stress like so was an extremely pleasant sensation for him.

Bi Luo must have figured things would turn out like this from the beginning.

While her technique was not on par with Yun Li’s, it was still quite comfortable.

After a while, Bi Luo suddenly asked, “Does it feel good?”

“It’s alright,” Yang Kai spoke bluntly.

“Just okay?” Bi Luo felt like she had received a hit, “Compared with Elder Sister Yun Li?”

“Her’s is better!”

“Humph!” Bi Luo pouted, her expression unconvinced before an impish smirk appeared on her face.

Suddenly, a bewitching voice drifted into Yang Kai’s ears and seemed to contain an endless appeal and temptation, then, from all around him, erotic moans and seductive scents overwhelmed his senses. Yang Kai’s eyes shot open, only to find his vision filled with numerous delicate young girls, their bodies draped in nearly transparent silk garments which barely covered their jade white skin, and their water snake like figures gently twisted as they teased him incessantly.

Immediately, Yang Kai’s breath became heavy, and his whole body seemed to be on fire.

Quickly noticing the situation wasn’t normal, he began circulating his Joyous Unification Art, which instantly sent Bi Luo behind him into a trance. Her enchanting eyes suddenly blurred over as her body went limp.

The Yin-Yang Joyous Unification Art could seemingly dispel any Seduction Technique. The last time Yang Kai was affected by Shan Qing Luo’s illusion it was also with the help of Joyous Unification Art that he managed to extricate himself.

This time it had also helped him maintain his sanity.

“What are you trying to do?” Yang Kai turned his head only to see Bi Luo blushing furiously. Her beautiful eyes were now wet and unfocused. She had apparently suffered from the backlash of her Seduction Technique being broken.

Fortunately, she had only casually applied her technique and hadn’t really intended on harming Yang Kai, so the backlash wasn’t serious and only sent her into a light state of confusion without doing any damage to her.

“I just wanted to make you comfortable…” Bi Luo panted lightly. Her whole body was seemingly devoid of strength as she stared back at Yang Kai in dismay, “What did you do? Why am I suffering from this backlash?”

“You cultivate a Seduction Technique?” Yang Kai laughed at her, surprised by the fact that her technique was the same as Shan Qing Luo’s.

“En…” Bi Luo replied gently. Her enchanting appearance and her seductive moans echoing about in Yang Kai’s head.

This alone was a more effective temptation than her Seduction Technique.

However, Yang Kai simply laughed, “You’re finished. I just told you not to scheme against me, yet you suddenly try to do this. It seems like you haven’t received a harsh enough lesson yet!”

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