Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 323

Feeling this blazing heat and amazing elasticity, Yang Kai also felt himself burning up again. His chest pounded as his blood boiled, and his lower half became hot.

After all, it had been quite some time since he had last dual cultivated with Su Yan…

During this time, he had experienced all kinds of beautiful temptations, and each time he had suppressed his impulses, but this had inevitably lead to him having a severe buildup of repressed desires. With so much kindling stacked, and Bi Luo’s Seduction Technique acting as the spark, Yang Kai’s fire had completely been lit.

“Hey, you… what are you doing?” Bi Luo was shocked and quickly tried to push Yang Kai away, but suffering from the backlash of her Seduction Technique, she couldn’t even summon enough strength to stop him from kneading her chest, so how could she muster the power to escape from under his weight?

With hot breath stroking her face, her heart shuddered from both fear and desire, and Bi Luo almost had her thoughts swallowed by the atmosphere.

With a great tearing sound, her red dress was ripped open, which sent a chill across Bi Luo’s jade white skin as it became exposed to the cold air.

“You bastard!” Bi Luo cursed through her gritted teeth. Her eyes filled with fear and confusion, she balled her hands into fists and hit Yang Kai’s shoulder.

“Ah…” As she struck him lightly, a numbing sensation transmitted from her chest as if she had been struck by lightning, and caused Bi Luo to let out an amorous moan that flooded the room, which caused her an unparalleled amount of shame.

Somehow shifting her gaze downwards, she saw that damn man placing his lips onto her pink cherries. His pair of big rough hands wantonly wandered back and forth across her body. Each stroke sent a dizzying burst of pleasure up her spine.

“Don’t…” Bi Luo shouted softly, and her tightly gripped fists gradually lost strength, seemingly somewhat reluctant to push him off of her, and her tense body slowly relaxed. Bringing one of her fingers to his lips and gently sucking upon it caused erotic moans to leak from her mouth. She no longer resisted or struggled, and instead a look of enjoyment and pleasure filled her face. Her beautiful eyes further blurred as her pure jade white skin began to take on a pink shade, and a sweet scent wafted from her enchanting body, and her hips slowly started swaying of their own accord towards Yang Kai, as if she was looking forward to what was to inevitably to come.

Yang Kai was stunned.

All he had wanted to do was give Bi Luo a lesson, and although he felt that doing this to a young woman was a bit excessive, considering his target, he didn’t think it was beyond reasonable.

Since Bi Luo cultivated Seduction Techniques, it was natural for her to be familiar with the matters between men and women, so only something like this could give her an unforgettable hit in order to let her stop trying to plot against him.

But unexpectedly, this enchantress no longer seemed interested in resisting him; not only allowing herself to be compromised but also even coordinating with him.

To him in his current state, this was undoubtedly a joyous turn of events.

With this in mind, Yang Kai no longer held back, and pressed forward with full force as he tore off what little clothes they had left on and prepared to go all the way.

Feeling this sudden burst of aggression, it was like a bucket of cold water was splashed onto her face, and caused Bi Luo to suddenly sober up. She quickly put up a firm resistance to Yang Kai, and her face filled with fear, “No, no… you can’t, anything but that…”

“You’ve got to be kidding…” Yang Kai glared at her as his brow wrinkled greatly. Having already reached this point, was he still destined to fail?

“If you really can’t help it, I’ll call Elder Sister Yun Li to come, if that’s still not enough I can ask Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing to accompany as well, Mistress specifically sent them here to attend to your needs, no matter what you want from them they’ll certainly be willing to fulfil your every desire.” Bi Luo desperately tried to convince him with a look of desperation and entreaty upon her face, “Alright? I’ll call all three of them right now.”

“Don’t bother, I want you.”

Bi Luo’s face somehow simultaneously paled in fright and blushed in embarrassment, as she quietly swept her eyes from Yang Kai handsome face, down his firm chest, and all the way until she saw his tall raging dragon head. Panic filled her head, and she was unable to hold back a quiet yelp.

Suddenly feeling timid, her face blushed from shame, and she quickly averted her eyes away from Yang Kai as her thoughts churned before daring to utter under her breath, “Do you want to perhaps… try something different…”

“What?” Yang Kai stunned.

“Well… that is… how about…” Bi Luo bit her lip before softly whispering into his ear.

“Huh?” Yang Kai stared back at her in confusion.

Seeing his reaction, Bi Luo was momentarily dumbstruck before pulling Yang Kai closer and once again whispering to him, as she quickly explained to him in clearer terms her proposal. Upon separating, even she felt her face turn red hot from shame. Her white skin was now a bright shade of crimson all the way down her neck as her beautiful eyes became even wetter and unfocused.

Yang Kai froze stiff, unable to process what he had just heard for a moment before he stared into Bi Luo’s eyes and stutteringly asked, “Is that okay?”

“En.” Bi Luo nodded almost imperceptibly.

“How do you even know about…” Yang Kai’s head was still trying to catch up with this scenario, and he suddenly felt like, in front of Bi Luo, he was still somewhat pure and innocent.

“I cultivate Seduction Techniques, these matters… of course Mistress and my seniors have informed me about…”

What Yang Kai didn’t know was that because Bi Luo had decided to cultivate Seduction Techniques, Shan Qing Luo had specially assigned two girls to assist her in practicing these arts, and it was because she was perennially together with these young maidens and earnestly ‘studying’ together with them, that Bi Luo had developed such special interests.

“Well… would you like to…” Bi Luo seeing Yang Kai stupidly freeze there couldn’t help herself nervously asking again.

Although she usually portrayed the air of a haughty seductress, in the end she was still a girl, and now that she had really encountered this kind of situation for the first time she still felt a good amount of shame and fluster.

“Good!” Yang Kai replied excitedly.

“En. Promise me first that you’ll not taint my purity and then… I’ll…” Bi Luo’s face continued to redden before slowly exchanging places with Yang Kai. This time pressing him beneath her as she revealed an enrapturing smile and slowly slid her enchanting lips down his body.

(Skoll: Translation of what just happened: She wanted to keep her maidenhood, MC wanted sex, so they found an alternative.)

Soon after, a bestial roar along with a slight, nasally moan rang out inside the room.

Outside Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion.

The mature beauty Yun Li and the young maidens Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing were sweeping the leaves when a pair of light footsteps approached from afar.

When Yun Li looked up, she quickly discovered two unfamiliar women walking towards them.

There were very few strangers in the palace, so even though she had not yet formally met these two, she still had a fairly good idea about who they were.

No doubt they were the two young ladies whom her Mistress had brought back with her a few days ago. One of them was named Qiu Yi Meng while the other was called Luo Xiao Man.

These two had their True Qi sealed and were under a kind of house arrest in Fragrance Guest House.

Due to the fact that they hadn’t showed any unfavourable behaviour since they arrived, they had been allowed to wander about within the palace grounds.

The two of them should have something they wanted to discuss with the cultivation obsessed Young Lord staying in Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion.

Thinking so, Yun Li’s face immediately wore an elegant smile as she gently called out, “Young Lady Qiu and Young Lady Luo I presume?”

Qiu Yi Meng’s gaze swept towards the mature beauty who had called out to her, and her eyes flashed a little surprise. She still couldn’t quite believe how one Heaven sent beauty after another emerged within Shan Qing Luo’s palace.

Quickly recovering, she nodded politely, “Indeed, how should I address this Elder Sister?”

Yun Li replied with a light chuckle, “Young Lady Qiu is far too polite, you may call this one Yun Li.”

The mature beauty naturally knew that Qiu Yi Meng had an extraordinary status, and that even though technically she was currently a prisoner, she was still the beloved daughter of an extremely powerful and noble family, so how could she allow someone of such origins to address her Elder Sister?

Qiu Yi Meng simply smiled in reply, not dwelling upon the matter any further.

Seeing this, Yun Li smiled warmly and continued, “You two young ladies should be looking for Young Master Yang, right?”

“En. We heard from the people within the palace that he was living here, so we came here in hopes of being able to discuss some matters with him. I don’t know if it would be convenient for him to see us now, would it?”

“Right now…” Yun Li glanced back towards the second floor of Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion before smiling softly. “At this time of day Young Master Yang is normally taking a short rest.”

“Rest?” Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help being surprised. “Is he usually very busy?”

“En, Young Master Yang has essentially been cultivating ever since he arrived here.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s felt slightly startled, quickly wearing a helpless smile.

Although she and Luo Xiao Man were both dedicated and industrious, they would not submerge themselves in cultivation all the time. Now hearing that Yang Kai had not slackened on his cultivation in the slightest, even surrounded by this unfamiliar and possibly dangerous environment, she couldn’t help but admire his perseverance.

“Come with me, since the two young ladies are old friends of Young Master Yang, he shouldn’t object to meeting with you.” Yun Li giggled and set aside her broom and issued a few instructions to Ruo Yu and Ruo Qing before leading Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man inside.

Looking around at Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion’s surroundings, Qui Yi Meng couldn’t help feeling a bit bitter. Luo Xiao Man on the other hand was thoroughly irritated and quietly muttered to Qiu Yi Meng, “That smelly brat gets to live in such a wondrous place, surrounded by all these fragrant flowers and plants with such beautiful scenery.”

On the contrary, the Fragrance Guest House where the both of them had been living had no such view or atmosphere. It was instead located in quite a secluded and dark place, almost like a cage, and there was simply no way to compare it with Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion.

“He has an entire pavilion to himself along with three beautiful maids to serve him!” Luo Xiao Man indignantly complained, feeling angrier and angrier. While she and Qiu Yi Meng were under house arrest in that dreary place, why was Yang Kai’s treatment so much better?

[The two of us clearly have much higher status than him, so why?]

“Wow, there’s even a bath!” Once they stepped into Tranquil Phoenix Pavilion, Luo Xiao Man couldn’t remain calm anymore and enviously look at the huge bath while complaining somewhat forlornly, “Elder Sister Qiu, I really want to take a bath here, since we’ve arrived I haven’t been able to clean up properly, it’s unbearable.”

When she said as such out loud, even Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable, however, she still managed to maintain her composure and lightly rebuked, “Xiao Man!”

“That damn smelly brat!” Luo Xiao Man murmured discontentedly.

Yun Li, who was leading the way suddenly turned back and smiled, lightly saying, “Young Master Yang is actually an upright man, I’m afraid both of you have simply misunderstood him. I’ll inform him later about your request, I’m certain he won’t object to you taking a bath here.”

“I don’t want to, what if he decides to peek…” Luo Xiao Man exclaimed loudly.

Yun Li simply smiled and shook her head, “You don’t have to worry about that, Young Master Yang isn’t a no good womanizer.”

Her face blushed slightly, and she continued, “Ruo Yu, Ruo Qing and I were sent here specifically to serve Young Lord, no matter what he may request of us, but Young Lord has always treated us quite courteously, never making the slightest improper demand, therefore… I have no doubt that what you’re afraid of won’t happen.”

“Is he really so upright?” Qiu Yi Meng’s clever eyes flashed lightly, as if she completely hadn’t expected Yang Kai to remain so indifferent in the face of such beauties, instead choosing to spend all his time cultivating.

If that really was the case, this youth was really a bit different from others, or at the very least his perseverance and aptitude were quite good.

If she could pull him into the Qiu Family and provide him with better cultivation resources, in the future he would likely be able to become one of this world’s supreme experts!

Thinking till here, Qiu Yi Meng sudden made a wry grin. Right now she didn’t even know if she could regain her own freedom, so thinking about anything else right now was a bit premature.

But if she really could regain her freedom, Qiu Yi Meng secretly made up her mind to get him to join her Qiu Family. Such an outstanding talent was quite rare after all.

As the three of them chatted, they soon arrived at the second floor.

Yun Li softly said, “Young Master Yang is inside, two young ladies please wait here, I’ll inform him of your arrival.”

“Please do!” Qiu Yi Meng politely replied.

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