Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 324

These sounds were quite strange, and the voices making them were by no means quiet. It seemed like the roars of a man and the muffled calls of a woman, but the man’s voice was full and clear, while the woman sounded like something was blocking her mouth.

These voices could all be heard clearly by the three women outside, which caused all of them to freeze in surprise.

But soon, the mature beauty Yun Li’s white neck flushed pink, her lifted jade hand also shivered slightly, her eyes slightly trembled and watered, like she had lost control over her hand, and she nibbled her lips as she stood there not sure about how she should proceed.

Qiu Yi Meng was also dazed for a moment before a certain thought crossed her mind, and her face instantly became a crimson red as she gripped her fists and cursed, “This little bastard!”

Luo Xiao Man’s eyes fluttered as she stood there, and her brow wrinkled in confusion as she innocently asked, “Elder Sister Qiu, what’s happening inside? What are those sounds?”

“Uh…” Qiu Yi Meng jolted in surprise, not knowing just how she should respond, “Inside… they’re… probably cultivating…”

Casually spouting off this nonsense, Qiu Yi Meng blushed even redder.

Luo Xiao Man looked at her suspiciously then directed her gaze towards Yun Li and muttered under her breath, “Cultivating… how come it sounds more like they’re fighting… also… why are you two blushing?”

“It’s nothing!” Qiu Yi Meng firmly declared, now feeling like her face was on fire.

At that time.

All of a sudden, the voices inside became more violent. The man’s roar and the woman’s muffled groans mixed together while seeming to rises to a climax and filled the ears of the three women.

These voices seemed to contain some kind of magical power, causing whoever heard them to feel their legs weaken and their blood to boil.

“Ah …” Luo Xiao Man yelped softly, and her face immediately filled with dismay, “Elder Sister Qiu, that little bastard… he couldn’t be…”

“What?” Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes were spinning slightly, and her heart was a mess.

“He’s not killing the woman inside is he?” Exclaimed Luo Xiao Man, her innocent eyes trembling violently, entreating softly, “Elder Sister Qiu, let’s go back, I feel funny…”

“What’s wrong?” Qiu Yi Meng was surprised and quickly tried to regain her composure.

Luo Xiao Man fidgeted for a moment before whimpering, “I want to go to the bathroom for some reason… let’s go.”

“Ah… En…” Qiu Yi Meng’s face couldn’t have been redder if she had tried, and she also thought that they shouldn’t stick around here any longer, but just as she was about to suggest to Yun Li that they leave the door in front of them suddenly opened.

When they turned their gazes towards the open door, a young enchanting beauty appeared in front of them. All four women stood there for a moment, staring at each other. The three newcomers noticed that this seductive girl’s hair was a mess and large parts of her clothes were ripped and torn. Her skin seemed to glisten with sweat and had a distinct pink glow to it, and in her hands were a few pieces of cloth that seemed to have once been part of her outfit.

Up and down her jade-white body, Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man could clearly see a series of red marks, especially around her chest. The outline of hands as well as distinct finger imprints could be seen upon her twin white rabbits, almost like they had been branded by a pair of scorching iron claw.

Running down her slender legs was a glistening liquid, like thin threads of crystal silk clinging to her inner thighs.

Finally, around her lips, there seemed to be a touch of some kind of murky white fluid…

“Ah…” Bi Luo was shocked as she stared blankly at the three women in front of her before gritting her teeth, lowering her face, and shuffling past them, trying her best to disappear as quickly as possible.

Although she was essentially not wearing any clothes at this point, since the palace only had women within its walls, she didn’t feel particularly embarrassed about it, so to her it was more important to escape from the place Yang Kai was, even a moment sooner.

As Bi Luo half walked half ran away, the three women still remained immersed in a strange silence.

It was only a moment later that Luo Xiao Man suddenly recovered and gently asked, “Elder Sister Qiu, what was she eating?”

Qiu Yi Meng stood stiff for a moment before slowly shaking her head.

[What was she eating? More like why didn’t she clean it up!?]

Yun Li slowly turned back to face them, and her voice somewhat higher pitched as she stuttered slightly and almost didn’t dare to make eye contact with Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man as she asked, “Two Young Ladies, do you… do you still wish to meet Young Master Yang?”

Qiu Yi Meng took a deep breath to calm herself before nodding slightly.

Having come all this way and enduring all of that, she was not resigned to simply turn back now.

Yun Li nodded stiffly before calming her breathing and calling out, “Young Lord, Young Lady Qiu and Young Lady Luo have come to see you.”

“Show them in.”

Yun Li was surprised for a moment before turning her eyes towards Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man, “Please enter!”

Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man both took a deep breath before taking a step forward. As soon as they entered the room, Yun Li ran away like she was desperately fleeing.

Inside the room, Yang Kai, his clothes somewhat ruffled, was in a zen like state as he sat upon a jade chair smiling as he looked at the two girls who came in.

Meeting eyes with him briefly, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help thinking about everything that had just taken place, and her pretty face blushed once more as she quickly averted her gaze.

Luo Xiao Man timidly shuffled behind Qiu Yi Meng and glared somewhat hesitantly towards the grinning Yang Kai.

Yang Kai paid their attitudes no mind and just continued to casually stare back at them.

Facing this unscrupulous gaze, Qiu Yi Meng somehow couldn’t focus herself and nearly forgot why she had come here in the first place, as she allowed the awkward silence to continue on.

After a brief moment that seemed to last forever, a set of footsteps suddenly sounded from the stairs behind them, and after a moment, Bi Luo reappeared, making no attempt to hide her presence.

She was now fully clothed, and although her face was still flushed, she no longer seemed to be in an embarrassed state, instead restored to her original, aloof and enchanting aura.

Without paying Qiu Yi Meng and Luo Xiao Man any mind, Bi Luo boldly stepped into the room and shouted at Yang Kai, “Hey, you little bastard, I’m warning you, what happened just now was just me indulging my curiosity towards what a man was like, it has nothing to do with you in particular. Today’s matter ends here, our debts are settled so do not bring it up again. Got it?”

Yang Kai gawked for a moment before wryly nodding, “En, got it.”

Bi Luo’s eyes narrowed as she threateningly waved her first and firmly declared, “If you dare get any strange ideas, this young lady will make sure you look good, hmph!”

Seeing her not give Yang Kai any face whatsoever, Luo Xiao Man couldn’t help but give birth to a feeling of comradery, and a big smile emerged on her face as she hoped this new ‘friend’ of hers would scold Yang Kai a few more times to help ease the grief she felt in her heart.

Oblivious to all of this though, Bi Luo finished what she had to say and immediately turned around intending to leave.

“Elder Sister…” Luo Xiao Man really couldn’t help herself anymore, quickly speaking a few words of greeting.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” Bi Luo’s gaze turned towards Luo Xiao Man. A kind smile appeared on her face, yet her eyes had obviously drifted to the massive Twin Peaks which had appeared before her.

“Elder Sister, whatever it was you were snacking on, there’s still a little bit of it left around your mouth…” Luo Xiao Man said with a big friendly smile, attempting to show some good will by gently reminding her, gestures to the side of her mouth lightly with her finger.

“Uh…” Bi Luo nearly tripped and quickly reached out her hand to wipe the last traces of her ‘snack’ from her mouth. After doing so, she glared bitterly at Yang Kai for a moment before smiling even more radiantly towards Luo Xiao Man, “Thank you little sister, I’ll be sure to thank you properly sometime soon.”

“En.” Luo Xiao Man replied happily.

She hadn’t expected this young woman to be so warm and pleasant to speak with.

Off to the side, Qiu Yi Meng couldn’t help feeling that something was wrong with this exchange, but in the end she couldn’t put her finger on it so she decided to not think about it any further.

Bi Luo’s appearance had been just like a passing storm.

Her showing up had given Qiu Yi Meng some much needed time to compose herself, and she soon turned to Yang Kai and smiled, “Since we’ve last seen you, it seems like you’ve been living quite well, a beautiful pavilion and numerous beauties at your beck and call, you must be reluctant to leave here by now, right?”

Yang Kai snickered meaningfully, stared back at Qiu Yi Meng, and relaxed himself as she replied, “I doubt Young Lady Qiu visiting me today was to express her envy about my living arrangements, no need for any flowery words, say what you want directly, I despise women trying to play games with me.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s eyes flashed, but she nodded and maintained her smile, “Straight to point it is then, I want you to help the two of us leave here.”

[It really is about that.]

Yang Kai remained indifferent as he quipped, “Do I look like a man with such means?”

However, Qiu Yi Meng’s poise didn’t break, “At the very least, you’re True Qi hasn’t been sealed. If I don’t ask, how would I know?” Letting out a faint sigh she continued, “Xiao Man and I are different from you. Our cultivation has been restricted, and we’ve lost the ability to even defend ourselves, much less escape. What is it, were you planning to stay here forever?”

Saying so, she coquettishly covered her mouth, “Indeed, here you have the Beguiling Demon Queen to act as your backer, never needing to worry about cultivation resources, with enchanting beauties to serve your every whim, I can understand why no man would want to leave here.”

“Trying to rile me up are you?” Yang Kai sneered. “Don’t think I’ll be taken in that easily.”

Qiu Yi Meng’s brow finally wrinkled lightly. Aware that Yang Kai wasn’t easy to deal with she elected to try a more direct approach, “Fine, I’ll be blunt, what conditions must I offer for you to be willing to help me and Xiao Man leave here?”

“And why do you think I have any power to help you in the first place?” Yang Kai’s expression also sank, obviously displeased that this woman was a bit too self-righteous.

“I’m counting on your unusual relationship with the Beguiling Demon Queen. As long as you are willing to put in a few words to her, and considering that Xiao Man and I don’t actually have much value to her as prisoners, why wouldn’t she be willing to let us go? On the contrary, the Qiu Family and Purple Fern Valley would most definitely be willing to pay a high price for our release if she requested them to.”

Seeing Yang Kai begin to contemplate the matter, Qiu Yi Meng hurriedly added, “All I ask is that you speak up for us since Xiao Man and I have no way to see her. If it weren’t so, I wouldn’t have come to see you for this.”

“I also have no way of seeing her right now!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.

“Wasn’t she more than willing to see you before now?” Qiu Yi Meng’s expression clearly showed she didn’t believe him.

“Shan Qing Luo isn’t in Fragrance City right now, apparently she’s taken the city’s masters and gone to visit the Thunderbolt Beast King’s territory, whether you choose to believe me or not is none of my concern.”

Yang Kai knowing about this was actually accidental. He had only learned about the reason for Shang Qing Luo’s absence a few days ago when he overheard the conversation between a few of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who had been spectating his fight with Le Yu.

Although he was embroiled in a heated battle at the time, he had never once relaxed his guard regarding his surroundings.

“Ah…” Qiu Yi Meng exclaimed, and her eyes flashed with a trace of excitement and eagerness, as she urgently asked, “Since she is not here, why don’t you leave? Or are you actually planning to stay here forever?”

“Leave here? Where do you want me to go?” Yang Kai’s suddenly became cold, his eyes filled with undisguised resentment.

“You can go…” Qiu Yi Meng suddenly choked up.

[That’s right, if he leaves here… High Heaven Pavilion has already been dismantled and all of his Elders, Senior Brothers, Sister Seniors, Junior Brothers, and Junior Sisters have scattered, where is he supposed to go?]

It seems like, he really doesn’t have anywhere to go!

Hearing Yang Kai’s words sent a jolt through Qiu Yi Meng and caused her to quickly feel ashamed.

Unbeknownst to her, Yang Kai had also been marked by Shan Qing Luo’s Soul Seeking Seal. With such a technique implanted on him, even if Yang Kai fled to the ends of the Earth, Shan Qing Luo would still be able to find him, so trying to flee would simply be a waste of time and energy.

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