Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 328

After considering for a moment, he decided to exchange a bottle of Heaven Grade pills with these four.

A bottle of Heaven Grade pills was also worth a great deal of money, and this particular bottle also happened to come from Shan Qing Luo’s Treasure House. A bottle of Heaven Grade Top-Rank pills was worth at least 20,000 to 30,000 silvers.

That should be enough to offset the cost of a Purifying Spirit Bottle.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled slightly as his Divine Sense wandered about the Black Book space. Although it was only for a moment, but in the eyes of others, it seemed like he had suddenly gone into a daze.

Although his three juniors didn’t agree with Tao Yang giving Yang Kai one of their precious Purifying Spirit Bottle but because he was their Senior Brother they begrudgingly endured.

However, none of them could help but think their Senior Brother was being too generous, even somewhat reckless. All of them had only just met for the first time, and even if for some reason he wanted to show goodwill here, why did he have to go that far?

Then, when they all saw Yang Kai suddenly fall into a stupor, actually putting on an ignorant expression, all of them couldn’t help feeling more annoyed.

The girl named Rong Mei suddenly glared harshly as she coldly snorted, “When someone sends you something, you don’t even bother to offer some thanks? Did you suddenly become a mute?”

The other two were also cold-faced and did not bother to hide their dissatisfaction in the slightest.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment before quickly turning to them and then lightly said, “I apologize, I was thinking about something and became distracted.”

“Finished?” Rong Mei quipped angrily and seemed unwilling to let the matter drop until Yang Kai offered at least some works of thanks.

“En.” Throwing a bottle of pills towards Tao Yang, Yang Kai cupped his fists and said, “Until we meet again!”

Done what needed to be done, Yang Kai turned and casually walked away.

“Hey…” Rong Mei chased after him a few steps, but seeing him quickly disappear from sight, the anger she had been holding back burst out, “This brat…”

“All of you… haa…” Tao Yang looked at his Junior Brothers and Junior Sister, shaking his head. Although he didn’t go so far as to accuse them, the disappointment on his brow was obvious.

“Senior Brother!” The taller, thinner of Tao Yang’s Junior Brothers spoke up questioningly, “Is he worth all of this?”

“Right right, he doesn’t seem like anyone important, even his robes were ordinary, why did you feel the need to give him a Purifying Spirit Bottle?” Rong Mei couldn’t help but ask with a puzzled light in her eyes before softly muttering, “Such an ungrateful brat. Not even bothering to say thank you.”

“Why does he need to thank us? It’s not like he received that Purifying Spirit Bottle for nothing.” Tao Yang’s gaze finally shifted to the pill bottle in Rong Mei’s hands and casually urged, “See for yourself.”

“Fine!” Rong Mei pouted, pulling a face like an unhappy child, “Isn’t it just a bottle of pills, could these possibly be equal in value to a Purifying Spirit Bottle? Hmph!”

While complaining, she casually uncapped the bottle and gently sniffed. Her beautiful face instantly paled, as she turned a shocked gaze towards Tao Yang.

Seeing this, Tao Yang sighed lightly.

“Impossible…” Rong Mei’s face was filled with surprise, and she seemed afraid to believe what was happening. Quickly she poured out one of the pills from the bottle onto her small trembling hand and carefully observed it before her other two Brother Disciples also came up to sniff the rich pill incense, and they all exclaimed in shock, “Heaven Grade pills?”

“Look more carefully.” Tao Yang’s eyesight was obviously higher than his three Juniors and at one glance saw the actual quality of this pill.

“This is… a Heaven Grade Top-Rank pill!?” His three Junior’s faces no longer showed any complaint and instead were filled with joy.

“Heaven Grade Top-Rank True Qi restoring pill!” Tao Yang grinned helplessly, “Tell me, can these offset the value of a Purifying Spirit Bottle?”

Rong Mei’s face instantly blushed with embarrassment, “En.”

These four had come to the Evil Cavern for life experience, so naturally, they had brought some True Qi supplementing and healing pills, but the pills they brought with them were only Heaven Grade Low-Rank at best. This bottle of pills that Yang Kai easily threw to them was a whole two ranks higher in quality.

Although it was only two ranks, the difference in value was worlds apart!

Sometimes, a good bottle of pills’ value couldn’t be measured with money. In crucial situations, they could mean the difference between life and death!

“Just who was that kid? So generous!” That slimmer Junior Brother gasped, his face still filled with shock.

None of them could understand. Their Senior Brother and that youth had definitely just met for the first time, but both of them had delivered extremely precious gifts to the other like they were competing to see who could be more generous.

“I gifted him a peach and he returned the favour in kind, that’s all.” Tao Yang said, his mouth twitched slightly as he cast a blaming gaze towards his three Juniors, “No matter what his real identity is, your Senior Brother wanted to befriend him, but now you three wasted my efforts.”

Tao Yang’s Juniors couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty being scolded as such.

Curious, Rong Mei soft asked, “Senior Brother, how did you know he was someone worthy of befriending? People come here from all different walks of life with many different personalities, what if he was a sinister person?”

Tao Yang grinned helplessly, “If he had any malicious intentions, he wouldn’t have deliberately made noise to alert us to his presence.”

The three suddenly realized that what they thought was Yang Kai carelessly making noise when he had arrived was actually something he did on purpose.

Doing so was likely so they wouldn’t misunderstand his intentions.

Acting so, it was clear he didn’t want to stir up trouble, so obviously his demeanour wasn’t bad.

“Besides,” Tao Yang continued, and his eyes flashed a light of caution, “Just now, his speech and attitude revealed that he really didn’t know much about this place, yet still had the confidence to come here alone. No doubt he is quite strong.”

“Maybe not, he was clearly a little younger than us.” Rong Mei obviously did not quite believe Tao Yang.

“Age doesn’t mean everything to a cultivator. Didn’t you notice that although he was facing us alone, he wasn’t nervous at all, not even raising his guard? What does that mean? It shows that he didn’t fear us taking action against him, possibly even confident he could defeat all of us should he need to. That’s the main reason I wanted to befriend him.”

“How can that be?” The three exclaimed repeatedly, shaking their heads, “I don’t believe it!”

Tao Yang cast a disappointed gaze at his three Juniors, “All of you can’t be so short-sighted, alright? The geniuses of this world are numerous. Powerful talents can appear anywhere, you have to judge things from a long-term perspective.”

However, Rong Mei simply laughed, “Even though Senior Brother said so, I still don’t believe it. Hehe, even though I admit there are many geniuses in this world, but someone his age being able to kill all four of us? That’s not a genius, that’s a monster!”

The other two nodded, not taking their Senior Brother’s words to heart.

“Haa…” Tao Yang only felt like he was wasting his time by trying and failing to educate his Junior Sister and Junior Brother, so sighing heavily, “You three… remember my words. In order to survive in this world, you cannot lack strength, but more so you absolutely cannot lack judgement! You must be able to see clearly who you cannot offend and who you can befriend. If you can do that, you’ll be able to live longer.”

“Fine, fine, I know Senior Brother likes his clichés. We should get moving, that guy is already one step ahead of us.” Rong Mei walked over and began pulling on Tao Yang’s sleeve, “We should move a bit faster, if we catch up to him we can see if he really has such great ability, Senior Brother continuing to talk about it is useless now. “

“Good.” Tao Yang nodded and also accelerated his pace.

In truth, he too wanted to know what exactly Yang Kai was relying on to dare to come here alone.

Several kilometres away.

Yang Kai frowned as he stared in front of himself at a floating ghost-like creature, obviously one of these so-called Evil Spirits.

Carefully observing it again, he found that this Evil Spirit was really just a semi-solid entity, with neither hands nor feet and only vague facial features, truly ghastly to look at.

After a moment, Yang Kai walked towards it.

Evil Spirits had no sentience but were quite sensitive to living being’s vitality. As long as a living creature entered within a certain range them, they would violently attack and would not give up until either they or their prey was dead.

Once Yang Kai approached to within a few dozen meters, the Evil Spirit discovered him.

Immediately it let out a howl and quickly fluttered towards Yang Kai.

The air became chilly as an icy wind burst forth as ear piercing cries echoed about.

As the Evil Spirit rushed towards him, Yang Kai sent out a palm strike infused with his True Yang Yuan Qi.

Being struck by this palm, the Evil Spirit suddenly staggered back, and from the point of contact, a blazing flame spread out, incinerating it.

Although this invading True Yang Yuan Qi was quickly offset by the evil energy of the Evil Spirit, this one palm seemed to have caused it heavy losses, and the green radiance which made up its incorporeal body dimmed significantly.

Coming to a halt and ceasing its howls, the Evil Spirit seemed to be momentarily stunned before turning around and suddenly fleeing in the opposite direction.

Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, faintly feeling that something was not quite right, but quickly pursued.

Though this Evil Spirit didn’t appear to be a complete entity, its speed was actually quite fast, forcing Yang Kai to chase after it for a long time before finally catching up with it. After Landing a few more strikes on its transparent body, soon all that was left was a lump of Evil Spirit Essence.

The entire process had been relaxed, far more so than Yang Kai had imagined it would be.

From his prior observation of Tao Yang’s group dealing with an Evil Spirit, Yang Kai had estimated that defeating one would be quite troublesome on his own.

Not proceeding forward, Yang Kai sunk into contemplation, feeling that this entire situation was abnormal.

He had been told that an Evil Spirit would fight till its dying breath, so why did this one all of a sudden turn and flee? On top of that, why did it only take him four or five strikes to kill it?

[Are these Evil Spirit’s suppressed by my True Yang Yuan Qi?]

Pondering for a while, this was the only reason Yang Kai could think of.

His True Yang Yuan Qi had always been his greatest advantage against demonic beings. Yang Kai had even relied upon it to suppress the potent evil energy contained within his Unyielding Golden Skeleton.

Thinking so, Yang Kai was startled and quickly became excited.

Undoubtedly this meant he held a great advantage within this Evil Cavern, and not taking advantage of this point to reap a great harvest would be too wasteful.

Pulling out the Purifying Spirit Bottle, Yang Kai imitated Rong Mei’s actions and injected a small amount of his True Qi into it, which instantly caused the Purifying Spirit Bottle to suck up the Evil Spirit Essence in front of him.

Nodding in satisfaction, Yang Kai let out a small laugh.

Putting away his Purifying Spirit Bottle, he quickly continued on his way.

There didn’t appear to be many signs of recent cultivator activity in this area, only some scattered traces of a few individuals, so Yang Kai simply walked forward while leisurely killing any Evil Spirit he came across. After meeting one, Yang Kai would attack ruthlessly, not giving any of these Evil Spirits any chance to flee again and instantly destroyed them with overwhelming force.

In less than half a day, the Purifying Spirit Bottle was packed with over twenty Evil Spirit Essences, but Yang Kai could feel that the energy contained in these Evil Spirit Essences wasn’t all that strong, so even if he absorbed all of them, they wouldn’t provide him much benefit.

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