Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 331

Yang Kai’s eyes suddenly flickered, looking towards a particular direction.

“Wait!” Yang Kai reached out and grabbed Leng Shan.

“Stop!” Chen Yi, hearing this sudden voice, quickly raised his hand and ordered the group of Ghost King Valley disciples to form a perimeter.

“What happened?” Leng Shan asked in surprise.

However, Yang Kai didn’t answer and instead stared harder and harder at that spot ahead of them. His vision suddenly became cold, and he shot forward like lightning, as his True Qi surged, and shot out a palm seemingly at thin air.

From the void in front of him, rippling waves spread out, and in the next instant, an unexpected figure appeared in everyone’s field of vision.

This person’s face couldn’t hide his shock and astonishment, apparently unable to believe that Yang Kai had found him, and he quickly fell back as he raised his hands and shouted, “Wait wait!”

Yang Kai’s expression went dull for a moment when he noticed the opposite party’s pale ghost-like hands.

Disciples of Ghost King Valley all had hands that looked like this, seeming to have no blood flow through them.

“Ah… Brother Yang, stop!” Chen Yi hurriedly shouted.

This shout reached his ears, and Yang Kai also quickly halted his attack.

“He’s one of us,” Chen Yi and Leng Shan hurriedly explained.

“A scout….” Yang Kai cracked a wry grin. Originally he had thought someone was waiting in ambush to attack them, but it turns out this person was just a disciple of Ghost King Valley who had been sent ahead as a pathfinder.

After being forced out of his concealment, this young man couldn’t hold his shock as he stared at Yang Kai, and he only relaxed slightly when Chen Yi arrived, by loudly cursing, “What the fuck! Who the hell is this guy?”

“He’s Junior Sister Leng’s benefactor.” Chen Yi briefly explained.

Yang Kai was soon told that this disciple named Cheng Ying really was a scout sent out by the Ghost King Valley team.

“Sorry, it’s a misunderstanding!” Yang Kai cupped his fists in apology.

“Misunderstanding? Dog shit!” Shouted Cheng Ying, “I used a concealment artifact and a special stealth type Martial Skill. Senior Brother Chen Yi couldn’t even find a trace of me, so how did you see through it in an instant?”

Listening to his outburst, everyone else suddenly felt something was off.

If it weren’t for Cheng Ying’s perfect stealth techniques, they wouldn’t have allowed him to explore the road ahead on his own in the first place. With the combination of his stealth Martial Skill and concealment artifact, even if it were a general Immortal Ascension Boundary master they wouldn’t be able to detect any signs of his presence. This was what Cheng Ying relied on to provide a steady stream of forward intelligence to the team.

But now, Yang Kai, a youth who hadn’t even reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, had actually seen through his camouflage!

How could they not be surprised?

“True… Brother Yang, how did you manage to find him?” Chen Yi asked curiously.

Yang Kai wrinkled his brow slightly, “Well… my senses have always been a bit keener than most people.”

“That’s it?” Cheng Ying clearly didn’t quite believe him, but since Yang Kai apparently didn’t want to say anymore he was at an impasse.

Leng Shan also glanced suspiciously at Yang Kai, and a pensive light flashed across her beautiful cold eyes, but instead of digging further into things, she swiftly changed the topic, “Cheng Ying, do you have any new information for us? Did you discover something up ahead?”

Cheng Ying immediately recovered, and a grin slowly formed on his face, “I found them! Those two slu…”

“Hm?” Leng Shan’s vision instantly became cold, as a fellow woman, hearing someone use such language wasn’t very pleasing.

“Ahem… the whereabouts of those two girls was exposed.” Cheng Ying grinned helplessly and quickly continued, “However, those two are much stronger than we expected, their realms are obviously not very high, but when the two of them join together their strength rises dramatically, probably due to some special Secret Art that they cultivate. Those Free And Unfettered Sect bastards really ate some harsh losses at their hands, and several of them died, Yu Qing was also nearly castrated by one of them, that scene… hahaha, too good!”

Cheng Ying was apparently a lively person. Describing the battle that took place in an animated voice in great detail, “Seeing that guy who’s always trying to act cool, shriek in panic as the blade struck towards his crotch, hahaha!”

“Keke… Junior Brother Cheng, enough nonsense!” Chen Yi could see that Leng Shan was becoming increasingly annoyed and thus quickly interrupted his story.

“Hah… ahem…” Cheng Ying scratched his head awkwardly and pretended to slap his mouth lightly, “Yes yes yes, it’s all my cheap mouth’s fault. Junior Sister Leng shouldn’t pay it any mind.”

Leng Shan snorted ill-humouredly, but she understood that this was just this guy’s nature. A wild beast wouldn’t just become civil all of a sudden.

Chen Yi also grinned slightly, and a look of amusement surfaced on his face before he quickly asked, “In the end, was that dog Yu Qing actually… castrated?”

Cheng Ying replied somewhat disgruntled, “Nope, such a pity, but after that near miss, my guess is he’ll be shrunk up for ten days to half a month… hahaha he deserves to be beaten!”

That latter half of his sentence he directed towards Leng Shan with a smile.

“Haa, too bad!” Chen Yi also let out a long sigh, “So, what happened then? What happened to those two girls?”

“They escaped, ran further inside to be exact.” Cheng Ying’s expression suddenly became serious, “There were signs of purple Evil Spirits in the direction they fled… a lot of them, I’d guess they’re just about to reach their limit.”

“Hmm…” Chen Yi frowned, “What are Yu Qing’s intentions?”

“You know his disposition. Naturally, he doesn’t plan to let things drop, he wants us to go with them, kill our way through those purple Evil Spirits, then catch those two.”

“That bastard!” Chen Yi cursed angrily.

Ghost King Valley had repeatedly been humiliated by Free And Unfettered Sect for many years now, but because the Yellow Spring Pond that was essential to Ghost King Valley disciples’ cultivation had been occupied by Free And Unfettered Sect, even if Ghost King Valley was extremely resentful of them, they had no choice but to compromise.

In order to gain access to that Yellow Spring Pond, Ghost King Valley these years had offered innumerable female disciples to Free And Unfettered Sect. All so that their male disciples could use them as their toys.

Between the two Sects there had long been tensions, but because neither could overwhelm the other it was impossible for them to actually fight it out, so instead a fragile peace had barely been maintained.

Therefore, even though Leng Shan and her group were extremely unwilling to, they had no choice but to come here to assist Free And Unfettered Sect because Yu Qing had pledged that in exchange for the lives of these two women he would have the Yellow Spring Pond opened to them for one month.

One month, it was enough time to allow hundreds of Ghost King Valley disciples to dramatically increase their strength! Leng Shan and the Ghost King Valley Elders couldn’t refuse such temptation.

Now, Yu Qing wanted their Ghost King Valley disciples to join up with them and clearly planned to use them to clean up those purple Evil Spirits in order to minimize Free and Unfettered Sect’s own losses.

The two Sect’s disciples had had countless dealings over many years, and each of them were very familiar with the other’s thoughts and methods. How could Chen Yi and Leng Shan not understand what Yu Qing’s objective was?

“Then, do we go or not?” Cheng Ying looked at Chen Yi and Leng Shan.

Chen Yi grit his teeth but eventually didn’t speak and just looked towards Leng Shan.

Leng Shan sneered, “Of course we go! We have to go! Even if it’s just to look at their pitiful states we should take the trip!”

Hearing her put it this way, Chen Yi’s spirits were suddenly lifted, and he nodded firmly, “Good, what Junior Sister says makes sense.”

After the group had finished their deliberations, they started walking forward again with Cheng Ying in the lead.

Along the way it was very quiet, not a single Evil Spirit appeared. Obviously, this path had been swept clean earlier.

A while later, a group of men appeared in front of them, and their numbers were no fewer than their own group from Ghost King Valley, and nearby there were clear traces of a ferocious battle, traces of blood and flesh were scattered on the ground and a number of fresh corpses were present as well.

A sinister looking fair-skinned man amongst this group had a bright red bloodstain on his pants. As he sat there uncomfortably, large drops of sweat continued to drip down his forehead, and his slightly pale face was filled with an expression of hatred. His cold eyes glared into the depths of the Evil Cavern, and he muttered aloud, “You two sluts! Sooner or later I’ll make suffer for this. You actually dare to hurt me, you dared try to hurt me there!”

Despite the dim light, one could still clearly see a nearly half-foot long gash on his upper thigh which was until now still leaking blood.

In front of this evil-looking man, a beautiful young woman was kneeling down and carefully dressing his wound.

Even in this environment, this sinister youth’s pillar was still towering high.

When the disciples of Ghost King Valley arrived, Leng Shan immediately disregarded this group with clear signs of disgust apparent in her eyes. Whereas Chen Yi looked around with great interest and called out tauntingly, “It’s a minor injury, just a flesh wound really. Yu Qing, what are you getting so worked up about?”

Yu Qing suddenly roared furiously, “What dog shit minor injury, what dog shit flesh wound!? Those two sluts must pay dearly for this, I want them to suffer a living hell where they’ll beg me for death!”

Yu Qing clamoured, and his face filled with rage.

Yang Kai also looked around at Free And Unfettered Sect’s disciples, and impressively discovered that all the men from this sect, one by one, were all pale looking, like they had all overdrawn their blood force and vitality. Although all of them were clearly born exceptionally handsome, with their deathly pale complexions, all of their charm had been destroyed.

Every Free And Unfettered Sect male disciple had a number of pretty flowers accompanying him, but unlike these men’s pale complexion, each of these women was filled with vigour, and each of them wore flattering smiles, seeming to be quite unrestrained.

When these females looked towards the various Ghost King Valley disciples they made no attempt to conceal the amorous tones in their gaze. One of them even took the initiative to walk up to these male Ghost King Valley disciples and began teasing and tempting them.

Seeing this, the Free And Unfettered Sect male disciple behind her not only didn’t become jealous but instead reached out to pinch her plump behind, which immediately provoked a seductive moan to leak from her cherry red lips.

Yang Kai’s expression immediately became ugly. He found that since he arrived in this land, he had continuously encountered men and women who delved into various erotic and immoral acts. Even Shan Qing Luo and Bi Luo, needless to say, cultivated a supreme type of Seduction Technique, and although they themselves both still held their purity, they were more than a little familiar with the matters between men and women.

These Free And Unfettered Sect’s disciple looked like they all engaged in the plucking of yin and yang. Yang Kai was just unsure about why they were so loose about it, or whether there was some hidden profoundness to them being so.

“Although your Ghost King Valley people’s looks are somewhat ugly, these Free And Unfettered Sect disciples are far more disgusting,” Yang Kai whispered quietly in Leng Shan’s ear.

“Who are you saying is ugly?” Leng Shan angrily retorted.

“Well, I mean your hands are all a ghastly shade of white, almost like they belong to a ghost or corpse.”

“What do you know! Just wait a few years, once we cultivate our Secret Art to a certain level the colour will naturally return to our hands. Don’t compare our Ghost King Valley people and those Free And Unfettered Sect trash, hmph!”

Yang Kai simply shrugged and no longer said anything.

“Enough of this, since you’ve come, then we can get started. The purple Evil Spirits in front of us are a bit too numerous for any one of our forces to take on, so everyone needs to sincerely cooperate in order to break through.” Yu Qing fixed his pants as he arrogantly said to Chen Yi.

Chen Yi snorted back coldly in response, “I certainly hope you Free and Unfettered Sect people will cooperate sincerely!”

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