Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 337

Although Tao Yang and Chen Yi both thought they were getting along fairly well with Yang Kai, in the end they were still at best passing acquaintances. If at this time Yang Kai decided to leave them, they wouldn’t be able to say anything.

Moreover, from a practical standpoint, Yang Kai choosing to cooperate with the old man was undoubtedly more beneficial to him.

Thinking so, everyone couldn’t help but feel nervous.

However, Yang Kai simply sprang up from the platform and hovered mid-air, while violently attacking the Evil Spirit that the Hu Sisters were engaged in battle with while offhandedly saying, “Many thanks for Senior’s consideration.”

Momentarily stunned, the old man soon grinned meaningfully and retorted, “Little brat, no need to be stubborn, if you cooperate with this old master, afterwards, one of every five Evil Spirit Essences we obtain can be yours. How about it, this old master won’t make you suffer a loss.”

“No thanks!” Yang Kai decisively refused. This old dog obviously wasn’t anyone good, so even if he wasn’t worried about the Hu Sisters’ safety, Yang Kai still would have refused to work with him lest he find himself caught inside the tiger’s den.

“Fine fine, this old master won’t insist.” On the surface the old man’s casual reply didn’t make it seem like he was least bit upset over being rejected, but the instant he had spoken a cold light had flashed past his eyes.

[Little bastard doesn’t appreciate this old master’s kindness, hmph!]

Seeing Yang Kai reject the old man so firmly, the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect disciples involuntarily breathed sighs of relief, and all of their eyes revealed a touch of gratitude. Only the Hu Sisters continued to smile towards him sweetly, as they had from the start.

Without saying anything else, the three of them had all come from Black Plum Town and shared a not shallow friendship. They had never even considered the possibility that Yang Kai would abandon them.

After all, in the Inheritance Heaven’s Cave, he had not once even given a hint of abandoning them as they climbed the Yin-Yang stairs.

Shortly after, Yang Kai and the Hu Sisters managed to crush the Evil Spirit, which left behind a floating Evil Spirit Essence. Yang Kai quickly threw his Purifying Spirit Bottle to Hu Jiao Er and shouted, “Use this to collect that essence, don’t try to absorb it directly!”

“En.” Although Hu Jiao Er hadn’t seen or heard of this Purifying Spirit Bottle before, it only took her a moment after Yang Kai tossed it to her to figure it out. She inputted a small amount of her True Qi into it and watched it suck up the essence immediately after.

As Jiao Er processed this, Yang Kai flew towards the other side to assist the Treasure Instrument Sect and Ghost King Valley groups.

After a quick and decisive battle, all six of the Evil Spirits that attacked them had been beheaded, but what was odd to everyone present was that these Evil Spirits, which normally feared nothing, wanted to flee and escape when attacked by Yang Kai’s Yang attribute True Qi.

But just as they had finished off this first wave, before they had a chance to catch their breath, a new batch of Evil Spirits flew up from below, and this time in even greater numbers.

Immediately, the group was thrust back into the heat of battle.

Under these strained circumstances, Yang Kai soon found himself fighting two Evil Spirits at once.

Unable to execute them quickly, the shortcomings of Yang Kai True Yang Yuan Qi immediately emerged.

Although his True Yang Yuan Qi was highly effective at restraining and eliminating these Evil Spirits, but because of this natural restraint, all of the Evil Spirits also seems to have an instinctual impulse to avoid Yang Kai, so unless directly engaged in battle with him already they would do their best to distance themselves from him and instead attack the others.

Yang Kai was soon dripping in sweat as he was forced to chase down these Evil Spirits as he attempted to assist everyone he shared this high pillar with, and this lead to the once stable situation to show some signs of breaking.

Fortunately, the members of his group were all quite strong and carried with them a lot of powerful artifacts, which allowed them to hold their group steadily even at critical junctures.

As time passed, the pressure and intensity of the fighting only continued to increase, and they soon found themselves unable to completely eliminate a group of Evil Spirits before the next wave descended upon them.

“Junior Sister, you and Junior Brothers quickly use the Five Dragon Entangling Seal to assist Brother Yang!” Tao Yang suddenly shouted after seeing the awkward position Yang Kai was in.

“Good!” Zhao Rong promptly replied and quickly summoned a seal type artifact.

This new artifact had five dragon images engraved onto it, and after being infused with True Qi by Zhao Rong and other two Treasure Instrument Sect disciples, it was accompanied by a fierce dragon roar, and the five engravings suddenly transformed into dragon phantoms floated up from the seal.

As these five dragons hovered mid-air, a beam of light shot out from each of their mouths and flew towards one of the Evil Spirits.

In an instant, the light beams coiled around the Evil Spirit and bound it in place, and despite how it struggled it couldn’t break free, only able to howl indignantly as he squirmed back and forth.

Yang Kai’s expression suddenly filled with joy as he raced towards this Evil Spirit; gripping his Yang Liquid sword, he unleashed a powerful slash and swiftly sent it to its death.

The three Treasure Instrument Sect disciples also smiled happily; seeing Yang Kai so easily kill this Evil Spirit, they quickly changed their hand seals and directed the five dragons toward another Evil Spirit.

Although three people had left the defence line to help Yang Kai, not only did their formation not collapse, but instead it became more stable.

Everyone had taken out a number of True Qi restoring pills in advance, so they could quickly recover their energy whenever need be.

The only exceptions were Yang Kai who naturally didn’t need such pills and the Hu Sisters who had just swallowed a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid which would continuously help them restore their True Qi for some time to come.

With the assistance of the Five Dragon Entangling Seal, the battle’s momentum once again shifted in Yang Kai’s group’s favor.

On the other hand, atop the other platform, the old man and the disciples from Free And Unfettered Sect were finding the situation a bit more strenuous.

Although there was an Immortal Ascension Boundary master with them, but their total number was not as high as Yang Kai’s side, and more importantly, they lacked the extremely high level artifacts that the Treasure Instrument Sect disciples had brought with them, so while their combat effectiveness was higher, the number of options available to them to deal with these Evil spirits was actually lower.

As the old man continued to watch Yang Kai show off his might, an uncomfortable feeling suddenly flashed across his thoughts, like he, as the one with the highest cultivation here, had lost a lot of face. So with a great palm thrust, the old man unleashed a gale of wind that tossed two Evil Spirits towards the opposite pillar.

The Evil Spirits could only use pure physical attacks and decided their prey almost entirely on instinct, so once they had been shot away towards another target, they wouldn’t bother turning around to pursue the old man.

When the old man blasted these two Evil Spirits over, it suddenly put the Hu Sisters into a crisis.

Working together they could somehow deal with a single Evil Spirit, but now suddenly facing three all at once, how could they possibly handle it?

Seeing the two sisters suddenly fall into crisis, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a murderous light, and this also cemented his earlier suspicions that this old dog was really nothing good. He quickly broke away from the Evil Spirit he was fighting and rushed to help Jiao Er and Mei Er.

As he leapt towards them, he knew he wouldn’t make it in time, so Yang Kai quickly flicked his hand and threw a drop of Yang Liquid towards them.

Using his exquisite True Qi manipulation, the drop of Yang Liquid suddenly turned into a semi-circular light curtain, which directly enveloped the Hu Sisters.

At that moment, Xiao Fu Sheng’s Yuan Qi control techniques truly displayed their worth!

Just as the light curtain appeared, the two Evil Spirits that had been flung over by the old man crashed into it, and both of them suddenly released piercing howls as parts of their ethereal bodies seemed to sizzle and burn.

Instinctively, both Evil Spirits hurriedly retreated.

Even the Evil Spirit the Hu Sisters had been dealing with also fell back as fast as it could, which caused the two’s attacks to hit thin air.

Yang Kai stared at this scene in shock.

Truthfully he hadn’t expected such a dramatic result to arise from his spur of the moment impulse.

“No way, seriously?” Cheng Ying and the rest of the Ghost King Valley disciples cried out, also unable to believe what they were seeing.

“Watch out! Everyone focus!” Leng Shan yelled as she saw the two Evil Spirits the old man had flung towards them along with the one previous fighting the Hu Sisters decisively give up attacking Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er and instead rush towards the others atop the plateau.

All of a sudden, the pressure everyone other than the Hu Sisters felt increased sharply.

“Hey, Brother Yang, that’s not fair!” Chen Yi helplessly cried out with a wry grin upon his face.

Although the Hu Sisters were now extremely safe, the rest of them were now facing an even bigger crisis.

“Sorry, I didn’t know this would happen!” Yang Kai awkwardly apologized; fortunately, he was also there to share this sudden increase in pressure, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to apologize if his actions had resulted in casualties.

As he engaged the two new Evil Spirits his thoughts quickly turned towards trying to find a way to take advantage of this accidental discovery of his.

Suddenly, a wonderful idea came to him!

Hurriedly dispatching the two Evil Spirits the Treasure Instrument Sect trio had entangled, Yang Kai shot up into the air and hovered above the crowd.

Ignoring everyone’s surprised and confused stares, Yang Kai quickly withdrew a drop of Yang Liquid from his dantian and condensed it between his palms.

Once again displaying his exquisite True Qi control, Yang Kai transformed this drop of Yang Liquid turned into another semi-circular light curtain. This time it covered the entire top surface of the high pillar the group was standing on. The only difference was that this time the curtain was undoubtedly thinner and less radiant.

As soon as this light curtain fell, all of Evil Spirits fled backwards, as if they were struck with dread.

However, such a thin light curtain could only serve as a deterrent, if the Evil Spirits were to crazily attack, it would only be a few breaths before it shattered.

Seeing this, Yang Kai decisively went all out and repeatedly withdrew drops of Yang Liquid and shaped them into light curtains.

Layering these light curtains one on top of another, under Yang Kai’s exquisite True Qi control, all of these hemispheres precisely overlapped one another.

Using a full twenty drops of Yang Liquid, Yang Kai quickly completed this masterpiece.

Within this twenty layer True Yang Yuan Qi Light Curtain, though no one dared say they were perfectly safe, but handling these Evil Spirits was no longer an issue.

“This…” Everyone’s jaws dropped as the gawked.

The life and death crisis they all found themselves in had all of a sudden become extremely relaxed; this unexpected transformation was something that none of them could quite keep up with.

The surrounding Evil Spirits fluttered around the platform, but most did not dare to even approach; occasionally, one of them would attempt to attack them as before only to be burned on contact with the light curtain before quickly receding.

After standing dumbstruck for quite some time, everyone turned and stared awkwardly at Yang Kai.

The Hu Sister’s eyes both contained a slightly hot light as they gazed at this young man they had recently reunited with.

“I just did it on a whim, I didn’t think it would work out so well.” Yang Kai grinned awkwardly as he laughed.

“Simply amazing…” Chen Yi praised, almost in awe of Yang Kai.

Everyone else nodded, their eyes filled with admiration and gratitude.

After slowly recovering from their initial shock and examining their situation more closely, all of them were shocked as they estimated just how much True Qi Yang Kai had used to create such a solid defensive curtain!

How did he come up with such a massive quantity of True Qi, and how could he be standing there as if it were nothing to him?

“Monster! Absolute monster!” Leng Shan spat.

Everyone nodded again.

What they didn’t know was that every layer of this Light Curtain was the result of the crystallization of the total amount of True Qi Yang Kai could condense in his meridians! So twenty of these curtains were equal to Yang Kai completely emptying his meridians twenty times! How could this defence screen not have such astounding strength?

Moreover, the density and purity of Yang Kai’s True Qi were both abnormally high for his cultivation.

If converted to average terms, this light curtain’s strength was almost equivalent to ten Immortal Ascension Boundary masters fully focusing on defence!

With this shield protecting them, weathering this crisis was now a piece of cake.

“Young man, could you be so kind as to help this old man out?” The old man held down his pride to ask. Even he, an Immortal Ascension Master, had no means to reproduce the Heaven-defying feat of a man that has barely reached a third of his age. Therefore, under such circumstances, he had to swallow his pride and pled.

The high pillar that Yang Kai’s group occupied was now an impregnable fortress, not letting a single leak through, even if their group stood around and did nothing, they wouldn’t have to worry about their safety, but as a result, on the old man’s side, the number of Evil Spirits they had to deal with subsequently increased, making their situation more and more difficult.

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