Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 338

Hearing this plea, many of the Ghost King Valley disciples sneered sarcastically and glared at the old man.

Zhao Rong of Treasure Instrument Sect even went a step further and muttered under her breath, “That old dog just tried to harm us, yet now he’s begging for Brother Yang’s help, how shameless!”

The old man’s underhanded scheme a moment ago had not escaped any of their sights, but although all of them were extremely annoyed by his behaviour, due to his strength, none of them had dared to hit back.

The old man obviously saw this look in all of their eyes but didn’t seem to mind, and instead just lightly said, “Youngsters, you should all carefully consider the current situation, who knows if you’ll need to ask this old master for help in the near future? You should sell this old master a favour now while you can lest when your turn comes you wind up with regret.”

Although his tone was light and casual, anyone who had any discernment could tell that he was threatening them. If they didn’t help him now, he would certainly make them suffer for it later.

In his heart, Yang Kai sneered, but on his face he wore a serious expression and shook his head slowly, “Unfortunately I cannot help Senior right now, my True Qi has been completely exhausted so I need to restore myself first.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai ‘unsteadily’ sat down cross-legged.

The Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect disciples all suddenly realized this point, and each of them quickly pulled out a number of True Qi restoring pills and offered them to Yang Kai.

It wasn’t that they were gullible enough to be deceived by Yang Kai’s word, but in this chaotic situation it was simply something they should do.

Moreover, during this intense battle, Yang Kai had definitely consumed a lot of True Qi, not to mention him setting up this multi-layered light curtain, so needing to restore his True Qi only seemed appropriate.

Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er on the other hand simply exchanged a glance, as the two of them pouted and smiled.

The two sisters knew that Yang Kai possessed a kind of miraculous liquid that could almost instantly restore one’s True Qi reserves, so how could they believe the slightest bit of his nonsense?

The situation atop the pillar was clearly displayed before the old man’s eyes, and because what was said was reasonable, he couldn’t tell if Yang Kai was lying or telling the truth, so he no longer forced the issue and instead let out a somewhat hollow laugh, “Very well, you should first quickly restore yourself.”

Ending the conversation, the old man re-focused his attention on the battle around him.

Atop the plateau, the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect groups glanced around in amazement, not expecting that in this life or death crisis Yang Kai would somehow create an absolute safe haven.

And so they observed the other side’s battle while talking in hushed voices amongst themselves, as they watched as Yu Qing and his party struggle to defend themselves as their True Qi and Blood Force rioted.

The old man in particular lived up to his status as an Immortal Ascension Boundary master. His True Qi seemed endless as he casually sent out strikes. In fact, each of his seemingly simple moves was actually extremely powerful and allowed him alone to fight four Evil Spirits without any disadvantage.

While he battled, he also diverted some of his attention to protect his juniors. Meanwhile, the Free and Unfettered Sect disciples were struggling to maintain their line of defence as their True Qi continued to be exhausted. Although the old man should have provided some assistance, but he would never lend his hand out to such scum that even their grandparents would disown.

The male Free And Unfettered Sect disciples’ originally pale complexions became even whiter while their Charmed Slaves also no longer showed any coquettish looks. Each of them wasnow drenched in sweat as they struggled to cope.

Outside the True Yang Yuan Qi defensive shield, the Evil Spirits continued circling as they attempted to find a weak spot, but no matter where they struck, the result was the same.

After a while, they actually gave up and began flying towards the other platform to attack the old man’s side.

Instantly, the situation became critical; the old man roared furiously and no longer held back. He summoned his artifact and sent out various powerful Martial Skills one after another.

The Free And Unfettered Sect group also struck back harder, but it was obvious they couldn’t cope with so many Evil Spirits.

“Senior, senior!” Yu Qing shouted anxiously, “Please help us!”

Although the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples outnumbered the Ghost King Valley group hey suffered because they specialized in raising their cultivation through various male female plucking techniques. Their True Qi wasn’t as pure or stable as others in the same realm, so their defences were quickly overwhelmed, which forced Yu Qing into a situation where he needed to beg the old man to save them.

“Heh heh!” The old man laughed evilly, “This old master can barely defend himself, how could I have the spare capacity to save you lot?”

Yu Qing cursed silently, and knowing that this old man wasn’t some benevolent benefactor, he quickly followed up, “If Senior can help us survive this crisis, my Free And Unfettered Sect will definitely compensate generously!”

“Let’s hear it!” The old man said as his eyes flashed a greedy light.

“If I we can make it back alive, each of us can offer Senior a Charmed Slave! Senior should be familiar with my Free And Unfettered Sect’s methods and certainly understands the value of these Charmed Slaves!” With his life on the line, Yu Qing didn’t dare spew any nonsense and directly offered extremely rich conditions.

Hearing this, the old man’s eyes lit up with an obscene light and he grinned maliciously, “This old master is naturally aware or your Free And Unfettered Sect’s Charmed Slave’s usefulness, along with their Secret Art and skills designed to assist one’s cultivation, they’re also all extremely well versed in meeting their master’s desires!”

“Senior is well informed!” Yu Qing nodded.

Casually accepting this flattery, the old man laughed happily, “Good, since there are four of you, when this old master feasts on your four Charmed Slave’s vital yin, my cultivation will improve greatly.”

“What Senior says is absolutely right.” Yu Qing was in a hurry, so although he was cursing this old dog inside he did his best to wear his most flattering smile, “As such, Junior asks Senior to quickly take action!”

However, the old man simply coldly snorted, “However, this old master has heard that you Free And Unfettered Sect men all have more than just a single Charmed Slave, and looking at you lots demeanor, your positions in the Sect shouldn’t be low, you must have at least four or five each, right?”

Yu Qing’s smiling face twitched, as he realized he had underestimated this old dog’s appetite.

“Little brat, your luck is quite good!” The old man grinned. “This old master is willing to help, but this old master wants eight Charmed Slaves as compensation! That is, each of you must deliver me two Charmed Slaves in order to equal the value of this old master taking action! Whether you agree or not is up to you but… hah, if you’re life is gone, you won’t be needing those Charmed Slaves anyways, right? Hahaha!”

This last sentence thoroughly poked Yu Qing’s weakness, not allowing him to refuse, so with a gloomy expression, Yu Qing nodded without hesitation, “Good, I accept!”

“Little brat, you’re certainly decisive enough! Good, we have a deal!” The old man laughed, and his moves suddenly became even more ferocious, as he protected the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples as well, which greatly relieved the pressure Yu Qing’s group felt.

[The price was worth it.] Yu Qing comforted himself, trying to balance his unwillingness with his desire to live.

Free And Unfettered Sect’s male disciples indeed had more than one Charmed Slave each; however, each Charmed Slave took a significant amount of time and resources to develop, so losing two of them was by no means a small loss.

As Yu Qing was discussing terms with the old man, the Free And Unfettered Sect Charmed Slaves were totally unmoved, as if the discussion had nothing to do with them.

“Remember your words, if you dare try to renege … this old master will pay a visit to your Free And Unfettered Sect to collect what he’s owed!” The old man coldly threatened.

Yu Qing’s heart jumped, as he suddenly wondered what origins this old man had that allowed him to not fear his Free And Unfettered Sect, then he quickly wore an ugly smile, “How could Junior dare! A gentleman’s word isn’t spoken lightly!”

Hearing this, many people covertly spat disdainfully.

If Yu Qing was a gentleman, there were definitely no villains under the Heavens.

Meanwhile, Yang Kai and his group were now idly sitting atop their platform, but the joyful feeling they gained from seeing the hope of survival gradually calmed down as they observed their surroundings.

Not knowing when this tide of Evil Spirits would recede, it was difficult for them to not feel somewhat desolate.

Opposite them, the old man and the Free And Unfettered Sect continued fighting with the Evil Spirits, killing them at a steady pace and causing numerous Evil Spirit Essences to appear around them, but no one had time to collect these and gradually, these essences fell into the swirling jet black Evil Qi below.

Suddenly, the old man’s expression changed and he roared angrily, “Free And Unfettered Sect brats, quickly sacrifice your Charmed Slave!”

His tone was fierce and did not permit any objections.

“Ah…” Yu Qing froze for a moment and stared at the old man in confusion, wondering why he would suddenly issue such an order.

“If you don’t want to die, then do it now!” The old man hurriedly snapped, and a faint hostile intent surfaced from his aura!

“Bu…” Yu Qing didn’t fully understand what was happening, but he felt that now was not a good time to sacrifice their Charmed Slaves. Their numbers were currently enough to hold their formation, but once their Charmed Slaves were sacrificed, it would essentially be like halving the number of Free And Unfettered Sect disciples.

Naturally he wanted to avoid such an outcome.

“This old master will give you three breaths, if you haven’t sacrificed them, I’ll kill all of you!” The old man delivered his ultimatum.

“Senior Brother, what should we do?” One of the Free And Unfettered Sect male disciples asked Yu Qing, his anxiety and helplessness apparent.

“Do it!” Yu Qing angrily shouted, not daring to hesitate any longer. The only reason they had been able to preserve their lives until now was because this old man would occasionally help protect them. If the old man all of a sudden turned on them, they would no doubt die immediately.

Although extremely unwilling to sacrifice their Charmed Slaves in this way, Yu Qing had no alternative.

With Yu Qing giving his order, the few Free And Unfettered Sect male disciples all simultaneously let out their strongest attacks to push back the Evil Spirits they were engaged with and then grabbed hold of their respective Charmed Slaves. A determined light flashed across their eyes as they deeply kissed them.

Seeing this, Leng Shan couldn’t bear to watch and averted her gaze while quietly pulling Zhao Rong and the Hu Sisters with her, “Don’t look!”

“En? What’s happening?” Zhao Rong asked curiously.

Leng Shan obviously knew what would happen once these Charmed Slaves were sacrificed, so she had intended to spare her fellow females this scene.

Chen Yi also sighed lightly, and a glimmer of pity flashed across his eyes. In fact, most of the Ghost King Valley disciples also hung their heads slightly and averted their gazes from what was to take place.

Although their relationship with Free And Unfettered Sect wasn’t friendly by any stretch, and each of them had often fought with these Charmed Slaves, in the end, they couldn’t help but sympathize with these unfortunate women, who had their minds and bodies completely enslaved and were unable to determine their own fate anymore.

It’s wasn’t that they didn’t know how to care about themselves, nor were they born inherently debased, but they were trained that way by Free And Unfettered Sect’s men with special tools, medicines, and techniques.

The three young women couldn’t hold back their curiosity, even though Leng Shan had told them not to look, so Zhao Rong and the Hu Sisters quietly glanced over to see what would take place.

However, the moment they saw, all three of them shivered violently.

As they exchanged what looked like a passionate kiss, the four Charmed Slaves’ bodies trembled, and as the trembling became more intense, their once beautiful faces quickly became old while their delicate bodies aged at a pace visible to the naked eye, rapidly drying up, as if a dozens of years were passing by in an instant.

The True Qi and Blood Essence of these Charmed Slaves was quickly transformed into energy that constantly flowed from their lips into the male Free And Unfettered Sect disciples.

As this happened, the pale faces of these Free And Unfettered Sect men suddenly flushed with colour, like they were being infused with vitality, and it instantly gave them a healthy radiant glow that perfectly complemented their originally handsome looks.

Even the strength of their auras also began to rise sharply.

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