Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 339

Free And Unfettered Sect’s forbidden technique, only by taking advantage of these brainwashed Charmed Slaves could such an inhuman Martial Skill be displayed!

This technique could no longer be described as simply ‘evil’.

After less time than it would take to drink a cup of tea, the Free And Unfettered Sect’s male disciples had undergone a massive transformation and became vigorous and high-spirited.

The Charmed Slaves in their arms on the other hand had been forever drained of their vitality, but their dull dim eyes still showed an unrelenting affection as their old haggard mouths wore extremely satisfied smiles.

Their role as devoted slaves had been imprinted in their very souls!

True Qi burst out uncontrollably from Zhao Rong and the Hu Sisters, and their eyes filled with fire as they glared maliciously at the still celebrating male Free And Unfettered Sect disciples.

They were all women, so watching these Charmed Slaves die in such a pitiful manner had naturally provoked their ire.

After this sacrifice was completed, Yu Qing laughed and released the aged body in his embrace, not even sparing it a glance as this withered corpse rolled off the plateau and disappeared into the sea of Evil Qi below.

The strength of these Free And Unfettered Sect male disciples had skyrocketed, which gave them a domineering and ruthless aura. All of their attacks now contained at least twice their previous might, but as he glanced towards the old man, Yu Qing’s eyes still had a well hidden trace of anger and hatred.

He had not wanted to sacrifice these Charmed Slaves at this time because the most dangerous moment had yet to arrive.

But because of the old man’s overbearing strength, he had no choice but to obey him, so naturally he held some dissatisfaction.

The old man seemed to have not noticed this glint as he laughed wantonly, “Good, this old master knew you were a decisive person. In the future you will certainly become someone great! Little brat, you and your Junior Brothers defend here for a moment while this old master handles something!”

“Good!” Yu Qing nodded firmly, not asking the old man what it was he intended to do.

With that, the old man roared, flew up into the air, and shot out from the platform. After he flew up, a single purple Evil Spirit tightly followed behind him, almost like a shadow following its master.

“What is he trying to do?” Chen Yi muttered gloomily when he noticed the venomous grin that appeared on the old man’s face as he led that Evil Spirit towards their side.

As he flew towards them, the old man continued to attack this particular Evil Spirit, drawing its attention as he approached Yang Kai and his group.

“Has this old guy gone crazy?” Cheng Ying smiled contemptuously, “Struggling to lead a single Evil Spirit towards us, could it be that he thinks that Evil Spirit can kill all of us?”

“Hahaha!” One of the Treasure Instrument Sect male disciples laughed dismissively, “That old man is wasting his time, doesn’t he know that these Evil Spirits can’t even touch Brother Yang’s light curtain?”

Because none of them had lowered their voices, it was clear that the old man could hear them, but even so, he didn’t get angry and instead just sneered even more as he led the Evil Spirit towards them.

Leng Shan’s cold eyes flashed, as he realized something wasn’t right, and he quickly called out, “Be careful, he’s definitely up to something.”

Tao Yang also nodded and increased his vigilance.

A moment later, when the old man and the Evil Spirit arrived next to their pillar next to the high platform, everyone tensed slightly and prepared to counterattack if need be.

“Here, a gift for you!” The old man maintained his sneer and laughed loudly as he struck the Evil Spirit with a palm, which sent it crashing towards the light curtain before he darted away, almost immediately reappearing on the Free And Unfettered Sect’s side.

“Senior, did you make us sacrifice our Charmed Slaves just to give you a moment of freedom?” Yu Qing’s expression was quite ugly, and his voice contained a questioning tone.

“En!” The old man nodded plainly.

“And with that moment… all you wanted was to lead that Evil Spirit over to them?” Yu Qing almost couldn’t contain the anger in his chest.

He hadn’t known why this old man was so anxious to have them sacrifice their Charmed Slaves, but now it seems like he forced them to do so just for this one insignificant act. Obviously this wasn’t worth the life of a single Charmed Slaves let alone four.

“Do you have any opinion?” The old man glanced back at Yu Qing coldly, and his eyes were full of overbearing arrogance.

“Junior doesn’t dare!” Yu Qing’s blood ran cold, and he quickly suppressed his anger. Although after the sacrifice the strength of him and his fellow brothers had rose, but when faced with an Immortal Ascension Boundary master they still weren’t qualified to object!

“Good. Well, just wait a bit and you’ll see, if they don’t beg this old master for help soon, Old Master here will unscrew his head for you to use as a chamber pot!” The old man grinned.

Yu Qing was stunned, not understanding why this old man was so confidant all of a sudden.

At that moment, the Evil Spirit that was led to Yang Kai’s group was launching a series of attacks towards their defence shield.

But as it collided with the light curtain again and again, it was inevitably repelled. The fiery True Yang Yuan Qi easily disintegrating any residual Evil Qi from its attacks, but contrary to the previous Evil Spirits, this one did not immediately retreat.

After many failed attempts, this Evil Spirit no longer recklessly attacked but instead stared towards them with its almost clearly defined face, opened its mouth, and let out an ear piercing scream.

That sound was sharp and grating and caused everyone’s ears to ring, and as the sound penetrated their heads, a purple halo sudden enveloped them, wrapping all of them in an eerie radiance.

Everyone had been indifferently watching this Evil Spirit’s fruitless attacks but hadn’t expected it would suddenly come up with such a hand, so by the time they had perceived a threat it was too late to defend themselves.

As this purple halo washed over them, they all felt their consciousnesses tremble and their strength drain from their bodies, and some of them even fell limply to the ground.

Others were overwhelmed by nausea as they felt like a million ants were gnawing at their minds, delivering them an unbearable pain.

Even the Hu Sister combination couldn’t withstand this attack, and their pretty faces distorting in pain.

Only Yang Kai remained unaffected. Unlike the others of his group, he had already begun cultivating his Soul and was able to offset some of the damage. On top of that, he also had his Soul Palace Soul Skill which allowed him to easily withstand this Evil Spirit’s attack. .

“A Soul Skill!” Chen Yi screamed, “It’s a Soul Type Evil Spirit!”

By this point, everyone had figured this out, and each of them become pale, as they stared in fear and panic towards this Soul Type Evil Spirit in front of them.

Soul Type Evil Spirits were a very special presence in the Evil Cavern.

It looked no different from the other Evil Spirits, but because it had the ability to use Soul Skills, any cultivator under Immortal Ascension Boundary that ran into one had only two paths before them.

Escape or die!

But in this situation, running away was not an option, but trying to fight it was akin to suicide.

Within the Evil Cavern, Soul Type Evil Spirits were exceptionally rare, which was obvious from the scene before them; although there were hundreds of Evil Spirits gathered here with more constantly arriving, but from beginning to end only one Soul Type Evil Spirit had appeared. This was sufficient to show how few of them existed.

None of them had thought they would encounter a Soul Type Evil Spirit when they first came to the Evil Cavern, just like they never dreamed they would be caught up in the Evil Spirit Spring’s eruption.

But right now, such a situation had arisen and caused all of their hearts to sink.

The old man who had deliberately led this Soul Type Evil Spirit to them was no doubt harboring malicious intent, likely doing so as retaliation for Yang Kai’s refusal to help them.

Turning his gaze towards the old man, Yang Kai’s eyes flashed a cold light!

He didn’t fear this Soul Type Evil Spirit, but everyone else who was with him did! The Soul Skill it had just used was a wide area attack as well, so it could affect all of them at once, meaning that everyone besides Yang Kai would sooner or later have their Souls destroyed and result in them either dying or degenerating into an idiot!

“Quickly!” As the Soul Type Evil Spirit, looking in from outside the light curtain, opened its gruesome mouth again, Chen Yi shouted, “Does anyone have a Soul defence type artifact!”

Instinctually, everyone looked towards Tao Yang.

Although the Ghost King Valley disciples had made sufficient preparations for this expedition to the Evil Cavern, but Soul type artifacts were just as rare as Soul Skills themselves, not to mention a Soul type artifact that could defend against Soul Skills needed to be of a very high grade.

None of these Ghost King Valley disciples had the qualifications to hold such a precious artifact.

Tao Yang on the other hand was a Treasure Instrument Sect disciple, if he didn’t have an appropriate Soul type artifact, then no one here would.

Although Yang Kai was not afraid of this Soul Type Evil Spirit, in the end he was only able to protect himself from it, so with so many people gathered on this high plateau, and considering the wide range of the enemies Soul Skill, he was quite troubled about how to handle it.

Fortunately, Tao Yang was just as wealthy as imagined, hastily removing a ring from his bad and pouring True Qi into it.

A buzzing sound burst out just as the Soul Type Evil Spirit cast its Soul Skill again.

Soon after, the purple halo re-appeared and enveloped them once more.

However, the ring in Tao Yang’s had also sent out a series of ripples which crashed into this halo.

Everyone held their breath nervously and stared in anticipation.

As the artifact’s ripples and the purple halo collided, the ripples disappeared instantly while the purple light dimmed significantly; unfortunately, the purple halo had not dissipated completely.

Tao Yang’s Soul defence type artifact wasn’t strong enough to completely defend against this Soul Type Evil Spirit’s attack!

Everyone suddenly looked miserable, unsure of what to do next.

The only upside was that this artifact could at least weaken the effect on their Souls to the point where it was at least bearable.

But obviously this was not a long-term solution; damage to one’s Soul was no joking matter, if it continued to accumulate, it would still become a major risk.

“Sorry, I only have this Soul type artifact!” Tao Yang said guiltily as he stared towards the Soul Type Evil Spirit.

“Why are you apologizing Brother Tao? If not for you being here I’m afraid none of us would be able to withstand this attack at all!” Chen Yi said earnestly.

“En,” Cheng Ying nodded, “but we still have to think about what to do next!”

Even with the support of Tao Yang’s Soul defence artifact, the longest they could hold out was at best half an hour.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything and instead just coldly glared at the old man.

Seeing the crisis they were in, the old man let out arrogant and outrageous laughter, apparently very pleased with himself.

Hearing this wanton laughter, everyone couldn’t help but grind their teeth in indignation. If it weren’t for this old man’s malicious scheme, with the help of Yang Kai’s Light Curtain they would be perfectly safe, but now, facing this Soul Type Evil Spirit, they suddenly found themselves helpless and in mortal danger.

“That old bastard!” Zhao Rong’s viciously cursed, not caring whether the old man heard her or not.

“Little friend!” The old man smiled happily while knocking away several Evil Spirits and yelled to Yang Kai, “See, your side is now facing a crisis and so are we, why don’t you cooperate with me so we can both survive?”

“How do you propose we cooperate?” Yang Kai indifferently asked.

“It’s simple, you help us put up the same type of defensive cover over here and then this old master will help you to deal with that Soul Type Evil Spirit. You can’t cope with it because none of you have reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary, but this old master is different, this old master is not only an Immortal Ascension master, but I have also reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage, although dealing with that Soul Type Evil Spirit is a little troublesome, but killing it isn’t too difficult. So, how about it? Such cooperation benefits both of us!”

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