Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 340

It seemed like his goal in guiding the Soul Type Evil Spirit to attack them was to force Yang Kai to help them. If Yang Kai could really put up a Light Curtain for them, the pressure the old man was facing would drop drastically.

At that time, they could also just sit on top of their pillar and relax like Yang Kai’s group.

As long as they could delay until the Evil Spirit Spring disappeared, they would be able to simply walk out from here.

If it weren’t for the old man having scruples about the strength of Yang Kai’s group, why would he have taken such a roundabout method? He would have simply robbed them of their platform the moment Yang Kai put up that shield.

Yang Kai had to admit, this old bastard’s plan was quite good.

Yu Qing and the other Free And Unfettered Sect disciples, witnessing this sudden development, couldn’t help but let out a burst of laughter, “Senior is such a magnanimous man, Junior greatly admires!”

Earlier, Yu Qing was quite confused by the old man’s actions and was even somewhat angered, but now he realized that the old man had obviously been aware of the existence of that Soul Type Evil Spirit and had planned this out from the beginning, ordering them to sacrifice their Charmed Slaves to give him enough time to execute his plan.

“Haha, how could this old master have survived so many battles without some means? You’d do well to learn from this old master!” The old man smiled deviously, and his four Juniors also applauded loudly, obviously very respectful of him.

On the other side, the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect disciples frowned deeply. All of them were extremely angry but were unable to say anything back.

“Little friend, have you considered well?” Confidant he had won, the old man wasn’t rushed and instead boasted arrogantly as he waited for Yang Kai and others to beg him to help them.

In his opinion, this group of True Element Boundary brats would bow to him sooner or later unless they wanted to die! Having not cultivated their Souls, and with only a single Soul defence type artifact, it was only a matter of time before they succumbed to the Soul Type Evil Spirit’s assault.

After a short time, their Souls would begin to take serious damage,and by then the old man could gain even more advantages from them, so he was in no rush to offer assistance and instead just casually asked if they wanted help.

Yang Kai wrinkled his brow and grunted but eventually didn’t respond.

On the other side, Yu Qing whispered to the old man, “Senior, Junior wonders if you could propose another condition to them.”

Raising his brow, the old man curiously asked, “Oh? What condition?”

Yu Qing’s gaze immediately shifted to the Hu Sisters, his eyes filling with an obscene light as he licked his lips and said, “Let them offer up that pair of twins to us!”

The old man looked at Yu Qing with great meaning. He was quite well informed about Free And Unfettered Sect’s Charmed Slaves and knew that they also had different grades. If this pair of twins was turned into Charmed Slaves, then they would undoubtedly provide their Free And Unfettered Sect male masters with greater aid, especially since they seemed to also possess extraordinary strength. It wasn’t hard to understand why Yu Qing would pay special attention to them.

This group of Free And Unfettered Sect disciples had even chased them into this Evil Cavern regardless of the risks. This alone showed how attractive the Hu Sisters were to them.

“I’m afraid that’s not a good idea.” The old man frowned, although he didn’t consider Yang Kai and his group as anything serious, but at this moment he really did need Yang Kai’s help. If he added too many excessive demands, it would only be counterproductive and cause him to lose his rice before catching the chicken.

“If Senior is willing to help, Junior can offer another four Charmed Slaves to Senior, alright?” Yu Qing whispered.

“This old master can consider it…” The old man nodded with satisfaction. “Very well, this old master will help you get all those women over there, but four more Charmed Slaves aren’t enough, you must offer this old master eight additional Charmed Slaves, agreed?”

“Eight Charmed Slaves is really too much, those twins are certainly worth four Charmed Slave, but the other two women… Junior can offer Senior six Charmed Slaves for all of them, it cannot be more.” Yu Qing’s face flashed a hint of hidden pain, like he was suffering a big loss.

“Good, six then, remember, you now owe this old master fourteen Charmed Slaves!” The old man grinned and said happily.

“Naturally Junior remembers.” Yu Qing nodded, also very satisfied with the outcome of this negotiation, and he quickly wore a complementary smile, “Senior is such a powerful master, yet seems to not care much for beauty.”

If he really cared about beautiful women, he wouldn’t have offered up the four women on the other side so easily.

Needless to say, the twin sisters on the opposite pillar possessed country destroying beauty. While that Ghost King Valley’s Leng Shan was also an extraordinary vision, and lastly the last girl’s innocence and cute appeal, although not comparable to the other three, was also a unique and delicious flavour.

However, the old man just contemptuously smirked and arrogantly said, “Beauties? Only you young brats who only have lust on your brains will care about such things, with this old master’s strength, if Old Master wants any woman, what kind of woman can I not get?

“Yes yes yes, Senior is wise.” Yu Qing nodded repeatedly, unable to refute this statement, and he suddenly thought this old man was more pleasing to the eye after he agreed to help him obtain the Hu Sisters. A smug smile even began to creep into his expression as he imagined capturing those four, bringing them back to Free And Unfettered Sect, and subjecting them to various drugs and Soul Skills to train them into loyal slaves.

With the negotiations finalized, the old man and Yu Qing were both happy; the old man’s four juniors also had delighted expressions.

They knew that when the old man received those fourteen Charmed Slaves, they would each receive one as a reward.

Charmed Slaves! Not only would they willingly warm their beds, at a critical moment they could be sacrificed to drastically increase their strength. Who wouldn’t want such a convenient tool?

With a Charmed Slave to accompany them, they would never be lonely again.

“Little friends, don’t blame this old master for not reminding you, if you don’t want to cooperate, you and your friends will definitely die!” The old man casually taunted Yang Kai with a victorious grin plastered all over his face.

“Senior need not worry!” Yang Kai replied indifferently.

“Hah, seems you can’t appreciate kindness!” The old man’s expression twitched, and he sneered as he said, “If you don’t beg this old master for help, this old master won’t take action!”

Yang Kai no longer paid attention to the old man, and his eyes stared towards the Soul Type Evil Spirit floating just outside his light curtain.

The three disciples from Treasure Instrument Sect also held the Five Dragon Entangling Seal, nervously preparing.

While Yu Qing was negotiating with the old man, Yang Kai’s group was also discussing their next course of action.

“Brother Yang, are you certain?” Tao Yang asked, worry apparent on his face, and he quickly offered up his ring shaped Soul defence type artifact, “You should also bring this with you.”

“That’s right, just in case,” Leng Shan agreed, her brow thoroughly furrowed.

When Yang Kai said he wanted to go out and kill the Soul Type Evil Spirit, everyone was taken aback. All of them thought he was crazy. The Hu Sisters were even more alarmed and repeatedly tried to discourage him.

Hu Mei Er even had her enchanting pair of eyes overflow with tears of worry.

“Don’t worry, I have a sense of proportion, even if I really can’t beat it I have confidence in drawing back.” Yang Kai stated plainly.

“Good, then you must be careful.” Chen Yi said.

Yang Kai nodded firmly.

Right then, the Soul Type Evil Spirit opened its mouth again, preparing to display its screaming Soul Skill.

“Now!” Yang Kai roared as he shot out.

The three Treasure Instrument Sect disciples promptly poured their True Qi into the Five Dragon Entangling Seal.

The five dragons spat out their light ropes towards the Soul Type Evil Spirit and bound it in place just as it launched its Soul Skill.

Forming a sword with his Yang Qi, Yang Kai charged towards the Evil Spirit like lightning and crashed through the purple halo it sent out.

“HA!” Tao Yang simultaneously activated his Soul defence type artifact to counteract the Soul Type Evil Spirit’s attack.

“So fast!” Chen Yi couldn’t help but call out in surprise when he saw Yang Kai reach the Soul Type Evil Spirit and land multiple slashes on its body within a single breath.

Suffering this sudden attack, the sharp howling from the Evil Spirit became more violent as it sent out purple halos one after another, which greatly taxed Tao Yang’s Soul artifact again and again to the point where he could barely resist.

Paling instantly, Tao Yang soon spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed to the ground.

Nearby, Chen Yi acted quickly, picked up the Soul artifact, and took over for Tao Yang.

“Is he trying to get himself killed?” The old man obviously witnessed Yang Kai’s bold actions, and his pupils shrunk involuntarily as he muttered in surprise.

Normally he wouldn’t care whether Yang Kai lived or died, but right now, if Yang Kai died, he wouldn’t be able to open the same light curtain for him.

However, Yang Kai completely ignored his overtures and continued his reckless assault on the Soul Type Evil Spirit.

Within a few breaths, the Soul Type Evil Spirit’s purple body had dimmed significantly.

However, its true strength was obviously much stronger than an average purple Evil Spirit, so even though it was restrained by Yang Kai’s True Yang Yuan Qi, it was still difficult to defeat it in short order.

“We can’t hold on!” Zhao Rong suddenly cried out, the next moment her and her fellow Treasure Instrument Sect disciples paled, and the Five Dragon Entangling Seal in their hands quickly lost its radiance.

Immediately, the Soul Type Evil Spirit’s bindings collapsed.

Regaining its freedom, the Soul Type Evil Spirit became even more violent. Its distorted facial features twisted in rage as it shot a purple beam of light towards Yang Kai.

Unable to dodge in time, Yang Kai was struck head on. The purple beam penetrating into his mind.

Severe pain spread from his head, as his Soul Palace was unable to resist such a focused strike.

Although his Soul Palace had reached the minor accomplishment stage and completely engulfed his Knowledge Sea, in that moment a large gap had been blasted through it.

Yang Kai’s expression stiffened, his arms froze mid-air before drooping to his sides. Seizing this opening, the Soul Type Evil Spirit crashed towards him.

The Evil Spirit swiped at Yang Kai with its ethereal claws, tore apart his robes, and opened a series of long wounds on his chest, which caused his blood to spurt out.

“Brother Yang!” The group behind him called out in panic. Their faces filled with horror.

“Hmph, courting death!” The old man coldly snorted, his expression quite ugly; he had hoped to coerce Yang Kai into helping him, but had apparently underestimated this young man’s stubbornness, which caused his well laid out plot to backfire and lose all meaning.

Against such a potent targeted Soul Skill, a speciality of Soul Type Evil Spirits, even an Immortal Ascension Boundary master would have his consciousness destroyed.

Yang Kai was only a True Element Boundary Fifth Stage youth, how could he survive?

[He got what he deserves!] The old man sneered to himself, not feeling the slightest bit of compassion, only a slight regret.

Since Yang Kai was dead, his own situation had become a bit more troublesome.

“Ha!” Yang Kai suddenly roared, and his falling body stabilized mid-air, as he hurriedly dodged the Soul Type Evil Spirits next attack.

A cool sensation flooded his head, and although the pain was excruciating, the Soul Warming Lotus had once again saved him.

“Impossible!” The old man cried out, as an Immortal Ascension master, he was well aware of how powerful the focused Soul Skill Yang Kai had taken was just now. Even if it was him, he wouldn’t have dared take such an attack head on, so how could the youth before him have accomplished such a feat?

Everyone from Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect also couldn’t help but breath a sigh of relief. All of them were surprised to see Yang Kai survive, and they thought he must have some kind of high-end Soul defence artifact.

However, they also realized that even if Yang Kai had such an artifact, it was certainly only able to protect himself, or else he would have taken it out earlier.

“Bind it again!” Yang Kai yelled to his comrades behind him as he re-engaged the Soul Type Evil Spirit.

“Right!” Leng Shan and the Hu Sisters arrived at Zhao Rong’s side, picked up the Five Dragon Entangling Seal, and together, filled it with their True Qi.

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