Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 341

As the five dragons re-appeared, thick white beams of light shot from their mouths towards the Soul Type Evil Spirit.

In the next instant, the Soul Type Evil Spirit was once again bound in place!

Knowing that the Five Dragon Entangling Seal wouldn’t be able to hold it for a long time, Yang Kai went all out.

Forming a set of hand seals, Yang Kai activated his White Tiger Seal and Divine Ox Seal and summoned two crimson red beast phantoms composed completely of True Yang Yuan Qi which swiftly attacked.

One hand slashed out with his Yang Liquid sword while the other sent out a Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blast. Yang Kai threw everything he had at the Soul Type Evil Spirit.

It was a ferocious offensive, which completely disregarded his own defence!

Watching this scene, everyone sucked in a cold breath!

This way of fighting, it was simply overwhelming and gave those watching a soul stirring feeling. The Soul Type Evil Spirit’s body once more rapidly dimmed, but even as it faded it continued to use various Soul Skills and viciously attacked Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea over and over again.

Why were True Element Boundary cultivators always helpless before Soul Type Evil Spirits? Because they had no way to defend themselves against Soul Skills!

Even ordinary Immortal Ascension Boundary masters would do their best to avoid such attacks, so Soul Type Evil Spirits inside the Evil Cavern had always been a very troublesome existence.

On top of that, even if one could ignore its Soul Skill attacks, Soul Type Evil Spirits were also significantly more powerful than average Evil Spirits of the same colour.

With the piercing pain in his head getting more and more intense, veins and cold sweat began to appear on Yang Kai’s forehead, but despite all this his onslaught never slowed, as he continued to bombard the Soul Type Evil Spirit with every attack in his arsenal.

As the old man watched this spectacle, a stunned light flashed across his eyes.

Never in his wildest dreams had he expected Yang Kai to possess such outrageous strength. This True Element Boundary Fifth Stage youth’s combat effectiveness had far exceeded anything he had ever heard of.

If this continued, he really could kill that Soul Type Evil Spirit, and… the time it would take would definitely be less than if he had taken action himself!

Thinking so, the old man quietly shifted more and more of his attention to this battle.

Sure enough, after the time it would take to drink half a cup of tea, the Soul Type Evil Spirit let out a final anguished howl before its purple radiance dissipated completely.

Seeing Yang Kai’s overwhelming abilities, everyone from Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect involuntarily cheered. The Hu Sisters also covered their mouths, and their beautiful eyes teared up in joy.

When the Soul Type Evil Spirit faded from existence, it left behind a large lump of sparkling pure white Evil Spirit Essence which even to the naked eye obviously contained a massive amount of energy.

The crowd hadn’t even finished celebrating Yang Kai’s triumph before this lump of essence caught their eyes, and all of them exclaimed, “A Special Evil Spirit Essence!”

The old man across the way also had his eyes light up, and a greedy look was apparent on his face.

Special Essences were many times more valuable than ordinary Evil Spirit Essences, after all, who knew what kind of wondrous treasures were hidden inside? However, when the old man probed this particular group of essence, he clearly felt his Divine Sense being attracted to it, like a cat smelling a fish. This was a kind of instinctual desire!

At that instant, the old man understood that this Special Evil Spirit Essence contained something which could increase the strength of one’s Soul and their total amount of Spiritual Energy.

This made sense as it was left behind by a Soul Type Evil Spirit which specialized in Soul Skills.

Knowing this, the old man’s greed increased greatly!

If it was an ordinary Evil Spirit Essence, or even another kind of Special Evil Spirit Essence, the old man wouldn’t be so tempted, but treasures which could increase one’s Spiritual Energy were simply too rare and were worth him fighting for.

Not hesitating at all, the old man shouted towards Yu Qing, “Protect yourselves!”

The next instant, he shot out like a meteor towards Yang Kai.

“This shameless old dog!” Chen Yi raged.

“Yang Kai, watch out!” Everyone shouted.

Yang Kai was still dazed, although with the help of the Soul Warming Lotus he had somehow withstood the torrent of attacks on his Soul, he had still suffered a great deal of damage, so after killing the Soul Type Evil Spirit, he hadn’t even checked its essence to see what it had left behind and instead quickly withdrew a drop of Myriad Drug Liquid from the Black Book space and swallowing it.

But upon hearing these shouts, Yang Kai instinctively pushed his True Qi, stretched out his hand towards the Evil Spirit Essence before him, and circulated his Secret Art to absorb it directly into his palm.

“Courts death!” The old man no longer had any scruples, and since he had already completely torn face with Yang Kai, he didn’t need to bother being polite any more. Grimacing fiercely, he sent out a full powered strike towards Yang Kai.

The enraged strike of an Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth level definitely wasn’t something Yang Kai could withstand unharmed, even if he could reluctantly resist it.

In the limited time he had, the best he could do was to extract a drop of Yang Liquid from his dantian and shape it into a shield.


With a loud crash, Yang Kai’s shield was shattered, and he was subsequently sent flying by the old man’s strike, which hurled him into the sea of Evil Qi below, and he disappeared instantly!

Seeing this, the old man hovered mid-air, grumbled under his breath for a moment before letting out a sigh, and turned around to head back to his former position.

He was obviously upset that he failed to snatch that Special Evil Spirit Essence from Yang Kai.

“Yang Kai!” Hu Mei Er cried out in despair and instantly became pale, like she had lost her soul, as she leapt without any hesitation off the platform towards the place where Yang Kai had fallen.

But after taking only a few steps, she felt someone grab hold of her.

Looking back, Mei Er saw her elder sister shaking her head in panic.

“Let me go…” Hu Mei Er entreated Jiao Er with a whimper.

But Hu Jiao Er still just shook her head, and her eyes gradually becoming red.

Ever since they began cultivating the Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art, the two sisters had gradually started to share their thoughts and emotions, so how could Hu Jiao Er not feel the intense sorrow and confusion in her sister’s heart at this moment?

Even Hu Jiao Er was also grief stricken, but even so, she wouldn’t allow these rampant emotions to cloud her judgement and let her little sister jump into the jaws of death.

Atop their pillar, whether it was the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect disciples, all of them stood silently and were unable to process their shock.

None of them had thought that this old man would not give any consideration to his face and act so shamelessly.

A moment later, Leng Shan suddenly shouted, “We fight!”

Spitting out these words, she quickly formed a set of seals. Her cold eyes were now filled with unparalleled anger and madness, and she did not hesitate to activate her Ghost King Seal.

With a ghastly howl, she launched a fierce assault towards the other platform.

With her strike as the trigger, all of the Ghost King Valley disciples also used their strongest Martial Skills while the four from Treasure Instrument Sect hurriedly took out their artifacts and sent a flurry of attacks at the old man and the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples.

Doing their best not to damage the True Yang Yuan Qi defensive shield Yang Kai had left for them, their group ruthlessly vented their rage.

On the opposite side, as they received this barrage from the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect groups, the old man’s group fell into an even more precarious situation.

Yu Qing’s look distorted greatly, and he shouted out in anger, “Leng Shan! Do you even want to attack my Free And Unfettered Sect people? Free And Unfettered Sect and Ghost King Valley have always been friendly neighbors and besides, we had nothing to do the attack on that little brat! Why must you act so indiscriminately!?”

However, Leng Shan’s cold piercing gaze remained indifferent. She sneered as she ignored Yu Qing’s overtures and instead pushed her True Qi even more.

“Impudent Juniors!” The old man raged, immediately discovering that he had underestimated this group of young people. In their anger, they held nothing back, which caused their attacks to become powerful and sharp. If it were just one or two he wouldn’t care, but with so many of them acting together coupled with the continued attacks from the Evil Spirits around him, the old man suddenly found himself being pushed to his limit.

In particular, a few of the artifacts that their side used were extremely powerful, which made even him pale slightly.

“If you brats don’t stop messing around, this old master won’t hold back any longer and directly crush your light shield!” The old man roared, if he wasn’t in such a precarious situation, instead of trying to negotiate he would have just directly taken action.

In his heart he secretly held regret. Although he was upset at not being able to grab that Special Evil Spirit Essence, he shouldn’t have gone so far as to kill that little brat. Even a rabbit would bite if cornered, much less this group of youths.

“Wait wait, stop!” Tao Yang suddenly shouted, as his his vision fixed on a spot down below them. Then he cried out in surprise, “Brother Yang didn’t die!”

Hearing this shout, everyone froze, and their True Qi suddenly stagnated as they all gazed in the direction Tao Yang was looking, and indeed amongst the torrent of Evil Qi they saw a vague figure exuding a flickering black light.

Yang Kai! Not only did he not die, but he was also leisurely standing there inside the Evil Spirit Spring.

Suddenly, all the scattered Evil Spirit Essences in his surroundings were drawn towards him and soon disappeared into his body.

“Brother Yang …” Tao Yang shouted half excitedly half worriedly.

“Hah… haha…” Amongst the turbulent flow of Evil Qi, Yang Kai suddenly began to laugh. His voice somewhat ominous and sent shivers down the spines of those who heard it.

Gradually, this laughter became bigger and bigger and grew louder and louder.

“Brother Yang … what happened?” Tao Yang expression sank slightly as he stared below nervously.

Quickly, from within Yang Kai’s body emerged a pitch black energy; even inside the Evil Spirit Spring, this blackness was quite conspicuous, like a void in the universe had opened up and instantly devoured all light within its range to plunging the world into darkness.

After waking from their shock, the Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect disciples realized that the only light within this abyssal darkness was a pair of scarlet eyes which exuded an overwhelming madness.

“Devil’s Practices!” The old man shouted, thinking that Yang Kai had swallowed up too many Evil Spirit Essences and failed to refine them before they corrupted his mind and plunged him into the Devil’s Practices.

Given the circumstances, the old man’s thoughts were reasonable. With such a massive influx of Evil Qi into one’s body, even if it were him he wouldn’t be able to withstand it, so although he knew Yang Kai cultivated a potent Yang attribute True Qi which could suppress these Evil Spirits, it was difficult to imagine him being spared.

Hearing the old man’s shout, the relief Yang Kai’s comrades had felt suddenly gave way to anxiety again.

Only Leng Shan’s eyes flashed brilliantly, as she stared towards Yang Kai suspiciously with serious doubts floating about her thoughts.

Of everyone here, only she knew that in addition to his True Yang Yuan Qi, Yang Kai could also use a different, extremely overbearing Evil Qi.

When she and Zi Mo had traveled together with him in that Isolated world, she too had thought Yang Kai had succumb to the Devil’s Practices, but in the end it turned out that the whole time he remained completely unaffected. The only difference now was this darkness was much more profound than last time.

[Has he really fallen into the Devil’s Practices?] Leng Shan asked herself, somewhat unsure of herself.

“Mei Er, go back, I’m fine!” Yang Kai’s voice came from below, his tone as frigid and ice but still quite calm.

Hearing his voice, Leng Shan couldn’t help but smile happily, now knowing that Yang Kai was really alright.

Hu Mei Er was stunned, but under Hu Jiao Er’s urgings the two sisters fell back to the centre of the light curtain. Nonetheless, both of them still gazed below, unable to hide their surprise.

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