Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 342

This Evil Qi wasn’t actually a liquid or gas, but instead only had the appearance of pitch black water, almost akin to sludge with an aura of malice and danger radiating from it.

The Evil Spirits relished below as they continued to swim through the Evil Qi and greedily absorbed this energy to enhance their strength, but if a cultivator were to fall into it, they would certainly suffer horrific torment followed closely by a gruesome death.

But now, Yang Kai, who was wrapped in an even more profound layer of darkness, was not only un affected by this Evil Qi at all, but he had essentially become a fish swimming through water.

Wherever he went, all the scattered Evil Spirit Essences in his immediate surroundings were sucked into his body.

Occasional he would encounter an Evil Spirit, but it was as if these demonic creatures were blind to his presence, and they totally ignored him as if he was part of the ambient Evil Qi.

Everyone watched with their mouths agape and were completely dumbstruck!

The same was true even of the old man atop the opposite plateau, and his mouth twitching because he was unable to believe what he was witnessing.

This little brat was in a very strange state right now. The aura he released was completely different from the one he had previously displayed, and instead of a radiant burning light, he seemed akin to a lump of cold malicious darkness now, like a crazed murderous great devil lord, who struck fear into the hearts of all who gazed upon him.

What was even more shocking to the old man though was how many Evil Spirit Essences Yang Kai was harvesting. Down below, the Evil Spirits continued fighting one another, so the number of scattered unclaimed Evil Spirit Essences was enormous, and in just a few breaths worth of time, that little brat had inhaled some ten odd lumps of essence, which provoked a maddening amount of jealousy from all who saw this scene.

What’s more, he inhaled all of these Evil Spirit Essences directly, as if he didn’t need to worry at all about the inherent dangers hidden within them.

“Ha ha ha ha ha…” Yang Kai kept laughing merrily, as if he was taking a leisurely stroll through this Evil Spirit Spring while casually eating a snack.

Contained within his laughter was madness, surprise, but most of all excitement.

Both his body and mind were stimulated to an abnormal level, and even his blood felt like it was boiling, as if he was embracing a supreme beauty stripped naked, his hands wandering up and down her exquisite body as he tasted her wondrous flavour.

His Unyielding Golden Skeleton also seemed to be trembling with joy, as it relished in the taste of the many Evil Spirit Essences he had just swallowed while simultaneously gulping down the surrounding Evil Qi which gushed from the Evil Spirit Spring at an astounding pace. This Evil Qi seemed to very much suit the Golden Skeleton’s taste.

Yang Kai’s body had become akin to a huge whirlpool, drawing in all the energy around him.

However, this didn’t give Yang Kai the slightest uncomfortable feeling, and instead brought him a deep sense of happiness and satisfaction.

He had no idea why his Golden Skeleton enjoyed this Evil Qi so much, but for the moment, he didn’t bother trying to figure it out and instead just focused on absorbing as much as he could.

After inhaling this Evil Qi and numerous Evil Spirit Essences, Yang Kai suddenly had a feeling of saturation.

It was not that his Golden Skeleton had been sated. The Golden Skeleton was a bottomless pit, so no matter how much energy it absorbed it would never reach saturation. Rather, he had reached his current realm’s limit.

If he didn’t break through again, even if the Golden Skeleton absorbed more energy, it would only become a burden to Yang Kai instead of a boon.

Aware of this, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel some helplessness.

During this brief crazy period of absorption, not only had Yang Kai greatly added to his Golden Skeleton’s reserves, he had also stored nearly a hundred Evil Spirit Essences in his dantian. Right now, Yang Kai didn’t have time to refine all of these essences, so he could only temporarily store them as such.

Likewise, this was the limit of what he could currently store.

In particular, the essence left behind by the Soul Type Evil Spirit was of special concern to Yang Kai as he could clearly feel that it had some distinctive differences compared to the others.

Since he needed to spend some time refining these essences in order to make space to gather more, he could also take this opportunity to break through his current realm.

Thinking so, Yang Kai’s dampened mood quickly lifted.

Turning around, he saw his comrades worried looks from atop the high pillar. Especially the Hu Sisters, both of them had undisguisable concern filling their beautiful eyes.

Suddenly feeling his heart warm, Yang Kai quickly made his way to the base of the pillar and waved to them as he shouted out, “Give me all the Purifying Spirit Bottles you have on you.”

“Haha…” Chen Yi’s eyes flashed delighted light as he grinned, “I always knew Brother Yang was a great man!”

Smiling happily, all of them hurriedly took out their Purifying Spirit Bottles and tossed them down to Yang Kai.

Between them they only had five Purifying Spirit Bottles, three of them were brought by the Treasure Instrument Sect group while two belonged to the Ghost King Valley disciples. The Hu Sisters who had simply escaped here obviously and didn’t have any Purifying Spirit Bottles.

Although there was only five bottles, each one could hold up to twenty Evil Spirit Essences; that meant he could collect a hundred in total!

(PewPewLaserGun: Yang Kai can do math!)

Such a large number was enough to tempt anyone.

Receiving these bottles, Yang Kai continued to swim through the Evil Spirit Spring, wantonly collecting the essences dropped by these Evil Spirits and soon filled up one bottle before taking out the next.

Only moments later, all five Purifying Spirit Bottles had been filled.

On the other pillar, the old man and the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples all watched this scene with greedy eyes.

Even though they had been constantly killing these Evil Spirits, they had never had time to collect their essences. Now seeing Yang Kai wander through this thick Evil Qi casually harvesting over a hundred Evil Spirit Essences, how could they not feel extremely jealous?

Between their two situations, how could they not be envious?

The old man now regretted so much his intestines went green, and a cramped expression was plastered all over his face, while his heart twisted in discomfort.

If he had only known that this little brat had so many strange and powerful methods, how could he have continuously provoked him over such minor issues? But now, after having witnessed all these profound abilities being displayed one after another, even if he regretted, it was useless.

That last sneak attack he had launched had completely ruined any hope he had of cooperating with Yang Kai.

Even if he couldn’t get Yang Kai to help put up that magical light defensive curtain, simply letting him help them collect a few bottles of Evil Spirit Essence would have been a huge harvest! Right now, it was obvious that, for Yang Kai, collecting essences was as simple as picking melons!

[Fuck! Such dog shit luck! Ruining such a good opportunity!]

At that moment, the old man ground his teeth in frustration and his guts ached as his stomach churned. His breath became slightly rapid as he felt extremely unwell.

After finishing his melon picking, instead of hurrying back, Yang Kai took the five filled bottles and tossed them back up to his group and then turned around, hovering slightly above the sea of Evil Qi as he glared maliciously towards the old man.

The old man felt his heart jump when his eyes met Yang Kai’s.

He saw Yang Kai’s lips curl into a grin as he stared at him with his scarlet eyes filled with cold murderous light as he slowly flew towards where he stood.

Everyone atop the old man’s pillar readied themselves to counterattack as their nerves began to fray. They were already overwhelmed just handling the Evil Spirits around them, so if Yang Kai were to take the chance to add insult to injury now, it would all be over.

This was really a case of when it rains, it pours.

Yu Qing was also secretly blaming the old man’s recklessness, doing his best to smile towards Yang Kai as he called out, “Fellow brother, we Free And Unfettered Sect bare you no grudge against you, please think twice before acting hastily!”

Seeing Yu Qing lower his head like a beat dog, all the Ghost King Valley disciples couldn’t help but secretly grin, thinking Yang Kai didn’t look like an evil demon right now, but instead like a dark domineering hero.

Without needing to say anything, without taking any action, simply by standing there he could make his enemies dread and fear him.

“Brother Yang is a real man!” Chen Yi voiced his thoughts with a bit of worship apparent on his face.

Leng Shan just snorted as she rolled her eyes, though if one looked closer they would notice a slight blush upon her face.

“This friend, I have something to say.” Yu Qing seeing Yang Kai remain silent, he became more and more nervous about what his aims were and was only able to dryly laugh as he continued his overtures.

Next to him, the old man’s face had turned sour. Listening in silence as he let Yu Qing whimper, hoping to use his cheap mouth to probe Yang Kai’s intentions.

“I want something!” While Yu Qing nervously laughed, Yang Kai finally spoke.

Yu Qing heart clenched, quickly replying, “What is it that this friends wants? Please say, as long as we Free And Unfettered Sect brothers can we will certainly offer it to this friend!”

“I want all your Purifying Spirit Bottles!” Yang Kai said flatly, grinning maliciously as the profound darkness swirled around him.

“Good, by all means, please!” Yu Qing didn’t hesitate, quickly taking out all of their Purifying Spirit Bottles and tossing them over.

Yang Kai knew these Free And Unfettered Sect disciples had two Purifying Spirit Bottles, and inside these two bottles there were already several Evil Spirit Essences.

Casually putting these bottles away, Yang Kai shifted his gaze towards the old man and sneered as he slowly narrowed his eyes. Then he snickered, “Do I need to repeat myself?”

The old man coldly snorted, and his expression was extremely unpleasant.

He was an Immortal Ascension Boundary Fifth Stage master! Although he knew that Yang Kai possessed many amazing methods and had strength far beyond what his realm suggested, it was still not enough for him to fear him, but under these circumstances while still needing to protect his four juniors, without being certain he could kill Yang Kai in short order, the old man didn’t dare to act rashly again.

Yang Kai so blatantly ‘asking’ for something from him in front of his juniors, the old man obviously felt like he had lost a great amount of face.

Glaring back and forth at each other, the old man finally decided that he didn’t want to stir up Yang Kai any more, so snorting as he did his best to hold back his anger, “Give them to him!”

“But…” One of the old man’s juniors hesitantly objected, obviously unwilling to hand over their bottles so easily.

“I said give them to him!” The old man coldly ordered.

“Yes!” The young man glared at Yang Kai bitterly, then gritted his teeth as he took out two Purifying Spirit bottles and tossed them to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai caught these two bottles and stored them away, while always maintaining his aloof indifference.

“I’ll remember you, watch yourself from now on!” The young man threatened, as he stood beside the old man and sneered towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai’s expression became even colder. His scarlet eyes flashed a murderous intent.

But before he could take action, the old man actually gave a slap to this young man’s face.


With a crisp bang, the young man was thrown several meters away and flipped through the air a few times before crashing onto the ground. His cheek swelled up greatly.

“Will you die if you stop talking?” The old man glared at him coldly.

[Fuck!, this old master didn’t want to stir up this strange little brat, but now you can’t even hold back your damn grumblings. If he really decided to go all out right now, none of you damn brats would see tomorrow’s sun!]

The young man who had his face slapped was dumbstruck, and his eyes were full of humiliation and anger. Never having thought that his own teacher would strike him across the face to support some unknown junior. His face changed from red to green, but he didn’t dare to say anything and swallowed down the blood and rage in his mouth.

“Is little friend satisfied now?” The old man glazed coldly towards Yang Kai.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Yang Kai laughed wildly and unscrupulously and nodded firmly, “Satisfied!”

“Then please draw back!” The old man quickly said. Yang Kai standing next to their platform always gave the old man a feeling of having a blade hanging over his head, which forced him to divert a portion of his attention in case Yang Kai all of a sudden decided to attack, which made it even more difficult for him to handle the surrounding Evil Spirits.

“There’s no rush!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, his demeanor extremely relaxed.

The old man’s expression sank, and he did his best to hold in his anger.

Yang Kai then brought out one of his newly acquired Purifying Spirit Bottles and began slowly absorbing the Evil Spirit Essence floating above their platform.

These essences were precisely the ones that had condensed from the Evil Spirits the old man’s group and the Free And Unfettered Sect disciples had killed. The fruits of their life and death labour, but because they had no spare time to absorb them they had simply been left floating there.

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