Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 348

“Why are all of you here?” Hu Jiao Er grinned as she asked, all while continuing to race forward.

“Same to you, why did you come back?” Leng Shan shot back.

“Our relationship with him is different than yours!” Hu Jiao Er replied, but when she realized exactly what she had just said, and how many awkward stares it had earned her, she quickly followed up, “We sisters met him a long time ago, our Blood Battle Gang and his High Heaven Pavilion were neighboring sects.”

Listening to her hurriedly explain herself, all of them finally understood why the Yang Kai seemed to be so intimate with them. They actually had such a past.

“It’s likely you’ll all die if you go back!” Hu Jiao Er said solemnly.

However, Leng Shan simply spat disdainfully, “If you two can go back there then so can we! We’re all disciples of Ghost King Valley who belong to the Profound Yin Ghost King’s dominion; those Four Monsters And Demons won’t necessarily kill us for no reason.”

Chen Yi nodded in agreement, “That’s right, but brother Tao, you should consider carefully first before joining us.”

Tao Yang calmly smiled though and said, “We four are from Treasure Instrument Sect’s, there’s no way we’ll die. As long as those four old guys have any sense, they’ll not affront us too seriously.”

“All of you…haa…” Hu Jiao Er sighed but eventually said nothing. She knew that this group of people were simply making excuses for themselves when in fact they just wanted to help.

After all, Yang Kai had saved their lives numerous times already, so now that he found himself in dire straits, if they were to simply abandon him, it would definitely go against their consciences.

Unfortunately, what were all of them in the face of those four masters?

Nothing more than ants trying to shake a tree!

As they all flew towards the Evil Cavern’s entrance, suddenly an enormous roar rang out in front of them. Immediately afterwards, the faint green hue that was radiating from the Hu Sisters’ bodies faded and disappeared.

All of them staggered slightly as they came to an abrupt halt, staring at this unexpected phenomenon curiously.

“What happened?” Hu Jiao Er muttered, also quite puzzled, “Didn’t you say that this Shadow Marking would only break if that old bastard died?”

Everyone was stunned, suddenly recalling everything that had just transpired, glancing back and forth in shock.

“It can’t be, right? It’s barely been a quarter of an hour…” Chen Yi almost couldn’t believe what was happening in front of his eyes.

Since they had separated from those Four Monsters And Demons, hadn’t it been less than half an hour? But if it wasn’t really like that, why else would the Shadow Marking on the Hu Sisters suddenly disappear?

Exactly what kind of danger did those four old men who were said to be invincible in the Immortal Ascension Boundary encounter? How could they lose their lives in such a short period of time?

*Shua shua…*

Hearing two gusts of wind, the crowd quickly looked up and saw two of the Four Monsters And Demons quickly approaching them.

One of them was the blue robed old man who had taken Yang Kai away while the other was the purple robed old man. The old men wearing yellow and green were nowhere to be seen.

Moreover, the two men no longer carried the same arrogant and aloof air, both of them were incredibly pale at the moment, and traces of blood leaked from the corners of their mouths, as a residual black gas lingered around their bodies. These residual wisps of black gas were like venomous snakes that coiled around the two old men, a ghastly sight to behold.

It was clear that both of these two were heavily wounded, one of the blue robed old man’s arms hanging limply by his side, apparently broken, while the purple robed old man had a fresh wound upon his chest. If one looked carefully they wound notice that this wound was actually a set of five bloody holes, like someone had sunk their hand into him; as he gasped for breath, the five punctures continued to ooze blood.

When all of them noticed that Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen, all of them felt their hearts sink.

The two old men whizzed past them, not even bothering to spare this group of youngsters a single glance; from their expressions it was obvious that they were extremely frightened of something.

Seeing these two masters fleeing in panic, the crowd of youths couldn’t help but feel their nerves go taut.

In less than half an hour, two of these four famous old masters had died while the other two were heavily injured and forced to flee whatever danger had arisen. Ahead of them was something that was far beyond the scope of these youth’s ability to handle, so continuing forward would certainly lead to their deaths.

Whether Yang Kai was still alive was also unknown, but having just witnessed the state of these two old men, it was highly likely that Yang Kai had already died.

“Big Sister…” Hu Mei Er gently whispered, as her gaze became firm.

“En.” Hu Jiao Er nodded, her expression extremely solemn, not saying anything more before she and her little sister both shot forward towards the Evil Cavern’s entrance like lightning.

The Ghost King Valley and Treasure Instrument Sect disciples all exchanged a quick glance before not hesitating to follow them.

Yang Kai circulated his True Qi rapidly as he slowly walked forward, cautiously approaching the battlefield.

Not long ago, the bodies of the green robed old man and yellow robed old man had appeared before him. Seeing these two old men already dead, Yang Kai couldn’t help but shiver.

Although these two didn’t posses unmatched individual strength, they were still Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage masters whom Leng Shan had specifically acknowledged as very powerful.

This so called ‘real devil’ being able to break these Four Monsters and Demons’ formation and kill two of them in such a short amount of time proved beyond any doubt how frightening its strength was.

The deaths of the green robed old man and the yellow robed old man were both miserable. One of them was beaten to a pulp while the other was literally ripped apart. Just seeing their injuries, it was clear that they were killed by that devil extremely swiftly, without the ability to respond at all.

Not far ahead, the sound of heavy breathing could be heard, which caused Yang Kai to quickly look up.

Only a few dozen meters away, a burly, naked, wild-looking man was nailed to the ground by a several meters long spear.

True Devil!

This was the demon that was born from that dark cocoon; it was the amalgamation of all the thick Demonic Qi that had erupted from the Evil Spirit Spring as well as hundreds of Evil Spirit Essences.

However, unlike those Evil Spirits, this devil already had a complete body with four limbs and five features, in fact he appeared almost no different from an ordinary person.

The only distinctive trait he possessed was a set of black tattoos that covered his entire body. Each one of them seemed to contain a horrifying amount of Demonic energy.

When he noticed the arrival of Yang Kai, this devil only glanced at him lightly, clearly not considering this youth to be any kind of threat.

At the same time, the demonic aura which drifted about him surged towards Yang Kai.

As this Devil Qi surged forth, Yang Kai stood firmly, stretched out his hands and condensed a True Yang Yuan Qi shield to defend himself.

*Pu pu pu…*

As the Devil Qi crashed against this barrier, it pushed Yang Kai back a few step but ultimately did not break through his defense.

The devil once again glanced towards Yang Kai, apparently surprised that this weak little brat had somehow withstood his casual strike. Freezing for a moment, he quickly let out a grim chuckle.

Immediately after, his hand strongly gripped the spear, which was impaling his chest, and slowly began to pull it out.

This spear was an artifact that belonged to the Four Monsters and Demons. The four of them had relied on this high level artifact to pin this devil to the ground in order to gain them a chance to escape, unfortunately for them only two of them succeeded.

As the spear was pulled out bit by bit, the devil didn’t show any signs of discomfort, instead his face showed clear traces of excitement, even as blood flowed from the wound. What was noticeable was that the blood that leaked from this devil’s injuries wasn’t red, but instead a deep shade of purple, which gave it an eerie and unsettling appearance.

Not waiting for this devil to free himself, Yang Kai quickly took action.

The clinking sound of a chain rang out as Yang Kai tossed an artifact towards the devil, and the air suddenly filled with a pure radiant heat.

Affected by this hot energy, the devil actually trembled, and the wisps of black Demonic Qi swirling about him immediately shrank back into his body.


This chain artifact instantly let out a loud and crisp sizzling noise which seemed to contain some kind of magical power that greatly disturbed the devil.

In an instant, the chain had completely unraveled. It was less than a meter long and was attached to a metal collar. It was quite simple in shape, almost resembling an ordinary dog collar.

Devil Sealing Chain! Yang Kai had long ago obtained this artifact from the bottom of the Coiling Dragon Stream and had been tempering it with the True Yang Yuan Qi in his dantian ever since. It had never shown any signs of awakening until a moment ago when it all of a sudden began to pulse.

Had it not been for the existence of the Devil Sealing Chain, there was no way Yang Kai would have stepped forward this time.

The Devil Sealing Chain was an artifact left behind by High Heaven Pavilion’s Ancestral Founder. It had been used to seal the Devil Qi of a Devil Lord at the bottom of the Coiling Dragon Stream, so naturally it could be used on this devil as well.

When the Devil Sealing Chain fully emerged, the devil suddenly became frightened as he immediately became wary of Yang Kai, and his expression warped madly as he shouted, “A pure Yang artifact! One designed specifically to suppress Devil Qi!”

While the devil roared out in panic, his hand, which was gripping the spear type artifact, suddenly jerked, pulling the rest of the spear out directly, then, disregarding his own injury and using all of his remaining strength, he hurled the spear at the Devil Sealing Chain.

With a loud cracking sound space was shattered as the spear shot forward so quickly it appeared to teleport and instantly arrived in front of the Devil Sealing Chain.

But although this blow was enough to shake the Heavens, it was still a pointless struggle.

The Devil Sealing Chain suddenly radiated a brilliant golden light, which allowed the spear to pass through it without the slightest hindrance. Then in the next moment, this golden light flashed and before anyone could see what happened, the Devil Sealing Chain had already appeared on the neck of the demon.

Instantly a loud hissing noise rang out as the devil suddenly appeared like he’d been splashed with boiling hot oil, and his body continuously emitted white smoke. Whatever black Devil Qi remaining outside of his body was immediately suppressed.

As this sizzling continued, the devil’s huge body staggered about. Both his hands gripped the Devil Sealing Chain, as he desperately tried to pry it open, but no matter how hard he tried, he wasn’t able to remove it. Instead, all he managed to accomplish was to burn his palms.

The Devil Sealing Chain flickered brilliantly.

The black Demonic Qi surrounding the Devil’s body also surged and waned.

Both of these opposite forces were obviously struggling fiercely for supremacy.

Yang Kai reacted swiftly and quickly receded, while curiously observing this unusual battle.

He hadn’t expected that this devil could communicate, much less speak the same language as him.

After all, he had witnessed the birth, or rather formation of this devil with his own eyes, so as far as he knew it was an amalgamation of the Evil Spirit Spring’s energy and hundreds of Evil Spirit Essences.

Such a creation shouldn’t posses a broad knowledge base and intellect, and instead it should be akin to a blank slate that only acted based on instinct.

However, this devil had only taken one glance to recognize that this Devil Sealing Chain was the bane of all Demonic Qi! The situation was obviously more complex than he had imagined.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed, and he was unsure of how to explain everything that was happening in front of him.

The battle between the devil and the Devil Sealing Chain didn’t last long. After about the time it would take to burn a stick of incense, the victor was decided.

The Devil Sealing Chain had completely suppressed the Demonic Qi, which caused the devil to stop struggling in vain. Instead, this devil sat cross-legged on the floor with white smoke spewing out gently from his body and smirked as he glared towards Yang Kai.

There was no panic or fear of death apparent in his expression, but rather a deep sense of curiosity and interest surfaced on his face.

“Little brat, I am Devil General Meng Ge, since you’ve dared harm my Soul Clone, this lord will definitely not forget you! If there is a chance in the future, my main body will personally make you experience a fate worse than death! Hahahaha!”

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