Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 351

The original mountain was considered to be a lush and verdant land, covered in flowers and trees, exuding a beautiful and refreshing spring like air, but now the entire range had become a battlefield.

The Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land’s forces gathered on the south side of the mountain while the allied forces from the Great Han Dynasty occupied the north.

A young man and two young women looked out across the once pristine mountain that had now become a warzone. During these past few months, Tai Fang Mountain had been severely damaged, and traces of blood and dead bodies were scattered everywhere. It was unknown just how many cultivators had lost their lives here.

In the confrontation between these two sides, such a scene was not uncommon.

After all, in this war, Tai Fang Mountain was just one point along the front!

Since leaving the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, the Hu Sisters moved as fast as possible to reach this place because this was where their fellow disciples and elders from Blood Battle Gang had been stationed.

Previously, they had also fought here but a few months ago they had been encountered enemy masters and were forced to flee into the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land.

Along the way, Yang Kai had learned a lot of useful information from the two sisters.

Tai Fang Mountain wasn’t a key strategic location in the overall war, so there weren’t that many masters gathered here. Besides the Blood Battle Gang members, there were also people from Storm Hall here as well as numerous elites from various other second-class forces, all of them under the command of a single first-class family.

The Xiang Family!

Because the Great Han cultivators here had come from all over the dynasty and mostly belonged to second-class or lower ranked forces, the first-class Xiang Family held absolute authority.

Even if someone didn’t agree with it, they had no choice but to obey the orders of the Xiang Family here. After all, the background of the other was far superior.

Tai Fang Mountain’s camp was an easily defended site, with a lot of simple accommodations having been built over the past few months; it was a place where weary cultivators who had fought against the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land forces could rest.

On this day, a dusty trio consisting of one young man and two young women walked up to the camp.

As the three approached the camp’s checkpoint, they were stopped by several bright clothed disciples and were asked to identify themselves.

These guards had noticed early on that Yang Kai and the Hu Sisters weren’t very strong; therefore, they hadn’t taken too many precautions, only stopping them to make some routine inquiries.

All of these male guards subtly sized up the Hu Sisters’ enchanting figures, but when they caught a glimpse of their dirty, pock-marked, and haggard faces, all of them immediately lost their appetites, and a faint trace of disgust flashed across their eyes.

The whole time Yang Kai remained indifferent and did not bother to comment.

Instead, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er quickly wiped off the disguises on their faces to reveal their original appearances.

After cleaning up somewhat, even though the tiredness was still apparent on their faces, it did little to diminish their outstanding beauty.

Suddenly, one of the guards who had been resting by the side of the road stood up and exclaimed, “Aren’t you the Hu Family’s two young ladies from Blood Battle Gang?”

“En!” Hu Jiao Er casually acknowledged.

“So it’s you two!” The first guard who had gone up to question them called out in joy and quickly said, “It’s good that you two girls managed to return safely, please come in.”

Saying so, the guard quickly opened the way and put on a humble expression “Please forgive us, we are only performing our duties and ask the two young ladies to not pay it mind.”

Hu Jiao Er’s brow furrowed, her expression neither warm nor cold as she led her sister and Yang Kai forward.

As they were about to pass, the guards all glanced towards Yang Kai skeptically, the one in charge asking cautiously, “Young ladies, excuse this humble one for asking, but this is…”

“My friend.”

“Oh. Since he is the young lady’s friend, then it’s alright.” The head guard said with a smile and didn’t dare to ask anything more.

When the three youths had disappeared into the camp, the head guard’s expression become solemn as he motioned to one of his subordinates, “Quickly inform the Young Lord that the Hu Sister have returned safely. Go now!”

“Yes sir!” One of the men nodded and dashed off.

Yang Kai followed behind the Hu Sisters as they walked through the camp and soon arrived at the inner dwellings.

“Over there!” Hu Mei Er suddenly shouted in surprise and pointed towards a nearby place.

Looking in the direction she pointed, Yang Kai saw a group of people gathered around, engaged in some kind of discussion.

“Uncle Le!” Hu Jiao Er also burst into a smile and hurriedly walked towards this group.

When these people perceived someone approaching them, all of them lifted their heads and glanced over.

The next moment, a burly old man who looked about fifty or sixty years old, trembled and jumped to his feet as he stared towards the Hu Sisters, as his aged eyes were filled with joy.

Guan Chi Le was an Immortal Ascension Boundary Fourth Stage Master and one of Blood Battle Gang’s strongest elders. He was also one of the men who had participated in the battle against Meng Wu Ya.

However, unlike Long Zai Tian, Guan Chi Le was extremely loyal to Blood Battle Gang and to the Hu family. He had even watched over the Hu Sisters as they had grown up, as a result, the two sisters’ relationship with him was quite good

“Young Ladies, is it really you?” Guan Chsi Le asked hesitantly.

“It’s us, Uncle Le!” Hu Jiao Er nodded with a warm smile adorning her beautiful face.

“You’ve really returned safely!” Guan Chi Le cried out and burst into tears.

The rest of the people around him also looked happily towards the Hu Sisters. Since the two sisters had disappeared, it had already been two or three months. The last time someone saw them, they were being chased into the Tai Fang Mountain range by a group of Devil Path masters, and no one had expected them to be capable of escaping. Yet now, all of a sudden, they had returned alive and well.

Since these people had all gathered here together, they were definitely not strangers, so all of them were undoubtedly thrilled that the Hu Sisters had returned.

This group was relatively small, only a dozen or so in number, but when Yang Kai swept his gaze past them, all of them were familiar!

All of these youths were either Blood Battle Gang or Storm Hall disciples!

Moreover, Yang Kai noticed his old acquaintance Fang Ziji amongst them!

It seems like this extremely patriarchal guy was actually pulled here to fight as well.

These two Sects’ disciples had been forced to come here to participate in this battle, so it was not surprising that they would gather together when not on duty.

“Good good! It’s good you’ve come back! Truly good! At last the Sect Master can rest assured.” Guan Chi Le quickly composed himself, repeatedly proclaiming as he firmly nodded. When he turned his gaze to Yang Kai, he couldn’t help his brow from wrinkling, suspiciously and asked, “Has this old man met this little brother somewhere before?”

Suddenly, the Hu Sisters didn’t know how to explain.

If it was just this group gathered here who knew Yang Kai’s identity it was nothing important, but if cultivators from other forces stationed here found out that Yang Kai was from High Heaven Pavilion, things would definitely not end well.

Fang Ziji shot a meaningful glance towards Yang Kai before hurriedly stepping forward to lightly cough while wearing an odd grin on his face as he cupped his fists, “Greetings, this one is Storm Hall’s Fang Ziji, I once had a friend who looks just like you! Dare to ask what this new friend’s name?”

“Yang Kai!” Even though Yang Kai was laughing to himself inside, his expression remained calm and composed.

“So it is Brother Yang! Good good, not only does this new friend look very much like my deceased friend, he even shares the same name as well! Hahaha, such coincidence, isn’t it?” Fang Ziji hit the shoulder of one of his nearby Junior Brother.

“Yes, yes…” That Junior Brother helplessly nodded, his shoulder obviously in some pain from how hard Fang Ziji had struck him.

The whole situation was… more than a little bit forced.

Everyone else also understood Fang Ziji’s meaning, and after a momentary gaff, all of them silently agreed to play along.

Guan Chi Le was a perceptive man as well as an old master, so after hearing Yang Kai’s name he also realized why he had felt that this kid was so familiar, [So it’s him!]

The whole group had a tacit understanding of the situation, so no one tried to make things difficult.

The scene was a pleasant one, but Yang Kai was keenly aware that the laughter and smiles of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from Blood Battle Gang also concealed a hint of worry and anxiety.

While the group was chatting amongst themselves, Fang Ziji’s expression suddenly became cold as his eyes flashed an angry light, and his lips twitched slightly as he muttered, “Xiang Chu is coming.”

As he said these words, he unconsciously glanced towards the Hu Sisters.

Everyone suddenly went silent; Guan Chi Le’s face also grimaced. His expression was clearly displeased.

Noticing the obvious and dramatic change in atmosphere, Yang Kai scanned the area around them and quickly discovered a handsome young man accompanied by two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters striding towards them.

His robes were clean and tidy, and his smiling face was refreshing like a spring breeze that gave him a mild aura, the perfect image of a free spirited young noble master.

From his appearance, he seemed to only be around twenty five or so years old.

Xiang Chu!

As the first-class Xiang Family’s Young Lord, Xiang Chu’s identity and status was naturally not low, at least on par with the likes of Bai Yun Feng and Dong Qing Han, one of the leaders of the younger generation.

During the past month’s journey, Yang Kai had also heard the Hu Sisters mention this Xiang Chu a number of times; however, every time his name came up the two sisters’ expressions would cramp up before they quickly changed the subject.

Now seeing him with his own eyes, Yang Kai finally understood why the Hu Sisters didn’t want to talk about him.

Not only did the Hu Sisters’ expression look ugly, even the rest of the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall members couldn’t help frowning when they saw this youth.

Only Xiang Chu still maintained a mild smile as he casually strolled towards their group.

Walking right up to them with his eyes revealing a joyful light, Xiang Chu emphatically said, “Jiao Er, Mei Er, what happened to you two must have been terrifying. Thank goodness you’ve returned safely.”

Guan Chi Le’s old eyes couldn’t help narrowing as his aura fluctuated, but as soon as it did the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters behind Xiang Chu immediately locked their gazes on him.

Hu Jiao Er’s expression visibly dimmed as she said in a cold tone, “Young Lord Xiang, Jiao Er and Mei Er aren’t names you can call us sisters, haven’t I once told you this before?”

Xiang Chu showed a ‘surprised’ expression, like he had suddenly remembered something, and he cupped his fists and replied, “Young Ladies, please forgive this one. Reuniting after such a long separation caused this Young Lord to become too emotional and as such made a small slip of the tongue.”

“I hope there won’t be a next time!” Hu Jiao Er ruthlessly stated.

“Yes yes, there most certainly won’t be a next time.” Xiang Chu nodded before letting out a sigh, his expression becoming forlorn, “But this one must first apologize to the two young ladies.”

“Oh?” Hu Jiao Er’s frown deepened as she stared at him.

Xiang Chu smiled wryly and continued, “During that battle, when you two young ladies were being pursued, it was this one’s responsibility to come to your rescue, but alas, this young master was not strong enough and could only watch helplessly as you young ladies were trapped by those wicked devils. For the past three months, this one had been greatly concerned, unable to sleep at night, cursing the fact that I had not a pair of wings which could carry me to your side so that I might protect you.”

(PewPewLaserGun: … Think I might barf…)

Suddenly wearing a radiant smile, “Fortunately, the two young ladies received the Heaven’s blessings and managed to return unharmed! It is a great relief for this one’s heart to know you are safe.”

Every word he spoke rolled off his tongue, as if he was completely sincere and his motives were as pure as the moon’s gentle rays.

In response though, the Hu Sisters remained cold and indifferent.

However, Xiang Chu didn’t seem the slightest bit put off by their attitude, and once more cupped his fists and politely said, “The two young ladies have just returned from a long and dangerous journey and must be tired. This one shall retire to allow the two young ladies to get some much-needed rest, if there is anything the young ladies require, please do not hesitate to ask this one. This Young Lord guarantees he will satisfy the young ladies!”

Finished, Xiang Chu flashed a final warm smile and then quickly departed.

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