Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 353

There were five or six forces gathered here; except for the leading Xiang Family which was a first-class force, the others were all second and third-class Sects.

These forces, whether it was their numbers or strength, were similar to those of Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall. Some of them were even slightly inferior, but they still dared to add insult to injury. When they were in a good mood, they’d come and laugh at them a few times, when they were in a bad mood, they’d hurl insults and abuse.

All of them innately felt like Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall owed them something.

When Hu Man and Xiao Ruohan were still here, the other Sects still had some reservations, but now that all of the masters here had left, what were left was just these idle rampant juniors, so the situation had clearly deteriorated.

Amongst their tormentors, the juniors from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court were the worst.

These days, the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall disciples had suffered intense taunting and provocations; however, because they had suffered many casualties, leaving only a dozen or so of them alive, they had no choice but to swallow their anger.

This group, including the prideful Fang Ziji, in their hearts were deeply unwilling, but eventually held back, not wanting to provoke any trouble.

But their constant forbearance and patience had given rise to people like Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court who concluded that they were easily bullied trash. Today, when this group led by Xie Rong had passed by and seen these normally reserved youths drinking and eating meat, happily smiling, how could they let such a golden opportunity pass?

In any case, there was no war here and no sources of entertainment, what else could they do to pass their time?

Being glared at by the dozen Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang disciples didn’t affect Xie Rong and Li Fu at all. The two of them still stood there calmly as they sneered disdainfully. It seemed like they thought these hateful glares were the best source of entertainment rather than any kind of threat.

“All of you sit down!” Guan Chi Le’s old face was gloomy, and his eyes swept his juniors as he shouted.

The dozen or so disciples grit their teeth in hatred as their fists clenched up but in the end they still managed to hold it in and slowly sat down.

Although their blood was boiling, they also knew that if a fight was to really break out, the ones who would ultimately end up suffering would be them.

With their current combat strength they couldn’t win, and even if they somehow could, after the Xiang Family investigated, because of their circumstances, the situations of both Sects would only become worse.

All of them sat down one by one, Fang Ziji being the last to relent. The look on his face was rather twisted, and his brow was completely furrowed as it twitched every now and then.

Even if he was not resigned in his heart, he knew he had to be patient.

From the start Yang Kai’s expression had remained indifferent, and he dusted off the few grains of sand on the meat in his hand as he calmly observed the situation.

Some of these newcomers were True Element Boundary cultivators, but most of them had only reached the Separation and Reunion Boundary. This group’s strength wasn’t high, but with his keen perception, Yang Kai noticed that there were several Divine Senses remotely observing this scene.

Amongst them were two Divine Senses that exuded traces of vigilance and hostility. These were likely the elders of Xie Rong and Li Fu who were monitoring the situation here in order to prevent Guan Chi Le from harming their juniors.

There were also two Divine Senses that were significantly more powerful than the others, likely belonging to the two masters beside Xiang Chu.

Perceiving all this, Yang Kai grinned and sneered silently.

After seeing the people from Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang forced to swallow their anger, Xie Rong and the others would normally laugh and walk off, but today they were obviously reluctant to do so.

As soon as the Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang disciples sat down, Xie Rong and Li Fu not only didn’t leave but instead stepped forward. Li Fu covered her mouth and smiled towards the Hu Sisters, casually saying, “You two sisters actually made it back! I heard that the two were forced to flee into the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. Elder Sister is curious, in that demon filled Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land with so many obscene devils staring at you, how is it that two beautiful girls like you managed to escape?”

Hu Jiao Er’s expression became dark as she glared back at Li Fu, angrily saying, “What do you want to say?”

However, Li Fu just giggled and sneered, “Elder Sister is just curious how you two sisters managed to return from that hell. If you don’t mind, could you explain to Elder Sister exactly what you did to survive? For instance, how many men did you seduce and how many times did you sell yourselves to those devils…”

Hearing this blatant slander, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er’s eyes flashed a cold light.

“Oh oh… I apologize, Elder Sister said something uncouth.” Li Fu giggled lightly; although she had spoken words of apology, there was clearly no sincerity behind them.

The male disciples behind Li Fu also started towards the Hu Sisters with disdainful eyes, as if they were looking at two pairs of worn out broken shoes. Clear signs of ridicule, scorn, and even some obscenity were all mixed into their gazes.

“I’m also curious about this!” Xie Rong grinned, “Not only are we curious, everyone in our camp is also curious about how you two were to come back from that place alive and exactly what kind of methods you used.”

Hu Jiao Er’s brow furrowed as her breath quickened but quickly she wore a defiant smile, “What business is it of yours?”

“Naturally it’s our business.” Li Fu smiled maliciously, “If the two of you escaped from the place by betraying our Great Han Dynasty and colluding with those devils how could we just idly stand by and do nothing? Maybe you’ve already become servants to those Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land devils! Or perhaps you’ve brought back spies from that hell with you, in any case, we must thoroughly investigate!”

“That’s right!” Xie Rong’s eyes suddenly became cold as he glanced towards Yang Kai, staring at him and unhurriedly asked, “This friend looks somewhat strange, where exactly does he come from?”

Yang Kai who had been casually listening while he leisurely ate suddenly wrinkled his brow, suddenly realizing that this group of people had seemed to come specifically for him.

All their previous provocations had just been a set up.

“Inconvenient to say!” shaking his head, Yang Kai answered coldly and indifferently.

“Oh, inconvenient to say is it?” Li Fu sneered evilly.

Xie Rong calmly turned to the Hu Sisters, “He was brought here by both of you so you should be clear about his origins, right?”

“I don’t know, we happened to meet along the road.” Hu Jiao Er indifferently replied.

How could she explain where Yang Kai came from? Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang had fallen into disaster simply be being neighbours of High Heaven Pavilion, if they were to know Yang Kai was actually one those that Sect’s disciples he’d surely suffer a much worse fate.

If the people here were to act without restraint, he might even be killed on the spot.

“Sure enough, you’re suspicious!” Xie Rong righteously roared, “Capture him!”

“Who dares to!” Fang Ziji snarled and stood up. His True Qi surged forth like an erupting volcano.

When he moved, the others did too. All of them vigilantly stared at the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court disciples. The latter naturally refused to show any weakness as well and drew their weapons while circulating their True Qi.

The scene had rapidly turned violent.

“Hah!” Xie Rong taunted with a sly grin, “You dare to shield people from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land? You’re all dead!”

Grinning maliciously, a treacherous smile emerged on his face, like things had gone exactly as he planned, and he quickly shouted, “Do it!”

As soon as his voice fell, the two hostile Divine Senses that were locked on this place suddenly turned into a sharp attack filled with a decisive killing intent and plunged straight towards Yang Kai.

Perceiving this, Guan Chi Le’s face filled with rage as he roared, “Be careful!”

The two silent attacks struck Yang Kai’s mind, but in the next instant they had been dispersed by his Soul Palace.

Yang Kai’s face sank, and his eyes became cold.

He had thought that this group of people just wanted to provoke trouble, but now it seems their objective was not so simple.

In the direction the two Divine Senses had emerged from, a purple light flashed across the night sky.

An icy coldness suddenly burst forth and then disappeared without a trace, making everyone wonder if they were imagining things.

But then, two muffled sounds resounded from afar, and the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters who belonged to Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court both went pale, and their eyes quickly turned bloodshot as they stumbled and nearly collapsed to the ground.

At that moment, both of these masters had simultaneously been attacked by Yang Kai’s Soul Skill. This bizarre Soul Skill was filled with a cold evil intent and had nearly frozen their Knowledge Seas.

Fortunately for them, they had immediately realized the danger they were in and swiftly defended themselves, otherwise the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Hurriedly stabilizing their Souls, the two masters couldn’t help but look towards each other, and both of them were aware of the shock and panic in the other’s eyes.

Outside, Yang Kai had already moved.

After using his Soul Skill to counterattack those two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, he moved as swiftly as the wind and instantly arrived before Xie Rong.

Xie Rong still wore the triumphant expression on his face when Yang Kai’s palm landed on his chest and poured blistering True Yang Yuan Qi into his meridians, which sent a wave of extreme pain throughout his body.

Only a single scream was heard before a hand gripped his face and covered his eyes. In a flash, Xie Rong had been dazed and blinded.

“Ah…” The disdainful look on Li Fu’s pretty face instantly disappeared. It had never occurred to her that Yang Kai could survive the attacks of two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s other hand had already grasped Li Fu’s slender neck.

Viciously bringing his hand together, Yang Kai smashed Xie Rong and Li Fu’s heads onto on another, and the tremendous resulting force all but knocked the pair unconscious.

Before they had a chance to being circulating their True Qi, they had been repeatedly beaten into submission.

Both of these two were considered elites from their respective Sects, but at the moment they were like weak children in Yang Kai’s hands, utterly unable to resist.

*Peng Peng…*

After knocking their heads together, Yang Kai slammed Xie Rong and Li Fu into the ground, creating two human-shaped craters as the sounds of bones breaking and shrieks of pain rang out.

It wasn’t until that moment that the rest of the disciples on the scene regained their wits.

*Shua Shua Shua…*

The disciples of Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court all stared towards Yang Kai, and their expressions fluctuated rapidly between rage and fear.

“Who dares make a move!?” Yang Kai mercilessly stepped on Li Fu’s face, half burying her head into the dirt, not showing the slightest bit of restraint, which caused everyone’s eyes to widen.

In his other hand, a sword condensed from his True Qi appeared and arrived atop Xie Rong’s chest.

Under this dark night, the flickering light from the bonfire illuminated Yang Kai’s cold face and created a particularly brutal and terrifying picture.

Everyone from Storm Hall and Blood Battle Gang also stood around awkwardly, apparently stunned into silence as they stared in disbelief at the scene before them.

“Good! Who dares to move!” Fang Ziji was the first to awaken from this stupor, roaring fiercely as he smashed his cup onto the fire.

After a crackling explosion, under the influence of the strong alcohol, the bonfire spat flames like a Fire Dragon a dozen meters into the sky, making the scene even more intense than before.

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