Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 355

Their juniors were also stunned silent and stared blankly at Xiang Chu in confusion.

A light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as a mysterious grin inexplicably formed on his face.

“Young Master Xiang…” Xie Rong mumbled through his broken teeth and blood leaked from his mouth as he spoke. He had been beaten and humiliated, and just when he thought that Xiang Chu would uphold justice for him he suddenly felt a cold fierce gaze land upon him, hurriedly shutting him up.

Wearing a big smile, Xiang Chu walked forward towards Yang Kai, “Friend, this Xiang Chu has been negligent in his responsibilities and has caused Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall to suffer this injustice. I understand that you are angry, but can you give I, Xiang Chu some face and forgive them? Only by continuing to live can they learn from this lesson and repent. As for tonight’s events, please be at ease, this Chu guarantees that such things will not happen again.”

Seeing him apologize so readily with a completely sincere expression, and his attitude neither haughty nor arrogant, if one didn’t know any better, they’d think Xiang Chu really felt like he had made a mistake.

Xiang Chu humbling himself so caught everyone here by surprise.

The juniors from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall also suddenly felt relieved and elated, though none of them understood how dangerous things were for Yang Kai just now and only thought of this as a fight between members of the younger generation.

Xie Rong and Li Fu who ridiculed them repeatedly had just suffered a big loss, and now Xiang Chu was biased against them, so how could they still be unsatisfied?

Only Fang Ziji and the Hu Sisters glanced towards Yang Kai thoughtfully, faintly feeling that something wasn’t right.

Across a dozen meters or so, Yang Kai stared back at Xiang Chu. It wasn’t until this moment that he truly understood what true hidden intentions looked like.

What had just happened here was obviously seen by the two masters behind Xiang Chu via their Divine Senses. Xiang Chu himself was also not far from here and had clearly watched everything play out, but when he stepped forward he still pretended to know nothing.

This person really hid himself well, a natural born snake.

“What other dissatisfaction does this friend have? If you have any requirements you should feel free to state them.” Xiang Chu smiled slightly.

“Seeing Young Lord Xiang act so fairly, I am naturally satisfied!” Yang Kai grinned.

“Good good!” Xiang Chu said with a warm smile and laughed, “Let us make big things small. Everyone here is a fellow comrade, there’s no need to let this situation become serious. We must know that our true enemy is the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. This friend, if you could please release them we can then resolve these matters peacefully!”

“Good!” Yang Kai dismissed his swords and then sent out two swift kicks.

With two bangs, Xie Rong and Li Fu flew back to their camps like rag sacks and were caught by their respective Elders, causing a few more of their ribs to break in the process.

Xiang Chu’s eyes couldn’t help but squint, but Yang Kai simply sneered back at him, completely unafraid.

“Little brat…” The Immoral Ascension Elders from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court roared.

“Apologize!” Yang Kai turned to look at them, and his eyes were filled with a profound chill, and his tone was unquestionable.

Both of these masters were enraged, eager to rush forward and rip this arrogant junior in two, but both of them still first turned to Xiang Chu for his opinion, only to see him nod his head.

Seeing Xiang Chu’s response, even though the two of them were a hundred kinds of unwilling in their hearts, they couldn’t afford to affront him, and they muttered under their breaths, “Just now, our juniors had committed a grave offence towards Blood Battle Gang and the Storm Hall! This old master will strictly discipline these disciples and will not allow them to provoke any more trouble!”

“Scram!” Yang Kai sneered.

“Let’s go!” The Elders from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court each held Xie Rong and Li Fu and led their group of young disciples away hurriedly with their hearts filled with resentment.

After they left, Xiang Chu smiled at the Hu Sisters and then politely retreated.

Beside the campfire, it was silent for quite some time until suddenly the disciples from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall burst into cheers. All of them gazed towards Yang Kai with looks of respect and worship and treated him like a great hero.

Although all of them belonged to three different sects, but since they came here, these minor differences no longer mattered. With everyone working together and suffering so much injustice, they had long ago formed deep bonds of friendship. Now seeing Yang Kai act so decisively and exact revenge for them, naturally they felt jubilant and excited.

Only Guan Chi Le sat alone, with his brows slightly wrinkled and his expression pensive.

The Hu Sisters walked over and Hu Jiao Er whispered, “What happened just now?”

“Nothing.” Yang Kai shook his head gently. Just now, almost all of the juniors here realized nothing out of place, and there was no need to spoil their mood by telling them.

Fang Ziji also noticed that something more had happened, but although he still had his doubts, he didn’t ask any more instead changing the subject, “Shall we drink?”

“Good!” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

Back at Xiang Chu’s temporary residence.

The Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court’s masters had left the injured Xie Rong and Li Fu in their respective Sect’s care and then came there.

A short time later the door opened, Xiang Chu walked in and then sat down without saying a word. His two guards silently took up positions behind him to his left and right.

“Greetings Young Lord!” The two masters from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court hurriedly saluted, but their faces were filled with unwillingness and anger.

However, Xiang Chu simply glanced at them and lightly said, “Tell me, what happened just now? Why is that little brat still alive?”

The masters from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court exchanged a glance before recanting what they had experienced.

After listening to them, Xiang Chu’s brow wrinkled as he quickly asked, “What you’re saying is that not only were your Soul Skills blocked by him, you were instead injured by his Soul Skill?”

The two old men’s faces turned bright red, obviously quite embarrassed.

The Elder from Thunder Light Sect hurriedly continued, “Young Lord, I know this reason sounds far-fetched, but this old master guarantees it is the truth. Please investigate if you have any doubts!”

“Enough, I don’t doubt what you said.” Xiang Chu paused for a moment before suddenly turning to the two masters behind him and asking, “What do you think?”

One of them calmly responded, “If what these two say is true, that kid must have a high quality Soul type artifact on him.”

The other hurriedly added, “It may actually be two! One for defense, another to attack. If not, considering that young man’s cultivation, it would be impossible for him to display an offensive Soul Skill!”

“En.” Xiang Chu nodded, “I think so too.”

Suddenly grinning, “Interesting, he actually has a Soul type artifact. That’s not something an average person can have.”

The eyes of the Thunder Light Sect Elder flashed a cold light, and he solemnly said, “Young Master Xiang, do you want us to…”

“Do you have the ability?” Xiang Chu coldly snorted.

“As long as we can entangle Guan Chi Le, taking that little brat’s head is as easy as pie!”

“No, that brat’s already suspicious!” Xiang Chu shook his head slowly, his expression was rather unpleasant.


“That’s right, how are Xie Rong and Li Fu’s injuries?” Xiang Chu asked with a hint of concern.

Both the Thunder Light Sect and the Soaring Rainbow Court’s Immortal Ascension Boundary experts gratefully replied, “That little brat was quite vicious with his strikes but still restrained himself somewhat, at the very least there’s no risk to their lives.”

Xiang Chu nodded and casually signaled to his guards.

Immediately, one of them took out a pair of pill bottles and threw them to the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court Elders.

“These are special healing pills from my Xiang Family. After you return, dissolve them in warm water and feed it to them, they should be able to fully recover after about ten days,” Xiang Chu said.

“Many thanks, Young Lord!” The two elders rejoiced upon receiving this gift and hurried to thank Xiang Chu.

“Good, draw back.” Xiang Chu waved lightly, dismissing the two elders.

“Young Master.” After waiting for the masters from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court to leave, one of the old man behind Xiang Chu took a moment and said, “Why are you so concerned with that young man? That little brat is certainly a little interesting but he’s hardly worthy of your attention.”

Xiang Chu smiled indifferently and slowly got up, “The first time I saw him I knew at first glance that he was very strong. Didn’t you notice that the whole time today he displayed absolutely no fear? Even when both of you showed up, he still maintained the same aggressive stance all while keeping an indifferent attitude. That kid is obviously not someone average. I can’t even estimate his true depths. Good, for now I won’t move against hi. Let’s wait a few days and see how things play out.”

“But after a few days, the war’s decisive battle will be over. At that time we’ll have to return to the clan. Young Master, aren’t you determined to bring those two Hu Sisters back with you?”

Xiang Chu grinned and nodded. “En, so I will have to solve this matter before we are summoned back. Otherwise it will be difficult to meet them later.”

Everything today was because Xiang Chu had seen the Hu Sisters getting along well with Yang Kai. Upon noticing this, he immediately wanted to get rid of Yang Kai. Therefore, he had used the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court as proxies. After they had killed Yang Kai, he would superficially punish Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court in order to win the Hu Sisters’ favor.

However, he hadn’t counted on Yang Kai’s strength being so tyrannical.

Casually stretching his back, Xiang Chu lightly said, “This is just the first round, nothing to get worked up over. This Young Lord will go rest.”

The two guardians looked at each other and couldn’t understand what their Young Lord was thinking. Tonight’s action had been quite hasty and carried an air of urgency, but now Xiang Chu seemed indifferent to everything. Neither of them could figure out what their Young Master was planning.

For the next ten days, there was peace and tranquility.

Although the confrontation with the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land still technically continued, right now, neither of the forces stationed here had any desire for battle. Everyone’s mind was focused on outcome of the final battle, so there were essentially no battles fought.

The disciples from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court didn’t dare come to provoke trouble after they had eaten such a big loss that night. Even the juniors from other forces detoured around both the Blood Battle Gang and the Storm Hall disciples now.

Yang Kai took this time to enter secluded cultivation. His current environment was incredibly peaceful, and he temporarily had no immediate business to attend to, so naturally he made the best use of this rare idle time.

After half a month of cultivation, Yang Kai’s True Element Boundary Sixth Stage cultivation had been fully consolidated and he was not far from breaking through to the Seventh Stage.

The next day.

Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er stormed into Yang Kai’s room.

“What happened?” Yang Kai asked the two sisters.

“We have to go out,” Hu Jiao Er grinned and said, “Xiang Chu said that this is the last mission we’ll be assigned. After we finish it, we’ll be allowed to return home.”

The thought of returning to their Sect and their family obviously made the two sisters quite excited.

“I’ll accompany you!” Yang Kai stated and quickly stood up.

Hu Jiao Er’s expression suddenly became solemn, and she shook her head, “You can’t.”


Hu Mei Er continued, “Your identity is still unknown, if you go along with us it will only cause suspicion.”

Hu Jiao Er nodded slightly, “Because of Xie Rong’s prior accusations, many people now suspect that you are a spy from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land!”

Yang Kai frowned slightly and then looked at the two sisters thoughtfully, “How many people will be deployed this time?”

“Almost the entire camp is being sent, leaving only a minimum number of people behind to guard the camp. All you have to do is stay here and wait for us to return. This mission should only last half a day to three days.” Hu Jiao Er suddenly smiled happily, “Just sit tight. After the mission is completed, Big Sister here will take you home!”

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