Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 356

Hundreds of cultivators were scattered about, and they cautiously monitored their surroundings as they lay in ambush.

According to Xiang Chu, the spies on the other side of Tai Fang Mountain came back with intelligence saying a group of cultivators from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land would make a final attack today.

So in order to take the initiative, he wanted to set up an ambush here to crush the enemy forces.

Originally, the disciples from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall were skeptical about this news; after all, neither side had shown any interest in fighting for quite some time now so it was odd that the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil cultivators would choose to attack now in the waning moments of the war.

But not long after, a group of devil path cultivators really appeared, which instantly dispelled their doubts.

There weren’t many enemies in this assault, probably about sixty or seventy in total, and the number of Immortal Ascension masters was also miniscule. Under the effective arrangements and commands of Xiang Chu, the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land forces suffered heavy casualties and were forced to flee in panic.

The battle didn’t last long, only about half a day before a complete victory was obtained.

When the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall disciples gathered together afterwards, they were shocked to discover that there were a lot less of their allies around than expected.

After a closer look, they noticed that the ones who were missing were actually the cultivators from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court!

Immediately everyone realized something was wrong.

“Xiang Chu!” Hu Jiao Er went straight to the Young Master of the Xiang Family, asking with a solemn expression, “Where are Xie Rong and Li Fu?”

Xiang Chu showed a slightly surprised face and replied, “Weren’t they with you while you were fighting the enemy?”

“No!” Hu Jiao Er’s eyes went cold, “I haven’t seen them since the start of the fight!”

“What?” Xiang Chu also wore a confused look and wrinkled his brow for a moment as he watched Hu Jiao Er’s sullen expression, “You mean… bad! Quickly, return to camp!”

Issuing this order, the group of Great Han cultivators dashed off.

Hu Jiao Er stared at Xiang Chu’s back and gritted her teeth as her fists clenched, but eventually held her tongue and instead coordinated with her sister to maximize their speed and race forward as fast as she could.

With the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court cultivators suddenly disappearing, what they were up to was already obvious.

Originally Hu Jiao Er wasn’t worried about these two Sects seeking revenge from Yang Kai for the previous incident because everyone in the camp was supposed to be involved in this mission. With everyone together on the front lines she could easily monitor their movements, so Hu Jiao Er hadn’t given it any more thought.

How could she imagine they would suddenly disappear after the battle began? By the time she noticed it was already too late.

It seems like everything today was just an elaborate set up, a trap set for them and Yang Kai!

With the anxiety in their hearts surging, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er began to circulate their Twin Qi Shared Spirit Divine Art, which caused their speed to instantly double, and their two shadows shot past Xiang Chu like meteors.

Xiang Chu’s eyes couldn’t help but squint slightly being surprised by the Hu Sisters’ sudden burst of speed, apparently not having expected the two sisters to be so formidable.


Back at the camp, Yang Kai sat cross-legged atop a mat, circulating his True Yang Secret Art as he silently awaited his companions’ return.

However, he didn’t have to wait too long.

When the Hu Sisters left, Yang Kai had regularly swept the area around him with his Divine Sense for any abnormalities.

Opening his eyes suddenly, a brilliant light flashed across them, and his lips curled into a vicious grin as he quickly mutter to himself, “They finally came.”

Since hearing that Hu Jiao Er and the others were going out on a mission, Yang Kai realized that someone would come to deal with him.

However, among the cultivators here, Yang Kai wasn’t concerned with anyone except the two Xiang Family Immoral Ascension masters! But it was impossible for those two to take action because their priority was to protect Xiang Chu and would therefore not leave his side. So, after Yang Kai analysed his current situation, he saw no reason to worry much less leave.

*Shua Shua Shua…*

From all around, the sound of clothes swishing could suddenly be heard. Obviously Yang Kai’s visitors didn’t have any intention of hiding themselves and blatantly took up positions to surround him.

A moment later, everything was silent again, and only a thinly veiled hostility and murderous intent lingered about.

“Since you’ve all come, why bother trying to hide!?” Yang Kai shouted before standing up and sending out a flurry of punches.

As these fist shadows flew out, the house Yang Kai had been staying in exploded into pieces.

Dust and smoke filled the air.

When everything settled again, a series of figures came into view.

Xie Rong of Thunder Light Sect and Li Fu of Soaring Rainbow Court glared at Yang Kai with a pure hatred. Both of them had suffered a major loss at Yang Kai’s hands, and were humiliated and disgraced in front of everyone from their Sects. Xie Rong still didn’t dare open his mouth to speak, fearing that others would see the ugly appearance of his broken teeth.

Behind each of these two stood fifty or so others, but with the exception of the two Immortal Ascension Boundary experts from that night, all of them were members of the younger generation.

Seeing all of this, Xie Rong let loose a burst of arrogant laughter and roared, “Little brat, let’s see if this time you won’t die!”

Li Fu’s pretty face also twisted into a malicious grin, “Never once has anyone shamed me so! I’ll make sure you pay back ten times what you owe!”

The two of them were originally in serious condition; however, with the help of the special healing pills Xiang Chu had provided, after half a month they had basically made a fully recovery, so once they learned that they were free to find trouble with Yang Kai, they naturally couldn’t wait to get their revenge.

“It’s impossible for you, you’re both too weak!” Yang Kai sneered contemptuously, and his expression showed a thick disdain.

Hearing this, Xie Rong and Li Fu glanced at each other and couldn’t help but remember back to that night when they were helpless to defend themselves as Yang Kai had beaten them, and it caused their pride and self-confidence to immediately plummet.

“Young man, you’re insane!” The Thunder Light Sect’s Elder snorted and stepped forward while staring coldly at Yang Kai, “With us old masters here today, do you think your end will be good?”

Yang Kai simply sneered and stared back at him, before casually asking, “All of this is Xiang Chu’s doing right? Including what happened that night.”

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters grinned but didn’t answer.

Yang Kai had already planned to settle this at some point, so he didn’t mind their silence and nodded carelessly before asking, “What benefits did he offer you? Were they really worth you offending me?”

The Thunder Light Sect’s Elder laughed disdainfully, “Worth offending you? What dog shit do you count for? After today, you’ll be nothing but broken bones, what does it matter if we offend you?”

A cold light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes as a malicious laughter leaked from his lips, “The price for offending me, I’m afraid you can’t afford it!”

As soon as his words finished, a purple light suddenly burst from his forehead.

[Soul Skill!]

“Spread out!” The Soaring Rainbow Court’s Elder yelled, as he released his own Divine Sense in an attempt to intercept Yang Kai’s attack.

He had eaten a small loss that night and naturally knew the danger of this attack; therefore, he used his Soul’s full force.

However, he hadn’t anticipated that the Soul Skill used by this brat right now would be somewhat different from the previous time. The purple light shot forward into an empty space before suddenly expanding out. A purple halo visible to the naked eye spread to the entire surrounding area, instantly engulfing all the young disciples and causing them to grab their heads and cry out in pain.

The two Immortal Ascension Elders eyes bulged when they saw this, never having dreamed that Yang Kai’s Soul Skill could transform so drastically, catching them off guard and completely negating their efforts to stop it.

The effect was devastating as the purple halos pulsed outwards one after another.

It was as if someone had thrown a stone into a calm lake, causing a continuous burst of ripples.

Before anyone could react, four or five halos had already spread out.

A number of the young disciples who were swept up in this attack soon after ceased crying out as blood spilled from their eyes and noses, dying the ground around them a dark shade of red.

In an instant, eight people had died!

These juniors weren’t very strong nor did they possess artifacts that could defend against Soul Skills, so how could they possibly resist this kind of assault?

“Junior! You court death!” The two old masters from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court burst into fury and flew out to attack Yang Kai.

Laughing wildly, Yang Kai once again used his Soul Skill while simultaneously pushing out both his palms to summon the White Tiger and Divine Ox Seals to constrain the two old masters. Meanwhile, Yang Kai shot forward and flew into the Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court disciple’s ranks and sent out a series of Burning Sun’s Three Layer Blasts in quick succession.

It was like a tiger descending upon a flock of sheep; this group of young disciples was completely unable to cope with Yang Kai’s onslaught. His strength was so fierce that every strike he sent out would collapse someone’s chest or crush someone’s limb, and there was almost no one who could withstand a single blow.

Only Xie Rong and Li Fu, after desperately joining forces, could barely block Yang Kai’s punch, but they were still sent flying over a dozen meters from the impact and fell to the ground unable to get up.

The two Immortal Ascension masters tore through the White Tiger and Divine Ox phantoms in short order, but the scene that greeted them was Yang Kai slaughtering their disciples. In the brief time they had been obstructed another six of their juniors had been killed. Immediately they charged forward and let out an enraged roared, “Little brat, you dare!”

“Dare or not dare, it’s already done!” Yang Kai sneered maliciously and snapped the neck of a Thunder Light Sect disciple before casually tossing his corpse away. The body tumbled five or six meters before stopping.

The hearts of the two Immortal Ascension Elders were nearly bursting with rage. Today, the two of them had led their juniors to find the trouble with Yang Kai, assuming they could settle things with a wave of their hands, but the battle had barely even begun and already a dozen of their disciples had died while their target, on the contrary, was completely unharmed.

Hurriedly charging in, the two old men finally managed to interrupt Yang Kai’s slaughter.

“Stand back!” The Soaring Rainbow Court’s Elder snarled.

Hearing this command, all of the remaining juniors wore ugly yet relieved expressions as they retreated several tens of meters from the fight, and they trembled in fear as they gazed back upon the battle.

Without having to worry about injuring their juniors, the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters began concentrating on the fight. Attacking together, they launched a flurry of fierce strikes, Their True Qi flashed about like lightning and enveloped Yang Kai in an inescapable torrent.

The two of them were extremely vexed. An Immortal Ascension Boundary master’s biggest advantage when dealing with a True Element Boundary cultivator was the use of their Soul and Divine Sense, but in front of Yang Kai, the two of them not only didn’t dare use their Souls, they also had to divert part of their attention to defend against his Soul Skills. It was easy to imagine how aggrieved they felt.

The three of them fought an exceptionally fierce battle, and although Yang Kai was obviously at an absolute disadvantage, all but completely suppressed by the two masters, he was able to somewhat hold his own. A True Element Boundary being able to withstand the attacks of two Immortal Ascension masters was already a shocking achievement.

Xie Rong and Li Fu paled as they watched, suddenly realizing that on that night, Yang Kai had been holding back against them. It wasn’t that they were negligent or caught by surprise, it was that from the start they were powerless to resist.

Even just now, though they had fully defended themselves, they hadn’t been able to escape Yang Kai’s attack.

“What kind of monster is he, how can he be so strong?” Xie Rong muttered incoherently with a look a pure disbelief plastered all over his face.

Li Fu nodded unconsciously, and her pale face was unable to utter any words as a cold chill ran up her back. In her heart, she infinitely regretted getting involved with such a freak.

His strength and ruthlessness had far surpassed Li Fu’s imagination, and even her original desire for revenge had been all but snuffed out.

Now, Li Fu only hoped that the Elders would be able to severely wound. or better yet kill Yang Kai on the spot. Otherwise, she would never be able to rest easy again.

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