Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 357

Not long after, his chest was struck by these two old masters, which caused Yang Kai’s face to pale slightly. As he flew backwards, Yang Kai crashed into a large tree, smashing it to pieces, before hitting the ground with a loud bang.

“Good!” Xie Rong couldn’t help shouting out in joy at that moment, as if he was the one who had managed to injure Yang Kai.

The Elders from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court swooped down and stood a couple dozen meters in front of Yang Kai, staring him down.

Although Yang Kai was wounded by them, both of them knew that it was only a superficial injury. The True Qi of circulating through this young man’s body was extremely rich and pure, enough so that he had resisted at least eighty percent of their attack.

However, the two were still satisfied with this result.

Two Immortal Ascension Boundary experts had joined forces to bully a True Element Boundary junior. If they still couldn’t win, then what face would they have left?

“Brat, let’s see if you can act crazy in front of this old master again!” The Thunder Light Sect’s Elder bellowed angrily.

The Elder from Soaring Rainbow Court also glared at Yang Kai and coldly said, “You’ve killed so many of my Soaring Rainbow Court’s disciples; today you must pay this debt in blood!”

“Heh heh heh …” Yang Kai chuckled as he slowly stood. Although he looked a little miserable at this moment, he was still laughing. Wiping the blood from his mouth he lifted his eyes and stared back at the two Immortal Ascension masters, his fighting intent still raging forth.

“An Immortal Ascension expert. Sure enough, really extraordinary!” Yang Kai’s tone was slightly low, but rather than distressed it was eerily calm.

The two masters opposite him slightly frowned, unable to understand why the young man in front of them still looked calm, relaxed, and completely without fear.

His expression became cold, and the Thunder Light Sect’s expert roared, “Brat, although you’ve killed so many of our juniors, this old master is merciful and is willing to spare your life! Kneel down, waste yourself, and I’ll let you live!”

Yang Kai grinned, “Won’t kill me? Xiang Chu’s instructions I suppose?”

The two Immortal Ascension masters’ brows twitched simultaneously, secretly frightened at how perceptive Yang Kai was.

Yang Kai had killed so many of their disciples that if they were the ones making decisions, how could he possibly keep his life? However, Xiang Chu’s order had been to cripple Yang Kai, so they definitely couldn’t outright kill him! Obviously, Yang Kai being alive was of use to the Xiang Family’s Young Master.

The two factions wanted to form a good relationship with the Xiang Family, so how could they defy Xiang Chu’s order? He was the most likely candidate to become the next Xiang Family Patriarch, so it was imperative to be in his good graces. In the future, such a connection would be extremely beneficial for Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court.

Hearing Yang Kai’s veiled taunt, the master from Thunder Light Sect coldly snorted, “The heavens return kindness with fortune. Of course, that means retribution as well. This matter does not need Young Lord Xiang to meddle in!”

The Soaring Rainbow Court’s Elder quickly followed up, “Damn little brat! Will you waste yourself or do you want this old master to cripple you?”

“Good, good, good!” Yang Kai nodded heavily, and a vicious grin appeared on his face as he sneered at the two old me, “Since you insist on acting as Xiang Chu’s dogs, I’ll treat you as such!”

“Little animal! You’re far too arrogant!” Thunder Light Sect’s Elder roared furiously.

“You really think you two with your Immortal Ascension First Stage cultivations can beat me?” Yang Kai’s look suddenly turned frigid, as he slowly lifted one of his hands. Along with this motion, the burning hot True Yang Yuan Qi that was originally surrounding him disappeared suddenly.

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary experts didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, but their instincts warned them that it wasn’t anything good. They hurriedly exchanged a glance, and then, without hesitation, charged forward again.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his index finger gently wiped across his brow as he eerily chanted.

The faint sound of his voice seemingly contained a mysterious power that caused it to ring clearly in everyone’s ears.

“Devil Transformation!”


The entire world seemed to shudder. The ground shook, and the sky trembled. An overwhelmingly evil Devil Qi enshrouded the area.

This Demonic Qi was indescribably pure and tyrannical, making the surrounding area feel like it had been plunged into an icy hell. It affected everyone nearby, gripping their hearts with fear while stimulating their darkest impulses.

With this rapid change, the Heavens and Earth roiled; at this moment, Yang Kai seemed to have transformed into a different person.

Before the two masters from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court could reach Yang Kai, their expressions suddenly changed, and they let out a strange cry before abruptly retreating.

*Deng deng deng deng…*

After withdrawing a dozen or so steps, the two old experts managed to regain their footing as their eyes gazed towards Yang Kai, and their expressions became dignified.

The young man in front of them appeared the same as he did just a moment ago. In fact they couldn’t spot a single different, but his temperament and the aura he radiated were completely different. The only thing they could tell was that there was a huge difference in the strength of his Blood Force from before they had charged him.

If the previous Yang Kai made them feel troubled, the present Yang Kai gave them a feeling of dread.

Right now, they sensed fatal danger from him!

Both of them were Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and possessed incredibly keen senses. Although they didn’t know how the young man in front of them had instantly undergone such a drastic change, their instincts were warning them that if they were to fight with Yang Kai now, they would very likely die!

Wild beasts rely on their instincts and intuition!

As for experts like them, their perceptions were even sharper than wild animals.

As soon as this idea flashed across their minds, both of the old men were shocked. How could a trivial True Element Boundary Sixth Stage cultivator give them such an uneasy feeling?

There was also the demonic aura that surrounded them. Even if it was one of the Six Great Evil Kings of the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land, they wouldn’t possess such stifling Evil Qi.

Before the two old men could compose themselves, a series of crackling noises rang out.

Looking straight ahead, with Yang Kai as its centre, they saw a wave of ice spreading outwards, blanketing the ground and freezing the air.

In just a few breaths, a radius of several meters had become a frozen glacier.

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters once again retreated, and a glimmer or shock flashed across their eyes.

This cold aura and frigid ice wasn’t ordinary, it even seemed capable of freezing their True Qi; how would they dare easily contact it?

The younger generation disciples nearby shivered violently as horror filled their expressions.

This was the second time Yang Kai had used his Devil Transformation, yet he was still amazed by it. As he cracked his neck and stretched his arms, a burst of overwhelming strength seemed to ripple from his body.

With the exception of his face, Yang Kai’s body was covered from top to bottom in black tattoos. These patterns were intricate and complicated, depicting a mystical charm that was invisible to others.

“Little brat, you really are a spy from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land!” The Immortal Ascension Elder from Thunder Light Sect suddenly shouted, drawing this conclusion from Yang Kai’s aura.

“Believe that if you want!” Yang Kai snapped back loudly before slowly lifting his hand towards the two Immortal Ascension experts, and then swiftly pressing his palm down a moment later.

From an outsider’s perspective, obviously nothing had happened, but the two old men were stunned as they suddenly felt like a mountain descending from the Heavens was pressing down on them. Under this pressure, the two experts nearly collapsed, and they increased their True Qi circulation to its limit but still were unable to fully offset it.

*Xiu xiu xiu…*

The sound of something breaking through the air in front of them caused the two old men to look up, only to see a series of jet black attacks flying towards them from Yang Kai’s direction.

These attacks were like snakes with bloody fangs, suddenly opening their mouths midair, darting about as they snapped towards them viciously.


The ground where these attacks pass over resembled earth that had been ripped open by a fierce wind, and clearly visible gullies were formed as dirt was sent flying to either side. A shocking scene to behold.

These fierce incomparable attacks contained a concentrated frigid aura that seemed to freeze everything in their path and carried an overwhelming force as they sped forward.

The two elders were shocked and horrified, and their faces became pale as ugly expressions appeared on their faces, as both of them immediately did their best to avoid a head on confrontation.

“Trying to dodge?” Yang Kai laughed, while waving both his hands as he directed the Demonic Qi to send it chasing after the two old men.

Simultaneously, Yang Kai once again used his White Tiger and Divine Ox Seals, summoning the two black beast phantoms; however, this time he didn’t use them to attack the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters but instead sent them after the Thunder Light and Soaring Rainbow disciples.

The two beast phantoms seemed even stronger than the pair he had previously summoned, and in the next instant they appeared in front of a dazed Soaring Rainbow Court disciple.

This young disciple only had a Separation and Reunion Boundary Eighth Stage cultivation and hadn’t yet recovered from his shock. In the blink of an eye, this unfortunate junior had been shredded into a bloody pulp, not even having the chance to scream.

“Run, run, dodge all you want! If I can’t kill you, killing your disciples is just as good!” Yang Kai shouted ruthlessly.

Hearing this shout, those surviving disciples suddenly awoke from their stupor, and an icy chill shot up their spines.

“Shameless bastard!” The Elders from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court both cursed, their rage soaring to unimaginable heights.

Seeing the two phantoms rush up to another of their disciples, the two old men didn’t dare to escape again, and both of them sent powerful strikes towards the two black beasts, narrowly saving that disciple.

“No longer running?” Yang Kai had waited for this moment for a long time, sneering as a cluster of black lights flew out of from his body, once again turning into that snake like attack as it shot towards the two old men.

The Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court’s Elders didn’t have time to avoid this attack as it converged towards them from all directions, so instead they fiercely pushed their True Qi and summoned their artifacts in an attempt to protect themselves, their whole bodies being wrapped up in darkness the next moment.

A series of rumblings rang out from inside that darkness.

Everyone’s eyes stared nervously at the mass of darkness, not knowing what kind of fate would befall the two people surrounded by it.


The darkness suddenly collapsed and two figures fell from the sky. Both of them were disheveled and embarrassed, but otherwise seemed uninjured.

But if one looked closely, they would quickly discover that the two old men’s eyes that were originally sharp and serene were now flashing with all kinds of evil light as traces of black gas swirled around their bodies.

These black lights were actually wisps of the purest Devil Qi which had been condensed by Yang Kai; if an ordinary person were to touch it they would instantly die!

Yang Kai could ignore the effects of this Devil Qi, but others couldn’t.

The two old men had been affected by this Devil Qi at the moment, which had caused all the malicious and evil thoughts they had suppressed within themselves to rampage. If they couldn’t resolve this Devil Qi in short order, sooner or later they’d fall to the Devil’s Path.

But how could it be so easy to rid purify this Devil Qi? Even a master as powerful as Ling Tai Xu after being affected by a similar form of Demonic Qi had been unable to resolve it, let alone these two Elders from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court.

To some extent, Yang Kai’s Devil Qi was even more potent than the Demon Lord’s.

“Ruthless little brat!” The Thunder Light Sect’s Elder roared as he glared at Yang Kai, and his eyes filled with incomparable hatred.

“I said that you can’t afford the price of offending me!” Yang Kai coldly snorted. His eyes were filled with a frigid indifference.

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