Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 360

Xiang Chu’s words were forceful and inspiring.

The people from Thunder Light Sect and Soaring Rainbow Court were originally miserable, but as soon as they heard this, their expressions became excited. Xie Rong and Li Fu also raised their heads with pride and glared with hatred towards Yang Kai, hoping to see a look of desperation on his face.

“Good good!” A booming voice suddenly echoed from the distance.

This unexpected change startled everyone, and all of them quickly turned in the direction from where the voice came from.

A few thousand meters away, a group of beasts flew across the ground towards them at an astonishing speed.

Cloud Treading Colts, a Third-Order Monster Beast that although not strong in combat, possessed great speed and endurance! On top of that, they were relatively docile which made them suitable for use as mounts.

A Cloud Treading Colt was capable of traveling several thousand kilometers a day, the best amongst them even capable of crossing ten thousand kilometers at once. Such speed was faster than most low level Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and had the added advantage of a cultivator not needing to consume their own True Qi.

Therefore, amongst many large forces, it was common to domesticate some Cloud Treading Colts to use for transportation. However, the number of these Monster Beasts was not large, and each one was worth several tens of thousands of silvers. Besides first-class and great forces, others with weaker backgrounds had no way to afford such mounts.

To some extent, being able to ride a Cloud Treading Colt was a sign of strength and identity.

The newcomers approached to a distance of thirty meters or so before stopping. The age of their leader looked almost the same as Xiang Chu, and he obviously came from an impressive and powerful force. Behind him, he was followed by two Immortal Ascension Boundary Seventh or Eighth Stage masters.

Crossing a thousand meter distance had only taken them an instant.

“After not meeting for a few months, it seems Brother Xiang’s temperament is the same as always.” The leading youth laughed heartily. In front of the crowd, he didn’t bother dismounting and instead proudly sat atop his Cloud Treading Colt and looked down at everyone from above. Only when his eyes landed on Yang Kai did he display a slightly dignified air.

Such potent Demonic Qi was naturally not something they could ignore.

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters behind the lead youth also fixed their gazes on Yang Kai and secretly circulated their True Qi to guard against any unforeseen threats.

“This guy is called Nan Sheng!” Fang Ziji knew that Yang Kai was ignorant of the circumstances and quickly approached to explain to him, “He’s the Young Lord of the Nan Family, another first-class family and has the same status as Xiang Chu. The Nan Family and Xiang Family have been marrying one another for several generations so the relationship between the two has always been very good. Be careful about him, he’s even more overbearing and uncompromising than Xiang Chu.”

“En,” Yang Kai nodded slightly; if Xiang Chu was the kind of sinister character who plotted against you while wearing a smile, then this Nan Sheng should be a straightforward person who let his actions speak for themselves.

Xiang Chu gloomy expression finally settled when he saw this youth. Chuckling lightly as he cupped his fists and said, “Brother Nan, how come you’ve come here? Weren’t you stationed a few hundred kilometers away at a different section of the front?”

The Xiang Family was in charge of the Tai Fang Mountain region while the Nan Family had been given command of another section of the front line a few hundred kilometers away. It was also a first-class family and certainly had the qualifications to hold such a post.

Nan Sheng soon grinned, casually dismounted from his Cloud Treading Colt, and said, “Wasn’t the decisive battle finished two days ago? The Eight Great Families announced a couple days ago that we can go back, but as we were passing through we felt an unusual presence. Never did I expect to come across such a good show. How come you haven’t left here yet?”

While speaking, Nan Sheng looked Yang Kai up and down.

Xiang Chu’s face twitched slightly before replying, “We had just completed our last mission today and I was planning to tell everyone this good news after we had finished it, but I hadn’t thought some startling changes would have occurred here and thus haven’t had time to announce it.”

Suddenly, everyone from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall stared at Xiang Chu.

The decisive battle had already ended two days ago!

If they hadn’t inadvertently heard this news from Nan Sheng’s mouth, they might still have been kept in the dark!

If all of this was true, then how would the cultivators from the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land come to attack their camp two days after the final battle?

What commander would do such a pointless act?

However, it was precisely at that moment that Yang Kai had encountered a problem here. Obviously there was more to the situation than met the eye.

In a flash, everyone had understood many of these key points.

“Changes…” Nan Sheng nodded slightly, frowning as he shifted his gaze to Yang Kai and said, “Him?”

“En.” Xiang Chu replied.

“A demon, heh, interesting!” Nan Sheng held his chin with one hand and looked over Yang Kai like he was evaluating a commodity. “This young demon actually has such a strong Evil Qi, it looks like his cultivation technique isn’t simple.”

“It’s definitely not simple.” Xiang Chu readily acknowledged in a serious tone.

Nan Sheng was slightly surprised, he had rarely seen Xiang Chu wear such a dignified look. Unable to hold back his curiosity he asked, “How so?”

“Two of our Immortal Ascension Boundary First Stage masters were killed by him!”

“What?” Nan Sheng paled slightly while the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters behind him were also equally shocked.

“Brother Xiang, you must be joking, right?” Nan Sheng paused for a moment before shaking his head, obviously he didn’t believe this outlandish claim. “He seems to only have a True Element Boundary Sixth Stage cultivation. How could he have killed an Immortal Ascension Boundary expert? Let alone two of them.”

“The bodies are right over there, how could I be joking with you? In fact, all the dead cultivators here died at his hands.” Xiang Chu shook his head grimly.

The Immortal Ascension Boundary masters behind Nan Sheng also came forward and whispered, “Young Master, this person can’t be underestimated. His Blood Force and his aura are both extraordinary, and the black dragon behind him is also unusual.”

Even the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters of his own family spoke so seriously, which forced Nan Sheng to hurriedly stifle his cynicism and whisper, “If I were to face him, what would my chances of winning be?”

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters silently groaned to themselves, at somewhat of a loss.

“Say it!”

“None!” The Immortal Ascension Boundary master grit his teeth and replied.

Nan Sheng took a deep breath and once again re-evaluated Yang Kai. Even if it was the juniors from Eight Great Families or the core disciple from the various great Sects, there were only a few people in his he stood no chance of winning against, but now this young demon had suddenly emerged and could also completely suppress him. Wouldn’t that mean his aptitude and strength were at least on par with those Heaven chosen geniuses?

His eyes narrowing slightly, Nan Sheng quickly said, “Such a dangerous character should be killed immediately, letting him live will only lead to more trouble in the future.”

Xiang Chu nodded, “I also think so.”

“Then why the hesitation?” Nan Sheng looked puzzled.

Xiang Chu could only grin wryly.

Nan Sheng swept the surroundings once again, frowning slightly, “These people are obstructing you?”

“En, it’s a bit complicated.” Xiang Chu nodded helplessly.

“Anyone who dares interfere, dies!” Nan Sheng coldly snorted, “Fighting together with demons at this time, even if we kill all of them nobody will object.”

The Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall cultivators all paled while staring alertly at Nan Sheng.

Originally, the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters beside Xiang Chu were enough to suppress them. Now that Nan Sheng had brought two more equally powerful masters, if they were really to fight, none of them would survive.

“Junior Brother Xiang, why are you still acting so softly in this situation?” Nan Sheng glanced towards Xiang Chu with his head tilted, a slight look of displeasure on his face.

However, Xiang Chu wryly smiled, “Some people… I can’t bear to kill.”

As he spoke, his eyes drifted towards the Hu Sisters, leaving no ambiguity in his intentions.

The Xiang Family and Nan Family had been related through marriage for several generations. Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng had even played with each other since childhood. They were as close as real brothers so when he saw Xiang Chu’s expression, Nan Sheng naturally understood what he was thinking.

Nan Sheng was well aware of Xiang Chu’s personality and methods, so with only a moment’s thought, he suddenly understood many things.

Some words were inconvenient for Xiang Chu say, but Nan Sheng could still grasp what he meant.

[Fuck, I had only planned to see him while passing through here but now I actually have to help this little brat with his schemes! This brat already has a few wives waiting for him back home but he’s still not satisfied!] Nan Sheng couldn’t help feeling depressed in his heart.

However, after stealing a quick glance at this pair of twins, they were indeed somewhat fascinating, and it was no wonder he had been tempted by them.

As such, Nan Sheng acted decisively, pointed to the Hu Sisters, and declared, “Two young ladies, do you want to die?”

Hu Jiao Er sneered back, “If it’s possible to live who would choose to die?”

“Good, step aside then, this matter has nothing to do with you, all we want is to kill that bastard beside you.” Nan Sheng ordered, all but disregarding the sisters’ opinions.

The Hu Sisters naturally shook their heads and stood firmly beside Yang Kai.

Nan Sheng was stunned, and a burst of complaints rattled around inside his head. [Damn that brat Xiang Chu, the two women he’s after already had a sweetheart, no wonder there was such a fuss.]

[I see!]

Under these circumstances, Nan Sheng finally understood everything. The drama that had unfolded before he arrived now abundantly clear.

Staring at them for a moment, Nan Sheng suddenly said, “Do you want to protect his life?”

The Hu Sisters were unhappy being stared at like this but eventually nodded their heads.

“Very well,” Nan Sheng laughed, “You two, marry my Brother Xiang and I, Nan Sheng, will guarantee his life for you!”

When this statement was made, everyone was shocked.

Xiang Chu immediately objected in a fluster, “Big Brother Nan you can’t! It’s true I have an interest in these two girls, but killing this demon takes precedent! How can we confuse our priorities here?”

Nan Sheng snorted in response, “What’s wrong? Here you can make the decisions, what you decide is what goes! If I support you as well then nobody will object.”

Turning back, he looked at the Hu Sisters and said, “What do the two ladies think?”

“In your dreams!” Hu Jiao Er refused quickly and decisively.

Nan Sheng’s face sank, and his gaze became slightly cold and contemptuous, so sneering he said, “You two seem to only be disciples of a second-class Sect, right? My Brother Xiang was born into a first-class family and is also a strong contender to be its next patriarch. Whether it’s status, strength, or looks, marrying him is nothing but beneficial to you. On the other hand, you two women are but trivial commoners, no matter what you try to achieve, sooner or later you’ll have to be married and now a Young Lord of a first-class family is willing to take you in! As far as I can see, you being able to marry my Brother Xiang is your life’s good luck!”

Although Nan Sheng’s speech was utterly offensive and demeaning, the Hu Sisters remained completely indifferent.

“I’ll say this once more, either he dies or you two marry my Brother Xiang and I let him live! How to choose, you can decide for yourselves.” Nan Sheng said in an overbearing tone, not giving the Hu Sisters any room to bargain, even sneering as he continued, “I’ll give you once incense worth of time, if by then you haven’t decided, I’ll show no more mercy. If anyone else objects or tries to stir up trouble, they’ll be executed on the spot!”

Done speaking, he stood beside Xiang Chu and gazed indifferently at the crowd.

From beginning to end, Xiang Chu had actually only said one sentence, and then was unable to interrupt again.

Things having developed to this point, the Hu Sisters would have to be stupid to not understand.

“Hmph, so all of this was all your doing.” Hu Jiao Er looked accusingly at Xiang Chu, “You set Yang Kai up like this and then planned to use him to threaten us right?”

Xiang Chu quickly wore an indifferent expression and said, “Jiao Er, if that’s what you think, then you have greatly misunderstood me.”

Nan Sheng couldn’t help roll his eyes, thinking that this little bastard still wanted to act aloof and arrogant at this point, if he had simply taken the direct approach anything these two girls said would be the same as farts.

Two second-class Sect’s female disciples, even if they were unwilling, what could they do in this situation?

“Whether or not I’m misunderstanding, you would know better than me!” Hu Jiao Er sneered disdainfully.

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