Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 361

Seeing Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu treat the Hu Sisters like cheap commodities to be bought and sold, how could they not become enraged?

Fang Ziji sneered as he looked at Nan Sheng, “Young Lord Nan, Young Lord Xiang, are first-class families free to determine whether our second-class Sect disciples live or die?”

“What do you want to say?” Nan Sheng muttered as he shifted his eyes towards Fang Ziji, a cold smile adorning his face.

“If that’s really the case, then of course I have nothing to say.”

“Then shut your mouth!” Nan Sheng casually flicked the dust off his sleeves and said indifferently, “If you want to blame something, then blame yourselves for being low born. Why do you think the world’s Sects and forces are divided into first, second, and third class? It’s so you wastes can recognize the gap in status between us! If you were from a first-class force, do you think you’d have to grovel so pathetically before this Young Lord?”

Nan Sheng sneered as he spoke, seemingly not feeling any problem with what he was saying. An air of superiority obvious in his tone stemming from his noble birth

Continuing, “If you belonged to one of those super-forces, heh, this Young Lord would have to bow down to you instead! This is the law of the jungle, that’s how it is. It’s almost funny that you can’t understand something so simple. One day, if you have strength and status far above mine, if You bully me, I swear I won’t have any complaints!”

“There will be such a day.” Fang Ziji said gloomily.

Nan Sheng in response just spat disdainfully.

All this time, Yang Kai had simply been watching and had not spoken. His hands held behind his back, quietly standing there observing the various parties argue amongst themselves, not bothering to express his own opinions. It was like everything happening had nothing to do with him.

However, it was clear that the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters of the Nan and Xiang Families were constantly on guard against him.

Of all the members of the younger generation, only Yang Kai was worthy of their attention. Despite only having cultivation at the True Element Boundary Sixth Stage, his Blood Force’s intensity and True Qi’s potency were both astonishing, as such, it was impossible to figure out what his true strength was.

Yang Kai’s purpose in silently observing for so long was to see how many people here he could truly depend on and consider friends.

As the saying goes, only a distant road could test the strength of a horse. In order to learn about someone, one needed to spend a great amount of time with them.

It was only in moments of crisis that one could see a person’s true character and temperament.

If the disciples from Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall chose to remain silent at this time and not involve themselves in his affairs, Yang Kai wouldn’t feel surprised at all.

In order to protect themselves, this was no doubt the smart thing to do. Right now, the Xiang Family and Nan Family held the absolute advantage, the Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall weren’t their match at all. If they continued to resist, they would only bring destruction on themselves.

However, seeing the three he was closest to didn’t let Yang Kai down!

Neither the Hu Sisters nor Fang Ziji hesitated in the slightest to stand before him despite the great disparity in strength between them and the forces of the two first-class families.

With warmth in his heart, Yang Kai smiled and slowly walked to the front and reached over to the Hu Sisters’ shoulders.

After glancing around at the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, Yang Kai directed his gaze towards Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng again, grinning as he whispered to the Hu Sisters, “Don’t worry about me, if I want to leave, no one here can stop me.”

Hearing these words, Hu Jiao Er and Hu Mei Er’s delicate expressions relaxed suddenly; although they didn’t understand where Yang Kai’s confidence came from, but from the firm and steady tone in his voice they didn’t doubt he could really accomplish what he said.

On the other hand, Nan Sheng and Xiang Chu’s faces sank.

Fang Lao even let out a contemptuous snort, “Little brat, with the four of us here, you still dare boast so shamelessly?”

“Do you want to try me?” Yang Kai sneered back provocatively.

Fang Lao’s eyes flashed dangerously as he stared at Yang Kai, but to his surprise he didn’t see the slightest signs of panic in this strange youth’s expression.

No matter how absurd it sounded, it seemed like this kid really might have the strength to escape from here safely.

“Surround him!” Nan Sheng shouted angrily, Yang Kai’s aloof attitude and arrogant words having completely irritated him. No disciple of a mere second-class Sect had ever looked at him so disdainfully.

His gaze, like a sharp blade, had pricked his heart.

As the Young Lord of a renowned first-class family, this uncomfortable feeling had irked his pride.

The instant Nan Sheng spoke, the two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters behind him flew out and landed behind Yang Kai’s back, forming a tight encirclement with the Xiang Family’s two masters.

However, even surrounded by four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters each at the Seventh or Eighth Stage, Yang Kai still looked calm and relaxed, only his eyes narrowed slightly indicating his seriousness.

In his present state, it would be simple to escape from two of these Immortal Ascension Boundary masters, but now that there were four of them, he would need to pay a certain price in order to withdraw.

Of course, this was all just Yang Kai’s assumptions, things would likely deviate from his expectations as soon as he actually tried.

But as long as they didn’t manage to kill him in a single blow, Yang Kai still had confidence in escaping.

“Go on, run! Let’s see how you escape now!” Nan Sheng taunted Yang Kai in an arrogant tone, “Four respected Elders, if these second-class Sect disciples, don’t know what’s good for them and try to interfere, kill them, no need to hold back!”

“Yes Young Lord!” The four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Xiang and Nan Family all nodded at the same time.

A loud roar sounded as the demonic dragon hovering behind Yang Kai slowly began circling around him, its pitch black eyes coldly glaring at the four old men.

Nan Sheng shifted his gaze towards the people of Blood Battle Gang and Storm Hall, smirking as he ordered, “This Young Master will give you ten breaths to leave this demon’s side or else…”

Xiang Chu’s brow furrowed as he quickly said, “Jiao Er, Mei Er, don’t be so obstinate.”

“You are going too far!” Hu Jiao Er spat hatefully.

Xiang Chu couldn’t help his expression becoming cold. He really did have intentions towards the Hu Sisters, but it wasn’t like he had to have them regardless of the cost. As the Young Lord of a first-class family, what kind of beautiful woman couldn’t he acquire? Such beautiful flowers were only a kind of amusement to him, what he enjoyed most was the process of pursuing and conquering them.

But after all of these events, Xiang Chu gradually realized that he might never be able to conquer this pair of sisters, which caused frustration and anger to well up inside him.

This smoldering anger quickly turned into resentment until he finally let out a cold snort, no longer intending to bother with this fruitless game.

“Ten breaths are up!” Nan Sheng calmly declared as he swept his eyes over the crowd and causally ordered, “Begin!”

The four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters suddenly pushed their True Qi and silently signaled to each other with their eyes.

At that moment.

Suddenly, a bright and crisp Eagle’s cry resounded.

This cry was extremely piercing and seemed to contain a kind of inexplicable and mysterious power, even the four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters couldn’t help pausing as they hurriedly looked up.

High up in the sky, more than a thousand meters up, a little golden light flickered.

That flash of gold was incomparably brilliant, like a tiny flash of sunlight, almost difficult to behold without averting one’s eyes.

As this golden light circled in the sky high above everyone’s heads, a series of eagle cries continued to ring out.

Seeing this, Yang Kai’s face suddenly cramped up, and his expression constantly fluctuated as he stared at the circling golden light.

The originally explosive scene had been thoroughly disturbed by the sudden appearance of this golden eagle.

“Such a wonderful golden eagle!” Nan Sheng couldn’t help crying out in praise.

Although the golden eagle was over a thousand meters above them, no one here was an ordinary person, with the eyesight of a cultivator they were all easily able to clearly make out this bird of prey’s appearance.

“This golden eagle…” The Xiang Family’s Xu Lao suddenly frowned, trying to recall something from his distant memory.

“Haha, this Young Lord has decided, I must capture this beast and take it back with me!” Nan Sheng declared loudly, if here were to posses such a striking and majestic eagle it would definitely be something worth bragging about, and if he could raise and train it properly, in the future it would certainly be of great use to him.

Listening to Nan Sheng, Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling and sarcastically called out, “You can’t afford it.”

Nan Sheng casually glanced back at him and sneered without saying anything, turning to his Elders and asking, “Have you ever heard of such a beast?”

Xu Lao’s brow was still furrowed as he quietly muttered, “I seem to have heard of it somewhere…”

“Where did you hear of it?” Xiang Chu, who was also interested in this golden eagle, quickly asked.

Xu Lao frowned and thought hard but couldn’t recall just where he had learned of this beast.

High up in the sky, the cries of the golden eagle suddenly became more hurried and intense, as if it had found something that caught it’s attention. Immediately afterwards, like a streak of golden light, it dove down to where the crowd below was gathered.

As he was at a loss about how to capture this golden eagle, when Nan Sheng saw it approach them of its own accord, he was naturally overjoyed. Rolling up his sleeves, he smiled, “Interesting, after only just meeting this Young Lord, does this beast plan on also delivering itself to me?”

Xiang Chu also grinned slightly and added, “Big Brother Sheng’s charm is just that great, as such, Little Brother will not fight with you for it.”

Nan Sheng nodded happily before shooting a glare towards Yang Kai, “Little brat, seems you get to live a little longer. Just sit there and wait until this Young Lord catches that eagle.”

“By all means, have at it!” Yang Kai shrugged his shoulders and loosened his stance.

“Yang Kai, take this opportunity to escape!” Hu Mei Er quietly whispered to him.

However, Yang Kai simply shook his head and smiled.

“What are you thinking!?” Hu Jiao Er also anxiously scolded him, “If you really wait until after they catch that eagle, they’ll definitely focus on you again!”

“Impossible, they won’t have a chance!” Yang Kai laughed lightly, his expression completely relaxed.

The Hu Sisters were both worried and confused, not knowing why Yang Kai was apparently trying to show off.

A moment later, the golden eagle had already approached the crowd, and when it was only several dozen meters up, Nan Sheng suddenly leapt up into the air, his face filled with anticipation, and his hand reached out towards the eagle, trying to knock it down.

This golden eagle though wasn’t just attractive, its strength was also not low, and it easily avoiding Nan Sheng’s charge and swiftly counterattacked with a golden ray of light.

Nan Sheng expression also became serious, as he hurriedly dodged before immediately calling out excitedly, “A Fifth-Order Monster Beast! Two Elders, help me!”

A Fifth-Order flying Monster Beast, this was a truly rare treasure!

An ordinary Fifth-Order Monster Beast wasn’t particularly valuable, but it was another story altogether if it could fly. Whether it was used to scout an enemy’s camp or track their location, it could give one a decisive advantage, not to mention it could coordinated with it master in combat as well. If he could catch this Monster Beast, his Sect’s strength would increase greatly.

After seeing how great the eagle’s strength was, Xiang Chu couldn’t help having some stray thoughts, secretly regretting being so generous just now. Such an eagle was worth more than many ordinary Precious Treasures, but it was already too late, Xiang Chu knew that even if he regretted it now, he couldn’t rob this prize from Nan Sheng so he had no choice but to sit back and watch.

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