Martial Peak By Momo Chapter 362

On top of this, it seemed to possess some naturally special abilities; the golden light it was able to freely radiate contained extraordinary power.

Although Nan Sheng could be considered as an elite amongst True Element cultivators, he still wasn’t fully capable of capturing this kind of Monster Beast, so after recognizing this, he immediately asked for assistance from the two Nan Family Elders.

The two Immortal Ascension Boundary cultivators didn’t hesitate and, almost immediately after receiving his their Young Master’s command, sent out two Qi strikes towards the eagle, enough to completely restrict its movements.

“Wait!” Xu Lao, the Immortal Ascension Boundary master from the Xiang Family, suddenly shouted. Finally having remembered the origin of this golden eagle, he quickly did his best to stop the battle.

The two Immortal Ascension Elders who followed Nan Sheng couldn’t help but frown, not knowing what Xu Lao was up to, half suspicious and half puzzled, yet they ultimately didn’t stop their actions.

With two loud bangs, the golden eagle was swept up by two Elder’s moves, and its huge body tumbled several times through the air, nearly falling from the sky.

Although it was a Fifth-Order Monster Beast, equivalent to a human cultivator at the True Element Boundary, how could it withstand the attacks of two Immortal Ascension Boundary masters?

With it being knocked off balance Nan Sheng saw hope of capturing it alive, so letting out a loud laugh as he darted towards the eagle like a bolt of lightning with his hands outstretched as he tried to seize it.

Seeing this, the Xu Lao left his position next to Xiang Chu, dashed in front of Nan Sheng and yelled, “Young Lord Nan, you can’t!”

While shouting, Xu Lao went as far as to shove Nan Sheng, pushing him back quite a distance.

A crisp eagle cry sounded once more, but this time the eagle seemed a little flustered and angry, and it’s golden figure rapidly ascended back up into the sky before hovering nearby as it seemed to be staring down at its attackers.

“What is your meaning?” Nan Sheng, who felt he could have easily grabbed the golden eagle at that moment but was interrupted by Xu Lao at the last moment, was obviously greatly displeased. After regaining his stance, he couldn’t help but angrily stare at Xu Lao and Xiang Chu, before coldly asking, “Little Brother Xiang, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Xiang Chu also frowned, unclear as to why his family’s Immortal Ascension Boundary master had suddenly acted so rashly, wrinkling his brow as he said, “Xu Lao, what is this all about?”

Xu Lao, beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead still, shifted his gaze from the eagle in the sky, cupped his fists said, “Young Lord Nan, I apologize.”

“Hmph!” Nan Sheng coldly snorted, his expression extremely ugly, “Tell me why you stopped me just now!”

Xu Lao wiped the sweat from his forehead and replied, “This eagle already has an owner.”

“Already has a master?” Nan Sheng was startled for a moment before grinning maliciously, “So much the better, my Nan Family and my brother’s Xiang Family are first-class families! What trivial beast can’t we acquire? If this eagle truly has a master already, we can just let them gift it to this Young Lord instead!”

Hearing these words, Xu Lao couldn’t help but pale, and a half terrified look spread across his face.

Seemingly noticing the situation deteriorating, Xiang Chu took a deep breath and followed up, “Xu Lao, is there something special about this eagle?”

Xu Lao’s expression quickly became solemn and swept his eyes across the Blood Battle Gang and the Storm Hall disciples, except this time when he stared at these juniors his expression contained none of its previous contempt and disdain, but instead was extremely serious, even somewhat fearful.

Turning around, Xu Lao looked at the other three Immortal Ascension Boundary masters and said with a grave face, “A Fifth-Order Monster Beast. A great golden eagle, does it not remind you of anything?”

When the three other Immortal Ascension masters heard him say this, all of them still had puzzled expressions.

Seeing their confused looks, Xu Lao couldn’t help laughing bitterly, “Should I say you’re all too ignorant? It hasn’t been that long, has it? Nearly two decades ago, throughout the entire Great Han Dynasty, several similar eagles created quite a stir…”

Nearly twenty years ago…

Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning had just struck them, the three other Immortal Ascension Boundary masters recalled a certain important piece of information.

One of the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from the Nan Family even involuntarily blurted out, “A Silver Blooded Golden Feathered Eagle?”

Silver Blood Golden Feathered Eagle!

As soon as this name came out, all the Immortal Ascension Boundary masters present felt a cold chill shoot up their backs.

Fang Lao was even more disturbed, muttering under his breath, “The Yang Family’s Silver Blood Golden Feathered Eagle?”

Xu Lao nodded, quickly saying, “Right, it should be one of the Yang Family’s Silver Blood Golden Feathered Eagles!”

“But… but how can that be? Isn’t there still a few years left before…?”

“I’m afraid… something extremely important has happened inside the Yang Family, so the Silver Blood Golden Feathered Eagles were sent out ahead of time!” Xu Lao boldly speculated.

The four Immortal Ascension Boundary masters didn’t make any efforts to hide what they were discussing, therefore everyone in the audience could hear them clearly.

The juniors from the second-class Sects listened in confusion, but Xiang Chu and Nan Sheng, as leading figures in the younger generation of first-class families, understood and couldn’t help but exchange a look and tremble slightly as they did.

“What are they talking about?” Fang Ziji muttered as he frowned.

“Uncle Le, do you know?” Hu Jiao Er turned towards Guan Chi Le and asked curiously.

Guan Chi Le looked thoughtfully at Yang Kai before grinning and nodded slightly as he said, “Anyone from the older generation should be able to understand.”

“Please explain to us then.” Hu Jiao Er couldn’t understand how a trivial Fifth-Order Monster Beast had suddenly made the Xiang Family and Nan Family’s people suddenly become so serious.

[Even if the master of this golden eagle is some famous Immortal Ascension Boundary master, it shouldn’t be worthy of such fuss, right?]

“Good,” Guan Chi Le knew that there was no reason to conceal anything now. Since this golden eagle had appeared, it meant that in the coming period of time, the entire Great Han Dynasty would be swept up into a period of unrest, unhurriedly explaining, “All of you have heard of the Yang Family, right?”

To this, everyone nodded, the cuckoo bird Yang Family, the head of the Eight Great Families, who hadn’t heard of them?

“The Yang Family has a special method of training their direct descendants: they will send all of them outside the family to survive on their own for ten years of life experience! During this period, all of these Yang Family juniors can’t rely on the power of the Yang Family and are forbidden from revealing their identities. The Yang Family does this to encourage them to struggle and temper themselves.”

“After these ten years are up, these descendants will be collectively recalled and then forced to compete for right to be the next Patriarch of the Yang Family. However, after an entire decade, a person will experience great changes, especially those from the younger generation. Since they were forced to conceal themselves during this life experience, it was obviously quite troublesome to find them, so the Yang Family came up with a very special method to find these scattered descendants.”

“What method?”

“They used a special breed of Monster Beast!” Guan Chi Le stretched his finger and pointed towards the sky, “The Yang Family’s Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle! At a young age, these flying Monster Beasts had been nurtured with Blood Essence from the Yang Family, so they are particularly sensitive to the Yang Family’s bloodline. As long as a member of the Yang Family’s direct descendants are within a certain range, they can accurately be found.”

After listening to this explanation, everyone present suddenly understood.

Since a Yang Family Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle appeared here, didn’t that mean that one of these scattered direct descendants of the Yang Family was here? But, who exactly was it?

Guan Chi Le glanced back at Yang Kai quickly before continuing, “There are only a dozen or so Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagles in this world, all of which belong to the Yang Family. The Yang Family treats each of these beasts as a rare treasure. Besides when they need to seek out their direct descendants, they will essentially never be released, but once the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagles appear, it means that the Yang Family is recalling these scattered disciples, which also means that… the Yang Family’s Inheritance War is about to begin!”

“The Yang Family’s Inheritance War?” Fang Ziji wrinkled his brow, apparently his curiosity had been piqued.

“En, the Yang Family’s Young Lords, after their decade of life experience, gather helpers and allies and hold a competition to decide who the next Patriarch of the Yang Family will be! The last time the Yang Family’s Inheritance War happened was eighteen years ago, and many people died. The Yang Family’s Inheritance War not only causes a big shuffle inside the Yang Family but also amongst all of the world’s great forces as many people from these forces participate in it. If you are also interested and have confidence in your strength, you can also participate.”

While Guan Chi Le was speaking, those from the Xiang Family and Nan Family didn’t interrupt, allowing the disciples from all of the second-class forces present to listen carefully.

After all, information like this was of great importance to these juniors and couldn’t be heard casually.

When Guan Chi Le finished his explanation, silence fell upon the crowd, and no one made a sound.

Off to the side, Nan Sheng gripped his fists tightly in silence as cold sweat dripped down his back. Just now he had been wantonly arrogant about wanting the master of this Golden Feather Eagle to offer it up to him, but after learning that this was an important Monster Beast raised by the Yang Family, how could he dare have such thoughts?

No wonder Xu Lao was so anxious to stop him, it turns out he had recalled this information earlier.

Nan Sheng secretly thanked the Heavens he hadn’t injured this Golden Feather Eagle with his family Elders just now, otherwise if the person from the Yang Family witnessed such a scene, he couldn’t imagine the consequences.

With how rare and precious these Golden Eagles were, coupled with the overbearing and domineering attitude of the Yang Family, if he had really wounded it, it would definitely not be as simple as offering money as compensation.

After a moment, Xu Lao rushed over to Guan Chi Le and said, “This friend seems to have very detailed information that even this old master doesn’t quite understand, many thanks for explaining.”

Guan Chi Le couldn’t help sneering when he saw this, “Anyone who was around eighteen years ago should know this, how is it possible that you don’t?”

With such a massive mutation in the situation, Xu Lao had intended to take this opportunity to ease the tension between the two sides on scene, so he had offered such an obvious flattery. But how could Guan Chi not understand Xu Lao’s intentions? So, Guan Chi Le directly threw out such mockery, cutting off Xu Lao’s naive thoughts right from the start.

After a brief silence, Xiang Chu couldn’t help asking, “But… I remember that the Yang Family only sent out this generation’s direct descendants five or six years ago, there’s still quite some time till the ten year deadline isn’t there?”

It was also because the Yang Family’s ten-year-life-experience period wasn’t even close to be being over that all of them hadn’t remembered from the start that this eagle was the Yang Family’s Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle.

If it was a few years later, when the whole world would concern themselves about the Yang Family’s movements, everyone would immediately recognize such a distinctive Golden Feather Eagle.

Nan Sheng also nodded slightly, “I’ve also heard about this. Is it possible that this Monster Beast is just similar to the Silver Blood Golden Feather Eagle?”

Xu Lao sighed and shook his head, “That is why I said that something significant must have occurred inside the Yang Family so they were forced to recall their descendants early. I have no doubt that this is one of the Yang Family’s Golden Feathered Eagle.”

“But if that’s true, then…” Xiang Chu’s face twitched as he swept his gaze across the crowd. When his eyes landed on Yang Kai, he couldn’t help trembling slightly and quickly turned away as he gripped his fists, “In other words, amongst the juniors gathered here, there is a Young Master Yang?”

Everyone was suddenly put on edge, and all of them glanced around at each other nervously.

Until just a moment ago, these two groups of people were engaged in serious conflict. Each of them ready to kill if need be, but in such a tense and explosive situation, they had suddenly learned that among these friends and foes, there was someone who absolutely could not be offended.

If this Young Master Yang was one of their allies, then everything was alright, but if he was one of their enemies…

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